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Good Karma Market & Deli
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-10

207 W. Anapamu St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 730-7786

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-10pm, Sat-Sun 9am-10pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Yep no Deli anymore, 6/7/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This place is just a corner market with some Indian food grocery items. They said they may get the kitchen going again in a couple of months. The only prepackaged stuff is generic prepackaged sandwiches you get at most gas stations. People nice.

No More Indian Deli Food :(, 5/31/2011
Reviewer: J Harris from Santa Barbara, CA
I just stopped by to try their deli food for the first time (May 31, 2011). Unfortunately they told me that they no longer serve fresh Indian food. I believe they still have some pre-prepared (if that makes sense!) food.

Wow that was great!, 2/6/2010
Reviewer: Yasmin from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a frequent visitor of this corner deli. My experiences have been nothing short of excellent. I have tried most of the dishes and I have yet to be disappointed. This is a must see place in Santa Barbara.

Best Corner Store In Town!, 2/2/2010
Reviewer: Cici from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Good Karma a few times, and I have to say that every time I go there I leave extremely happy! The wide selection of drinks, candy, wine and incense are only of the few things that they offer. I was extremely impressed with their variation of Indian spices. Not only can you order freshly made Indian curries, but if you are feeling for a spontaneous dine in, they offer the ingredients to DIY! The service is amazing! They also carry numerous curios imported from South Africa! Having friendly and helpful staff working there makes it that much better! It is definitely an experience walking into Good Karma!

a hidden gem!!, 1/19/2010
Reviewer: Theresa from Santa Barbara, CA
I must have walked by the Good Karma Market a hundred times before I realized that they served food! If I hadn't read these reviews I probably would never tried it, but I am SO GLAD I did and a little sad that I didn't discover it earlier. The family who runs it are Indians from South Africa, so the food is a little different from traditional Indian cuisine. Apparently the spices they use and the way they grind them are different. Also they don't use a lot of oil or any heavy creams. They had four different curries the day we went. We tried three and they were all delicious! The paratha was flaky and scrumptious, without being greasy. All of the food was so good, I can not wait to go back. The food takes about 15 minutes to come out, so either call ahead or go when you aren't too rushed. The store carries a huge variety of Indian spices, foods and even ice cream. Lots of fun stuff to look at while you wait. The staff was super friendly and helpful, and the owner chatted with us a bit to explain the food. Excellent all around and the price was right... $30 for lunch for 3 with drinks and plenty of leftovers.

Consistently delicious, 10/30/2009
Reviewer: Nicolas from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten at Good Karma on numerous occasions and I have yet to be disappointed. I have had several different types of curry; Lentil, Chickpea, Fish and today, Veggie with tofu. I have also enjoyed their flat bread and various types of rice as well. The service has always been polite, friendly and very quick. I will continue to return here as long as I live in Santa Barbara.

Yummy curry & Paratha + vegan options :), 6/5/2008
Reviewer: Rachael Robinson from SB
The best is the paratha, they use a special recipe from South Africa. It is good to use as a side at home, with salad, soup, I even have it with jam in the morning. The curry I get is very good, it is made with peas, potatoes, and a tomato gravy. It is spicy, so be ready! There is always an intersting array of international beverages to choose from. The family who runs the establishment is very nice, they are always open to suggestions, and really strive to provide a communiuty atmosphere. You can pick up interesting publications such as LA Yogi, Yogi Times, and Jewish Weekly.

Good food...when they have it..., 2/27/2008
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
I had heard good things about Good Karma and decided to come for lunch with some friends. While their menu was fairly small, I was looking forward to ordering a few dishes to share... however, they were out of every dish except the lentil curry and the spinach and tofu. No rice, no sides, nothing else but the lentil curry and the spinach. While the lentil curry was very tasty, the spinach tasted like baby food - soupy flavorless pureed mush. While I might give Good Karma another try, it will definitely be for their selection of Indian spices and groceries rather than their food.

Great lunch to go, 2/25/2008
Reviewer: Jon Sullivan from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has some of the best curry in town. Order an extra paratha and you'll be happy. I try to go at least once a week. Just call ahead and ask what's available, and place your order. Otherwise have a few extra minutes to relax and enjoy the sunshine outside.

A Rare Treat for Indian Food Lovers, 12/8/2007
Reviewer: Jeff & Sharron Adams from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a rare opportunity to sample Indian food with a South African influence and quite distinctive flavors. Each curry from their short list of daily offerings is well-prepared and always delicious. We would not hesitate to recommend that you try it if you haven't already. Suresh and Shelly are always friendly and helpful, but, be prepared for a 15-minute wait. You can take away the food to eat for lunch or reheat it for dinner. The shop has many interesting food items and the best selection in Santa Barbara of Indian groceries at reasonable prices.

I think very good your shop., 9/6/2007
Reviewer: hiroyuki mochiduki from matudo city JAPAN
Hi sir do you remember me? My name is hiroyuki mochiduki. I from in japan. 7month ago I went to your shop. And by the time I went to santa barbara city college aspect. I have a your picture. Im go back in japan. This time 2days ago take your picture. Do you remember me?

Great service, great food, 8/20/2007
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
It is so nice to go into a store where the people who own it and work there are friendly every time you see them. The parathas are amazing and the Indian dishes are always fresh and delicious. They certainly do have good karma! Thanks Shelly and Saresh.

Haven't Tasted the Food Yet..., 11/17/2006
Reviewer: A. Salsburg from Santa Barbara,CA
This little market in in my neighborhood and I just wanted to say how pleasant and friendly the people are that work there. I don't know the history behind this cute,little store, but I probably should. Keep up the good work Good Karma!!

Love it! , 11/17/2006
Reviewer: Selly from Santa Barbara, Ca
This is the best neighborhood market in town! It's so clean and Sarush is always nice and welcoming behind the counter. The selection of items is amazing, they carry anything you could ever need. Everything from wine and incense to Mace and fingernail clippers. The deli food is great as well. Keep up the good work Sarush! You're the best!

Best corner market and Deli in SB, 11/9/2006
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is the best! The service is wonderful, and when you walk in, its like no other corner market in town. The music is hypnotic, and they have the best veriety of inscense in town. Most of the items are from South Africa or India, and they carry everyday corner market type items, as well as the exotic. Try their curries, they are yummy and very fresh! Not enough stars on here to rate this place.

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