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Lettuce B. Frank
No longer in business
Opened: 2007-06 Closed: 2009-12

413 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-7948

  • Category: Hot Dogs
  • Hours: Winter Hours: Tue-Sat Noon-3am, Summer Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-Midnight
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Awesome food and fun vibes, 10/25/2009
Reviewer: Rita from Santa Barbara, CA
Me and my husband took our kids for a quick bite. I am a vegetarian and despite it being a hot dog joint, there are 'veggie versions' of everything! I love promoting a good place to get veggie food! I had my choice of sliders, hot dogs, sweet potato fries, salads and more. The food was great, the wine was a generous pour and the service was friendly. It is under new ownership - new owner and his wife were there. My husband had the cheesesteak, which he highly recommends. Very kid friendly, sports on flatscreens, video games and a digital jukebox. Overall a great way to have fun on State street without getting a sitter!

Definitely will return!!!, 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Sandra in Santa Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
New owners at LBF...the feel is fantastic. My friends and I were warmly greeted by the staff and the service was attentive. The atmosphere is definitely cool and the food...AWESOME!! I had an avocado salad which tasted so fresh and the sliders are to die for. Very happy place to visit. Keep up the great work!!

OK food, strange vibe (still), 10/7/2009
Reviewer: ChrisC from Santa Barbara, CA
We spent $20 for seven sliders, an order of sweet potato fries and a Coke. Slow because the cook was also bartending since the cashier was too young to serve alcohol. Sliders were served in a bowl - rolls still attached to each other, though with three different fillings (fish, beef, pork). Despite the odd and somewhat messy presentation, tasty enough. The fries were also fine. There were several TVs showing baseball, and a decor that can be called "eclectic jumble." Perhaps this is a hang-out for regulars as we were acknowledged neither upon arriving nor leaving. We'd hoped for an improvement over Doghouse days, but no such luck.

New owner?, 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Momes from Santa Barbara, CA
I really like the burger combo meal and can honestly say that I haven't had a better burger in SB. It even trumps the Boathouse, which I thought was a pretty solid burger. They have flatscreen TVs for watching the's just a good chill spot. I think there is a new owner, but I forgot the name. It's a lot cleaner and the food was much improved. Seriously, try the burger.

changed for the worse, 7/25/2009
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to frequent this place when it was the Doghouse on Milpas. Loved it, great dogs for a fair price and really friendly, generous service. Went in today to the State Street location. Even though it was empty (on a Saturday afternoon) except for a couple other people who were just drinking beers, the two very unfriendly guys working there seemed like they didn't even see me, they were talking and messing around, watching TV. Finally they found it in their hearts to ask me what I wanted. A regular dog Cali style and a beer. The total came to more than $12, plus the $1 tip and more than $13. For a hot dog and a beer. They delivered the order without saying anything, still very unfriendly and seemingly bored and wanting very badly to be anywhere but there. The dog was good but not great. Was it worth it? Maybe it if had been $8 it would have been worth it. But not $12. Combine that with the almost hostile service, and you can betcha I won't be back.

Best in SB, 5/19/2009
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place and have been going since it was the original "DogHouse". Moving to State St. they have raised the prices and changed the menus around which I understand but the quality of food is still there. I love the hot dogs, the corn pups are un real, the french fries with the pulled pork and coleslaw on them are a great combination and may be the best thing on the menu.

Ok hot dog, 4/24/2009
Reviewer: Nicole Q. from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend got a plain ol' hot dog and it was ok. However, I think we need to get a more dressed up dog to make a real evaluation of this place.

Dank menzada, 4/23/2009
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
Great sliders and love the buffulo chicken sandwich, house fries are nice too

Super laid back, 1/3/2009
Reviewer: C. from Santa Barbara, CA
Well a friendly man at the bar made my stay oh so enjoyable. I shall be back just in case that man is there again. That may seem a little silly........ But odds are he is someone you may find at the rincon classic. See you there handsome!

Hit and miss...., 12/15/2008
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, normally I like LBF, and their sweet potato fries are awesome! But last time I went, I ordered a salad that was awful! I asked them to hold the onions, and got my salad chock full of 'em. Also, they left out several ingredients in my salad, and told me they were out of Chicken and almonds. So basically, it was a bowl of lettuce and some dressing for $12. So not worth it. Also, the person making my salad seemed unapologetic about the lack of ingredients, and did not modify the salad or refund me my money. I haven't been back since.

satisfying, 12/13/2008
Reviewer: floe from Santa Barbara, CA
My friends and I always seem to wander over to Lettuce b. Frank after a wild night downtown to satisfy those late night drunk cravings...especially the amazing sliders. The food is always really tasty, even at 2am. Also, its nice how accommodating they are with their late night hours.

We are not closed, Just switched to winter hours, 12/10/2008
Reviewer: Nate Childress from Santa Barbara, CA
My name is Nate Childress, and I am one of the owners of Lettuce B. Frank. We are not closed for business at all. We recently switched to winter hours and this may have caused some confusion.

Didn't honor my Axxess card and not what the menu reads, 9/26/2008
Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
My partner and I went here yesterday, having found their ad in my discount card deal book and having never tried the place before. I should have left as soon as they told me they wouldn't honor their 2 for 1 deal. As the man who I assume was the owner/manager told me, the discount card had lost them money by costing them over $5000 dollars. I remained cordial, even though I thought this was unprofessional of him to share this with me. Anyway, I was offered 10% off and figured I might as well give them a shot. BIG mistake. I ordered the avocado salad, which was decent but not anything special and a lot smaller for what I can get elsewhere in SB for $9. My partner ordered fish and chips, which were said to be hand-dipped in homemade batter to order, and were also $9. This ended up being two lukewarm, very clearly store-bought, frozen fish sticks on a pile of french fries (also lukewarm and the kind you buy cooked and heat up in the oven). We also asked for two glasses of water and while my partner's looked fine neither of us touched the water because mine had an obvious yellow tinge. Gross.

Amazing Wings, 9/9/2008
Reviewer: Ella from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I make sure to go to Lettuce B. Frank at least once a week...their Buffalo Wings are the best in town, hands down. Perfect amount of spice, crispiness, meatiness...delicious. They also have great beer specials and food specials throughout the week (Friday night is dollar drafts!). Highly recommended.

spontaneous trip, good food and beer, 9/5/2008
Reviewer: Alexandra Smith from Palmdale,Ca
My boyfriend and i decided to spend the day in santa barbara and saw lbf and thought what the hey lets try it. Oh wow i ordered lemon chicken sandwich and mike had the nj pepper steak, it was deeeelicious!! We started talking to the guy behind the counter, we told him that we were thinking of spending the nite in s.b he suggested some economical hotels around the corner from state street. We took his advice and came back the next day to order a beer. He really made our experience at lettuce b. frank really enjoyable. Thanks for ur service and the food, like i said, was freaking worth the money...

great food, 7/27/2008
Reviewer: jacqui from san diego
Stumbled in the other night and was pleasantly surprised the best mac and cheese since childhood, and the pulled pork sliders were absolutely delicious:) The service was great and the owner, and his and girlfriend cozied up to the bar and had a drink with my friend and I, if thatís not mom and pop service what is? I definitely recommend!!

Written Menu, 6/25/2008
Reviewer: Mark from Sunnyvale, CA
After my wife and I ordered and sat, we started to read the menu billboard a little more closely. It may seem small, but there were SO MANY spelling errors it was ridiculous. It is really unprofessional. However, the service was great. The food was only OK, but that is to be expected from a "hot dog joint". The sweet-potato fries were cooked to perfection. The fish and pork sliders were fine, but the beef left something to be desired.

wee!, 6/16/2008
Reviewer: ash from s.f. ca
the best place ever for hangin out, watchin the game and just plain runnin amuck. vinny and the boys rock. i can't say enough about the sweet potato fries. the service is killer and the love they show for food, friends and fun is fabulous. i'm down in san fran and i still think about those fries and corn pups from almost a year ago. deliver to me!!

Sliders - yum yum yum!!!!, 6/1/2008
Reviewer: Aimee from Los Angeles, CA
On a recent visit to Santa Barbara, my hubby, Brother in law & I came across Lettuce B. Frank. We decided to head in since we knew the answer to the trivia question posted outside, taunting us to come in and redeem our knowledge of US Ballparks, redeemable for a free beer. Free Beer!!!! OK - you had us at free beer. Well, while enjoying the delight that is Firestone Ale, we ordered some sliders. Sliders! All our dreams come true in just a few bites. 3 of us and 3 sliders per plate. Perfect! So perfect we ordered more beer and more sliders. It has been a week and we are still talking about those lovely little sliders. We had the cheeseburger version but I was impressed that we could have veggie, fish or pulled pork sliders. That is enough to get me back to Santa Barbara for more, unless, Lettuce B. Frank, you decide to come to LA. We would welcome you anytime!

Frank review of Lettuce B Frank, 3/5/2008
Reviewer: NC from Santa Barbara
The fact that the place was completely empty at lunch time should've been our first clue to go somewhere else. The two guys at the counter were very nice and our waiter was very attentive. The two of them prepared our meal at the counter - without gloves or washing their hands. The fries were cold, soggy and had a strange fishy taste - no doubt fried in the same oil as the fish for the fish & chips entree. I asked for a small side of ranch dressing to help the taste of the fries, and it had some kind of lumps in it... curdled, maybe?? The hot dogs were small, dried out and tasted old. Even the iced tea had an odd flavor. Lunch of two hot dogs and french fries was $20!! Stopped at Wetzel's on the way back cuz we were starving. Definitely won't be back. You'll find me at Costco, happily munching a $2.50 hot dog and soda combo.

excellent sweet potato fries, bomb sliders, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: amy baughman from santa barbara, ca
dropped in here randomly and was delighted with everything. sweet potatoe fries are light and crispy. beef sliders with crispy buns, pork sliders with homemade sauce were also delicious. went back another time and had mac and cheese. it's a casual neighborhood bar with informal service. you get what you pay for, so if you'll be disappointed if you want sit down tale service - but if you just want a beer and grub it's fantastic.

Reviewer: SBSuz from Santa Barbara
I've had MUCH better hotdogs from street vendors in West Hollywood for $2.50 than this place. I thought this was supposed to be "East Coast Style"....I think even Weinersnitzel (sp?) would be better. The hotdogs are little and limp (not a good thing - ha ha!) They smother everything in too much sauce. I tried you when you were on Milpas Street...never went back. Even Costco's hotdogs are better...and less expensive.

I've Had Better.., 12/17/2007
Reviewer: Renee from Santa Barbara, CA
I was really pumped to try this place, as sometimes I just get in the mood for a good hot dog. A pretty good selection of toppings. I can't remember the name of what I had, but it was a bef dog with chili, cheese, bacon, tomatoes and sweet relish. You can keep the relish, that stuff was gross and it was borderline neon green which is not appetizing in the least. Although I had just watched them fry up our dogs, I bit into mine and to find that it was literally luke warm.. what in the??? But I was with other people and it had already taken 15 mins for our food, so I kept eating. It was alright, but I began to notice that the chili has a strange taste.. hmmm. I'd say this place is lacking in the quality control area when the manager is not around.

Hit or miss, 11/8/2007
Reviewer: JT from Santa Barbara, CA
This place can certainly be hit or miss. The fries are great. The philly cheesesteak was smothered to the max with the cheese sauce though, with tiny pieces of steak drowning in it. They really need to change something about that.

Why did it change??, 11/5/2007
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been a frequent customer since it's opening, I've always loved thier food. Though this time I went to eat there they took a lot of things off thier menu! It was so great before! It seems likethe last few times I've been there it goes a little bit further down hill. The quality of the ingredients are lower & little things like napkins were not filled at any of the tables. I love this place, hopefully they can fix these things!!

Figure out the business problems guys!, 10/26/2007
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place, food is great. The problem is you just never know what might happen next. Sometimes they have straws, sometimes, they don't. Iced Tea...maybe? To go containers, they change. You might even get a hot dog bun on your slider from time to time. Guys, please fix your problems...I don't want to go without LBF in town.

Cheers!, 9/9/2007
Reviewer: Lexie from Santa Barbara, CA
Lettuce B. Frank was excellent! Tony, the co-owner, was super friendly and disarming. I say disarming because there was a roomful of different football fans from different teams and he was able to keep everyone cordial and the conversations rolling... I like that. The other owner (didn't catch his name), was really nice as well, but his high-fives got a little old after a while... (I know. I know. It's a spirit-booster, how dare I?). My only negative feedback aside from the 25 high-fives? The paper utensils. That would probabaly fly in any other city, but Santa Barbarians WILL care. Let's face it... we're neurotic about the environment. The cute little red baskets and a nice chilled glass will do. More dishes for the employees, but also, more kudos... just an observation. Take it or leave it. Seriously, though, everything was great! I'm probably being too harsh on the high-fives... I'll ease up and call them charming. 'Til next time... xoxo

I absolutely LOVE this place!!, 9/9/2007
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara
I've eaten here a few times now (even had food delivered recently) and everything has been awesome every time. My personal favorites are their fish sandwich and gourmet fries, but the artichoke dippers, corn pups, avocado salad and dogs are all AMAZING as well! As if the food wasn't enough, the service is also fantastic! Tony (I think he's the owner) is one of the nicest guys I've met. He'll go above and beyond to make sure that you get EXACTLY what you want and then he treats you like you've been one of his buddies for years. Keep up the good work Lettuce B. Frank!!

I loooove their food!, 9/4/2007
Reviewer: Meghan from Santa Barbara
I ate lunch at Lettue B. Frank on Sunday afternoon and I really enjoyed everything!! I ordered their artichoke dippers and they were fantastic!!... Not to mention the sauce they serve with it is soooo yummy! I also tried some sliders, the tofu dippers,and a couple mojitos. All were super good!! MMMM! On a hot day like that those drinks definitely cooled me down! Plus the prices are great. I will be going back again and again!

the food is great just a few things, 8/26/2007
Reviewer: Howie from SB
i was a big fan of the doghouse so i thought i would give it a try. hands down so of the best food i have ever had. the Philly cheese was great even fake cheese like in Phila the buffalo wings were better than the ones in Buffalo. but who is the drunk frat boy yelling behind the counter. i was there trying to enjoy my food with a date and this guy kept yelling and trying to get get my girl drunk, come on man get lost!!!

wack chili, 8/18/2007
Reviewer: Josh Felsinger from Santa Barbara, CA
So i was thinking about sonic the hedgehog and i was like damn sonic chili dogs are legit, youve been right all these years. So im outside Lettuce B Franks and im like nice timing..... the cashier wasnt there and i had to wait like 10 minutes.... ill deal with it ya know whatever its a new spot so they're still workin' on it.....So i get the chili dog and chili fries...the chili was pretty wack- no flavor, no nothing really just a grip of ground beef and thats it man. I grabbed some pitchers too which also took a ridiculous amount of time to actually get but more than that it came in some neon koolaid pitcher which clearly wasnt your standard 60z- The pricing was pretty silly to boot. My homie got the pulled pork sliders which apparently were better but come on your a hot dog joint you need a bomb chili dog or your just kidding yourself.

hit or miss, 7/27/2007
Reviewer: emily from santa barbara, ca
First time, loved it, went again the next day!! There is a lack of consistency on the food but we went back for a third time... MISS!! Food took way too long to get to us, the ranch was no longer "homemade" tasting, my sliders were totally different from the previous time and they forgot our fries so we reminded them, but they still came out after we finished eating and no one else was in there!! Gave it another chance and was more disappointed than ever!! Our salads took at least fifteen minutes, everyone elses food shortly after and mine took not only close to 45 minutes after ordering but with no apology and a smart remark from the kitchen. What's up guys??

Decently balanced. Great food with alot to offer., 7/27/2007
Reviewer: Nathan S. from Santa Barbara, CA
So I've been in contact with these guys since the Doghouse began. Quite frankly I think they have a great taste in food, I think that they're ideas are well balanced and that they have a good vision for what they want to accomplish. That being said, they're prices are astronomical for what they offer. The food offered should be at least 25% less cost than it currently is. I mean, using Velveeta cheese on top of a Philly cheese steak? Whats wrong with you guys?? Or at least that's what I thought at first... Now to tell you what I love about this place. First off, they have a great selection of different food, that pretty much anyone from any age group can find something they'll like (including vegetarians). The place has a GREAT atmosphere, with local art decorating the otherwise bland wall color. The restaurant is surprisingly clean and breezy/cool for an open kitchen. Now onto the food. Honestly I have never had a Philly cheese steak, and after the one I had at LBF today, I can assuredly tell you I will be back VERY soon. The meat was delicious! The onions were so nice and tender and had such a wonderful flavor, and even the Velveeta cheese used as the topping was a flavorful alternative. The fries we ordered with the mean were exceptionally fresh and flavorful, with just the right amount of spice and salt. Onto the salad. My wife had the Avocado salad, she didn't even have to put dressing on it! There were just the right mixture of flavors and subtle ingredients to keep the salad tasting very fresh. My friend had the 'Hawaiin' dog, which he adored. We're both fans of the doghouse and it was really nice to see them keep some of their specialties from the old menu. He said that the hot dog inside was nice and juicy, and that the hot dog bun was fluffy and fresh tasting. Overall I think this place is what lower state street needs. There is that other hot dog place a block up, but I've heard nothing but terrible things about it. These guys have sunk alot of dough and time into this place, and I really hope it pays off for them. The service could use a bit of work however, which is the only real downfall for this location, but with the right marketing and word of mouth, I see nothing but great things for their future. Thanks for the killer Cheese Steak.

Find somehwere else to go!, 7/23/2007
Reviewer: cj from goleta
It's kind of hard to mess up a chicken salad and chili dog, but somehow they did. Where to start.

1) No carbon for drinks
2) Chicken salad came out way before the hotdog
3) Chicken salad tasted bad like either chicken or dressing was bad
4) Asked for onions on the onions
5) Side of chili had no beans
6) French fries drenched in oil and soggy
7) Plastic utensils....very bad idea
8) Loud music....bad idea
9) Sticky floor....bad idea
10)Going there for lunch....bad idea

So Happy they are back!, 7/21/2007
Reviewer: Marla from Santa Barbara
The problem when you have a succesful hot dog stand is that when you reopen somewhere else - no one gives you a chance to get the kinks out. Which is why I imagine all the reviews in the first week of opening, left something to desire. But the Kinks are out! The Dogs are great! Perhaps even better than the original Doghouse stand. As an ex New yorker I know my hot dogs. I generally order the pushcart and the onion sauce is more savory than before. The combo of the sweet onion sauce and the sourkraut is sublime. Both times the dogs were hot and juicy and service was fast! They also have some pretty interesting looking salads and of course the wonderfull sliders. One note-The music late night is pretty loud. You might choose a daytime visit so you can hear yourself chew.

Greatness Returns, 7/16/2007
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara
This eatery has a strong following from the original doghouse. Although I prefer the old name "Doghouse," the food and service here is nothing far from perfection. The owners treat you like their best friends and their food is amazing. I never fail to be amazed by the Chili Cheese fries and dogs and "Doghouse" fries.

Ok but still not what we need in SB, 7/12/2007
Reviewer: Paul from SB CA
I ordered a dog and my partner ordered a Chinesse Chicken Salad, for a place callled L.B.F It was disapointing that the lettuce was brown. My dog was ok and the fried zuchinni was great. I think there should have been more planning before opening the doors to the public. It didnt seem like the kitchen was really in sync. I was reading the menu and saw "with our own Texas Red" and realized this was the reincarnation of the now extinct venue on Milpas. I know its expensive labor,food cost, rent on State Strt But all and all people deserve a little more for there money. I have watched the hot dog show on The travel Channel 100 times and am still waiting for a place of that caliber in SB

No corn about em, 7/12/2007
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
I liked the atmosphere and the staff was friendly, I was also very excited about the menu. I went for the corn dog and what I got was a deep fried hot dog. Not too tasty.

So Glad It's Back, 7/10/2007
Reviewer: Kasey from Santa Barbara, CA
I am thrilled that Lettuce B Frank has finally opened. I was a big fan of the DogHouse dogs and I am happy to report that the dogs are still delicious. When I didn't see my favorite dog on the menu the guys happily made it for me anyways. I am happy to see that you can now select ingredients to create your own dog and I love the new salad selection. The guys are always super friendly and the decor features beautiful art work. Lettuce B Frank is my favorite place to get a dog!

Mediocre Chili Dog, 7/4/2007
Reviewer: Dario from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally gave this place a try. I had tried their earlier incarnation on Milpas and wasn't impressed. For a place that does hot dogs as their specialty, my chili dog was nothing special. The all-beef hot dog had been on the grill for way too long and was shriveled and wrinkly. The chili was mere flavored ground beef; and they promised cheddar cheese, but gave me a pile of cheese sauce instead--not what I expected. If that's what you do then say so on the menu. The french fries were good--hot and fresh--but they put too much salt on them. I had to rub them off to make them edible. The order-taker was nice, but when the food was ready there seemed to be confusion about who had what where. Overall, not a place I'd recommend unless they make some changes. BTW--The chili dog at Kahuna Grill in Goleta is WAY better for about the same price.

Getting there..., 7/2/2007
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Just ate lunch there, place is still a bit erratic, but they are getting there. Order taker was sweet but hard to hear, she's a "soft talker". Plus her purse and shoes were sitting right near the eating counter, not a pleasant site.`Our order got lost in the chaos, we waited 30 minutes for a Cobb Salad and 5 sliders. Other orders kept going ahead of ours and they had no idea. Cobb Salad had blue cheese dressing on it. Even so, it tasted "ok". Sliders were good as usual. Love Tony and Vinnie, but they still have a ways to go to make this place "hum".

Same Great Food! Same Great People!, 6/29/2007
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a chance to dine at the Lettuce B. Frank establishment, and I am pleased to report that nothing about the food has changed. New items have been added, but what they had already is as consistent as it was back at the ol' "Doghouse." If there's one thing I'd be frank about it's the name of the place. Nobody can remember "Lettuce B. Frank." It doesn't really roll off the tongue, and it doesn't really linger in a person's mind. Why couldn't the crew just go back to being "The Doghouse" again? I loved the name, it was so friendly, inviting, and easy to say. But aside from that, I'm glad to have these hot dogs back in my life!

Great food, great people., 6/28/2007
Reviewer: jason hallows from santa barbara
My girlfriend, cousin and I ate here the other night. We tried a couple of dogs, the corn pups (delicious) and some fries and my cousin had the some sliders... All were super good, hot and fresh. I was a big fan of The Doghouse over on Milpas and am glad to see these dudes with another shop in a better location. I'll be back for sure!

A nice joint to make you belly happy!, 6/24/2007
Reviewer: Aurora from Santa Barbara
My husband and I found this restaurant today. Nice enviroment, very casual, relaxing, and you are able to see how your food is prepared. My husband, been born and raised in Chicago, ordered a polish sausage with diced tomatoes, mustard and mustard. HE LOVED IT!...The sausage was very flavorful and fresh!! I am a Puertorrican girl who loves a good meal with a lot of flavor and freshness. I ordered a cheesesteak sandwich New Jersey was served in two fluffly hotdog bunds with poppy seeds, lots of grilled/caramelized onion, roasted/sweet red bell pepper and mushroom, with quite a load of cheese...the meat was so tender and soft that was mealting in my mouth!!! Extra, I ordered sweet potato fries...THEY WERE GREAAATT!!! you can taste the sweetness of the root and the saltiness of the kosher salt...and to match a nice dipping sauce...YUMMY!!! And, diferent from the other reviews, my food was fresh, not greasy, well seasoned and DELICIOUS!!! I learned today was the 6th day opened and the service was simple, friendly, informative and pleasant!!!..The chef Vinnie...BLESS HIS HANDS!!!...and Tony were GREAT!!! I was so excited with the place, I ended refering a total of 5 people to go to have lunch in the place while waiting for my car in Pep Boys!!! *smile*...and I have to say, that I was able to asked some of the people their opinion after eating, and they like the place!!!...So, if you want to eat nice, in a relaxing enviroment, with good service and most important...GREAT have to visit this place!! (By the way...I was not paid for this...only I am very excited to find a NICE PLACE TO EAT HERE IN SB!!!

best philly this side of rockies, 6/20/2007
Reviewer: aron from santa barbara ca
couldn't believe how fresh the food was considering only their second day open. perfect bread, yummy cheese and just enough onions. will tell everybody

Should have trained the staff before opening..., 6/20/2007
Reviewer: george from Santa Barbara, CA
Where to start? The cashier didn't know what she was doing...mischarged and wrong orders. The dogs were pre-grilled and tired from sitting, arrived sort of luke warm. The wrong food was delivered...I watched as my order was given to someone else. The onion rings were a single lump of onions and dough, impossible to separate. The sweet potato fries were good. The cashier was pretty and nice, just not trained. There didn't seem to be anyone there that knew what they were doing enough to bother complaining to, so i resort to this online deal. As my friend put it.."that place is god-awful"

Yes, lets be frank, 6/20/2007
Reviewer: Darryl from Santa Barbara
Growing up on the east coast I've had my share and someone else's share of cheese steaks. I stopped in the other day for a philly cheese steak. Serivce was good. Sad to say I'll never get a real cheese steak in Santa Barbara or California for that matter. The meat in my sandwich had a huge piece of fat and connective tissue. I've have never ever, ever never, in my life had a ribeye cheese steak contain gristle and fat. If this was sold at Pat's or Geno's in Philly they'd shut the place down. Instead of calling it an original Philly, I suggest calling it an original Newark or Camden.

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