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Neighbor Tims BBQ

No longer in business
Opened: 2007-09 Closed: 2009-05

956 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-1600

Reviews by the General Public

Ok food/service, 12/8/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food took a little while to get(they tell you the chicken takes longer on a sign for some reason). The yogurt was tasty and they had good topping choices. Chicken bowl lacked any veggies which I usually expect. Suggest Sushiya Express in IV which as the same stuff better and quicker. Yogurt Good. They have fairly loud College kid music playing. Seating inside/out, I got it to go.

Good, not great, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has good fro yo and the toppings are fresh and delicious. However, they are very overpriced! If they dropped their prices down about a dollar I bet the place would be a lot more crowded. However, their establishment is a refreshing change in IV. It'll be interesting to see if they can compete with Yogurtland which is coming to SB. I'm guessing they'll have to drop their prices, step up their game or do something else drastic.

a fresh and friendly feeling, 11/15/2008
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
With many fresh fruits and fun toppings to choose from, I am often undecisive, but the service at berrilicious is always friendly. My favorites include the swirl along with sweet strawberries, coconut, and white chocolate, or mix it up with some mochi, or blueberries. Berrilicious also has great shaved ice with everything nice! I save those for special occassions- especially when I have friends to share it with, because it is a rather larger bowl compared to normal sizes for frozen yogurt. Worth every penny.

It's certainly not Pinkberry but it'll do for the area, 9/14/2008
Reviewer: Lacey from Ventura,CA
I LOVE me some Pinkberry and this isn't as creamy (and it's a slight bit higher in price). But, it's your typical knock off...good for what it is-- a knock off.

best yogurt ever!, 8/2/2008
Reviewer: Jennie from goleta
I LOVE BERRILICIOUS~ it taste just like Pinkberry. I always go there and get a swirl of their two flavors which is original + raspberry. Their fruits are always fresh and the service is always great too. I don't know about the other comments. Maybe they got a new staff or changed things around, because I always get my cup filled up with a lot of toppings.. a very satisfied customer.

Good Product, Terrible Execution, 6/27/2008
Reviewer: Joe Williamson from Goleta, ca
So let's put this out there first: I am a fan of the "tart yogurt" fad. This place serves up some of the best tart yogurt I have had. Now that my praise is out of the way, I will not be returning to this establishment. Like those who commented before me, the servings are paltry, and the price is outrageous. I'm pretty sure I left with a small cup of yogurt with 12 (exactly 12) chunks of mango, and $6.50 less than I walked in with. Yes, the yogurt was fantastic, but the service was AWFUL (I had to literally fetch someone to serve me) and the bang for the buck is the worst I've seen. Avoid if you want a decent serving.

It's NOT supposed to taste like ice cream!, 5/16/2008
Reviewer: V from Goleta, Ca
The frozen yogurt tastes just like that - frozen YOGURT! There are delicious toppings that are not that generous, but if that is what you are looking for, go get some ICE CREAM. This is literally a fresh & healthy dessert option and it really is delicious!!!

Berrilicious is simply delicious! , 3/3/2008
Reviewer: Sami I. from Goleta
I go into Berrilicious at least once a week and I always leave with a satisfied smile on my face. The staff offers the best recommendations. Try their new swirl yogurt if you can- its my personal favorite.

not berry good, 2/13/2008
Reviewer: brittany from Isla Vista, CA
i went in a few hours before closing and the place was deserted. they only had two flavors available. i said i didnt want any topping but the guy insisted on topping my yogurt with friuty pebbles....gross i know. the yogurt tasted like sour milk and sugar....this girl is sticking to coldstones!

frozen lemon cream cheese. , 12/3/2007
Reviewer: Nicole from IV, CA
the fro yo tasted like frozen lemon cream cheese and it was incredibly over priced for a tiny cup and literally COUNTED toppings.. the guy actually counted how many strawberry slivers he gave me. decided to try it once, and once was enough...

this rocks my socks, 9/15/2007
Reviewer: Paj from Isla Vista, CA
berrylicious is yummier than the original pinkberrys. The yogurt is refreshing and slightly sweet! You should try their shaved ice. It's a rainbow colored dream.

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