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Fresco at the Beach
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-07 Closed: 2008-01

901 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-0111

Reviews by the General Public

Great on Eyes - Grate on Ears, 8/3/2007
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara
Love the food at 5 Points, so was expecting much better here. It was good, but not not worth the higher price. Love the decor and location. The service began well, but toward end of meal, we began to feel neglected (slow or no coffee and water refill etc.) and had to exert big effort to get the waiter's attention to get the check. There were 5 of us at dinner, and all agreed we won't go back due solely to the ear splitting din. We couldn't hold a decent conversation, and the noise level did nothing to make a pleasant dining event possible. Sure would like to see acoustic reduction effort.

We expect service at this price range, 6/13/2007
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara
Four friends and I met for dinner on June 5 at 6:30. We had to ask for the wine list twice. One of us finally went to the bartender with our question. The service was so slow we didn't get away from our table until 9:00 and we didn't order desert for fear it would take another hour. The food was good but at these prices we expect great service. Afterall that is what we are paying for. Equally good food can be had for less at plenty of other restaurants in town.

Been to lunch three times..., 5/21/2007
Reviewer: Gay Larsen from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was a poor substitute for what I've enjoyed from 5 Points. Specifically for certain dishes I'd enjoyed there and looked forward to, again. Appeared to be skimping on key ingredients. Is the rent that high? Service so so.... For such a lovely place and view, a shame. I've given up trying and won't return.

Date Night?, 5/18/2007
Reviewer: Hallie from Goleta, CA
I took my husband here for dinner for a "date night" because I had heard such rave reviews and knew the view was spectacular. The ambience was great and the service was also excellent (which truly makes a dining experience memorable!). My biggest disappointment however was the lack of creativity in the menu. I really enjoyed what I ordered (the butter lettuce salad and the salmon) but the choices were pretty mundane. My husband also thought the dressing on the Caesar salad could have been more flavorful. And while I'm usually a huge fan of dessert, there was not even one chocolate item on the menu--I was shocked! So, overall, it was a good evening, but I probably would not go back or refer this to other locals in comparison to the other restaurants in town.

Excellent food, fantastic view, 5/8/2007
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
Unlike the Fresco at Five Points (also excellent) this is an upscale "night out" restaurant. Our first visit here when they opened had a few glitches which they've worked out--every item we ordered this time was original and excellent. The presentation of food is lovely and the view is what makes us love Santa Barbara. I had the salmon which had just the right amount of sea salt encrusted on it and came with a sunchoke puree (lighter and healthier than the traditional mashed potato side). We'll be back!

Great Soup...amazing view!, 4/9/2007
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara
I have lunch here sometimes when friends are in town. Today, I opted for the 1/2 Roasted Turkey Sandwich (you have to get the sundried tomato bread) and soup (Broccoli Califlower Puree) and ate every last bite! The service was attentive and not overbearing at all. The view is unlike any other and really makes you appreciate this beautiful town. Note: they are a big was all but empty today for lunch...perhaps if they took a discount card or something they would have more local diners.

Not enough Fresco, 2/28/2007
Reviewer: John Springer from Santa Barbara
We've gone to 5 points Fresco for years and thought we'd try this one for a change of pace. We were utterly disappointed in the service which was inattentive at best, the food was good but portions tiny, nice wine list but way over priced. Overall we spent nearly $100 on two dinners with one glass of wine a piece and found that we'll return to 5 points and spend half that and have a great time because the staff there is always on top of everything. Too much Citronelle and not enough Fresco.

Enjoyed Dinner Very Much, 2/23/2007
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I visited Fresco at the Beach last week. It was delightful! Both the food and the service were excellent. I loved the whole feel of the restaurant. It was a great place for a date. Enjoy!

In need of some taste, 1/25/2007
Reviewer: susan from santa barbara
I really like the Fresco at La Cumbre so I thought Id try this location with some friends. Hmmm it starts out great, Valet parking, great location, staff eager and helpful..then once we got going. well the lemondrop Martini, too acidic, not tasty,Calamari too breaded, cant taste the calamari,and mixed with pickled peppers???The sauces good just not enough. The scallops with a cream sauce, tasted like plain cream, nothing exciting.The soup bland, the Bouibasse plain, like veggie broth with some tiny mollusks,(And we eat it everywhere) smashed redpotatoes, again no flavor, Rib eye was under done and you'd think melt in your mouth, but no, hard to cut. Hey, but you cant beat the view..Its not cheap either. Sorry we cant go back...My advice, get a chef who knows what he/she is doing and really care about the food!!!

Almost perfect..., 12/14/2006
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant had a few service related hiccups when they first opened, but they have it nailed now. The food is epic, almost perfect and the service is over the top. I eat here 2-3 times per week for business luncheons. I live for their soup. Everything on the menu is great and the atmosphere is the best in SB. Someone must have asked, "How do you make Fresco (Five Points) better?" They responded with Fresco at the Beach! I can't wait to try dinner there.

Lovely Afternoon, 12/2/2006
Reviewer: Laurie Jones from Goleta, CA
I just wanted to acknowledge the wonderful service and food at a luncheon I attended at Fresco this afternoon. While it was a private party and the food was already selected for the guests, I was not disappointed. The staff was efficient, polite and did an excellent job of always making sure beverages were full and the guests were comfortable. Thank you!

great food, great location..., 10/1/2006
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara
I had brunch at fresco at the beach, it was very busy and we sat in the bar area. the service was average but what really made my experience turn bad was the guitar player in the bar area. The music was way too loud. when he stopped playing we were relieved to be able to hear eachother. The food was so good though. i had the chicken tortilla soup and ceasar salad. Yummy. the belgian waffle my mom had was very good as well but eating the sausage was like pouring salt down my throat. i will definitly return for dinner or lunch another time but if we do go for brunch i will request to sit as far away from the bar as possible.

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