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Isla Vista Spot
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-10 Closed: 2007-08

6521 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-7768

Reviews by the General Public

Great place for the summer nights, 3/23/2007
Reviewer: Emma Safaee from goleta, CA
We've been there a few times and I really liked the outdoor place with fire. Very delicious desserts! You have to try them. The Kebab is not that good but chicken Kebab I liked. Kebab comes with the original bread (Sangak). Very good service. Not a good place for very cold nights as you have to sit out side, but try it now that is warmer.

The Live Music Ruins the Experience, 3/4/2007
Reviewer: Michael from Goleta
The food was okay. They will most likely go out of business seeing as their portions are way too large and they do not have too many customers. They drive them away with horrendous music.

A good start for a Middle Eastern restaurant in our area:, 1/29/2007
Reviewer: A.R from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I went there for lunch. He gave us a lot of food. Portions were too much, price was great. Plan to go there hungry. The rice wasn't cooked fully (We suggest to the owner to use ROYAL or BASMATI Rice.) The KOOBIDEH tasted different than Persian Koobideh. TORSHI was great. Make sure you try it if you like sour stuff. Service was great and fast even he was by himself. To those people with bad reviews, please give ISLA VISTA SPOT a chance to grow and stay open in our area. We do not have any Persian Restaurant in town. Let's give him positive criticism.

One hour wait for food at lunch, 12/16/2006
Reviewer: Eric from Goleta, CA
Six of us went for lunch this week because two wanted to get a hookah. We were the only customers in the restaurant and we arrived just before 1pm and we didn't get the food that we ordered until after 2pm, plus the guy got my order wrong, but I ate it anyway as I didn't want to wait another hour. We should have walked out, but thought that the food would come any minute. No apology was offered when after the food took so long.

Not Worth the Money, 11/8/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there for dinner with a friend the other night. After we ordered it took more than a half an hour to get our food. I had a chicken shish kabob dish and it was served with rice and a salad. The salad was only dressed with a lil bit of olive oil and lemon and when we asked for more dressing they told us they would have to make more. Just not a wonderful experience. The service was slow and definitely not worth the price of the meal.

A lot of food for the price and good too!!, 11/7/2006
Reviewer: Amanda from Goleta, CA
My husband and I went here for dinner one night. It is true that they do give you tons of food. I had the koobideh which was really good and cooked just right. The yogurt-cucumber dish was good, but I prefer my cucumber chopped a bit more fine. Also, I'm not a huge fan of the cold, thin pitas that they serve. I wanted to try their desserts so bad... they looked amazing, but unfortunately, we were so stuffed, I was unable to finish my meal (and I'm 7.5 months pregnant) and could barely walk. Everything was fresh and tasty and I would highly recommend it. They were just opening when I was there and they were out of a few things because of the big weekend before in IV. I would suggest that they put descriptions of the items on their menu as some of the dishes are a bit exotic and our server didn't even know what they were. Overall, it is a great find for the money.

Not your typical Isla Vista restaurant, 10/27/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
When I stepped into Isla Vista Spot, I felt like I had suddenly left Isla Vista. The decor of this Middle Eastern restaurant is fancy and polished like a fine State Street dining spot. A look out the window, however, reminds you where you are, as you see an endless parade of students walking and riding bikes down Pardall Rd. Isla Vista Spot is in the same building that the first Kinko's was founded in, in 1970. There is a giant plaque on the sidewalk outfront commemorating this fact. Tonight is the beginning of Isla Vista's famous Halloween weekend so everyone is in costume, making everything about my dinner quite surreal. I am still amazed I found a parking spot! The food and service was excellent. I ordered the shish kabob with hummus and most-o-khiar (yogurt & cucumber). See photo below. It came with a bed of rice, salad and cooked tomato. I was stuffed by the time I left, another surprise! The food was delicious. Isla Vista Spot is one of the few places you can actually eat dinner inside the restaurant. Most of Isla Vista is outdoor seating or styrofoam to go. Outside is a large patio with fireplace, heaters and ever-popular hookahs. The patio is typically packed at 11pm and continues to be crowded past 2am. All & all a great experience.

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