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Stateside Restaurant & Lounge
No longer in business
Opened: 2007-10 Closed: 2009-05

1114 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-1000

Reviews by the General Public

Horrible Management, 4/6/2009
Reviewer: E.T. from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here on Saturday night to see a great live band. While the sound was ok, the management was horrible. There was a guy sitting at the door, I assumed to check ID and take the cover, but all he did was sit there with his head on the table. ID's were not being checked. There was supposed to be a cover charge, but management didn't enforce it at all. Even though there was a pretty good turnout for the band, they didn't get paid. This could be a great venue, but without a management team that cares about service and quality control, it's one of the worst joints in town. I am severly disappointed. Local bands stay away!

Reviewer: BK from Santa Barbara, CA
This is for Management of this restuarant, needs to change management or close, because the food was not great at all and service was very poor. I am trying to suggest that all employees including the manager needs to go onto a retreat to learn how to statisfy the customers and even the chefs. I know chefs when they have great day they will make there food great but when they have a not so good day they will make there food just in the middle to try to satify the customers but some customers are very picking. I don't know who is running this place, you are in need of a serious change of management. I understand that restuarant business is a difficult business to run and own. I have work in a restuarant that was smaller but it was difficult time to time but now I work some where else so just take my advice and change or try to put more heart into pleasing customers,meals and the liqour.

Reviewer: BK from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a party on the April 1st.... Some People order steak and some people order chicken, and two others order the pasta unfortunately they only had 5 Steaks they had a little more chicken than steak and only two pasta.The manager from the store had to go get it from either the grocery store or someone where to get the food it took more than 30-40 minutes to get the meals to the table.It was more than a dozen people The Manager needs to be better organized I know food service you have to prepared for big crowds and not run out of everything that was a bad customer service.I don't like being negative I am most of time always positive but this needs to be noted to the public!

Who's managing this place?, 3/6/2009
Reviewer: Carrie from Santa Barbara, CA
So my sister, brother in law and I came here for an early dinner before a movie. Based on the previous raving review I though we had a good shot at a decent meal...wrong. We stood at the hostess stand for a good 15 minutes. A woman who appeared to be a manager walked by us at least 5 times without a greeting. We asked to be seated, or at least where to sit and she said she'd be right back to help us. We finally sat ourselves, we asked our waiter and he said that was the manager. The food we ordered was not good, the sour cream was way past it's prime and the cheese wasn't even melted- A QUESADILLA! It seems like some sort of Mexican/Asian mix up of a menu. Neither done well. The glassware was dirty. They were out of most top shelf vodkas. The wine I ordered by the glass tasted like it had be open for weeks. I would have thought we would have got something, at least the quesadilla comp'd? Nope...nada...There was one hardworking waiter and a big empty restaurant. I've heard the rumors about this place closing, I think maybe they need to let go and start over. It's a shame because this place hosted my boyfriend's work holiday party and did it very well! What happened?!

Loved it!!!, 2/5/2009
Reviewer: Denise from Santa Barbara, CA
After hearing so many different gossips, press and rummors about this place I decided to place a visit... The welcome was extremely friendly and warm... After a cold morning, it was nice to sit in a heated dining room with a few other people around me. The service was great from start to end, but I was surprised to see that the menu was different from the one described in the website... The new lunch menu offered Salads, mexican food, hot and cold sandwiches and event breakfast items like the breakfast burrito and quesadilla. It took a little longer for the food to arrive than I would have preferred. I ordered a green salad and a tuna melt and I was impressed with both items. The salad was beautifully presented and tasteful and the tuna melt was over satisfying. I ended up taking half of my tuna melt home since the big portioned salad and sandwich did not leave space for me to finish it all. As I was leaving I asked to see the dinner menu and also noticed that they offer mexican food, pasta dishes and steak and fish... The waiter also told me that management and the chef were new... I will definetly keep eating at Stateside... I can't wait to try the new dinner menu.

Average all around, good atmosphere, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here four times in the last year. Avoid their brunch, with all the great breakfast places in SB this is one to skip. Their service is very hit and miss, I had a great experience with a bartender there. He was very polite, explained everything that was in the drinks and made suggestions based on what we liked. Other times, the waitresses and hostess have been cold or made us feel like we were interrupting their social time. Valentine's day there was definitely the worst, their service was bad, the food was barely mediocre and everything was overpriced. The atmosphere there, however, is pretty good. They have great live music, but it can be a bit loud sometimes. Their layout is great, on a sunny day you can watch the turtles sunbathe in the fountain. However, try to avoid eating here, just head straight for the bar!

Worst Happy Hour Experience-Out of drink and food, 12/1/2008
Reviewer: liana from Santa Barbara, CA
On Wednesday we went to Stateside for happy hour. I definitely won't be coming back. We ordered a Mango Mojito, they were out of Mango mix. We ordered off the happy hour menu and they were out of items on the happy hour menu. We attempted to order items from the bartender who barked at us for not ordering with our server. Our server was MIA. The food we ordered was mediocre. My quesadilla was made out of low grade cheese, the salsa served with our chips was chopped up diced tomato tossed in water and the dipping sauce accompanying the fries tasted like cocktail sauce. I definately wont be coming back.

stateside rocks!!, 11/30/2008
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Stateside the other weekend for dinner and a show with a small group of my friends. I have been to stateside before and the experience was good so i decided to bring some friends along this time and see a concert too. we arrived without a reservation and they sat us pretty quickly (7 of us) the food was very very goood. (the seabass was the best thing i have had in a very long time!!) They were out of somethings on the menu but it all worked out in the end (for the most part). the food was average priced and the drinks were very stiff and we all liked that!! after eating we did have to leave the restaurant and pay to watch the show we were a bit upset at first cuz we juts had dinner but the manager and security were very nice and explained to us that they were not the ones putting the show on and had no real control over having to pay to see the show. the manager i think her name was sarah talked to the people putting the show on and gave us a small deal to get in. the rest of the night the a drinking fun blurr. Im really starting to like stateside more and more. il be sure to tell all my friends and ill be back! thanks

An Almost Unhappy Birthday., 10/27/2008
Reviewer: A Harris from Santa Barbara, CA
On Friday, 24 October 2008, I took my cousin to a Stateside for her birthday because the restaurant had been recommended. We arrived around 7:15 p.m. and waited about 5 - 10 minutes to be acknowledged by the hostess. Once we were, we were asked where we'd like to sit and chose to sit inside. Immediately though we were told by another employee that the seating for inside was closed and we'd have to sit outside. Fortunately it was a warm night but ufortunately, the location we were seated in had no lighting. The hostess went to find a candle and once she returned 15 minutes later she took our drink order and said or server would be out soon. About 5 minutes later the hostess came out with my drink (a soda) but not my cousin's drink order. After waiting another 20 minutes or so, a server had yet to arrive as well as my cousin's drink. During this time another group arrived and was waited upon. This of course was the proverbial straw, so my cousin went in and spoke to the manager and explained the service we had not received and that we were leaving. The manager's offer to "fix" the over 30 minute wait was to offer free drinks. We declined and walked up the street to Tupelo Junction where we received excellent service and a good meal. And my cousin ended up having a Happy Birthday.

Wow! New Menu is why you should come back!!!!!!, 9/19/2008
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara, CA
I decided to give stateside another chance once I heard that there was a new menu and new management. Can i just say thank god they got a new head chief that really understands what kind of food us locals enjoy eating. The service has improved a lot too, the girl who served me during lunch was amazing and full of information, i think her name was Jeanine. The hostess also stands out in my mind, the only word that i find fitting to describe is "Glamazon", tall blond and the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen. If you sword off the old stateside i would give it another chance, this place will definitely be her for years to come.

Very, very nice!, 7/28/2008
Reviewer: Bob W. from Santa Maria, CA
My girlfriend and I live in Santa Maria and were down in Santa Barbara this past Saturday for a day of fun, shopping and relaxation. Dressing casually we wanted a nice dinner, but nothing too fancy. I checked with an online table reservation site and noticed that Stateside was on it and that they were giving a 1,000 points for a reservation at 6. I checked out Stateside's web site and liked the fact that we could eat outside and that the menu seemed very nice and different. We are very, very glad that we tried it. The outdoor seating was delightful (right by the fountain on a lovely evening), the service was very attentive, the raspberry mojitos and the food (i.e., we split two appetizers; the spicy tuna crunch roll and the pepper crusted Ahi tuna, and then we split a sea bass that was served with a great salsa and had creme brulee for dessert) was delicious. It was a very nice evening! We will definitely be back!

service was a mood killer, 5/25/2008
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
The restaurant was getting ready for a big event on Friday night. It took awhile for the 4 guys outside to acknowledge us (they were speaking to a friend) but we were finally able to ask if they were still serving dinner. They were, so we went to the door where we waited again for the hostess. She led us upstairs, where we sat with menus for at least ten minutes at a table while many people were swarming around preparing for the evening- but not one acknowledged us (I am sorry, we are busy this evening, I will be right with you), or even gave us water. We gave up and left. I did mention something to the manager, who was kind about the situation, but really we just weren't in the mood anymore. Our previous experience eating there was splendid, if we go back it will surely be earlier in the evening.

comfortable setting, good food, amazing dessert, 3/5/2008
Reviewer: Lauren from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I went to celebrate an occasion and were happily placed at a cozy table with a round couch instead of chairs. We ordered the chef's special and sushi. The sushi wasn't great, but the chefs special made up for it. We had duck-rolls with a fruit salsa, salmon with crab fried rice and the best dessert I've had in Santa Barbara. It was a fruit souflet that was delicously sweet and tangy at the same time. The staff was very attentive to us, and didn't seem to rush us. At the end of the night I was happier than when I entered. Thanks again!

Valentines Dinner, 2/19/2008
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara
We went here for their Valentines Day dinner and I have to say it was very disappointing. The fondue was really soup, it hardly had any cheese and it was not thick at all. I got the risotto as my main course which was really crunchy rice topped with salty greens, not creamy like risotto. My DH had the salmon and he said the best part was the lentils, the salmon was fine. The service felt very rushed, they did not have seatings. During dinner they had a spotlight shining directly on us and a few couples around us that was blinding. We all had to request several times to have it turned off.

good spot for a late Sunday lunch, 2/19/2008
Reviewer: Marthine Satris from Santa Barbara
My parents and friends of ours had a great lunch here after 2 pm, when it seemed like all the other restaurants around were closed. I had a great dish -- the Korean BBQ pork on cornbread. Delicious! My dad's curried grilled albacore sandwich was really yummy too. My mom's caesar salad had a funny smoky taste (maybe they grilled the romaine heart?). We got a nice quiet table up on a balcony, which was great for talking. And, last but not least, relaly tasty bloody marys!

Stateside, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: Lewis from Santa Barbara LOCAL
I went to the Stateside a couple of weeks ago to see Fred Armisen perform. Anyway, went to see Fred and happily paid the $10 cover. We wanted good seats, obviously, and found some at the bar, nice and close. When I ordered a coffee, however, the Barman acted like that was an odd request and took up a patronising air. Then did the same cute routine with my friend. I could not help but to think that this was because we were the only people there without designer jeans and silly haircuts. We waited about 30 minutes for the show to start and were bumped into and crowded constantly, some times on purpose it seemed, by people who were obviously regulars. The barman actually told me I was supposed to spend more money if I was going to sit there. Wow. I said nothing, just smiled. I did get a single refill of my coffee, which was pretty good actually, but I was there for a good 2.5 hours. Hopefully the next time I get to go to this place it is an entirely new restaurant.

Stand up comedy at Stateside, 1/16/2008
Reviewer: Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
I've only been to Stateside once before for dinner and I thought the food and presentation were both good. I recently returned to check out the free stand up comedy they are featuring on Tuesday nights. It was great! It is a mix of some local talent and more experienced talent imported from down south. The warm up acts were ok but the main act, Graham Elwood, was hilarious. What a great deal on a Tuesday night in SB. I highly recommend checking it out.

Amazing Birthday Bash, 1/15/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Goleta, CA
I went there with 5 other girls to celebrate my friend's 24th birthday. The service was great and the waitress was very honest with us and quick. The chips and dip were delicious. We all ordered several small dishes and salads to share. The waitress was very understanding and didn't pressure us into ordering full entrees. The cocktail list is short, but good. I highly recommend the mango mojito. The atmosphere was great, a Frank Sinatra cover band and he sounded just like the real thing. One of the owners even came by the table to see how we were doing and was very polite and welcoming. The food was good, but I do NOT recommend the Kobe beef corn dog. Also, if you order a salad, get the dressing on the side.

Bummer New Years Eve, 1/7/2008
Reviewer: Katie from Goleta, CA
My boyfriend and I tried Stateside for the first time on New Years Eve. At over $50/person, we were expecting great food and fabulous ambiance. When we arrived, the staff was still setting up for the big night which made for a rather unsettled atmosphere. The first course, a seared sea scallop, was served beautifully on a sea shell over blue sea salts (everything we ate was presented stunningly, kudos!)...but it was so awful tasting neither of us could even finish the tiny thing. My soup was bland and boring, and the entree was a confusing mix of flavors that sounded intruguing on the menu but just didn't work at all. To top it off, my dessert (which was hot bread pudding with ice cream on top) was served just 3 minutes after my entree! Although it was pretty good (at least the best thing that night), it was, obviously, melted by the time I got to it. I realize they were trying to seat another group, but I have never felt so disrespected at a restaurant- especially one where I'm paying a considerable amount.

NEW YEAR at STATESIDE was the best party in town!, 1/1/2008
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, my friends and I went and ate dinner at the late seating to ring in the New Year and all 4 courses we delicious! 1st, a scallop on blue salt, avo and caviar to top it off!! Second, a artichocke soup with a wild mushroom wonton, for dinner the most AMAZING short ribs and steak and finally to top it off a choc. dessert. Hats off to the chef and his staff! The atmosphere, service and the Band was awesome. It is a nice addition to Santa Barbara to have a place for the young professionals to hang out at a nice well priced fun classy place. Thank you Stateside! We will be back soon!

Worst Restaurant in Santa Barbara, 12/26/2007
Reviewer: Zohe from Santa Barbara, CA
On two occasions my experience was absolutely horrific. Over priced menu, less than mediocre food($20 burger came out charred~requested Med Rare, the $12 corn dog that microwaved/hard, the salad I ordered came 20 min after all entrees, edemame overcooked). The staff is so green they don't know what Veuve Cliquot is, nor the menu items. We were told (after making a res) there was no room in the dining area, would we mind sitting in the 'lounge'? So we did. Within 5 min of getting our food (we waited 30 min. for food, mine took an additional 20 min.) the band started and we could not hear each other (would have been nice to know before we got sat). Then, once we finished our meals, two guests went to use the restroom, and staff rushed to take their chairs. We told the staff we had not even paid the bill, their response was they had to 'clear the dance floor'. Atmosphere is good, however, not worth the cost. They need more training of menu and service to staff, kitchen control and a better system for reservations and 'seating people in the lounge'.

I see good things..., 11/13/2007
Reviewer: Patricia from Santa Barbara
well, yeah...a new place has kinks. but when you look around and see well seasoned musicians...when you listen and hear the most beautiful sounds of (tika?) brazillian female songstress and fabulous musicians...when you have the most darling runner bring your food ( the wrong table) with a positive is good! the place has potential and is stunning. i believe it will show its true colors by the time spring arrives. its got more charecter then most of the puffed chest clubs that santa barbara coddles right now. i am SO happy to have a place for the music and ambience here! oh, and the firecracker shrimp...not so much. the mayo coating reminded me of a potluck dipping session and took away from the delicate essence of the tobiko. all else was delish. the bar and cocktails were precise and worth the kcals. love it!

Management off...Service on..., 11/11/2007
Reviewer: Martha from Santa Barbara, CA
Wonderful new place!! My husband and I went in for our first visit this saturday evening. The restaurant was steadily busy and we were seated right when we arrived. Our server promptly was at out table introducing herself and was ready to take our drink orders. She recomended a wonderful bottle of wine that paired nicely with our two filets. The portion size was a bit small which left us hungry for dessert. We both oredered the mango roll which both looked like they were swimming in the ice cream vs. being atop the scoop. Aside from a few food mistakes, we loved this place. Our server Lane was attentive and very friendly and seemed to know just when to approach us. We deffinatly will be back!

Bad Food / Inexperienced Staff, 11/11/2007
Reviewer: KD from Carpinteria
Saxophone player out front a great touch! First impression is dazzling, almost like Vegas. However, the space is so big that it feels empty and cold in the Dining Room (like a big conference room.) But the ambiance is much better than the food. My Albacore Tuna was dry and somewhat tasteless, and the rice cake that accompanied it was like petrified plastic, impossible to cut into! The chicken was OK, but only half of it was cooked. And forget the glass noodles & chicken dish, as it was soo overspiced that my friend could only eat a few bites! (the chef is often heavy-handed.) The management needs to train their staff badly. They all seem young and inexperienced, and things took a while. Our neighbor table got a full glass of red wine spilled on them, followed by a plate of food later, and apparently the staff wasn't overly sorry about it! I won't go back for dinner, but maybe I'll try the bar some time.

"Fusion" Gone Wrong, Flavors Off, Service Akward..., 11/10/2007
Reviewer: JB from Santa Barbara, CA
The flavors of the food here could almost be best described as off, as if the chef isn't tasting the food. The attempt is an Asian fusion kind of cuisine, however it falls far short. The chefs need to use more restraint in the flavor of some of the dishes as many of the flavors that should be subtle are totally overpowering. I'm a fan of shiso, but it seemed out of place in some of the dishes and overpowering the other ingredients. It seemed some of the attempts at asian fusion didn't have respect for the ingredients and you are left with a nicely presented, but bad tasting dish. From the dishes I've tried, by the far the best are the short ribs, which were tasty and well prepared. The service is awkward, seems to be mostly first time wait staff and they try hard, but just really aren't sure how/what they are supposed to be doing. Drinks were good and prices reasonable overall. Curious to see how this place works out, as it's a HUGE space and so far the food just really isn't up to par for SB.

Excellent Food and Service, 11/8/2007
Reviewer: Chad from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a fabulous experience at Stateside. The old Acapulco has been magnificently worked over to today's times while keeping elements of Santa Barbara tradition in place. The different places to sit in the place (or outside on the fabulous patio) are all unique. We chose a table in the mezzanine overlooking the main bar. The food was amazing. We started off with a few small dishes - the spicy tuna crunch roll, the black cod fish n' chips and the long beans tempura. Each was prepared with perfect accent flavors - fresh, fluffy and beautifully presented. The small dishes idea is going to be a big hit because you can try a few different items and not feel overly stuffed. After the small dishes, my fiance and I decided to split the fillet of beef; this was so tender and good and the sides were amazing. Our server was excellent; very prompt and good with making suggestions on the choices we were considering. I will be a regular here and highly recommend the place.

Room for improvement, 11/3/2007
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate in the large room to the left of the entrance. The space was nicely decorated. Everyone who worked there was friendly. They serve papadams instead of bread or tortilla chips. That was a nice change, and the first basket was quite tasty. The second basket was oversalted with what looked like Lawry's Seasoning Salt. The waiter alerted us that the food was bar food. Still, the menu had some interesting options. We tried four appetizers. The squash blossoms with goat cheese were good. The edamame stir-fry was so oversalted that we couldn't eat it all. The chicken curry wrap was heavy with mayonnaise or something like mayonnaise. The ahi was sitting in a bed of a strange sauce that tasted like it was made of mayonnaise and ketchup. Both of the people who ate the ahi disliked the sauce, and not all of the ahi was eaten. We tried two entrees: the hangar steak and a burger. The hangar steak wasn't bad, but the burger was dry. Both dishes came with dill fries, but we didn't detect any dill flavor to them. One of our party tried to order a specialty drink. The waiter said he'd check whether they could put something together, but then didn't say anything about it until we asked again. Then he said they couldn't. Two of our party ordered red wine, and the waiter served each the other's. The waiter was very friendly and engaging, but slow and inattentive. He also touched everyone he spoke to. He did it at our table and we saw him do it at other people's tables. He meant no harm, I'm sure, but that behavior is not appropriate. Supposedly the establishment is aiming to be a nightclub. It is my understanding that they plan to serve food until midnight. I could see eating there again if it was late and we just wanted a snack. I could also see using the space for an event, but bringing in other food or a different cook. I would not go there for dinner again unless I knew things had changed significantly.

Stateside, 11/2/2007
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
We visited this place for the first time recently on a Thursday after the art walk, which should be their best time. First impression is it is very large and beautiful. It seems that it should be in New York, and it impresses at first glance. But after sitting down, you realize that it's a flop waiting to happen. There are as many staff as customers, yet they can't seem to get a simple drink order in and delivered in less that 25 minutes. The food is trying to be something fancy, yet it's just show-off food. I ordered a sashimi plate, and received something that was less than carpaccio. 5 paper thin slices of tuna with fried crunchy onions like you get on your mother's bean casserole. What was that supposed to be? The place is enormous, and cold. Literally cold, so make sure to bring a wool jacket, even if you're sitting inside. I'd guess the temperature was in the low 60s.

good food, service in progress..., 10/31/2007
Reviewer: Gina from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was wonderful, well flavored, and balanced. Service was typical Santa Barbara: college students. Everyone was really friendly and trying to give good service, but their lack of experience showed. Given time, I'm sure they'll be great.

GREAT SERVICE, OK food, 10/29/2007
Reviewer: Mindy from Santa Barbara, CA
The service here was awesome. They didn't have my first two preferences of wine, so the manager came out and offered us two complimentary glasses of another type. The server was apologetic and polite about the whole situation. I was really looking forward to the Stateside Crunch roll, but it wasn't very appetizing. Also, the Asian Vegetable Wraps were not very good, but the salad was great. We also ordered Ceviche Trio and were not very impressed. Again, the service was amazing and they've just got to work on the food. The inside was also beautifully decorated.

Nice Space, Nice Waitress, Bad Food, Medicore Service., 10/26/2007
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
The design of the place is nice, cool, but not too pretentious. Space gets an A-. Everything else... Our server was nice and personable, but clearly was BRAND NEW at the entire profession, and they had not trained her well at all. She could offer almost zero insight about the items on the menu. She also forgot the salad we ordered. The "bread" was this attempt at some rice bread or wafer with a bunch of spices on it and a somewhat off-putting sweet sauce. The Salmon was not bad, but the noodles with it were greasy and bland. The ravioli was downright bad. It didn't taste good, and the mushrooms were rather blah. The tuna was overcooked and bland, as were the vegetables. I was hoping for competent service and decent food. But both were so below par, (and clearly, management didn't plan well... how hard is it to have your servers be familiar with the menu?). I don't plan on going back for more than a drink. That being said, it has a nice atmosphere as a lounge.

Great upscale place in downtown SB, 10/25/2007
Reviewer: Jonaathan from Santa Barbara, CA
We thought we would check out Stateside and watch the Red Sox win game 1 of the world series. The bar area is very nice and they had several flat panel TVs. We had a couple of appetizers (small plates) which were good. Everyone who works there is very nice. The only problem was that their happy hour was not very good. The only beer special was Bud Lite. I would think a place like this would have a more upscale beer on happy hour. Their happy hour wines were not very good either. And maybe a food special. We look forward to going back their and enjoying live music in the bar.

Great ambience...some things to work out, 10/25/2007
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara
The restaurant looks amazing and the staff is very friendly. The food is just okay and timing of the arrival of food is lacking. We were done with our entrees when my husband finally got his and it appeared the table next to us had the same experience. However, there were many employees all over the place, maybe they can be used in the kitchen. I will definately go back for late snacks and drinks. I believe the restaurant has some kinks to iron out and when they do it will be great.

Ambiance is strong, 10/24/2007
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca.
I came here for cocktails and appetizers on a Saturday night with posh friends from the Bay Area. Service was prompt and friendly, also very accommodating when we asked to move to a table that did not have air conditioning blowing under our table directly up our legs (it's a table for four, in the cocktail area, by a window, be warned and avoid). We ordered fried calamari (acceptable), tempura long beans (tasty) and goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms (tasty). They all came with an array of asian-flavored dipping sauces. Drinks were also good and priced accordingly for a restaurant with a very strong emphasis on trendy ambiance. The grey goose martini was smooth and delicious ($9). I'm glad I tried the place out, and I think the LED rotations on the bar lighting are a nifty effect.

Thank you for replacing Acapulco, 10/22/2007
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
I don't think the place is pretentious compared to other "pretentious" places in SB. It's a generally nice setting with a nightclub / restaurant atmosphere, dim lights, etc. I wore shorts and a tee shirt so there is no strict dress code like some "pretentious" places in town.

This place is HUGE. There's an upstairs that is almost as large as the downstairs, and would serve as a nice place to reserve for a party.

As for the food, everything was pretty good except for the "kobe" corn dog, which to their credit was good, but a bit misleading. They call it a "kobe" corn dog. Underneath the outer corn stuff, is a plain old hot dog. Maybe it comes from kobe cows, but it sure doesn't taste any different than a regular hot dog, and if you've ever seen how they make hot dogs and what part of the cow goes in there, it really doesn't matter in my opinion, what type of cow it comes from. The batter was homemade and cooked to order which was nice.

Good place for late night eats and blows away Acapulco, which was disgusting and a waste of good restaurant space! Thanks Stateside!!!

Great potential and needs work!, 10/22/2007
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara, CA
I was very impressed with the decor, friendly staff, and overall appearance of Stateside. I really like the colors and the loungy feel. The friendly host staff greeted my boyfriend and I and asked of our choice of seating; the dining room was empty and they said the upstairs was full so we choose the bar area. The tables felt totally crammed together which made it difficult for the servers and patrons to maneuver through the place. Then we began talking and could barely hear each other because the music was too loud. We first ordered an appetizer, which arrived quickly and was tasty. We then ordered dinner and waited about a half hour for our entrees. The server was great and apologized about the wait; however, the kitchen obviously needs some help. We counted about 13 staff members in the bar area at one time so Iím guessing they should cut back on the floor staff and work on the kitchen. I also took a walk to see the upstairs and noticed there were many open tables so was disappointed that the host staff wouldnít let us sit there. I know the place is new and Iím sure they are working on some of their kinks and then it could be a fabulous place. I would go back for drinks because I love the look and feel of the place.

Very Pleased, 10/19/2007
Reviewer: Richard Allen from La Jolla, CA
Simply put: great menu, fine service and fine food. I understand it's new, but they have it down.

Organization needed, 10/19/2007
Reviewer: Vira from Oxnard, CA
Walking into Stateside for my lunch hour, I was quite impressed with the decor. It no longer was reminiscent of its predecessor, Acalpulco. After the friendly hostess seated my friend and I and handed the menu, we were torn apart of what to order as everything listed looked sensational. I eventually ordered the salad with chicken, bacon, mango, and avocado topped with wontons. It was a good, flavorful salad; however, I would have enjoyed it more if it was served timely. Many customers that the restaurants get in the Figueroa/State area are employees who only get one hour for lunch. Though tourists are also part of the income, the main staple for these local restaurants are the locals who, if given a reason, will return often. I ended up eating my salad in a to-go box back at my office. However I would go back to Stateside for the food and friendly staff, but only for dinner where I have no time constraints.

Lots of potential............, 10/12/2007
Reviewer: del from isla vista
WIll develop and become a prime time restaurant and lounge in the future.......... Food is generally well prepared though the service lacked a little enthusiasm downstairs. Great atmosphere will provide enough to bring people back....... Myself included.

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