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Santa Cruz Market
5757 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-9510

Reviews by the General Public

Go to spot for many specialty items
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
When I make my tropical hot pot I come here for their whole catfish which they cut and clean for you. When I do ceviche I get their dole fillets. When I BBQ I absolutely get their marinated chicken - lots of it. People LOVE it - huge drumsticks. Tri tip and carne asada cuts are great. Salsa is one of my favorites. Great selection of meats you don't usually see in your typical grocery store. Knowledgeable staff, affordable prices - always satisfied!

Clean & Well Stocked
Reviewer: Vicki from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the fact that when I shop (at the Santa Barbara location) the shelves are full and CLEAN! Customer service is not the best but it beats Albertson's. Prices are great especially since it is a small, local market. Produce is awesome, fresh, well displayed and great variety. It might not be the best option for most people, but if you're a local you might want to check it out.

why? Every time I go there...
Reviewer: Russell silva from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to the market every day. But my big issue is the fact that every time I am there I have 1 or 2 items, and the lady in front of me has 2 shopping carts and doesn't have the common courtesy to let me go ahead. I just got back and today I got to wait 10 minutes for a lady to finish shopping as all of us in line sat there thinking how rude. Then she wants to cash here check too. That was another 10 minutes. Plus the checkout girl if she had more brains then hail color every week. She would of just taken my one soda and rang it up! But, no she was to busy, watching the other lady shop. FUSCM. The meat is great and so are the butches and music they play in the back!

Local Quality and Service
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
I have shopped at both locations and have found good prices and good service at both. i prefer shopping at locally owned businesses and Santa Cruz is usually as good as the big chains in prices and quality. i have always received good friendly personal service from the employees at both locations. if you are looking for an old fashioned style market with real butchers, and fresh meat and produce, this is the place to go.

so called butchers bad service
Reviewer: ANGEL from Santa Barbara, CA
very bad service in the meat dept called and spoke to CURTIS about the issue at their downtown store That they did not want to trim my meat that the machine was already cleaned or it was to late or to busy wow and you call that service CURTIS did not do any thing about it cause the same thing happend to my wife the next week we buy at least 10 lbs of meat each week (NOT FOR LONG) IM GOING TO SPREAD THE WORD TO MY FAMILY NOT TO GO THEIR ANY MORE TO SHOP OH YEAH FORGOT TO METION THEY TOLD MY WIFE THEY WERE GOING TO CHARGE HER FOR CUTTING THE MEAT ...... THE GOOD SIDE OF santa cruz their meat is very fresh and their cashiers are friendly they need to train the so called butchers at the Santa Barbara store LUCIO & ALBERTO NEED SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING MAYO'S HERE WE COME

A+ Quality, Prices & Selection on Meat & Produce
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
This store's slogan is "You Can't Beat Our Meat"-- and they're right! I know Santa Barbara and Goleta residents who ignore the big supermarket chains and come here directly, especially for Santa Cruz's meat and produce-- the selection and quality are that much better. The fruit is always fresh, and their specials really make a difference. A popular local spot.

The Butchers have all there fingers
Reviewer: Matt B from Santa Barbara, CA
It is always good to see fresh meat and a butcher with all there fingers. The service was great and the T-bone was delicious. A friendly place.

Small crowded market, more for Old Town Locals
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Don't see the draw too much from this place. It looks popular with the Old Town locals though. Prices did seem cheaper than other places. If you want to brave the lines the place for you.

Old Style Yes but Great Prices Friendly Help Best Meat
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara Ca.
Santa Cruz Markets remind me so much of the small grocers that used to exist in town years ago, small not fancy and not overautomated. They are friendly, best pricing and decent selection of Meat and Food Products, Produce half the price of elsewhere, where can you get local eggs for .99c a dozen on 2 occasions I asked for items to be brought to the store and both times it was done, think the big guys will do this ? Thanks Santa Cruz Markets !

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