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At the UCen on the UCSB Campus
Phone: (805) 893-4492

Reviews by the General Public

Good Hot Beverage but not much else to this place
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I guess for a "coffee shop" you expect good fluid which they have, my latte was really good. Unfortunately to review them as a whole I will steer to the negative. One of their two sandwich offerings was unavailable when I went at lunch and the one that was was just too expensive for what you got and not tasty enough. There was about five employees there and the service was just not there for the number of employees to the customer ratio(i.e. too few employees just talking and not getting my order ready) and the employees were just not "Starbuck" friendly. Go to Gaucho Cafe or elsewhere for your meal and pick up your needed hot fluid here(only).

i love their...
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
"weekly special". it's an espresso drink that's not on the menu but comes in medium size, only for $2.50! they alternate the drink every week, so you never know what the drink is till you get there each week (that's the fun part). lately, i've frequent here a lot because they had the black/white mocha (they called it the "zeebra mocha") and hazelnut mocha for the weekly specials. it's such a great deal! they also have the frequent flyer stamp card, which makes you want to come back. service is usually good and the staffs are proactive - when you're in line waiting to pay at the cashier, the baristas ask for your order and gets it started; but i've noticed that they've hired some new kids who just kinda stands there and do nothing, even at busy hours... so i hope they learn the system soon.

Great coffee!
Reviewer: Lynnea from Santa Barbara, Ca
Fantastic coffee and great service! More syrup flavors than Starbucks, and their coffee is fairtrade. I'd recommend for their coffee. The food is normal for a coffee place: pastries sandwiches and desserts, which are all pretty good. The only problem is their hours flux with the UCSB school calendar, so sometimes it can be difficult to determine if they're open.

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