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Saigon Express
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-09 Closed: 2008-03

6549 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-8050

Reviews by the General Public

This Place Is Closed, 3/7/2008
Reviewer: cam from santa barbara
Their number has been disconnected and they are never open.

do NOT eat here!!, 11/2/2007
Reviewer: Taylor from IV, CA
The only reason I came here was for the half-priced rolls. The service was slow, even though it was Thursday night and there were only 4 other people there. My friend ordered a bowl of tofu in soup , which was nice of the chef to make that because it wasn't on the menu. When we asked to split the bill, the owner came and repeated our orders back to us to clarify who ordered what. But then he said my friend ordered a tofu and a bowl of pho. She reminded him that she only got plain tofu and he laughed and walked away as she was still talking to him. When the bill came, he charged her $6 for the tofu, which was more than the price of a bowl of pho with tofu. The horrible service of this place, plus the subpar quality of the food will keep me from coming here every again.

Too express, 6/13/2007
Reviewer: Melissa from Goleta, CA
I ordered the beef and rice dish there, but the beef was as hard as rock. I could not chew it and cutting it was difficult. They did not use good, quality beef.

Yummy!!, 5/31/2007
Reviewer: Elisa, Suni and Xio from CA
We love Saigon Express and we go there at least once a week. We love the food. We've been to other Vietnamese places and they never hace rice dishes so it's nice that Saigon Express has a good variety. Plus, with just $10 you can enjoy a great meal. The place is nice and small so it's a great atmosphere too. We definitely recommend it!!

Great for college kids, not really for anyone else..., 4/18/2007
Reviewer: Kellen from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to Saigon express every thursday, it's sort of a weekly ritual for my friends and I, a bunch of $6 pitchers and karaoke equals a lot of fun. For people who actually want to eat in peace, I'd go before 7:00 PM. After that you will find yourself in a sea of inebriated students, wildly dancing and singing very off tune. If you're in the mood, it is a lot of fun. That being said, the food itself is not great. Overpriced and they seem to have the tendency to run out of certain dishes, and even utensils/cups, etc.

great find!, 11/19/2006
Reviewer: paulsvacina from Goleta, CA

Good pho, good prices!, 10/18/2006
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried the beef pho at Saigon Express last week and enjoyed it immensely! The atmosphere is nice, and they offer wireless internet access. It seems to be family operated and everyone was very kind. I'll definitely be going back!

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