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Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-06 Closed: 2009-01

6545 Pardall Rd, Isla Visa
Phone: (805) 562-8700

Reviews by the General Public

R.I.P., 1/14/2009
Reviewer: Teddy from Santa Barbara, CA
Mr Pickles is closed :( and for sale for 149k. Wonder if it will ever be back. It had one of the better sandwiches in all of IV.

Great place for IV, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Wonderful addition to IV. Service is efficient and professional. You'd think with such a young crowd running the place they'd be goofing off or socializing. That is not the case! As a fellow student I admired their work ethic and professionalism. The sandwiches are great and come fully loaded so you feel like you really get your money's worth. The dutch crunch bread is delicious!!

#13 Super Tasty!, 8/22/2008
Reviewer: Lexi A from Santa Barbara
Subway in IV was closed, so I headed over to Mr. Pickles for the first time. Delish! Can't wait to go back. I had #13, "Mr. Pickels" Highly recommend it.

Too much to pay for too little, 3/9/2008
Reviewer: Amber Shaw from Santa Barbara
The place was clean and the people were nice...but THAT's where it ended. I ended up spending almost 60 dollars for five sandwiches,drinks and bags of chips! I could have gone to a nice restaraunt for that huge amount! I have had gourmet sandwiches that I would be willing to pay a lot for...and a Mr. Pickles sandwich is NOTHING close to gourmet. Sandwiches were soggy and forgettable AND hugely overpriced. I will not be going back, ever.

Expensive sandwich!, 3/3/2008
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Incredible deli sandwiches loaded with lots of grubbin' ingredients. But too expensive! Usually great service, sometimes you get a sloppy sandwich. Try the "Mr. Pickles" sandwich, you won't be disappointed

never comming back, 6/19/2007
Reviewer: mike from I.V
i did not like it. a $7 sandwich heated in the microwave !!!!! i can doit @ home, pluse i can do it better. Mr. Pickles Sandwich OVER rated. u can get better sandwich anywhere eles in i.v for better Quality & Price.service was good but dammm...... i got robbed . well i learn something i`m NOT going back

:), 3/10/2007
Reviewer: Larissa from SB
i love it at Mr. Pickles, basically : 1. their food is SO so good 2. The guys are super nice/cute ;)

No complaints here..., 12/15/2006
Reviewer: Elza from Sacramento, CA
Waa waa you spent $7 for a sandwich, big deal. Try going to the grocery store and spending $7 for bread, meat, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, special sauces, cheese, avocado, etc. Not gonna happen. Mr. Pickles beats Togos, Subway, and Quiznos hands down. They're Dutch Crunch Bread is the BEST and they are MORE than generous with all their ingredients. Give Mr. Pickles a try, you won't be disappointed.

average sandwiches, high prices, 11/14/2006
Reviewer: Dave from Isla Vista
I tried a sandwich here the other day and it was ooookay. it was a little small and for 10 dollars i could have eaten at a nice sit down restaurant instead of a little sandwich shop with no place to sit. I don't understand the microwaves either.

OMG This Place is BOMB!!, 11/13/2006
Reviewer: Jon Whitney from Santa Barbara, CA
When i heard that some fellow students at the UC were opening a restaurant in IV, I had to check it out for myself. I can not believe how good these guys's sandwitches taste. I walked into the clean and inviting shop to sample what my friends have claimed is the best sandwich ever. I got the Mr. Pickles sandwich on the "Dutch Crunch" bread. Yeah they do microwave the meats and cheeses to make them hot. THIS WAS NOT A BAD THING. The sandwich was amazing. The bread was awsome, the thing was packed with vegis and unlike most places, when they say Avocado, they GIVE you avocado. You dont need to have the sandwich tosted because everytime i come in there, their pulling fresh, hot bread out of the oven. Keep up the good work guys. good luck with the business

Very Good Sandwiches, 11/6/2006
Reviewer: Reed from Santa Barbara
In a genre of cuisine that is dominated by the bland, I think Mr. Pickles is a good alternative. Their sandwiches, while, admittedly, pricey, are very high in quality. The garlic sauce they put on there is amazing. They also pack in the goodies, including avocado, pepper jack, etc., and accomodate special requests readily. The staff are all very friendly and helpful.

The Best, 11/4/2006
Reviewer: Danny from Santa Barbara, Ca
I am so happy this north CA chain open in IV. The sandwiches are the best and the staff is the nicest.

I feel bad for Mr. Pickles! :(, 9/29/2006
Reviewer: Mike from SB, CA
Dang, Mr. Pickles is getting blasted :( I like the mom n pop sandwich shops rather than the Subway's, Quizno's etc. Hang in there Mr. Pickles!

Seven bucks for a microwaved sandwich?!? No thanks!!, 9/28/2006
Reviewer: Katie Russell from Isla Vista, CA
I decided to grab a quick bite before school. The first thing I noticed were the prices. It is 6.49 for one of the specialty sandwiches which are only 6 inches. I'm one for quality over quantity, but 7 bucks for a 6inch sub is a bit pricey! I decided to give it a try because maybe the quality was good. I got their "Got Beef" sandwich. the first thing I noticed was that they microwave their sandwiches in front of you to heat the meat and melt the cheese. RED LIGHT!! Who does that?? Even Subway 20 feet away has a toaster. Microwaving the sandwich transformed it into a chewy, soggy mess that I could not eat, but i reminded myself that it was 7 bucks! Also, they put very little meat and cheese which is the heart of a sandwich. With all of the sandwich choices in Isla Vista why would you come eat here and pay 7 dollars for a sandwich that was in a microwave?!?

The Best Sandwich in Town, 9/24/2006
Reviewer: Joseph Fay from Isla Vista
Right when me and my friends walked in the door, we were impressed by the clean and inviting atmosphere. The employees were cheerful and very helpful when it came to deciding amongst their extensive menu. We fell in love with their famous "dutch crunch" and sourdough breads from San Francisco. Their meats and produce were fresh creating a tasty (and very filling!) sandwich. The service was very quick and prices were reasonable. Hands down the best sandwich in town.

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