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Panino - Los Olivos
2900 Grand Ave, Los Olivos
Phone: (805) 688-9304

Reviews by the General Public

posted prices were not honored
Reviewer: lenore from Santa Barbara, CA
We did not like the dishonest pricing. We checked their menu posted on the door including prices after ordering they told us that was not the price. We showed them their menu and then they ripped it off the door and choose to ignore the reality. Another lady at the cafe looked at the price and agreed with us - that is was reality but the cashier/order taker refuse to give us the sandwiches at the posted price. Very dishonest practice to have 2 different prices for the same item. We will not frequent any business with these dishonorable practices. They are not the only people in town that make sandwiches.

Great menu and tasty food, but...
Reviewer: Don C. from Buellton, CA
This place was busy on Saturday during the Jazz and Olive Festival. This was my second time at this location, and I enjoy the varied menu and the quality of the food. However, part way through my salad, I found a foreign object in the food, I asked the waitstaff to let the management know and she said she would. Even though the object was only a thread of some kind I thought she should have been more concerned. For a place like this I expected someone to at least come and apologize and offer to remedy the situation but no one did. Not wanting to create a stir I just left. Tried to leave this feedback at their website, but there wasn't a place to.

Good salads 4-29-09
Reviewer: Clifford from Goleta, CA
Wife & I liked the lunch salads, and I liked the fresh bread that came with it for about $10 each. However, I thought the overhead menu said Chicken on top of greens and I rec'd a chicken salad mayo mix on the greens, but at least it was tasty. The quantity of the salad and chicken topping was on the light side, but I stuffed up on the MSG (autolyzed yeast protein?) sweet onion potato chips. I think the dressing should be placed on the side as well, unless the chef wants to dictate. Wife had goat cheese and roasted (red bell, others) peppers salad.

Nice people Good Food, you pay for it
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food is really good. The people are nice. The price matches the quality as you pay for it not being at a Subway quality. Nice tables outside with movable angle umbrellas for the sun. I recommend the curried chicken sandwiches. The drink selections are varied with bottles of stuff.

Reviewer: Johnny Tremain from SY,CA
The best sandwich ever! I have been all around the world and country and still have not found a sandwich that is as good as this place. If you pass up a chance to go here, you shall be sorry! I am the sandwich king, and i vote this the best in all the land!

An ideal stop
Reviewer: Alison from Santa Barbara, CA
A nice relaxing stop on your wine country journey. A wonderful selection of sandwiches and salads.

Great food in a relaxing atmosphere
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Ana, CA
This is by far my favorite sandwich shop around. Each time I visit the area, I always have to start the trip off with lunch at Panino. It's very relaxing to enjoy great food and sit out on the patio in the quaint town of Los Olivos. I highly recommend the turkey and brie sandwich. Although it may take awhile to get your food somedays, it is worth the wait.

Always a Line, but Worth It!
Reviewer: Val from Buellton, CA
Paninos is a little sandwich shop with a delicious, varied menu of gourmet ingredients. The curried chicken is my favorite choice! A few tall tables inside and round tables in an outdoor patio, it would seem too casual except for the surrounding beauty and western character of Los Olivos. The patient people, locals in their boots, tourists, and the occasional celebrity form the line in anticipation of a great meal. Afterwards, think wine tasting and browse a few art galleries!

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