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L & L Hawaiian Barbecue
7127 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-8880

Reviews by the General Public

Da' real Hawaii! (Lived there? U know what I mean...)
Reviewer: Bronwyn from Santa Barbara, CA
This food IS Hawaiian style! L & L is everywhere in The Islands. If you have lived there, this place is a delight because it feels like home. Leave your uptight mainland attitudes behind, bring a friend to share your plate and some ALOHA -- Relax and enjoy the most authentic slice of everyday Hawaii available on this side of the Pacific.

Worst food in sb
Reviewer: Ernie from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree I got meat that was inedible as well meat that was not meat just fat With the same combo plate will never come here agian

Gristle & Grease
Reviewer: Jack from Santa Barbara, CA
One of the worst meals I can remember. Whatever you do don't order the Hawaiian Barbecue Plate. It was just flat out inedible and I tossed it in the garbage, something I've never done before. There were large pieces of really cheap beef and yellow chicken cut in a flat, bony, splayed way I've never seen before. The meat was tough, fatty, gristled, greasy and impossible to cut with a plastic knife in a styrofoam container. It came over rice, unseasoned cabbage and macaroni. Only the latter was good. Huge disappointment.

Bra dis one good kine eats
Reviewer: Kolohe from Santa Barbara, CA
SBCC student from da islands and I take one trip to L&L fo da kine grinds in Goleta an, bra I get serve like 1 supasta. Start with da loco moco plate lunch style, 2 egg ova easy, 2 burger patty, gravy, and stiky rice and extra macaroni salad cuz. Next time I take 1 kalua pig plate lunch and den go in fo da kine... spam masubi. If 'dey had 'da 2 finga poi on 'da menu, I would cry right der. Bra you try fo you self one day k?

Really confused
Reviewer: Ned from Santa Barbara, CA
Read the reviews on here and was really excited to come try this place. Went and ordered the Kalua Pig Bowl. The meat was really lacking flavor and had a huge amount of fat in it. I have only eaten the Kalua pig bowl here and it IS AWFUL. So terrible, seriously do not order it. I have had real Kalua pig at a luau in Hawaii and it was completley different. If you want some good pork head on over to Wahoo's Fish TAco.

Failed catering
Reviewer: Karl from Santa Barbara, CA
They didn't have our food for a catered event. Luckily Costco was open.

Great service and good food for all ages!
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
This is no 5 star restaurant but they run a 5 star service. The staff is incredibly well trained! They are polite and always welcome you with an "aloha" and leave you with "mahalo!" They know the menu well and the kitchen is incredibly quick. The place is also always sparkling clean! Believe it or not, they have GREAT chili fries, it's my favorite thing to eat there. Give them a try, it's nice to feel welcome without having to pay 4 or 5 star prices for it.

Insane grinds
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Friendly staff for a walk up joint, they even say mahalo when you finish your order. This place is the bomb. They have truly authentic plate lunches, the kind you get in Hawaii. While the selection isn't huge, they have some of my all time favorites. I had the kalua pig with cabbage. They even have laulau on Fridays with this dish. It comes with two scoop sticky rice and mac salad. Any Hawaiians in town would feel a slice of home at this place. AND... they have ->>> SPAM MUSUBI!!!! We are not worthy. If they start offering poi, I will go bonkers!

Huge amount of starch and teriyaki food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
If you want to combine two meals in one you should eat here. Quality is not the best but there is a lot of it. Very filling and seemingly always very cute order takers. Mahalo!

Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Tastes like the L&L's on the islands... grubbin' generous portions of authentically Hawaiian-style BBQ. Worth every penny

Yum Real Hawaiian Plate Meals !!!
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
As a fan of Hawaiian Style meals. I love this place the portions are ample the food very tasty and the place was spotless. Staff Friendly too.Prices quite good for the amount of Food. The Owner of this place owns the one in Ventura too. I have eaten at both and both rate the same !!! Where else can you get Spam, eggs and white rice for lunch !!

a step up from fast food
Reviewer: kaylie from Santa Barbara, CA
I was pleasantly suprised on my first visit to L & L. All the dishes are unbeatably priced, the ingredients taste fresh, and the cashiers are very friendly. I'm hooked now, and I'm a regular! Highly recommended!

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