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Greek House Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: 2007-03 Closed: 2013-09

5 W. Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 560-0809

  • Category: Greek
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Reviews by the General Public

Greek House Cafe, 9/11/2013
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: I love 'hole in the wall' places and this establishment fits that bill perfectly. Located off of State St, there is minimal seating an one token table and 2 chairs outside. A few posters of the Greek isles adorn the wall. Stan (the owner) is often there, a low-key resturanteer. Service: You order at the counter and take a seat/or wait for your to-go order. I find the orders are delivered fine given the fact that it is often one or two guys there behind the counter doing all the work. Food/drink: I always order the same item: the salad with lamb. It is delish: served with olives, cheese and a flavorable vinegrette and warm pita bread. Summary: Greek House Cafe is a place that deserves a visit and hope it's here to stay for many years to come. Opa!

Great food, worth waiting for, 7/30/2013
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
I started with a groupon and now am happy to pay full price. For $10 you get a lamb/beef gyro and a full greek salad and neither is skimpy. Maybe they're recognizing me now, but the service used to be awful. It's still slow compared to most take-out places, but they are all smiles and happy now.

I'll take your Groupon!, 2/12/2013
Reviewer: Ty from Santa Barbara, CA
Please give this place a try, it is great. If you don't I'll use your groupon for you.

Purchased vouchers on Groupon, 2/7/2013
Reviewer: Ede from Santa Barbara, CA
After reading the reviews, especially about the cleaness, much less the food, I'm not sure I will give it a try. Shame too, I was really looking forward to it... I got I'll in Europe eating Greek food. Not fun.

never going back., 9/1/2012
Reviewer: sigmund from Santa Barbara, CA
I haven't had much in the way of Greek but what I had just seemed sloppy and thrown together. Not a very clean place and the service was really bad. I placed an order and it literally took 25 minutes. By the time I had gotten my food, the "can" of soda I had got and opened was warm. Not trying to hate but was very disappointed. Waste of time and money IMO.

Decently good, yet poor effort, 1/25/2012
Reviewer: Nick M. from Santa Barbara, CA
Ive been frequenting this spot for a while now, since then they've made some menu changes even tho all I order is the gyro. Being a working chef myself in town, I come in here and look behind the counter and can only shake my head in disbelief at how grimy it looks, and with the knowledge that I know I pray for my food and for my health. Luckily so far so good, the owner I guess "stan", ? seems nice and puts together a decent product but every time I go in there its the same story, grimy setting and a decently good gyro, Last time I went I wasnt paying attention to my C/C receipt and got charged for nearly 2o bucks just for an gyro ( stan just got mixed up because someone else was picking up an order when my order was ready) I highly recommend this place just watch your receipts and dont be shy about the noticeable grime!

Seriously? , 1/3/2012
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
I was surprised at how bad this palce was. I got the gyro. We waited 20 minutes for our food and we were the only people in the place and I know that the meat is already cooked so I have no clue why it took so long. The pita was crunchy, the meat was ok and there was barely any tzatziki on it. I was very disappointed.

Awesome!, 10/9/2011
Reviewer: Cassie from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is awesome! My family and I love it here, and we absolutely love Stan. He is doing a great job with his business and hope he continues to stay open for a long time! If you haven't gone there already, it's time for you to go get hooked!!!!

Good Food, Nice Owner, 6/6/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The Owner is nice, the food is good. Place is pretty small but does have some seating inside. Gyro was fairly similar to other places in town and good. Owner is Greek so you are going to get authentic stuff. 1/2 block from lower state, will be open late in the future apparently.

Authentic and delicious!, 11/16/2010
Reviewer: Jessa from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow. This place is amazingly good. I went for the first time for lunch, ordered the gyros and salad combo. Its the best I've ever had - better than the gyros I tried at the Greek Festival earlier this year. The meat is thick, well seasoned and the ingredients were fresh and top notch. The prices were very reasonable. The best part for me was the woman who works there! She is so friendly and makes you feel like you at home - at home in a legit, Greek grandmother's kitchen. Highly recommended!

Great Authentic Gyro, 8/27/2010
Reviewer: N.R from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a frequent international traveler and have never found a food that is as tasty as the Gyros that you can buy in Greece. Living in the states, I have searched for a Greek restaurant that prepares and serves authentic Gyros with no avail until I had the Gyros at the Greek House Cafe. These gyros are as authentic as I have seen, especially the fact that they are served with "chips"(French Fries) which is common in Greece and that their meat is thick. This is the best Gyro I have had sense traveling to Greece and the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the meat is a bit overdone, but not enough to really make a fuss about. I will continue to go back to the Greek House Cafe and am happy to be a loyal customer.

Eh, wouldn't go back., 6/7/2010
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
It is possible to be funky and have less than perfect decor and still be clean. This is not that. Old, crusted on food stuck to tables is not cool. The food was passable. The gyro was commercial gyro meat (so no surprise good or bad) and the accouterments were dismal and miniscule. The Greek salad was about what I would expect from a place that has never seen one before. The ingredients were mostly romaine lettuce with some slices of bell pepper and a few (pitted) olives. The Feta was grated into tiny pieces and very sparingly at that. It was hard to taste any Feta at all. Having been to Greece and having gone to many Greek places in the U.S. I would rate this as though it was operated by someone who has no clue what Greek Salads are supposed to be. Additionally the salad was served with (bottled) Italian dressing on the side, no olive oil or vinegar or lemon juice. It would be so easy to repair these flaws, and I hope they will.

Greek House Cafe writes: David Your comments are will be addressed. The salad comment on the guy who runs the place etc. I am the owner and made the menu. I am 100% Greek. I grew up in a Greek household. Greek is my first language. My grandparents immigrated from Greece. They also taught me how to cook and passed on family recipes. Your comments on how you went to Greece and ate at a few places does not make an expert on anything Greek. In Greece they do not use lettuce in the salads , as lettuce is too expensive to grow. They like lettuce but it is scarce. So when Greeks came to the States and found lettuce all around, is was added to the Greek Salad. My Grandma (Yia-Yia in Greek ), who lived with us and cooked Greek food for the family daily. She even make yogurt and cured olives. She put lettuce in her Greek salads. Many restaurants also use lettuce, as does my church at functions and many Greek Festivals i hav´ worked at. In example: Check out Papa Cristos in LA and on the Web. This place is great and check out their Greek Salad.(with lettuce and house dressing) . We also serve the Village Greek Salad that has no lettuce with olive and vinegar in the store on request and it will be printed on the new menu. Bottled Italian Dressing. The dressing is made on site, It contains some olive oil, sea salt and oregano all imported from Greece. I also add some dijon, lemon juice, garlic and pepper. Yia-Yia used red vinegar instead ot lemon juice. We also used straight olive oil and vinegar on request. At the cafe we do not put the dressing on the side unless it is requested. Olives: you may ask for more olives, as many as you wish. Our dressing is very popular. Gyro-I believe the cone we use was invented by a Greek in Chicago, It is not like the ones in Greece which are Pork. The Cone is very popular in the States and other parts of the world, When I was in Greece , a non-English Speaking Greek Gyro Stand owner, took me in his kitchen and showed me how to make a Gyro. It was layers of Pork with spices that included Black Mustard Seed. He also had Chicken in Pita and Bisteak in Pita. We also offer the Chicken, Steak and a Falafel. at my cafe. Your comments on your Food Portions. I am sorry that you were not served the proper amounts and shredded feta cheese (which is sheep’s milk) I have taken care of both of these issues, We will gladly give you a refund or another meal. Your table should not have had a spot on it., we missed a spot. We clean tables when guests leave. We keep a clean kitchen. I agree the decor is. funky because it has no decor .. We are in the middle of a remodel . The current dining room has most of the decor removed We will be adding more seating and new colours and floors We are also adding a full kitchen and grill . Most Recipes are all Yia-Yia’s from Greece. I hope this addressed your comments and if you wish call me or stop by or more information.
wonderful service and food, 3/26/2010
Reviewer: DCR from Santa Barbara, CA
Will always go back and recomend to people to try it. :P

The Best Gyros!!, 2/19/2010
Reviewer: Lo from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has the best Gyros in town!!!

French Fries IN a Gyro? , 11/7/2009
Reviewer: Leslie from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a Gyro to go. When I opened it, there was overdone meat with little or no tzaziki, tomatoes or onion. However there WERE French Fries. Don't know if the owner was trying to "stretch" the Gyro by skimping on real ingredients or what. Last time I checked fries were not part of a Gyro. I wish I hadn't left a tip in the jar. I feel totally ripped-off. I will not go back.

EXCELLENT GYROS!!, 9/30/2009
Reviewer: Mike from Carpinteria, CA
Finally got to try this place and it was great!! I ordered 2 gyros to-go and took them home to Carpinteria. They were perfect. The best I've had in a very long time. The girl who waited on me was very friendly (and VERY pretty too!) I'll definitely recommend this to my friends!

great food and cheap, 8/14/2009
Reviewer: vanessa from Santa Barbara, CA
the people working were really sweet and the food was great. i highly recommend this place.

Really Good Turkey Sandwich, 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Allison Sebek from Santa Barbara, CA
I randomly went to Greek House with a friend who raved about it. I ordered the turkey sandwich with avocado and sprouts and I want to say that it was the best turkey sandwich I have ever had! The bread was so so fresh. I've been there several times and the man is really nice. The first time I went our order took a really long time and he threw in baklava for free in return. It was amazing!!! All I have to complain about is the building itself, which is decorated like it came out of the nineties, and is way to small and claustrophobic to eat in.

great food, super nice owner, 5/18/2009
Reviewer: sean jackson from Santa Barbara, CA
i have been going here for about a year and a half, great tri tip sandwich, great falafels and all the gyro combinations are awesome. The owner is always really nice and he bakes amazing pastries.

Kept my change, 5/4/2009
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a mixed meat gyro to go. The guy behind the counter (not the owner, another middle-aged guy) wasn't that friendly. Then he took my money and didn't return my change! He just turned his back to me and started doing something else. I was going to put the change in the tip jar anyway, so I just left. But in retrospect, that's unacceptable! Hopefully it was just an honest mistake. That said, the gyro was pretty good.

Greek House Cafe writes: Thanks for the info. I have spoken to the employ as we feel the customer is always first. Thanks, Stan
UNSANITARY, 5/4/2009
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
I just went there to order a gyro and the kid there wasn't wearing any gloves and EATING something while preparing my gyro. Completely inappropriate and must be illegal for food prep. I can't believe that stuff still goes on. I am definitely NOT coming back after seeing that.

Greek House Cafe writes: Yasas This was totally not in our standards. This person no longer works for us and all staff has been informed of this violation. Thanks, Stan
Wishing, 4/15/2009
Reviewer: Michelle M. from Santa Barbara, CA
I have such high hopes for this place. I would love to support any local Greek eatery; yet I'm always disappointed. For the love of God, Please stop microwaving your chicken/ meats. It really effects the quality of the food. If you just change this one aspect of your establishment it would be a great improvement. Please set a higher standard for Greek food in SB we want to support you!!! it's just hard when the meat tastes like rubber. Everything else here taste wonderful; sauces salads... yum :)

Greek House Cafe writes: Yasas We do not have a microwave in our kitchen and am sorry the meat was overcooked. We will always replace your order if is not correct. Thanks,Stan
Yummy!, 12/17/2008
Reviewer: Brook from Santa Barbara, CA
Great falafel!! I do agree that you need to call in your order if you don't want to wait, but the food is so good, it's worth the wait!

You've got to wait, but it's good overall, 10/2/2008
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
Despite it's size, The Greek House is well worth it, taste-wise. We waited for a very long time for our Spanakopita because an oven has been down, apparently. (We noticed the cook was very stealthy and incognito in the back). That is the only downside-the wait. (3 stars for food) A good tip-call about 15 minutes before you go, then your food will be ready when you get there! Oh, the waitress behind the counter was very nice and welcoming. We've seen two ladies working there, a younger and an older. They are both very sweet. The younger one was there when we went. We wondered why she was working there and not at a more upscale restaurant! It must be worth it! (5 stars for service)

worst meal ever in SB, 7/28/2008
Reviewer: Holly Micheletos from San Francisco , CA
This was the worst experience of food ever. We entered on a Monday (probably our mistake). The man working was nice enough, the woman on the phone could care less that they had customers, but was happy enough to take our money. I cant beleve we didn't ask for it back. We had two gyros, one with the pressed meat which had been microwaved way too many times and was all dried out, the other with what was supposed to be pork contained dry cubes of white something, void of any flavor and not even edible. we asked for potatoes and they were french fries that had been cooked the day before (or maybe a few days before). All the food that was supposed to be hot was microwaved and cool by the time we bit into it. I cant even write anymore it was so bad I am disgusted that they call this food.

Good, but needs a big deep breath..., 5/20/2008
Reviewer: Glen from Santa Barbara
This place is great for lunch. But after trying multiple visits, I think the Greek House could benefit greatly from just taking a big deep breath and relaxing. Every time I have gone in, the staff seems in a panic that someone has entered the door. My last visit, they informed me that they didn't have any lamb today, because they forgot to order, because of something and oh! that's really because of ... etc, etc, etc. Whoa! Way too much detail on stuff I didn't need to know. I just wanted to know what was available. Every time, I leave feeling like I just completely stressed these people out for merely walking in the door. The funny thing is there is no need for apologies! The food is quite good and hits the spot every time.

Great Food, Great People, 5/19/2008
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
Don't be fooled by some of the other posters here. If you're looking for excellent authentic Greek, then this is the spot. I'm a repeat customer and always leave feeling satisfied and full. My suggestion is to go for the Blend Gyro, what a great combo. Great stuff!

Clean your place up!, 5/16/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
After the demise of the Italian Greek Deli and me craving a gyro, I rolled the dice and came up a loser at this place. Flies all over and just a grimy feel to the place. I was expecting a nice hot sandwich. What I got was a dry lukewarm concoction of what looked like processed meat with some lackluster filling. It was the strangest looking slab of "meat" I've ever seen at a restaurant. The salad was good but I'll spend my $8 elsewhere next time.

Two thumbs down, 5/11/2008
Reviewer: Stew Brewstool from goleta ca
The food here is just not good. I ordered a gyro and the food came out on a untoasted pita and the meat seemed like it had not been cooked. I took a small little bite of it and threw the rest away. I guess that gyro and soda was worth ten bucks not to mention the soggy baked fries that came with the meal. Dont go here its not worth it.

Not as Greek as Mckensies , 3/23/2008
Reviewer: Marla from Santa Barbara Ca
The Gyros at Mckensies ( little place that looks like a gas station acroos from Mkensies park on state.) were much better. Very white and bland Greek food here. Hope it will improve.

Missing the greek deli, 3/17/2008
Reviewer: R. Williams from Santa Barbara, CA
I was craving a gyro and had heard great things about this place so I decided to pop in for a quick lunch. I was the only person in there. I ordered my gyro at the counter and sat down. It is not a very inviting place with only a few tables. Overall, the gyro was not good. The meat was dry and the bread/wrap was dry as well. I was disappointed and will not return.

Opa!!, 3/15/2008
Reviewer: Alan Carey from Santa Barbara
Sagapo!! Great greek dishes!! Return time and time again---never a disapointment!

You reviewers don't know what authentic is..., 1/31/2008
Reviewer: j from SB
c'mon now... you guys are asking for card-board compressed meat shaved off a spit when he's serving you the real thing??? You all need to get out more. Ask for the Greek pizza (special request) next time you're in... goooooood stuff! We switched over when the Greek Deli closed down, trying to find a good Greek salad in town... well, they've got the Greek Deli beat hands down. Portions are huge, all ingredients fresh and ripe and good quality every time (except for the meat on the spit stuff you all insisted they put on their menu... that stuff's ok I guess, LOL)

My new favorite!, 12/27/2007
Reviewer: Erica from Santa Barbara
I recently enjoyed a take-away lunch from Greek House Cafe -- beef/lamb gyro (tasty, fluffy flat bread wrapped around meat, tomato, red onion, tzatziki, and potato) with a Greek salad on the side. For $8.35 (which includes tax) it was a deal: it could easily have served two for lunch! With amazing flavor, generous portions, and such fair pricing, Greek House Cafe is now a new favorite of mine. Given the small seating area, I recommend ordering to-go.

Very Good, 9/25/2007
Reviewer: Eli from Santa barbara
Stopped by before closing and picked up a lamb gyro, salad & spanokopita. Very good-really nice mix of flavors. Will defintely return again with family & friends.

Good gyros & spanokopita, 9/20/2007
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
Got a take-out order of gyros & spanokopita and it was all good. My family raved about how fresh, delicious & savory the flavors were. Frappe was also nice-refreshing on a warm day. We did have to wait longer than we liked but there is an interesting shop next door to browse. Will return soon.

Great Greek Food that's Cheap, 8/2/2007
Reviewer: Ryan Z from Santa Barbara, CA
The Chicken Gyro is awesome. I don't care if it's authentic or not, it's delicious. The chicken is tender and juicy, the potatoes soft, ripe tomatoes, excellent yogurt sauce. The salad topped the meal off. I highly recommend the Greek House Cafe. It's so much better than a slice of greasy pizza or a hot dog around the corner and down the street. It's definitely healthier. Keep up the good work.

Not so good..., 7/30/2007
Reviewer: KB from Santa Barbara, CA
I got a chicken gyro, and the chicken was not cut well - it had a lot of cartilage left on it. The tzatziki sauce was sort of sour. The addition of the potatoes in the gyro was awesome, though. We also had to ask about four times to get a cup of water. My friend ordered one of their frappes, and it was served lukewarm and lumpy - it looked like soup. It needed to be served over ice or at least much colder. I might try it one more time, but I wasn't particularly impressed.

Greek House Cafe writes: greetings kind and concerned.. i am confused on the cartlilage comment as cartilage is "the Firm, rubbery tissue that cushions bones at joints" such as the legs. . we only use boneless skinless chicken breast only, . we slice the breast really thin. your request for tap water was also filled on the first request which also confuses me. . frappes will have ice in them in the future. the texture is kinda thick like a milk shake with foam on top wiith the liquid on the bottom. this is how they are made in greece as i was taught by a frappe maker there, with condensed milk to finish if off which sinks to the bottom and needs to be stirred. sorry we did not inform you on this. our tzaziki is made from strained middle eastern youghurt, fresh cucumber and garlic. it is made fresh and contains no sour cream. thanks you for your input.
Very tasty and what SB needs!, 7/28/2007
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara, CA
I think what most people need to understand is variety does exist, even when it comes to food with which they are "familiar." Are all gyros the same? Hardly! So why make a stink about the way the meat is prepared in the food? Instead, talk about the taste and quality. True, the meat is not thinly sliced as most are "familiar" with; nonetheless the lamb gyros are filled with quality lamb. My great-aunt married a Greek man, and I was used to eating not one, but SEVERAL types of baklava. Who's to say that there aren't gyros with different cuts of lamb? In any event, the gyros were great; stuffed with potatoes, fresh bell peppers, tomatoes, tzaziki...mmmm yummy! I'm so glad this place exists so I can get my Greek food fix!

Greek House Cafe writes: thank you, we will soon be adding the blended meat/lanb gyros in addition.
Not authentic gyros here!, 7/7/2007
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband went and picked up a take out order of gyros. The were different, but not prepared in the traditional way. The lamb tasted like strips of lamb roast, medium rare, and not spiced as we expected.

Greek House Cafe writes: dear lori we make the gyros as they are made in greece. when i went to greece(being greek) i toured many gyro stands to make an authentic gyro. i understand that you prefere the american version thanks for your input
Could probably use more help but the food is AWESOME!, 7/1/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer Adler from Santa Barbara
Go here but not on the weekend or during lunch hours as they're a tiny little joint and have only 1 person in the kitchen. However, if you go during non busy hours you will have a wonderful Greek meal. The food is authentic, tasty and exactly what you want when you crave Greek. I Love it! Be patient as they're new and growing. If your service was slow try again anyway, it's worth it.

Greek House Cafe writes: thanks we now have more staff during the busy days
The gyros..., 6/26/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
I can't comment on any of the other food,but I was dissapointed in my lamb gyro. First, the lamb is not the typical thinly sliced lamb that is normally found with a gyro. It is pure lamb roast. While I give the owners credit for serving lamb, it just doesn't have the typical gyro lamb taste. I am used to mine thinly shaven off of a spit or at least thinly sliced(like the greek deli was). The tziki was bland, without enough cucumber taste and desperatly needed more salt. They add potatos to the gyro which I felt was just filler. Don't get me wrong the potatos have a very pleasant rosemary taste, but I want a gyro with plenty of meat. Overall, the visit made me miss the gyros from Johnnys. I'll have to wait for the greek festival to get my gyro fix.

Greek House Cafe writes: dear dan thanks for the input. when i went back to my homeland of greece i visited many gyro stands., and talked to the owners and toured their kitchens in greece the gyros are made with pork or chicken, french fries, tomatoes, onion and sauce. the lamb is usually served as a gyro plate with all the fixins served on the side. i serve red potatoes for a more healthy version. if you desire i will share my pictures with you. the pressed meat version, is an american version that consists of ground lamb, beef, breadcrumbs, egg, additives and msg . we put 4 ounces of meat in every gyro. thanks again
Cheap Greek in SB! Let's hope it sticks around! , 6/16/2007
Reviewer: Aimee from Goleta, CA
My husband and I hit up the Greek House Cafe for lunch today. It was just a little hole-in-the-wall (they only had 4 tables), but we had a lovely time. My husband ordered the bistek gyro. Two points should be mentioned here. First, there is only the option of beef OR lamb - they don't use the typical processed gyro/lamb combination - which we were slightly disappointed about, because in our experience that has defined the gyro. Secondly, the gyro comes with tzatziki,tomato, red onion, potatoes, and pepperoncinis "on request," so make sure to order them. (The potatoes and pepperoncinis seemed out of the ordinary as part of the filling, but it tasted fine). I ordered the falafel gyro and the waitress warned me it would take a while because it was baked, not deep-fried. That was fine with me, but I wish they would have waited to make the gyro because my husband's food came out first and he was done eating by the time I got mine. Also, even though the falafel was baked, it was more like falafel mush than the falafel balls/paties I am accustomed to. It wasn't bad, but I do think I prefer my falafel to be crunchy on the outside. Next time I will politely ask them to bake it a little longer, or maybe just go with the chicken souvlaki. We also got a tasty frappe (iced coffee, cream, and sugar) and I think the total came to $14. The restaurant also sells Greek groceries (cheeses, sausages, olives, cookies, sesame candies, etc.), which is awesome. I talked to the owner about some halloumi and he was very friendly - even though they were out, he said more would be in by next week. So, all in all, some changes could be made, but they are off to an excellent start. Opa!

Greek House Cafe writes: opa
Two different experiences, 6/16/2007
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara
I was here on two different occasions and had two very different experiences. The first time I had the falafel gyro, which was very different than I have had before as it was not falafel patties but sort of a spiced mashed chickpea salad on pita with seasoned potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc. The seasoning was nice and the whole thing was really very good. I was pleased to have a vegetarian option available. The second time I was here, I ordered the same thing, and received mashed chickpeas on pita with no seasonings whatsoever - just lots of oil. It was very bland and greasy and the gentelman who prepared it seemed somehow irritated or put out by my order, which I didn't understand at all. I was polite and friendly and was ordering from the menu...the whole experience was disappointing and somewhat bewildering and left me feeling like they really weren't interested in my patronage. Perhaps they weren't - which is disappointing since I had such high hopes for the place after my first visit.

Greek House Cafe writes: sorry the potatoes did have too much oil which we have corrected. sorry if we seemed irritaded it was not our intention as we strive to serve out customers
Finally a Greek Takeout place in SB!, 5/12/2007
Reviewer: Ash from Santa Barbara, CA
I was really excited to see a Greek takeout place in SB! My gyro was really good and hit the spot. It is verrrrrrry tiny in there, so probably good idea to go at off hrs when less people are there. I can't wait to go back! Someone next to me got the greek salad and it looked really yummy, too.

Greek House Cafe writes: yasou
Doing It right !!!!, 4/20/2007
Reviewer: Johnny from Santa Barbara
I had the most wonderful meal at this restaurant. The Greek salad was fantastic along with lamb gyros. This is how my family started their business and I hope enought people support them so they can make a go at it. I for one will be returning to enjoy there wonderful greek food time and time again. Johnny from The Italian And Greek Deli.

Greek House Cafe writes: yasou
GREAT food, 4/16/2007
Reviewer: Kate Lipp from Goleta, CA
My first time going there, and it was WONDERFUL. The gyro meat wasn't what I have had before in terms of Greek food but perhaps that was because what I've had before wasn't authentic. The feta plate is GREAT, with stuffed grape leaves and a HUGE portion of feta, olives, salad, etc. The gyros are great and the service is friendly. I would go again.

Greek House Cafe writes: yasou
I have been telling all my friends, 4/8/2007
Reviewer: Lila F. from Santa Barbara,CA
to go to the Greek House Cafe. I am so happy to have good Greek food in town. The place is very tiny and very casual. The prices are pretty reasonable while still offering decent portions. The falafel gyro is DELICIOUS!!!! And the baklava is homemade and equally as wonderful. One and all, go to this restaurant! I want to see it in SB for a long time!

Greek House Cafe writes: opa
Love the food, love the service, very affordable..., 4/4/2007
Reviewer: Diana from Santa Barbara / CA
This place is great! Don't expect too much though... it's a tiny whole in the wall, there isn't a huge selection, and you're served on paper plates (to give you an idea), but the food is absolutely wonderful! I'm not even a huge fan of Greek food, but my boyfriend dragged me in there the other day for lunch and to my surprise, I LOVED the food! And the prices are really great, especially for what you get. I have recommended this place to all of my friends and coworkers. Pop in for a quick lunch sometime. You won't be disappointed.

Greek House Cafe writes: yasou

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