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Longhorn Coffee Shop
3687 Segunto St, Santa Ynez
Phone: (805) 688-5912

Reviews by the General Public

The Cowboy Cafe, The horses are parked outside.
Reviewer: Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
The waitresses say it is a greasy spoon cafe. I know later I had the greasy spoon burp. The food is great. The porch is a nice place to eat. I used to eat here with an 85yo cowboy. He ate here everyday for the last forty years. It is the place to meet people if you only knew their names. It is worth the drive just for the good coffee. It isnt Solvang, It is Santa Ynez, cowboy town. yahoo. And they open real early.

Reviewer: kyle from Santa Barbara, CA
Longhorn is made for locals. It is a small hole in the wall that serves excellent food. In fact it is 4:18 AM and im getting ready to go their for breakfast. I love their biskits and gravy, it is the best in the state of california. The biskits are soft and have a great gravy to top it with.

Breakfast served with attitude
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
We went here on a Friday and the place was not busy. Sat ourselves down, waitress asked if we were ready to order. Hadn't even gotten menus, and apparently that's something we are supposed to get ourselves. Waitress got all huffy, throwing her weight around accusing us of being from out of town... "you must be from LA". She continued to slam things down on the tables and we almost got up and left. She does not belong in the service industry. I guess being from Santa Barbara and not from Santa Ynez is a major issue here. Food was decent but not when it's served with such a bad attitude. We won't be back.

Good food, service spotty, Cash Only, more for locals
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The vibe of this place is more for locals that I guess know about the Cash Only policy, I tried to pay with credit and got kind of a rude response though I did not see any signs to say otherwise when I walked in. The only apparent waitress was taking a lunch break at 12 when I got there(they are only open until 1:30, she could not have waited??) so service was spotty until she was done... The food was good. If you look like a tourist you'll probably get treated like one here.

Great Breakfasts!
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Ynez, CA
I go to the Longhorn whenever I have a chance. They have the best breakfasts in the valley and alot of stuff on their menu. The service is always good and I love to take my kids there. They like to look at all the western decorations.

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