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Blue Truck - Dandy Ice Cream
Mobile - good luck finding it
Phone: 818-264-6988

Reviews by the General Public

No don't got a ice cream turck
Reviewer: Hunter from Santa Barbara, CA
Tell he that come to my house at 3935 foothill rd he lever my house I am sad

City ordinence
Reviewer: Art from Santa Barbara, CA
He is not allowed by law to sell in this fashion inside the city limits. We live on El Sueno in the county and he just drove by in the last week, but he is very inconsistent Younger guy driving not the guy in the pict

why doesn't he stop on our street?
Reviewer: J from Santa Barbara, CA
We live on Flora Vista Drive, at the top, near Skyline, and we would LOVE this guy to stop. We have been here for 10 years, hear him in the neighborhood, but alas he never comes up Flora Vista. What's it gonna take to get him here?

Simple, local and perfect
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Ice cream as pure and simple as it should be. Innovative and interesting flavors with a focus on local products. The guy makes his own almond milk from locally grown almonds! If you are lucky enough to spot the classic blue truck ..... go have a scoop!

Sundays on El Sueno
Reviewer: bob from Santa Barbara, CA
as far as hours, The Dandy truck is in our neighborhood on El Sueno every Sunday. The 29th, Sunday, it drove by at 3:45. the week berfore, 4:15, before that 4:05, 3:30. Last Summer season [it's seasonal] usually a more consistant 3:15 We live in Noleta. I believe that in the city that although they can have food trucks, they can only set up on private property. It may be illegal to drive around with the musical bells jingling and selling right on the street. PS. The Dandy Truck may only operate on weekends and holidays

Reviewer: natalie from Santa Barbara, CA
Where is the truck or where does he go? I wish he came to where i live or near it i live in Parkcrest

good memories
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
This truck brings back all the good childhood memories for me, I am so glad that now my children will have the same experience. There is something magical about the ice-cream trucks...

We Could Not Believe It!
Reviewer: Michael from Summerland, CA
My father, visiting from the Big Island and I were doing some testing of the plumbing on a house I just bought in Summerland. No sooner had he flushed the commode that I heard an ice cream truck coming up the street- amazing! We could not believe that anyone would drive all the way up the hill (we live on the last street up) and risk transmission and brakes for a sale. The owner must know that there are seven little kids at the end of our block. The offerings were all the standards including a cheerful driver. I hope the truck comes around on another warm day. Later that evening, we wanted ice cream. While we flushed the commode, the truck did not appear again, unfortunately. Maybe next time.

Follow The Music
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I was working on this guide when I suddenly heard the music of Santa Barbara's famous mobile ice cream parlor, known to kids as simply "The Blue Truck". I grabbed my digital camera, dashed downstairs, ran across my backyard, scaled the back fence, crossed the street and ordered an ice cream cone with peanuts on the top. Before I knew it, 6 kids were pressed up against the rusty rover, going through the menu plastered on the side. Only one of them had any money, so bought a round of desserts for the little ones!

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