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Great Pacific Ice Cream Co.
219 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-0108

Reviews by the General Public

Only ice cream shop on the pier?
Reviewer: Monica from Pasadena, CA
I've been here on almost every trip to SB, and why? Have no idea... because obviously it's on the pier, which is nice, but for this to be the only ice cream shop? And ditto with the servers... they are NEVER happy and usually chatting with each other. P.S. This place would be great if they made some changes.

Good Thriftys/Rite Aid Ice Cream with a view but pricey
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Thriftys Ice cream is not more than $2 at a thriftys per cone and they have it for $4. Plus they only take cash so with the atm fee if you don't have it add $3 for a surcharge and you may pay $7 for a cone. are on the wharf which is great. Server was nice and one scoop was ample ice cream. They don't have any special frilly stuff here and have about 16 thrifty flavors so you will probably find one you like. The nearest Rite Aid is on Milpas probably but the parking is bad.

More air than cream & too $$$$$$$$
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
The ice cream was a huge disappointment in a town that is home town for McConnell's. This was way overpriced at $4 a scoop and while the "scoop" was generous there was no flavor, and the ice cream was way too puffed up with air which gave it a terrible texture. Over all - a no go, and the city should not renew their franchise. Bring back McConnell's who are cheaper than this frozen tasteless fluff place. Service did have a bit of an attitude, and no smiles or thank you's. And lower the rent so they don't have to charge so much for a crummy cone.

Crappy Service and Proud of It
Reviewer: Maggie from La Mesa, CA
While there may have been 6+ girls behind the ice cream counter to wait on you, only one was serving ice cream while the others were talking about their boyfriends. Our server took pride in dishing up the messiest cone and watching it drip on our hands and she lacked the basic fundamentals of working for the public: No Hello, thank you, or goodbye. Average ice cream for $4 a cone. Premium ice cream considering only out-of-towners are at the mercy of this establishment.

Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara
It's ice cream on the pier. What better place can you enjoy good ice cream.

Cotton Candy Ice Cream
Reviewer: Mel from Santa Barbara, CA
I've never seen Cotton Candy ice cream at Thrifty's, so my take on the previous review is a little shady, because the Cotton Candy ice cream is the BEST. I'm no kid, but it tastes just like the real thing to me. I go back, just to get that. Besides, one scoop, is actually two scoopes and two scoops is actually four scoops. Pricey or not, you can't beat the view either!

It's Thrifty's Ice Cream!!!
Reviewer: Justin from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently walked by Great Pacific Ice Cream Co. and saw a huge line of people waiting to buy ice cream. I figured it must be good because its on Stearns Wharf and alot of people were willing to wait. So I walked inside and asked one of the employees if they made their own ice cream because the prices were outrageous. She told me that the ice cream was just bulk thrifty's icecream. To compare prices the Great Pacific Ice Cream Co. was about the same as McConnels (around $5 for a regular) wereas you can buy a half gallon of the same thing at any Rite Aid for $3. Don't get ripped off. If you want good icecream for alot of money go to McConnels if you want good cheap icecream go to Rite Aid.

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