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Coffee Bean - State & Victoria
No longer in business
Opened: 2007-03 Closed: 2008-08

1226 State St, Santa Barbara

Reviews by the General Public

Nice!, 3/20/2008
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
As I walked in, I was greeted with a warm smile and "Hello" from the barista behind the counter. She was very patient, polite and friendly as I ordered my drink. Had their Pomegrenate Ice Blended "Fru Tea" and they offered to put in a glass. I think they charged a few cents more for it but that's usual for most cafes, when you order your drink "for here". Besides, it has a handle and keeps your drink cooler. The other barista who made my drink was nice too! I was very pleased how the place was clean and the table arrangements. I chose the table by a window and pleasantly stayed for about 2hrs to study. It's another addition to my "good place to study" list! I'll be back :)

can't make coffee to save their lives!, 12/23/2007
Reviewer: miles long from Santa Barbara CA
I have been to this coffee bean on many occasions and every time they make the sour tasting espresso and they never give me the right size cup. This last time I went there they gave me two large double lattes when I ordered 2 shorts, and when I asked if they could remake just one of the drinks they just poured half of the large into a small cup! I was a barista for several years and I am appalled at the lack of knowledge and training that the kids have at this location. I don't think I will be back:[

hard to see, but already popular!, 4/15/2007
Reviewer: chee from sb, ca
I had a hard time finding this CBTL because their logo wasn't as bright and flashy as the other branch further down on State St. I realized that I should just pull over to find parking once I see Tupelo Junction. anyway, because this place is new, the tables, furniture, and bathrooms are impeccably clean, and the baristas are still cheery and bright :) my iced coffee was made well (especially since I've had the experience of overly-strong brews in the past), and there were a few tables where I could sit with my lappy and do work. I got there at 10am on Sunday morning, and the place was already packed...amazing...those customers must have 20/20 vision.

Coffee Drinks out of this world, try an Ice Blended, 4/10/2007
Reviewer: Dawn from Walnut Creek
I am a visitor to santa barbra and I had to stop for a coffee. I soon found they had more. They had these ice blended drinks and they are so good. I had the pomagranite/blueberry....YUMMY. They also had coffee ice blendeds. They also carried some yummy pastries. the staff was realy friendly and the place was clean and very comfortable. I even got to use my laptop!!!!! BIG THUMPS UP!!

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