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Santa Barbara Fish Market
117 Harbor Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-9564

Reviews by the General Public

Got crabs in Santa Barbara and enjoyed them
Reviewer: Jason from Santa Barbara, CA
We got some great crab last week at the harbor. We cooked up the claws and took them down to the beach for the perfect lunch. Everyone on the dock was extremely nice and helpful. I think you have to look at this as the fishermen doing a favor to the community by sharing their local catch, not as a regular fish market. We'll be back for more!

Doesn't Live up to the Hype, disappointed!
Reviewer: Neo E. from Santa Barbara, CA
I was fine with this place until I got spoiled fish that I believe was deliberately sold to me. Unfriendly is the only way to describe his service. When I tried to contact the mangment I was screened out by a receptionist who seem to know why I called. The product was not fit for consumption. And he knew it. There was no excuse for this experience. He is not qualified to work in this field. Customer service and quality control are need badly.

Fresh fish and seafood!
Reviewer: Susie from Santa Barbara, CA
The locally-caught black cod I bought here was very fresh and not fishy, as was the local live oysters. I used to buy fish mainly at Costco, which sells fish slightly cheaper per pound, but I have purchased one too many fishy-smelling fillets at Costco, and it's worth spending a little more at SB Fish Market for fresher, better quality fish. Also, the employees will give you exactly as much fish or seafood as desired, which is nice for singles or couples.

Continually disappointed! Why?!
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
I loooooove seafood. I can eat buckets of it. Even if it's bad, which, every time I've been to the SB fish market, it has been to some degree. I went in for mussels and the worker picked up so many cracked and broken or open ones and put them in the bag to sell me. I didn't say anything; I figured maybe I was just a newbie, and part of buying shellfish here is immediately throwing away the third of them that are dead when you get them home. He had to have seen they were broken/open, too; it was obvious. 3 of my dozen oysters recently were open or cracked (as in holes in the shell, big ones). I bought a fat piece of tuna recently that smelled fishy, but I told myself 'naw, just get it home, it'll be fine', but it wasn't fine; it was pretty bad. And the workers are all surly and terse in that way where (I guess) I'm supposed to just understand that they know their stuff and they're busy, so they don't have to answer questions or be friendly. For shame, fish market.

Sam has the best seafood in town
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara
Nothing like fresh seafood straight off the boat whether its crab in the summer or lobster in the winter. Sam is the guy to go see.

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