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Eclectic I.V.
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-11 Closed: 2008-10

6530 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-9766

Reviews by the General Public

Great food and great quality, 12/5/2007
Reviewer: John McMahon from Isla Vista, CA
This place has the best quality of food in IV. It is the only place where you can get well cooked meals instead of a fried fest or mexican food. Definately worth a try.

Food Well Rounded & Service Not Important!, 12/4/2007
Reviewer: Robert from Goleta
Well I have lots to say so I will begin with the fact that I made two visits on one day. The date is today 12/4/07. The menu is solid and everything sounds good. I ordered the achiote chicken sandwich with seasoned fries. Have to say that the sandwich was outstanding and not soggy. I told the cook that I wouldnt mind a chipotle mayo for it. The fries are okay and make sure to eat them right away. The fries are reminscent of In N Out Burger. As stated by others it is true the drink is a bargain. Eventually went back 4 hours later with my friend and ordered the philly cheese steak with mac n cheese and a side of beer battered onion rings. Again the cheese steak was clean and not overly greasy. The mac and cheese was too runny and could use some work. Onion rings I must say were expertly done and the ranch sauce with it wasnt to my liking. Talked to the owner and he is a nice guy very much interested what others have to say. I will say that he does have big plans for the place in the not too distant future! Will go back again when I have time but the bottom line is that they really have a great thing happening and I just hope that they dont get shut out of business! Only time will tell...but the way I see it "IF IT AINT BROKE, THEN DONT FIX IT!" Oh and by the way unlike others who have posted I dont care about service since I can get my own napkins and clean up after myself. The food stands alone and thats what counts!

I've tried, I've really tried..., 11/9/2007
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
So I have tried Eclectic IV a number of times now and although I have really just tried and tried and wanted to like it, I have always finished my meal (three times now) questioning why I ever gave it another chance. My first time I ordered my food to go and they wrapped it up completely in tin foil so that by the time i got home it had steamed up and became sopping wet. The next time I got a steak sandwich and fries and after picking it up immediately pulled the foil back (learning my lesson from before) and the quality was sub sub par and extremely greasy. The last and final time I went I got a burger and onion rings - burger was dry, tough, and flavorless; onion rings had a pool of grease at the bottom of the tray and were so heavily battered that I thought i was eating a funnel cake gone horribly wrong. On the up side, they have a good deal for 32oz fountain drinks for $1.50...

Not impressed., 7/23/2007
Reviewer: Simi from Goleta, CA
Mediocre Customer Service, Less than stellar food. I ordered the blackend catfish and was asked if I wanted my food to go AFTER it had been packaged and was handed a shoddily packaged non-separated plate of food. As most SB students go I was biking and thus was left with a plate of rice beans, fish and a salad all grossly mixed up when I got home. I didn't mind much the rice and beans mixing, but I would have much preferred my salad packaged separately. As for the catfish I might as well have ordered a ziploc bag of salt.I'm sure this appears an exaggeration, but I kid you not. Only after meticulously peeling off the so-called seasoning could I eat it. Its an hour later and I still can't get the nasty taste out of the first bite out of my mouth. The rice/beans/salad were cold but decent. Their only saving grace is the Chicken strips.

Best in IV, 4/4/2007
Reviewer: amber from Santa Barbara
I really hope this place sticks around...the food is great, and better yet, reasonably priced. Two eggs and bacon is somewhere around $2.50, which is a bargain! The people that work there are very nice, and it is refreshing to see people other than students eating there (families, professors, ect.). In my opinion, the only drawback is that all of the salads are priced at around 9 dollars, which seems very expensive, especially since a sandwich is about 7.

A welcome change, 4/2/2007
Reviewer: Reed from Santa Barbara, CA
Firstly, the previous reviewer must have worked for China Garden at one point, because not only was their food not good, it gave myself and at least two of my friends food poisoning on separate occasions. I took some time to go into Eclectic I.V., and was happy with what I saw. The menu is extensive and, yes, eclectic. Everything from BBQ to Chicken Satay. The items they had which were a little "bland" sounding otherwise seem to be spiced up a bit with, i.e. "Red Beans & Rice with Chicken Basil Sausage" or "Tequila Lime Roasted Chicken with Black Beans & Rice," etc. I opted for the Tri-Tip sandwich, which came with sour cream and pico de gallo, and a side of their Mac & Cheese. While the sandwich's meat seemed more like a briscuit to me, it still was very good, very tender and packed on with meat. The mac and cheese was also really good - big thick noodles, and homemade. The guy behind the counter, who I think was/is the owner, was very friendly. I liked the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights posted on the wall, also. : )

bad food, 3/13/2007
Reviewer: mark e mark from isla vista, ca
the food just wasnt good, service was good, but i got the pasta and it tastes real watery with no flavor. the china garden that used to be here was delicious

Good deal in IV, 12/12/2006
Reviewer: Justin from IV, CA
Great and interesting menu, good food, and finally decent breakfast in Isla Vista

amazing food, not just by iv standards, 11/17/2006
Reviewer: Gina from Santa Barbara
as a senior at ucsb, i have dealt with the less than satisfying restaurant selection in iv for the past four years. however, isla vista has finally been blessed with a good restaurant (wait, no, a fantastic one). most of the iv eateries serve mediocre food and are in business simply to squeeze as much money out of the students as possible. this place, on the other hand, serves GREAT food (i believe it's made with mostly organic ingredients) for incredibly reasonable prices. what seals the deal is how friendly the owner is. he is a totally personable guy who just wants to make sure you get a good meal and have a nice dining experience. i had the tri tip sandwhich (great) with the homemade garlic mashed potatoes (equally as amazing). my friend loved his pulled pork sandwich and we both couldn't get enough of his homemade mac and cheese. the beer battered onion rings are divine (fluffy crust, thick slices of onion). my words don't do this place justice. CHECK IT OUT!

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