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Downtown Brewing Co.
No longer in business
Opened: 2007-05 Closed: 2010-02

3744 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-7803

Reviews by the General Public

First and last time!! , 1/8/2010
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I went to ho have a few drinks and dinner and when we got There we order our food and it took them alnost an hour to get a couple of Drinks and some appetizers. After we asked for the check they brought us our Food. They have lousy service and the restaurant was empty and they still Couldn't even get our food on time. I will not be going back there.

can't believe they are still open, 12/18/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We went there the week they opened and left after waiting more than 30 minutes for a waiter to approach the table. Had to attend a Christmas work function there last week, the bartender (a young, blonde femle) barely uttered a word to me except to ask what I wanted, couldn't even put a coaster under my drink, didn't speak to the other gentleman dining at the bar, and literally flung my spouse's boss his change when he came to the bar for a drink. She was however, in an animated conversation with a fellow employee most of the half hour I endured sitting there, and boy did she come to life (flirt?) when the owner (?) came behind the bar. She bragged to him about how much she knew about the restaurant business....too bad she knew nothing of customer service. It is the first time I left a fifty cent tip since the 80's! I felt like I'd intruded in a strangers game room and the message was: "Leave. Now." The waitress in our function room WAS friendly and efficient, however. Unfortunately our appetizer was pretty bad - the potato skins and egg rolls were okay, but the chicken quesadilla was an ONION quesadilla - they didnt even bother to separate the slices, they were still connected at one end. I have never seen 5 people leave a happy hour appetizer uneaten - we were there three hours at dinner time, and I know everyone was hungry, but this quesadilla was inedible. NO one ordered dinner.

Warning, 11/18/2009
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA
Just a warning to everyone... if you are using your SB discount card and you want the deal that is buy one entree and appitizer get one free... the only "entrees" you can order are off the actual "entree" list... pizza, sandwiches and wraps do not count. I think that is a little ridiculous but whatever, it seemed too good to be true. And I do like friendly service when the waitress tries to be all cool and act like she's just hanging out, but this waitress would lean on our table and it was just a little too close for comfort.

CUSTOMER SERVICE needs a lot of HELP, 11/6/2009
Reviewer: Jason from Goleta, CA
The beer is good and the food is getting better. You get better deals at happy hour. Please acknowledge your patrons promptly and act like you care they're coming to your restaurant and giving you business. Maybe you'll improve your reputation and get repeat customers. Dininng out should be an enjoyable experience for your customers.

Ridiculously awful service, avoid at all costs, 10/27/2009
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
I read reviews that said service was awful but thought it was worth a shot, I was sadly mistaken. The main problem seemed to be that management thinks they can get by with 2 waitresses and one busser and one of the waitresses happens to be the hostess. They continue to seat people when they do not have a remote chance of providing any type of real service. If you are understaffed, then do not continue to seat people, simple as that. On top of this they seem to be painfully unaware that their horrendous service is in fact, horrendous. Increase the number of servers/bussers and look at your customers as the life blood of your business, not as nuisances or an annoyance.

Enjoyed my lunch, 8/21/2009
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently went to Downtown Brewing Co. for lunch. I thought the menu selection was very good, the chicken sandwich I ordered was very good and the service was prompt and very friendly. I would definitely go back again!

Reviewer: Morgan and Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
No one can beat the amazing tacos, half price wonderful beer and the great service at the Downtown Brewing Company on Monday nights. We all know how hard Mondays can be but this place makes one happy ending to tough times! With Cynthia and the rest of the wonderful servers at Downtown Brewing Company you can't go wrong. Come in and give them your support so we can really get this palce on the map, it is most certainly a dimond in the SB rough.

Monday Happy Hour rocked my mouth and tummy!, 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Tim Halberg from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has excellent happy hour on Mondays. We had a big group and the waitress was attentive and awesome! We got all our food and nothing was missing. My wife and I will definitely be back! Blueberry beer was unique and good! Tri Tip tacos were scrumptious. I can't wait to return.

Why all the bad hype??, 7/26/2009
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a loyal fan of Downtown Brewing Co. My wife and I love this place because of it's laid back atmosphere and friendly staff. The ahi salad is excellent as well as their pizzas. They have delicious beers and the place is called "Downtown" Brew because it originated in Downtown San Luis Obispo...we asked our server when we first visited the restaurant. I have read all of the comments below and I am actually upset because this is an awesome establishment and great for families.

Is the management paying attention????????, 6/20/2009
Reviewer: beth from Santa Barbara, CA
Horrible service. Spent $24 on items to go and the bartender managed to make me angry in a few short-or not so short moments while awaiting my food. The food took a very long time-2 salads and some chips and salsa...the bartender wouldn't even take my order until a server yelled at her twice. Then it was like pulling teeth-she quickly went back to (possibly) her boyfriend to chat with him, instead of waiting on any of her customers. I was there approximately 25" and that is really all she did-talk to the guy on the other side of the bar-I was not the only one ignored. Also they charge a .50 fee on every item you order to go...and it is not written on any of there take out menus, food was just O.K-not worth the money for sure. I will not be back....

Average food, HORRIBLE SERVICE!, 6/5/2009
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to agree with most of the reviews below. The food is average at best. Beyond that, the complaints are all about the service. I had to give it zero stars! For the life of me, I cannot understand how the service has not gotten better. Do they just not care? If you think the service is bad at night, try going there for lunch! Even with the place almost empty it still takes 20 minutes to get drinks (Sodas! They don't even have to make them!), 40 minutes to have your order taken, and over an hour to get your food. Whatever you do, AVOID THE DOWNTOWN BREWING CO.!!! Oh, and news flash, you're not downtown. You're on UPPER State.

Will forever be BLACKLISTED!!!, 6/1/2009
Reviewer: Diana Nguyen from Garden Grove, CA
It was our first time eating there (group of 5). It took over an hour to get our food (yes, we were keeping track because we were hungry as hell when we first arrived there). The food took so long that my friend was able to drink 4 cups of coke. We were seated in a corner seat near the entrance and were able to have a overall view of the other booths/tables. We then realized that all the other people (who came in later) were served before us. A group of 8 people who came 20 minutes AFTER us got their food served 15 minutes BEFORE us. My friend got a half rack of ribs while my sister and I were sharing a full rack. Turns out her meat blissfully fell off the bone and was loaded with BBQ sauce. Our rack on the other hand was so hard and course. We both broke a sweat trying to even cut the pieces. We couldn't even see our BBQ since it barely reached the outer ribs. At least be consistent with the ribs. My other friend was completely disappointed with her filet mignon since it was smaller than the ice-cream scoop of mash potatoes she got. My other friend who is a mushroom fanatic was depressed that her philly-cheese steak sandwich had NO mushrooms in it (she checked), which was the sole reason why she ordered that. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL! STAY CLEAR OF IT SINCE BOTH THE FOOD AND SERVICE IS HORRIBLE! THIS PLACE DOES NOT DESERVE THE TITLE OF BREWERY!

Tried it again... and it was worse, 5/15/2009
Reviewer: Al from Santa Barbara, CA
Whoever wrote the service book on service for this place needs to just start over. Came here a few times when it opened and the service was terrible. Takes forever to find a waitress, wrong orders, food cold, meals before appetizers, etc. Last night, the salad came out after the meal. The appetizer my friend ordered came out after her pizza and it took 20 minutes to get the beer from the bar to the table (that equals warm beer). I like the location, i like the tvs, the food isn't bad, the beer is good, but I won't go back again.

Great Beer, Good Food, Crap Service, 5/14/2009
Reviewer: D from Santa Barbara, CA
The selection and quality of beer at Uptown Downtown (as it's known)is actually very good, food takes forever and is usually decent. Unfortunately it will take at least 15 minutes for someone to give you a menu and serve you a beer, expect 30-45 minutes for food to arrive, and regardless of any special instructions you request with your meal expect them to ignore it, and you.

Food is hit or miss, service is friendly and fun!, 4/2/2009
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA

This Place is a Joke, Kids Playing w/ Daddies Money, 3/24/2009
Reviewer: CS from Santa Barbara, CA
The only positive part of the experience was the beer was decent. Sat at the bar for a beer and a burger with a friend. We placed two identical orders, bacon cheeseburgers w/ avocado. Figured that wouldn't be too difficult. Food came out in a reasonable amount of time, but lacked the cheese, bacon, and avocado. Informed the bartender after she was done gossiping with a server and slurping down a rum and coke. Burgers go back to the kitchen, this time they have bacon, but still no cheese or avocado. Inform the bartender again, burgers go back and come out this time a bit closer, bacon and cheese (not melted), but still no avocado. At this point we just gave up on getting the order right and decided to just eat, of course by now the burgers were cold along with the fries. We were very hungry, but there was no way to stomach this cold overcooked burger, fries inedible as well. Bartender checks on us, we inform her of the situation and her only response was "Sorry, guys." No offer to make a fresh plate or remedy the situation. It was such a joke it had us laughing at this point, so we just asked for the check please. What a bummer. The SLO location is much better. It appears this one is run by a son or other family and is not taking the business seriously. Many of the employees were drinking on the job and more concerned with gossiping amongst themselves then actually running the business. No way could I recommend this place.

Brrrrr - Turn on the Heat and Close the Doors!!, 3/20/2009
Reviewer: Sheila from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate dinner here last night and was really disappointed. We have had tasty appetizers here before (like potato skins, shrimp, chicken tenders), and usually sit at the bar, where service has been good. But last night it was busy so had a table, and found the service to be quite bad. Also, it was FREEZING in there. They keep the doors open to the patio, as they were hosting a party, but everyone around us was so cold. We asked one waitress if they could shut the doors, and she replied that she couldn't take responsibility for that decision. What??? How are you supposed to enjoy dinner and a cold beer when you're freezing? So if it's cold out, don't go without a jacket, even if you plan to be inside! The entire place is cold. Not exactly where you want to linger for to long, and we couldn’t wait to leave so we could warm up in our car! I had the turkey burger and my husband a hamburger, and neither had a lot of flavor. So...the beer was good, but between the lack of service, food being so-so, and FREEZING it was not the best dining experience.

Never eating here again...., 2/2/2009
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
So we went here before and the food was not good, but since buying a discount card, we wanted to go back and try it again. Never eating here again. First our server was super nice, no complaints about her. We ordered the Veggie burger and a club sandwich, both which we asked for cheese. Food came with no cheese on it. The Veggie burger itself was ok, but the toppings/bun was awful. The runner literally dropped off our food and left and the server really never came back to check on us. Beer was ok. We both ordered blonde beer and it seemed a little watery. After waiting 20 minutes after our meal, we finally had to ask the manager for our bill.

A great find!, 12/21/2008
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
With a discount card in hand and a friend by my side, we went to the Downtown Brewery for the first time for a meal. I had been there once before for an Obama gathering but haven't returned yet. Well, I was surprised at how fun the atmosphere was with people watching sports and the cozy corner with couches. I don't watch sports on TV but my friend does and she loved it. The service was super. A young man right away came to take our order and a couple of others stopped by to ask us if we needed anything. The food wasn't half bad - a thicker burger would have been good but the mashed potatoes was tasty. I'm looking forward to going to their happy hour for some of their bargains.

Very Bad Service, 12/20/2008
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd been there once before - the service was so-so, and the food was pretty good. Fantastic fish 'n chips. I thought I'd try it again, and had the worst service ever. The hostess sat us outside where it "isn't too cold", and it was freezing even with the heat lamp. We were out there for 20 minutes without ever getting a drink order or being greeted by a server. The place was busy, but come on - it's a brew-co, at least get our beer order! We left and I doubt anyone noticed. I hope Downtown Brewing realizes they need to work on their service. Their food is miles better that Santa Barbara Brewing, but I'd much rather have SB Brewing's wonderful service any day. On the plus side, after leaving this place we ended up heading to lower State and found a fantastic Thai restaurant, Zen Yai. Wonderful service, amazing food, and a cozy atmosphere. Thanks Downtown Brewing, without your bad service, we wouldn't have found Zen Yai.

ok food, extremely bad service, 11/5/2008
Reviewer: Kimberly from Santa Barbara, CA
i have been here about three times now... each time getting worse and worse. The most recent time a friend and i went to watch some football and grab some food. We got there around 1130 1200 and there was hardly anyone in there. Well after about 10 minutes we still were not even said hello to or asked what we would like to drink yet there had been multiple times where a server walked passed us. THe food is not worth putting up with the lack of service you receive here. I will gladly continue to go to the "real" brew co. downtown as they have excellent service

Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
Sat down midway throught the first quarter for the Raider game. Had to go to hostess and ask for a waiter just before halftime. Are you serious? I'm sitting at the table right now in the side room and a server has not come in for about 10 minutes to check on anybody. THis place would be so good if the service existed.

How does this place stay in business?, 10/20/2008
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here many times. When it opened, I was excited to have such a nice place in town and an alternative to Brewco. As the days progressed, it has gotten worse and worse. The waitstaff is a joke and spend more time flirting with the "regulars" who are on their third hour and second order of fries while the rest of us wait for drinks, water refills, ketchup, the check etc. I ordered the fish and chips which were actually pretty decent. The tartar sauce was disgusting. It tasted like someone spilled salt into it. The 50 cent ribs were so gross. I cannot imagine feeding that to a dog, let alone customers. I can't wait til their lease expires.

not so bad!, 8/10/2008
Reviewer: Lee Stevens from Santa Barbara, CA
I was on here with my wife looking at reviews to choose a restaurant for this evening and was disappointed to see the reviews posted about DBC. We went there last week and had a wonderful evening. The food is not amazing, but it IS a sports bar and for that title the food is what you would expect. It seems like a great place for events and sporting games, we will definitely be back during football season. I do not agree with the bad service complaints, our waitress was a pretty girl with short blond hair(it would help if you wore name tags so we could compliment you!)and she was quick, funny and professional. It seemed that the bartender was also on his best game and was friendly as we left. I do not find any of the complaints in previous reviews to be valid unless those folks were in on an off night. I suggest to give DBC another try, maybe not for a romantic night out, but definitely for a fun and relaxing one. We certainly plan on it.

Always bad service - every time, 5/30/2008
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I come here often. We live a few blocks away, so we like to go somewhere quick and easy. But eating here is anything but quick and easy. The service is and has always been horrible. What's worse, the manager doesn't seem to care. One time I stood at the (empty) bar for 10 minutes while he took shots with one of his other bartenders. This last time, the chef (in his apron) came out of the kitchen to take my order, while the manager was playing Big Bick Hunter. We will never be back.

Turning the corner, 5/23/2008
Reviewer: Nick from Goleta
I've been going to this place since the first week it opened, and I've definitely had my share of bad experiences. It's potential just keeps drawing me back. Last night was a great improvement and I left truly happy. Service was quick and our waiter seemed to have everything down. I had the thursday surf and turf special which was great for the price. My girlfriend agreed that her burger was the best she's had there. I hope it will be as great the next time i go back.

Downtown BREWING Co, 3/27/2008
Reviewer: Sonyia from Santa Barbara, CA
On St. Pattie’s day our company decided to enjoy happy hour at DBC. Bad idea..... you would think a Brewing Co. would have enough staff but guess again. We weren’t the only people that decided to drink beer on St. Patties day, but for some reason they didn't think they would be "busy" LOL! After moving to a different table to be noticed we still didn't get service for about 15 min. to top it off they asked if we would like to start with a water.... UMMMM Beer Please! Hence Downtown Brewing Co. Food was good but after around 2 hours only being able to get 2 beers now that’s a little upsetting. I’m not sure I will go back.... advice: Hire more people!

Sunday RIB night, 3/20/2008
Reviewer: Alycia from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been eating at the DTBC since it opened last year and in that time, I've noticed a big improvement. They've expanded their menu and while some of the items I could do without, I appreciate the variety and selection. Their burgers and fries are delicious as well as the spinach-artichoke pizza. I love their selection of beer too (the sampler is fun and the "table-tappers" are great for groups of people) - the blueberry ale is my favorite. They have specials pretty much every night of the week (which John mentioned in his 3/7/08 blog.) One of their newer specials is Sunday Rib night - Baby Back ribs for 50 cents each! Plus, their Winter Brown beer is $4 a pint. It's a good deal and I've heard the ribs are pretty good - check it out!

Very Nice., 3/15/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent service, good food, GREAT BEER!! I highly recommend the six beer sampler. The porter is surprisingly delicious. The artichoke hearts are deep fried and very good with the chipotle dipping sauce. The burgers are good. Will go there again soon.

best burgers in town, 1/31/2008
Reviewer: Norm from Malibu
The best burgers in town, and really good onion rings and fries. Service is a bit negligent. My wife and I waited way too long for our server to appear. After we ordered, things were better (although they forgot my order of onion rings- quickly rectified, though). Prices are reasonable! We'll be coming back for the food, especially the burgers.

Great space, bad drinks and food, 1/29/2008
Reviewer: liana from santa barbara ca
Great open space, nice flat screens and loved the couch area. My margarita was watered down, food was below average. Ordered a taco but the tortilla was barely cooked and ordered potatoe skins that tasted like they were made quite some time ago then re-heated.

Could be great with some major changes , 1/8/2008
Reviewer: Charlie from Santa Barbara
Have a lead bartender that knows service behind the bar at all times with several bar backs. I ate here Satuday, Jan 5. It happened to be a major football night. The whole place was packed. There was one bartender who had an attitude with a handful of waitresses. The average age of the staff was about 24 to 25. It was clearly understaffed and it appeared that no one had much restaurant experience. It took about 15 minutes to get the first drinks. When we tried to order food from the bartender he appeared preoccupied and had no patience for questions about the menu. He never once came back and asked how the food was. Getting the check was like pulling teeth. Then getting him to process the card was even worse. They have been open long enough to make rookie mistakes like these. I don't think that I will be going back.

Not Bad - I'll probably go back again, 12/4/2007
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara
Some friends and I ate their for the first time on Sunday night. We sat on a couch by one of their big screens and had burgers and beer. In terms of accommodations it's great - the couches, big screens, well priced food, and free pool make it a place worth going back to. Neither the food nor the service will knock you off your feet but neither will deter you from returning. I definitely recommend it for a group of friends and fun times!

Horrible Food, Slow Service, Decent Beer, 10/27/2007
Reviewer: Jack from Santa Barbara, CA
The beer was decent and atmosphere was fun. The food was horrible. My burger was burnt to resemble a hockey puck. The ribs were dry and burned. The past sauce was straight out of a can and the Parmesan cheese was soured. The service was slow and had to ask several times to get things. I would maybe go for the beer and watch a game but would rather starve then eat there again.

No need for the salt shakers at each table, 9/13/2007
Reviewer: Dylan from Santa Barbara
Very nice staff, and I like what they did with that space. Comfortable, huge, and airy, with couches, patio seating, decent TVs. I was with a party of about 12 others, and they liked the beers, I liked the margaritas. The food -- though fresh and vibrant-looking -- was by far the saltiest I've ever experienced. I'm no health nut, but the rest of my friends are, and everyone agreed that even the pita wraps were very salty. I joked to the group that I bought about $40 in food and drinks, and half of it was sodium chloride. If they can correct this, I think they could be onto a good thing. There was minor confusion over the bill, but our staff member was attentive, prompt, and made frequent visits, though the place was packed with other large parties.

Good beer but inedible food, service still not improving, 8/30/2007
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara
I had high hopes for this place since it's one of the few non-dive bars uptown, and I have stuck with it since its opening hoping it would work out the kinks. But the food and service are still WAY below par, even for a cheap local joint with decent beer. Tonight, after waiting 35 minutes for a server just to order a beer, we ordered nachos as an appetizer (beans straight from the can, cheese not melted), then the Buffalo chicken wrap(nearly inedible) and soup and salad (spend $3 on some day-old lettuce and a can of Campbell's, it will still be better than this stuff.) It seems that this place never will get it together--next time I'll have a beer at the bar and go home for dinner.

raw chicken, 8/23/2007
Reviewer: jennifer from santa barbara
We went here for dinner and drinks, the service was poor... run by a bunch of youngsters... (and I am 30) The chicken strips they served us were raw on the inside. My solution, cook them all the way through! They did not comp our drinks or anything but take that one item off the bill. Luckily we did not get sick. LAME.

Great environment, bad food, shoddy service, 8/17/2007
Reviewer: Beverly from Santa Barbara, CA
What a disappointment! I love sports bars, but if I wanted to watch a game with bad food and no service, I'd stay home. I agree with the last posts that the window for working out the kinks have come and gone, but we am constantly ignored by the wait staff. Flagging down a waiter or waitress could take up to an hour. Also, if you're a vegetarian, beware! I'd stay away from the vegetarian tacos; they literally consist of corn tortillas with cabbage, and that's it.

A pleasant surprise, 8/10/2007
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara
I used to go to this place to watch football games when it was the Sandman. I was a little dubious when it changed owners, but I would have to say the change has definitely improved the place. They have a steak special, I believe on Tuesday nights, that is one of the best deals in town (two steak dinners for $12.95 or something like that). The cut of meat actually was tender and came with fresh vegetables and great fries. They have excellent beer and good sandwiches. A nice departure from the touristy places on State.

Good place for beer & sports w/o going downtown!, 8/7/2007
Reviewer: Renee from Santa Barbara
My boyfriend and I went a few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't sure about the location since the last sports bar in this location seemed to be a flop, but the inside and the patio areas are nice places to eat, drink, and relax. We sat at the bar and had great service, good food, and a fantastic view of the Giants game!

Not to sure it's a kink, 8/2/2007
Reviewer: Tisha from Santa Barbara, CA
I've read some of the other reviews, and I'm pretty sure the window for ironing out the kinks is over. I appreciate the optimist, but people, the food is just plain bad. I had a turkey sandwich with Ortega chilies and avocado. The first bite was disappointing, by the third bite I was investigating the sandwich. There was no mayo or mustard, and it was clear they were using the lowest grade of food possible. Nothing had taste, not even the Ortega chili. I asked for mustard to help doctor up my sandwich, and they brought me something that resembled "mustard". I was amazed. This one is pretty hard to mess up, even McDonalds has better mustard. So I ate a few more bites trying to be optimistic. With each bite I was getting more and more grossed out. (You know that feeling). Finally, our bill came. we paid it, got stiffed on our change (a whole nother story), and headed to McConnell’s in search of a better aftertaste. To: Downtown Brew, Either get a new chef, and/or get a different food distributor. There is no reason the food should be this bad. Also, you might want to check your soda machine, it's flat.

A New Favorite!, 7/31/2007
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara
The first time I came was right when it opened. We had a very pleasent experience the food was good and very resonable priced. The waiters were nice, talked and joked with us. Since I have been back the waits have been longer but nothing out of the ordinary. The pizzas are great and they have good daily specials. I also love the blueberry and strawberry blond beer.

Completely Ignored, 7/23/2007
Reviewer: Rob Davis from Santa Barbara
I have seen many reviews here saying "working out the kinks", "give it time", but this place has been open for a while now, and I was truly disappointed. My boss and I sat down in the lounge this afternoon for a business meeting. We sat for nearly an hour and no one even approached us to ask if we wanted anything. A couple of waitresses looked our way, but never approached. I counted 3 or 4 waitresses, and it was not busy at all. Asked to see the manager as we left, and I was led to a guy sitting at the bar. I told him of our experience and our disappointment, and his attitude was one of "so what?". Figured it was nice to have a brew house near the office, but I would drive to the Brew House, Brew Co., or Hollister before I ever go back to DBC. I would not expect to see this place open for very long.

Still working out "new place" kinks?, 7/13/2007
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Me and two other gals decided to get together for happy hour. DBC was close to all three of us but I was hesitant to try it, based on reviews here. However, the allure of beer, wings, and pool was too strong and I had to try! I walked in with one friend, past the hostess who said nothing, into the main bar area, before deciding to sit on the patio. We sat there for 15 minutes waiting for our third friend--AND A MENU! A waitress even walked by and made eye contact (with a smile) but brought nothing. I decided to use the restroom and while I was gone my friend went to the bar to ask if she was to order there and take her drink outside. Then the service changed 180 degrees. A new waitress came outside with menus for us, took our orders, and was a perfect blend of helpful and quick service without being a pest. The bar and patio both filled up while we were there, approx. 5:30 to 7:30. It was 25 cent hot wing night, and they were good. We also ordered potato skins which were tasty but one was burned and mostly unedible. We then ordered nachos with chicken which were again tasty BUT... The chicken was basically a grilled breast that was cut into big strips and laid ontop of the nachos, like you'd get on a salad or something. But it all tasted really good! The beer was good as well--not great but not bad either. The blueberry beer was actually beer, not some sweet syrupy wine-cooler type thing. The Red ale was good, so was the IPA. Please keep working out your new place kinks! I think this place can get better, and I'm looking forward to watching that happen as I return for more good times (I hope)!

Great drinks, good appetizers, fun night - don't miss out!, 7/7/2007
Reviewer: Sheila from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I were going to visit Downtown Brewing a few weeks ago and decided not to because of the negative reviews posted on here. Thankfully a co-worker of his told him to try it out, and we're so glad he did! We went there last night for appetizers and drinks and it was nothing like the bad reviews had led us to expect. It was really busy and there were no tables so we sat at the bar. I'm glad we did! Adam was our bartender and he was great! There were four bartenders going, and they were going non-stop. But Adam was always right there to see how we're doing, order our appetizers, and get us new drinks. I had a mojito and it was one of the best ones I've had in town! And I like that they make the drinks in large glasses. I've had enough of places that serve their mixed drinks in small glasses with a bunch of ice. So this was enjoyable! My husband tried their beer sampler first - which was great, he got 6 beers to try for $8 so he could see which of their beers he liked best. They had an IPA, Amber Ale, Honey Ale, Wheat Beer, Porter and his favorite, the Blueberry Ale. That was great! I'm not a big beer fan, but you could really smell the blueberries, and it was not sweet at all, just smooth. He had the potato skins and hot wings to eat and said both were really good. I had the chicken tenders which came with fries and they were good too. They had a game on the large screen tv for my husband to watch (and several more flat screen tv's were scattered throughout the place). The pool tables were in another room so it didn't interfere with this bar area, and they had a big patio. There was also another area to sit and eat behind the pool room. The only downside we could see was the parking lot can get quite full and sometimes there is a wait for a space. But we really enjoyed our night, the beers and mojito were great, the appetizers were tasty, and we'll definitely be back. So I'm not sure what went wrong for the negative feedback that has been posted on here, but I wouldn't let it deter you from trying this place out. We almost did, and would have missed a fun night!

GREAT atmposphere and service!, 7/6/2007
Reviewer: Jesse from Goleta, CA
A friend and I went out for drinks and apps for my birthday last weekend, and our server was amazing (a girl that commutes from SLO to help out), she was attentive, funny and on top of things! We had at least two other employees frequently stop by to see if we needed anything on top of her frequent check-ins. Our beers were good (could be a little colder). Had the hummus app, was 4 out of 5 stars. The Patron was awesome, chilled and a large shot! I am going again tonight, and will keep on going back! It's nice to not have to be downtown to see friends and hang in a relaxed place.

Bad Service, 6/14/2007
Reviewer: Diana from Santa Barbara
We went for lunch today and called ahead because we had a group of 15 and they told us no problem. Getting our drinks and order taken took over 20 minutes. It took over 30 minutes to get our food and and most of us had salads. We had heard the service was slow, but wanted to at least try it for ourselves.

Brew co. average experience, 6/14/2007
Reviewer: Manny from Santa Barbara
I've been to the new downtown brew company a few times, mainly for the sports on the large screens. The food is average, the sevice needs work. Female servers seem to be overwhelmed, perhaps working too many hours? Management needs to walk around more often ask the customers how they're doing, how is the food, etc. Hopefully, they'll get the kinks out with time.

Paying for What?, 6/14/2007
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
Expensive food that left me hungry after I finished it. I got a tri-tip sandwich that was decent, but it was like 3 bites, definitely not worth $9. I'd go to Brewhouse or Brew Co. before this place. My girlfriend had a chicken sandwich that was burnt to begin with, both the chicken and bread. I had a bite, it just had no taste. Beer...I heard is Firestone. They don't even make the beer there, they just pop a label on it. Definitely go to Brewhouse, Brew Co., or Island Brew in Carp for a micro brew. And there is no way I'd pay $4.50 for a pint of firestone again. These SLO folks need to figure it out, there is just no value. Make the sandwiches bigger, more taste, and cheaper! Beer...I'd start brewing.

Potential? Yes! Survival Likekihood? Questionable., 6/14/2007
Reviewer: Jessie from Santa Barbara, CA
Hire more servers & train the ones you have - immediately! Overstaff yourselves Wed-Sat + Sun afternoon. Happy customers = word of mouth. Unhappy customers = word of mouth. If a server spills a pot of salsa he should....step in and clean up spill (not let customer singlehandedly do it) and then bring another one hello! 20 mins for a refill of 1 very simple well drink is waaaaay too long on a non slammed Wednesday night! Know that a new establishment such as this in the area where it is will attract parties of 2 dozen or so from local large influential businesses looking for a new place to spend money and entertain each other and clients....first impressions are key - as it's so convenient a second chance will probably be granted...wish there was more to do there - 2 pool tables is not enough to play with - how about some darts and foosball???

A pleasant surprise, 6/13/2007
Reviewer: Alan Lerner from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I arrived about 5:30PM to take advantage of their "Twos Day" two steak dinners for $12.95. What a positive experience. The beer arrived promptly and cold within the hands of a smiling pleasant waitress. Within 15 minutes the dinners arrived. The flat iron steaks were cooked to perfection and were excellent The vegetables were fresh and not overcooked and the baked potatoe (which was $1.50 extra) was also excellent. One of the managers also came around and asked us how everything was, a nice touch.. We will be back soon

Good Beer & Food but Slooooow Service, 6/13/2007
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, Ca
Great food,great beer and great Atmosphere. Have been twice and had to ask for refills , meuns and check after long waits, when it was not very busy. Went to the Downtown Brewing Co. (Same company) in Paso Robles and had a great time, much better staff/service up there. Managment needs to be on the floor walking & talking with their customers first hand.

Bad service, Good Beer, 6/12/2007
Reviewer: Nicole from santa barbara
Recently I orderd beer and chicken strips, We had to remind the waitress three times for ranch. Finally I asked a MALE server and I got it in a matter of seconds. The female waitress took a long time giving and picking up my bill. I even attempted to give the bill to the bartender and he had to go find her, It was like she kept dissappearing. The couple that sat next to me kept looking for her aswell.

Don't go for the food.., 6/10/2007
Reviewer: Danika from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is really still working out the kinks. Service was poor and the food was worse. They actually served us raw chicken. Chicken strips that were just slightly seared. The only thing they did was say they would take it off the bill, which of course they didn't until we caught it. The waitress rushed us to leave saying things like "you guys ready to go?" when we had already paid the check. Just go for the beer which wasn't bad.

Pretty slow., 6/8/2007
Reviewer: Brittany from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been to DBC a few times before last night, but had always sat at the bar. The service at the bar was pretty good, and I really liked the pizza and daily lunch and dinner deals. Last night I arrived and the place was packed, so me and my friends got a table instead. Overall, the service was slow and not that great. Our pitcher took about 20 minutes to arrive at our table, my friend ordered her steak rare but it came out really well done, and my boyfriends sandwich was laughably child-sized. Not the best. After our first pitcher, we were going to order a second, but we never saw a server again til we flagged one down for the check. I'll probably go back, but most likely only for drinks and maybe some food at the bar.

Mediocre. But room to improve., 6/6/2007
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
The beer was good, but that was about it. Due to the poor service, I only got to try one (the waitress never came back with our second round of drinks). The food was unremarkable. The tri-tip sandwich was 2 thin pieces of meat on a small roll, so I left hungry. The interior in the dining area is dismal, but the patio and pool room are both great. The service was cheerful and pleasant, but slow. The waitress seemed genuinely interested when she asked how the food was and I told her; she suggested that the pizza was their specialty. I'll be back, but only because I live walking distance. If they can work out the kinks in the service and the pizza is worth it, they can make it.

Bartenders need some attitude help, 6/2/2007
Reviewer: Winston B. from Santa Barbara, CA
I first called Downtown Brew Company to see how late they were open to on a Friday night. The hostess, or waitress that answered the phone was very rude but told me 2am. We arrived at 12:15a and the bar was 30% full. We sat and asked for a beer menu to see what they had. I ordered the Stout and my friend got the Amber Ale. His was better, the stout was too heavy for me. The bartenders didn't give us an option to keep a tab and didn't give us a receipt. We paid for the beers and sat there. We are bartenders our selves and watch as they were cleaning the bar getting ready to close. There was three people behind the bar but no one was taking control. My girlfriend arrived to join us. She sat over five minutes before a bartender offered to make her a drink. She declined when he did ask if she wanted anything. We ordered two more beers and again received no receipt. If the bartenders were a bit more friendly we would possibly return again, but if we do go back it will probably be to eat and try the food.

Large Groups Welcome, 6/2/2007
Reviewer: Alleyzan from Santa Barbara
After our team played the other night we decided to skip the usual joints and try out the Downtown Brew Co. Even though our group was quite large (16+) the place was huge and they were able to seat us almost right away. The servers were competent and handled a group of our size well. We ordered practically every appetizer on the menu, dinner, and of course beer. Most of the appetizers (french fries, chicken strips, potato skins) were only average quality, but the chicken wings were a disappointment. The beer was pretty good, although only the honey ale was memorable. The interesting dinner menu got my hopes up, but my meal was a let down. I ordered the tuna melt, which sounded fantastic with almonds and celery, but it was so salty it was inedible. My husband ordered the Asian chicken salad. Although nothing special, it tasted exactly like what you expect it to taste like. The waiters also goofed on a pizza order and although they corrected it, by the time it was fixed, everyone was ready to leave. The best aspect of Downtown is the size of the restaurant and its ability to accommodate large groups. If you are looking for a place with decent food to watch some sports with lots of your friends, Downtown Brew Co is worth a try.

Great Place to Hang Out with Friends, 6/1/2007
Reviewer: Phong Do from Santa Barbara, CA
So I've been to Downtown Brewing Co. twice now and both times our waitress Tiffany was absolutely amazing. We had crews of 15-20 people last night (May 31, 2007) and they cleared out the smoking area, put up a hand written sign "No smoking outside - tonight only", and seated us in their private dining area (right in front of State Street). Now that's some serious service! ! ! Their food was delicious and the beer was flowing immediately. Their entire staff is super attentive and responsive. Prices are incredibly reasonable. This is a definite AAA++++++++ on my eBay rating!

Good first time experience, 5/28/2007
Reviewer: Kris from Santa Barbara,
My wife and I had lunch on Sunday, sat at the bar. Excellent wraps and good selection of beer. We will be back. Lots of big flat screens (HD) which will be nice come NFL season.

Welcome addition to the neighborhood, 5/24/2007
Reviewer: Emily from SB
We live near Downtown Brew Co and were excited to try it. The first time we went, they didn't have high chairs. The owner assured us that they would have them the next day and, although we didn't go back for a week we really appreciated the friendly and quick response. When we did eat there. The beer was good, and the food was good. I'm sure they still have some kinks to work out, but it worked for us and our baby. My one comment about my sandwich was that it wasn't quite grilled enough. When I order something grilled, I like it to be buttery and crunchy, my bread wasn't even really hot. But...really good family place.

Stumbling Start, but There's Potential, 5/20/2007
Reviewer: Jason from Carpinteria, CA
Downtown Brewing Co is still going through some growing pains it seems. There have been the complaints below of warm, flat beer and when I went they were already out of 2 or 3 of their ales. The waitress chalked it up to them being overwhelmingly busy. Sounds like a reasonable excuse. Although, this isn't Downtown's first location. They have a successful brewpub up in San Luis Obispo, so you'd think that knowledge would translate to a more smooth transition. I also have to take our waitress to task for not knowing what the current tap situation was. This is a brewpub, you should know if you're out of a certain beer or two...or three. If you fail to notice that the place is out of pickles, that's fine, but get on your game when it comes to the beer! Having said all that, I think Downtown has set the ground work for a successful pub. They've got a good location. I really like multi-choice seating: bar, small booths and huge booths, a lounge with couches, basic pub tables and outdoor patio space. Plenty of tvs everywhere and a pool table. The bathrooms need a little up keep. But they've brought the great beer of Downtown from up north. The Honey Blond I had was delicious! Aside from about 8 of their own taps they had 4 guests: Blud Moon, Guinness, Firestone and Bud Light. The food was good, but nothing to write home about. The menu is mostly salads, pizzas and sandwiches. Overall the price is nothing to complain about and for SB it's not bad really. Here's to hoping they improve the little imperfections in the coming weeks and months.

Give it some time, 5/19/2007
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
I've visited the Downtown Brewing Company twice since it opened, and while the food is good, the beer is great, and the prices are relatively low, it will be at least a couple months before I return. Of the six meals members of my party ordered, only two came out as ordered. The waitstaff were helpful in correcting the problems once brought to their attention, but the errors never should have happened to begin with, and it would have been nice of them to apologize and/or give a discount on the meals that came out wrong. I hope the service improves and the Downtown Brewing Company is able to stick around for a long time.

Great Place to Hang with the Friends! *But Flabby Service:-(, 5/14/2007
Reviewer: Hailey Hampsher from Goleta ca
I visited for my first time today and thought it was a lot nicer than the other brew cos in town. They have all dif. kinds of places to sit down and chat with LOTS AND LOTS OF BIG LARGE TVS. A LARGE POOL ROOM AND A NICE OUTSIDE SEATING AREA. I can say I agree with the other posts. The bathrooms need some work. Nothing to wip my hands and NO soap. I think the only thing they are missing to entertain people is some dart boards. The food did take a while and my order was incorrect but they made up for the mistake and gave us lots of extra food and a few free beers to comp. Great food though!!!!!!!!!!! The staff are all very nice but they could use some extra training and maybe hire some more people. Thanks DBC. I RECOMEND ALL TO TRY!

Nice Place, Not so good service. , 5/14/2007
Reviewer: Mr. Janson from sb
This new place is great, BIG TVs. I bet they spent $25K just in the tvs. The staff are nice but do need some training. Seems like all the people they have don't really know about waitressing. It took 15 minutes before I had to go ask the person that sat us at the table who our waiter/waitress was. Finally about 20 minutes later I got my drink. The food came out in a timely fashion. and all was correct. I due agree about the other persons note: the bathrooms could use some cleaning/ upgrading. On both of my visits "No soap or Paper towels" and the bathroom could use some extra TLC "cleaning". Overall: Great location and I think if the management steps it up a BUNCH it could make a great place. I would still recommend my friends and family. But step it up. !!! Thanks DBC

Game Over, We Have A Winner, 5/11/2007
Reviewer: David Vo from Santa Barbara, CA
Two breweries opening in the same week? Has someone been reading my diary? After a lackluster visit to the Hollister Brewing Company, we decided to visit the Downtown Brewing Company on Upper State. As far as I am concerned, Brew Co, Brewhouse, and Hollister should pack their bags. DBC is amazing. We didn't have any problems parking when we arrived but I can see how it can be an issue. The place is huge, with separate lounges, outside seating, and even a pool room. Everything is really clean (not surprising since it's brand new). The staff was excellent and our server Rebecca was especially helpful. They had brewed root beer [pay attention Hollister], and the refills were FREE. I ordered a half rack of ribs. They brought out two racks and when I nervously asked if they made a mistake, Rebecca smiled and said no, it was correct. I am not sure what sort of pigs they are raising, but this is the deal of the century. Be sure to ask for extra BBQ sauce. The refills were always prompt. It was clear what each employees role was. We were asked twice how things were going by management and even on the way to the restroom, someone greeted me. As you can tell, I really liked their staff. I am going to be very critical and note some things I think could be improved on: the men's bathroom was in terrible shape. There was no soap on both dispensers and the paper towel machine was broken. Their ranch sauce is very loose and I suspect they water it down. Their root beer is much better than most other micro-brewed versions I've had but I think it could be a little bit more intense. It too feels watered down. They also should give more napkins and definitely a wet nap pack for rib orders.

Happy Hour Gone Sour, 5/11/2007
Reviewer: Hannah Rich from Santa Barbara, CA
I have visited Downtown Brewing Co. twice and both times were characterized by okay food and horrible service. The first time I was forgiving mostly because even though the waitress messed up my order (BLT wrap instead of the Club that I had ordered) the food was still pretty good. On my second visit to DBC I was with a group of about six of my co-workers and while I can't list all of the things that went wrong that night (as it would constitute a novel) the incident that stands out in my memory as unforgivable is when a member of the staff came to our table because a dispute with the bill (they messed up three times). I couldn’t believe his attitude towards us; he was rude, impatient, and immature. He told me to, "be nice" and "speak slowly" because of his lack of sleep. When I did as he asked I was told "well not THAT slowly" and my explanation of the bill was dismissed by him saying "just tell me what you want changed" in a hurried and annoyed tone. I understand that he was stressed and under a lot of pressure but his attitude was one of complete disrespect. I did not appreciate his condescending manner or his obvious irritation with our issue. Instead of bending over backwards for us and trying to make our already frustrating dining experience more pleasant he decided that being a jerk would make us want to return. It was a shame that the service was so bad because the ambiance of the restaurant was great, the beer and cocktails were delicious, and I was very impressed by the apparent time and energy that went into the place. If they can get their act together concerning the service I would definitely consider returning to DBC for many more happy hours.

Foods ok, service is bad, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Al from Santa Barbara
The place looks great... big TVs, couches and a nice patio outside. I didn't go in the pool room. As other reviewers said, the beer is a bit warm. I have been their twice in the first week and both times the waitress has messed up the food order and we've had to wait VERY LONG for the food to come out. On .25 cent wing night they ran out of wings about 7:00. They have a lot of stuff work out. It seems like they shouldn't have as many problems as they do since a lot of the staff came from the SLO restaurant. I will give it one more try and then I'm done

They need to work out the kinks, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Brian Nehring from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to DBC for the first time last night (Wednesday, 5/9/07). They were packed for a Wednesday night, probably because of NBA playoffs. I got there at 7PM with some friends, and it took a while to get our table cleared, which was understandable, since they were pretty full. Finally ordered food around 7:15, I ordered their beer sampler and some hot wings to start. Our drinks showed up about half an hour later, which is pretty bad for a couple pints, the sampler, and a glass of water. Our food finally came at 8:15 (75 minutes after we sat down). One person ordered a pizza, which came correctly. Another had ordered a chicken cesar wrap, but instead got a salad in a bowl. Chicken nachos came without chicken. My hot wings still hadn't come out, although our waiter had initially said they'd be quick. I finally asked what was going on, and he said the kitchen had run out of wings at 7:15; thanks for not telling me until 8:20. I waited for him to come back again, and ordered a burger with onion rings. He comped us a few beers while I was waiting, which was nice. Side note: the beers were good, but a little warm. We heard rumors floating around that they had the kegs in the fridge with the food, but didn't have a CO2 system to cool the beer at the tap. I'd think a brewhouse would have something to ensure nice cold beers. They also ran out of pint glasses around 7:30, which seems a bit weird for a place specializing in beer. Again, I'm sure they'll work this stuff out, hopefully soon. Anyways, we left around 10, probably after. I asked around 9 where my burger was, and the waiter joked it might be 30 minutes or it might never come. I figured he was joking, so I kept waiting. I saw one burger leave the kitchen, and then the waiter carrying it walked back into the kitchen and it never reappeared. We probably left around 10, and I never got any food. The waiter took the stuff we never got off our bill, and took off the cesar when we complained he'd charged us for the salad and not the wrap (salad was a few bucks more). Overall, I guess I'll return in a few weeks. I knew they'd still have some growing pains when I went last night, but 3 hours with no food is pretty bad, but also hopefully I was an exception. They need to bulk up their staff, and the kitchen needs more throughput.

Great beer, decent food... TERRIBLE service, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
Beer was awesome if a little bit on the warm side and food was decent once it came out. Decor was nice and the LCD TVs were great for watching games. Atmosphere was completely chaotic. As for service - to be fair, our server was really nice and apologetic for all the mistakes/problems/etc and I fully understand that a new restaurant needs time to work out all the kinks...BUT... My fiancee ordered hot wings - after waiting an hour and fifteen for our food, our server told us they ran out of hot wings an hour ago - my problem - why would you not tell us an hour ago then so we could order something else? My fiancee then ordered a burger - after waiting around 30 min, we asked the status of the burger and our server looked alarmed and said he'd check to make sure the kitchen got our order...another 30 minutes later, we snagged our waiter down and asked him point blank if the burger was going to come out. After stuttering and beating around the bush, he finally told us that the kitchen was closed and that the burger wasn't coming out. Half the other orders from our party were incorrect and were never corrected. They did comp some of the food that came out wrong and gave us a few free beers which was a nice gesture, but when you've been waiting over two and half hours for food... you really just want food. I went home dissatisfied and my fiancee went home hungry and grumpy. I appreciate the efforts the wait staff was making - they were extremely understaffed and were trying to do their best given the chaotic environment. I hope that it will improve over time and I will definitely give it one more chance in a few weeks. Hopefully they'll have ironed out the kinks - if not, there are plenty of other options in SB.

Can never have too many Brew-pubs, 5/8/2007
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
Hey , its always good to have another brewery/brew-pub/restaurant in town so I was excited to hear that the Downtown Brewing Co. was opening a place here in SB. Its great to have DBC at an up-town address with lots of parking, which can be a problem at more downtown locations. The place is nicely re-done with a good vibe and a lot of really big flat panel TVs, not to mention an abundance of outdoor patio seating. OK, down to business; Its a beer-place, so I'll start off with the beer. I give it a B. Solid, journeyman quality with a lot of variety, IPA, Wheat, Amber, Stout, but perhaps lacking just a little in inspiration and originality (the blueberry is interesting though). Remember, this is a town that already boasts two brewery/restaurants, a microbrewery and, or course, is the home Firestone/Walker. You're going to have to have a truly superlative product to impress the beer people around here. Food wise, I didn't go out on a limb and just ordered a Bleu cheese burger and fries. I have to say all aspects of the meal were absolutely perfect, nice big burger hot spicy fries, done just right, A+ for simplicity and quality and I suspect thats what most people will want form a place like this. And at $6.95 (burger/fries) the price is right too. Spying some other patrons meals I noticed several very nice sized pizzas being delivered, they say they're individual sized but Unless you're famished I'd be they'd easily feed two people. The service was very good, B+, the place was about three-quarters full and the layout kind of works against the servers with so much outside seating but our server did a great job as did the others I noticed serving the tables nearby. Hopefully Downtown Brewing Co will thrive in this location (others havent:-( , but they're doing it right so far. The beer is good , the service was very good and the food was great. I'll definitely give them some more business Just as a note, I found out as we were leaving that the evening we went, was their First Day open! And moreover, several of the servers that night (including ours) were not professional servers but friends of the owners that were called to help out. Wow. Great job guys!

New location for "Man Night", 5/8/2007
Reviewer: Jeremy from Goleta, CA
Although parking is a bit tough, one step inside and all your worries melt away. They have great beers on tap, and plenty of them. Their liquor selection is top notch. The quick-serve/full-service option allows for a quickly lunch or a nice sit down meal. The food is fresh and pretty good. And with ample space, a pool table and well over $25k in flat screen tv's, what more could a guy ask for. I officially declare the Downtown Brewing Company our new spot for Man Night! Thank God we don't have to go to Pepe's again! Whew!

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