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Subway - UCSB Library Plaza
Davidson Library Plaza, UCSB Campus
Phone: (805) 685-8154

Reviews by the General Public

Horrible employee
Reviewer: Mariah from Santa Barbara, CA
There is a worker that is always there who has red hair. He is extremely rude each time I come in. Every encounter I have with him is very unwelcoming and I get the vibes that he just hates everyone and rushes customers. It is unpleasant because I usually am getting food from Subway in between studying and it is a bad experience to have to dread eating dinner because I have to see him. He needs to really change his attitude.

Terrible service, terrible food, a disgrace to Subway's name
Reviewer: Al from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has problems. I used to go here at least once a week for about 3 years before until I swore it off. I kept coming back because it's centrally located, only about $5, you get a lot for your money, and Subway is generally a pretty good franchise, right? Wrong. This particular branch is the worst Subway I've personally ever visited. There are two types of employees that work here: those that have only a marginal grasp of english, and those who have only just started and have no idea what they're doing because it seems like no student employee works here for long before moving on. I don't demand everyone in the United States speak perfect english, but I do expect them to know the names of the ingredients they're putting on my sandwich. Requesting "No banana peppers" gets you a blank stare as they put on some banana peppers, or asking for cucumber gets you nowhere unless you point. And once you finally get out and sit down, the sandwich isn't even that good. "Eat fresh" doesn't apply to this place, the vegetables taste old and oxidized, like they've been sitting out for a couple of days, and there's this odd hard-to-place flavor that arises on the occasional bite that I can most closely describe as "cigarette ash". One day the woman behind the counter was putting tomato slices on my sandwich and pulled out a black crusty hockey puck of a tomato that looked like it'd been in the bin for at least a month, she just threw it away and put the next slice, the tomato slice that had been touching the disgusting slice, on my sandwich as though nothing had happened. I've never been back since. IV deli is SO much better for a comparable price.

I love sandwiches but dread going here
Reviewer: Brooke from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm always on campus. If I'm not in class,I'm at the library. Sometimes I stay late and grab dinner at subway. I hate going there because they are always in such a hurry to make my sandwich. They handle it so roughly that the bread falls apart and I can't hold it like I should be. Whenever they ask me what I want on it, I have to repeat it like 5 times because they just don't listen. One time I said, "bell pepper" and she put salt and pepper on it. I was so upset but I as I didn't have time for them to make another a said thats fine. When I finally got to eat it, it was made so sloppily that I couldn't pick it up to take a bite. I had to lean it against a book because it wanted to flop open. They need to do something to fix this problem because this isn't the first time I've complained.

Good Food with some language difficulties
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food here is as good as most subways, a bit of a language problem, surprised there are not college students working there as the workers seemed more on the older side to be students, in the nice Arbor which has a lot of good stuff too. No indoor seating.

One of the worst subways I've been to
Reviewer: John from Isla Vista, CA
I've been to a lot of subways and used to be a loyal customer of it. I used to go to the one by my college in Santa Monica a lot, and it was pretty good. The one here at the Arbor though is absolutely horrible. The employees there will never understand exactly what you want. They don't ask customers item by item as most subways do, so if you try to tell them what you want, you will probably have to repeat yourself at least 3 times for them to understand you. Also, either they put too much of an ingredient or too little, they never know how much is enough, and if you ask for a little more of something, you'll get a lot of it.

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