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Isla Vista Food Cooperative
6575 Seville Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-1401

Reviews by the General Public

One of the special places on the Planet
Reviewer: Charlie from Santa Barbara, CA
Not because of the free popcorn at the free outdoor movie nights; but because of the people working at the Isla Vista Food Coop - really special!. Friendly and helpful. And did I mention, so sweet! ... The Co-op has an amazing selection, especially considering its size. And the really amazing thing is the specials; it never fails that what I go to specifically buy is on sale. Sure organic food is a bit more expensive, but actually less expensive considering the quality (and avoid using "volume" as a baseline). ... I don't really have any suggestions as to how they could improve; but I do have a suggestion. Someone told me about "pay it forward" - where you pay for a coffee, or a sandwich, for someone who will come in later asking, 'has anyone paid it forward?" - and if so, they get the coffee, or sandwich, that they otherwise would find it difficult to afford.

Total rip-off
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta
Nice selection of fresh veggies and fruit plus great bulk items. Unfortunately, the place is a total rip-off: over $2 for a pound of tangerines?! Also, the staff is often rather unfocused and you should definitely double-check the receipt. A good place to get some trailmix, but for general grocery you are better off going to TJ's, even Whole Foods or Happy Harry in Goleta.

Amazing food, more of a college crowd
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This is a great place if you are in IV already, food is highly recommended that they make each day fresh. Similar to Trader Joe's type foods here but much fresher. Obviously more college kids area but for those outside IV worth the trip and highly recommended if you don't mind the college scene. $30 a year buys you around 20% off certain things apparently but you don't need to be a member to shop here, definitely worth a try!

Yummy in tummy, ooooh
Reviewer: Brandon from Goleta
I love their sandwiches and their food and groceries. The 'better than pb&j' sandwiches are delicious... love when they put strawberries in it then i go crazy! I like to scream and flail my arms in a seizure like way when i find they put strawberries in the 'better than P B &J' sandwich.. you get almond butter, bananas, apples, and organic jam. With fresh stawberries it's best food ever i go crazy! yeahhh!

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