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Jamba Juice
At the UCen on the UCSB Campus

Reviews by the General Public

Not the best
Reviewer: Ana from Santa Barbara, CA
Being that I have worked for this company for three years now I have seen and worked in many stores I've seen the best and the not so good. This store is close to the bottom of my list. Smoothies are inconsistent. Clearly needs better management you would think that 5 workers would be able to serve at a quicker pace. Every time I go it seems like only one person is doing all the work. I love jamba but I most often go to blenders which is close in the area. Point is maybe management should be reviewed

Reviewer: Dara from Santa Barbara, CA
Best smoothies ever!!! I'm sad this is the only one in the whole area of SB.... way better than Blenders, Jamba smoothies have so much more flavor and aren't as chalky as Blenders taste.

Ok smoothie, not as good as Blenders
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
It tasted more on the watery side, Blenders are thicker and since Blenders is local you know you are getting fresh stuff whereas with Jamba who knows where they are getting there stuff. Not really sure why but there was about 8 workers behind the counter(it was just me ordering) and they were not really that busy so basically they were all just socializing. I went to Jamba in San Diego recently where there was four people servicing about 20 people. Maybe they get deluged around lunch time?

Great smoothies
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a great alternative to other fast food joints on campus. Quick and always delicious. They are really good with substitutions as well!

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