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Neighbor Tims BBQ

No longer in business
Opened: 2007-02 Closed: 2009-02

202 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-5350

Reviews by the General Public

good food, great romantic setting, 10/22/2008
Reviewer: Jessi from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a romantic night here, and loved the dishes that came out. We sat outside which was perfect around sunset. But we did have to wait a while just to be sat, and then 15 minutes to get our drinks in, and the food ran about 40 minutes to get. It seemed they were short staffed with only two waiters for many tables. But the servers were very professional as much as they could be with so much work. Great date place!

Great food and lcoation, NOT very great service, 8/26/2008
Reviewer: Favio Valdez from Santa Barbara, CA

The place is great and so is its food. It just isn't very nice to see the place just the way you see it on picture above(no one to help)and have to wait some times more than 5 minutes for some one to show up and help you.

A place with such great food, should have a service with same quality level.

Awesome food & service...!, 7/21/2008
Reviewer: kenji aoki from cerritos, ca
we go to the SB Zoo from time to time and stumbled upon this restaurant one day and we've been going back ever since. i'm a sucker for their pasta fazoul soup and pasta al carbonera. my kids love their calamari fritti, pizza and spaghetti. my wife loves their linguini with clams. the service has always been excellent. we always try to get the same waitress (elizabeth) who's been there as long as we've been going and our kids just love her. the rest of the crew is very attentive and have never left us stranded with empty glasses or empty breadbaskets.

BBQ Chicken Pizza, 5/30/2008
Reviewer: Janna Pingle from Santa Barbara,CA
Best barbeque chicken pizza ever. I order to go so no comment on service, but I can barely make it all the way home before wanting to eat the whole thing. De-lish!

Very average, 3/2/2008
Reviewer: Tim from Pasadena, CA
Pizza was very average. Sauces were flavorless. Blackened chicken sandwich was good. Service was good.

Deep Dish Pan Pizza, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara
I used to go here every Thursday when it was Paoli's for their pizza/beer special. However, last week was the first time I'd been back since they changed their name to bouganvilla. They no longer have their pizza special, but the pizza is the same thick crust, deep pan style pizza which is a nice change from NY style, or your typical delivery-type. They use a bit too much cheese, but I guess they're just trying to give you your money's worth when a Medium Cheese is 17$!! Still worth it if you like deep dish,spongey sicilian style pizza. Only, don't go heavy on the toppings cuz you can end up with a watery mess. The place was deserted at 7pm on a thursday night, so give them some business so they stick around! They're pizza is worth it, I don't know about anything else though.

Good fresh food & service , 10/29/2007
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
At my fiance's recommendation, I brought my family to Bougainvillea for a late lunch on Sunday. The weather was beautiful so we opted for patio seating. We were promptly approached by our server who took drink orders and received courteous help in arranging the umbrellas to suit our needs. We ordered 2 large caesar salads (enough to feed 7-8 people), a Spicy Chicken Pizza and several pasta dishes (alfredo pesto, meat sauce pasta and the seafood linguine) to share around the table. Pizza came out first and was devoured by my family (the only con was that the chicken was under-seasoned so the sauce and toppings were really the only source for flavor - luckily both were good). Next the pasta dishes came out and were also promptly devoured. The alfredo pesto was made with very fresh tasting pesto and was the definite table favorite; the meat sauce pasta was nothing spectacular; seafood linguine was fairly fresh but also a little on the bland side - food was good although a bit pricey. Our two servers were very accommodating and friendly. I will definitely come again and would recommend to others.

Bad Deal, 7/22/2007
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
Friends from out of town bought an entertainment book of coupons for Santa Barbara. Paolis had a coupon and Bouganvillea would not honor it.Restuarant underwent a name change in the last few months and is same owners etc. Bad Customer Service as a local who used to dine at paolis every 3 weeks or so as its a stones throw from my house, I wont patronize them anymore.Instead of the party of 8 its a party of none.Probably would have cost them $5.00 worth of Pasta.

not the biggest upgrade from paolis, 6/3/2007
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant used to be called paolis and at the time it was slightly cheaper but the overall decor wasn't as nice. But as for the food, if you like chicken, this is a great place, or if you like a lot of more simple pasta choices that are good this is a good place. It really though is not worth the price, the lasanga is not that great, there are no real meat dishes. There is a great selection of seafood, but it's all slightly overpriced, however it is good. If you have children though, the pizzas are quite good, they have gone up in price since the name change from paolis. But definetely not my number 1 choice for italian dinner in Santa Barbara.

Fantastic Italian Food, 5/14/2007
Reviewer: Matthew Lundin from Los Angeles, CA
My friends and I had a great dining experience at Bougainvillea last week. We ended up ordering a bunch of pasta dishes and a couple pizzas and we all shared family style. Everything was delicious! Definitely, a place to check out if you're in the area.

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