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Mission Ice Cream & Yogurt
201 W. Mission St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-2323

Reviews by the General Public

Not for Ice Cream Lovers!
Reviewer: Sharron from Santa Barbara, CA
We were SO disappointed in our first ice cream cones from McConnell's at Mission Street. Service was very good and the place was packed on Mother's Day afternoon. However, two single-dipped waffle cones cost $9.18 which was expensive in our books. We had two different flavors and found them lacking in richness and flavor. They very quickly melted and ran down our hands to add insult to injury. Sorry, we love ice cream but this was sorely lacking.

whre can i find chocolate cappuccino
Reviewer: CONSUELO ADAME from Santa Barbara, CA
We have gone to many stores like Ralphs, Vons, Albertson, Lazy Acres, to look for one pacific ice cream "CALLED" chocolate cappuccino, I have been searching for this ice cream for almost a year. My question is, do you know where I can find this ice cream and what store near by. or what location in Santa Barbara. SEND TO: THE ADAME FAMILY 1527 W SAN ANDRES ST APT B SANTA BARBARA CA 9301 WRITE BACK TO ME PLEASE. THANK YOU: ADAME FAMILY

Excellent Service vs. Poor Service at new downtown location
Reviewer: Donald from Santa Barbara, CA
Downtown location is not ready for prime time. They should send the friendly staff from the original Mission / De La Vina location down there to teach them customer service skills. Downtown put my peach ice cream in a waffle cone instead of a sugar cone which I had requested. The manager was annoyed and threw the waffle cone in the trash right in front of me and made me a new peach ice cream in a sugar cone. However, the cones there have no protective paper on them and she used her bare hands on my cone (the other employees were wearing gloves). The next day I went to the mission street location and they were cheerful and prepared my peach ice cream correctly in a sugar cone with the protective paper. It was delicious and had the delightful experience that I was hoping for at the downtown location.

Local 5 star Favorite!
Reviewer: Camie from Santa Barbara, CA
McC has the most amazing ice cream and frozen yogurt ever known to man kind! Its melt in your mouth flavors and heaping portions are well worth the 3-4 dollar cost. some of their ice creams are so rich that a single serving can be taken home and put in the freezer for later! over best fine ice cream ever.

Reviewer: Stephen from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is definitely top quality! Love the ice cream and topings. Service is always great in their in the nice little shop. I recommend McConnell's to all my friend and family when they are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Love McConnels
Reviewer: Beverly Woxell from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok, I have to say if you are in the mood for a treat it's the place to go for sure. I love the Ice Cream, but now prefer the Wow Cow. I am a regular that purchases quarts and bring them home to enjoy nightly. I love all the fun flavors like Pumpkin and Red Velvet. You really don't need alot of this yummy treat as I enjoy a little each evening! BTW I have been going to McConnel's 29 years!

Reviewer: Anna from Santa Barbara, CA
Terrible service and ice-cream. The last time I was there the girl working there cheated and charged me extra. I asked her why she charged me that much and she just ignored me and disrespected me. You guys are not going to get any more customers if you don't treat them well.

Reviewer: Douglas from Santa Barbara, CA
Um, yeah. I usually don't write reviews, but tonight deserves mention. Treating myself to a small bowl of McConnell's ice cream after a long day at work, I barely managed to make some small talk, pay for the ice cream, and drag myself back home in hopes of passing out. Well I had barely made it out of the parking lot when, to my surprise, I see one of the McConnell's girls RUNNING OUT IN THE COLD POURING RAIN to find me and give me $5 that I had accidentally slipped in with the rest before stumbling back out. Now that's customer service. Thank you, um, outstanding blonde ice cream salesperson. You made my night, and I'm still able to do my laundry. Thanks again.

Incredible ice cream
Reviewer: Cathy from Santa Barbara, CA
I have not been to this location, but love their products. The vanilla bean is so delicious! I am surprised at some of the reviews gratful there is such yummy ice cream in the world!

Smaller portions are disappointing
Reviewer: Clare from Santa Barbara, CA
I understand why the prices had to go up, but it's disappointing that the portions have become smaller too. The generous sized servings helped set McConnell's apart from their recent rash of competitors and created goodwill and loyalty from many customers. Now they're about the same as the others....

Not As It Used To Be. . .
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
What happened to their portions? We used to love McConnell’s for their generous serve, but recently they’ve been skimping on portions while raising their prices. The choice of flavors has been quite mediocre, too. Disappointing...

Its icecream people
Reviewer: Colby from los angeles , CA
We alwas make a stop here when we are in Santa Barbara. Service has always been fine when I am there busy or not. If you are on a diet dont eat this stuff. Weather its wow cow moo cow milk the cow or whatever. Dont get mad because they make some great ice cream. Try a apple.

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