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Keg N' Bottle Market
915 Embarcadero Del Mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-1316

Reviews by the General Public

check the date on your beers
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
This Keg N Bottle has an awesome beer selection!! However, make sure to look at the bottled date for any beer you purchase. They do not do a good job of making sure the product is fresh. For example, they are still carrying stone enjoy by 7/4/13 as of 11/2/13. This beer is designed to stay fresh only as long as the enjoy by date. If Stone knew they still had this on the shelves, they would not be happy. I also just bought a 4 pack of palate wrecker and noticed it was bottled almost a year ago when I got home. Will definitely be more careful with this place because 10 plus bucks for a four pack of beer should buy you fresh beer! Again, they do have a huge selection of craft beers.

Hot Funny Friendly Cashier
Reviewer: Raphaella from Santa Barbara, CA
I Go to UCSB & And love IV KnB especially they have every drink you can think of but my favorite is andre and goldslaughter!!! Service is always great music makes you dance and cashiers are great especially RICKAYYYY he is the Coolest guy I've ever met!!!! I love KEG-N-BOTTLE <3

Reviewer: Johnny from Santa Barbara, CA
I really enjoyed this place! I never seen so much booze let a lone the variety. The store is clean, good music, good service and really good deals on booze. I recomend if you live in Isla Vista this Needs to be your one stop shop! Keg N Bottle... I love this place!!!!

A lotta Liquor
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
They have an amazing amount of liquor in here(almost like you are in a college town or something..) I think this is where most of the parties originate from! They also have various supermarket type groceries(fruits/meats/etc) they stock which is surprising with IV Market right next to it along with Food Co op, I'm not sure if its any more expensive to buy those goods here or not(probably). They also charge for the use of a credit card which I have recently seen at other IV establishments as another way to milk some money out of you.

The craft beer revolution salutes you!
Reviewer: Wes Bailey from Santa Barbara
I have recently become a HUGE fan of this shop for carrying Stone. This craft beer is as eclectic as any I have ever known, and constantly pleasing. Your shop is my lifeline to special or rare releases of stone every time they come out. Thanks for offering such insightful advice, and doing me and the beer-enthusiasts of the world a favor and aging your craft beer in the cooler or case. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OLD BEER, except if we are talking about that fizzy yellow fluid 98% of the world thinks is beer. You enjoy your rocky mountain aged pilsner; I'll be at Keg & Bottle, drinking a Stone.

100% Over Priced
Reviewer: JC from Santa Barbara, CA
We recently moved to Santa Barbara and have been looking for reasonably priced liquor stores. We are not arguing that Keg doesn't have an excellent selection, but their prices are almost twice that of other stores. For example, a six pack of specialty beer was almost $10, while I have no recollection of ever spending more than $8 for the most obscure six-pack anywhere else. Also, we looked at two Scotch's; one was $140, the other was $60 and at another local liquor store, they were going for $90 and $33 respectively. That is OUTRAGEOUS! This place prides itself on over-charging poor college students who don't have a means to get to other places in town. There is no use driving there and if you are a student at UCSB living in IV, it's worth going somewhere else.

Most amazing selection in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Joey from Isla Vista
So the liquor wall looks impressive from the outside and then you walk in and it's got to be 20 feet high floor to ceiling of liquor that wraps around half of the store. They have it all and then some, things you've never heard of. The beer selection is the same except that it is all refrigerated! They have one of those coolers like Costco that fills up an isle and it has nothing but beer from around the world. They also have coolers going around the perimeter of the large market with every kind of soda, juice and water...they even have all the popular brands of liquor refrigerated. They have all the regular grocery store stuff that you would expect to find, isles and isles of that. The guy that runs the place (or owns the place?) is really nice and gives it that extra friendly and helpful feel.

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