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Ruth's Chris Steak House
No longer in business
Opened: 2007-11 Closed: 2011-06

3815 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-5674

Reviews by the General Public

great food, bad service, equals closed., 9/23/2011
Reviewer: Joyce from Santa Barbara, CA
It doesn't surprise me that this location closed. I went there to celebrate my birthday and two friends joined me. I wanted to pay the bill because my friends were struggling financially. The male waiter put my friends down in front of the whole restaurant. He kept saying things like, it's YOUR Birthday and YOUR paying. He drew the attention of all the tables around. It wasn't his business WHO was paying. He kept laughing and smirking at them. I meant to write a review sooner but didn't get around to it. I will try another one of their locations because the food is great, and I'm sure had the owners knew just how horrible the service was, they would have addressed it.

Closing?, 6/4/2011
Reviewer: Amy from Goleta, CA
Heard on the radio that this great place would be closing - maybe it already has.... sad. We always had amazing food and service there.

Service could be improved, 3/5/2011
Reviewer: June from Santa Barbara, CA
Our party of four arrived for "happy hour". After our food and drinks, three guests were asked about dessert and coffee, one guest, me, was ignored. This was our favorite happy hour location, however, the lack of service offered to ALL guests is a disappointment. Servers, remember that the "baby boomer" generation has disposable income and remembers who is welcoming and acknowledges our presence.

11 out of 10, , 9/18/2010
Reviewer: Matt from Riverside, CA
After reading the bad reviews on R.C. I could'nt disagree more. The food was perfect and the service even beter.. I went there with my two kids, 13 and 18. We went early as to not bother the normal crowd. We were treated with respect by all, our waiter "Blake" was the best. The manager even stop to make sure everything was to our liking. From start to finish I give the place 10 all around..

Good Food Bad Service, 9/5/2010
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
I am very disappointed with this place as it seems to have changed its costumer service since opening. I have been there many times and have really enjoyed my dining experience. I wanted to treat my parents to dinner there and they were not impressed. The food was great but the service was horrible. Once the food was placed on the table it was like the Server disappeared. Then once we finally got him back to our table, he never returned to refill our coffee. It was like he didn't care. This was a totally different experience then I had when I went many times before. The service used to be attentive and wonderful. I guess they couldn't keep that going.

decent food lousy service, 8/3/2010
Reviewer: Ammon Hunter from Santa Barbara ca
I'd heard a lot about ruth's chris prior to coming so I had high expectations. I got the fillet, which was the cheapest steak at $37, and the potatoes au gratin. The fillet was good, but nothing to write home about, and the potatoes were very good. My wife got a mini fillet and barbequed shrimp. Her steak was also cooked well, and shrimp were quite tasty but again... nothing to write home about. The service was poor. I won't go on and on, but the night lasted 2 1/2 hours on a monday. Fortunately we weren't in a hurry. Total for the bill for two was $114 without tip (which wasn't much considering the service). I doubt I will ever go back.

True Steakhouse, 2/7/2010
Reviewer: Susan Ledig from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I decided at the last minute to go here for dinner, having heard about it for years. I am personal chef who is super picky when it comes to food, let alone good service. We were greeted by a bevy of lovely young ladies, whom, even without a "reservation" quickly escorted us to a nice booth. Hubby ordered a MaiTai and I there version of a margarita and I have to say they were both really delicious and large, one of the best margaritas I have ever had! We started with fried calamari and BBQ shrimp. Shrimp was ok but the fried calamari was different( in a good way) loved the batter, sauce and calamari tasted fresh. I had Caribbean lobster tail and filet. Both were done perfectly. Hubby had the huge crab cakes with lots of crab! He did however miss some kind of sauce for the crab cakes. The service was what a fine steak house should be, very attentive and formal, our waiter Justin was always there when we needed him. Oh and the Caesar salad was delicious as well. So my husband and I had a great experience at Ruth's Chris, not sure why it's named such a tongue twister, but I wish it well.

A 1st year Anniversary Dinner, 1/5/2010
Reviewer: Mitchell Edwards from Los Angeles, Ca
Ruth Chris in Santa Barbara was not my first choice for dining. I was looking for a small restaurant that was out of the way and romantic. After reviewing, some of the restaurants on-line I decided to choose Ruth Chris, because I knew the reputation and quality that the company has( I have previously dined at the puerto rico establishment). The dinner was outstanding, and the service was excellent! Our waiter Robert was kind, friendly, and very professional( request his service any time). The food was excellent, the steaks perfect and the Creme Brulee superb.

Simply The Best, 11/28/2009
Reviewer: Nik from Santa Barbara, CA
The steak was Amazing!!! Sooo tendder that it melted in my mouth. The Mashed Potato was excellent. I think they used Truffle Oil. The Ceaser Salad was also one of the best Ive had. And the wine was a good selection too.

I am so glad you are here to stay..., 8/21/2009
Reviewer: Ed from Santa Barbara, CA
I had heard you were leaving Santa Barbara so I had to come in and see what all the hype was about. The restaurant is beautiful, especially the private "wine room" we were given for my son's birthday party. The hot plates and sizzling butter are the only way I will ever want a steak again (cooked a perfect medium-rare, as it happens). I had expected an uptight atmosphere, but instead my servers Nicole and Max were friendly and professional. I was most impressed with your wine list; I had expected high prices and big Napa names but was very comfortable with your local, affordable options. To top it off, I was assured you are staying - Thank God!

I don't really understand the hype...., 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Minnie from Santa Barbara, CA
I must really be missing something because I've given this place two tries and I've left each time scratching my head as to why it's supposedly so great. Food was okay, nothing really fabulous that couldn't be had at Luckys in Montecito, for example. The service was definitely friendly but they have young and inexperienced wait staff from local colleges, not exactly the top notch service some reviews give them points for. I think if I'd never been outside of SB and ate here, perhaps I'd think it was a five star place, but honestly, there are so many other better places to spend $3-500 for dinner.

Great food matched with great service, 8/14/2009
Reviewer: Sandra Thompson from Santa Barbara, CA
A good friend of mine took me here for dinner for the first time about a couple of weeks ago or so, service was top-notch and outstanding (we had Ike and his assistant Brittney), food was incredibly tasty. It was cooked very nicely and came out in a timely manner. I will be recommending this restaurant to all of my friends and family.

We're so lucky to have this great restaurant!, 7/5/2009
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I should note that I don't eat red meat, so why would I go to a fairly expensive steakhouse once a week? Because the food, drinks & service are consistently fantastic. My friends & I meet here for drinks & appetizers. Isaac & Josh do a fabulous job. The stuffed mushrooms & BBQ Shrimp are my favorites, and they make a superb Black Cherry Martini. This is where I take all my out-of-town guests, and I have had many business meetings here. And I love that I don't have to go downtown...La Cumbre parking, no problem. Thank you, Ruth's Chris!

Not Experienced Better Steak Elsewhere., 6/26/2009
Reviewer: David Wright from London uk
We tried Ruth's Chris despite some negative comments on here. Service was fantastic throughout. The food - delicious. Some of the best steaks we've had. Cannot wait to return on our next trip. Good for a special night out too - and when it comes to quality, well you get what you pay for! Compared to the restaurant at the Biltmore, Ruth's Chris wins hands down. Better service, MUCH better food, lower prices!

Wonderful time, 6/12/2009
Reviewer: Kris from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I haven't been here for a while, but have always been impressed by the place. Came here for dinner, with reservation, seated on time (to the minute) and had great service from beginning to end. Food was fine, wait staff was attentive and professional. Had an after dinner drink with Chris at the bar, just fine. Spend some cash, have some fun!

Ruth Chris Dining, 5/19/2009
Reviewer: michael thorne from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was absolutely excellent. The service was great and the easy listening tunes just fit the atmosphere. Although my date and I found it to be on the expensive side I will be back in for two reasons the delicious food and the breath taking beautiful waitresses. Particularly Jada- unbelievably beautiful.

Ribeye. Lobster. Filet. 3 Amigos., 1/8/2009
Reviewer: PJC from Santa Barbara, CA
first time dining here. no reservations (recommended though), but 2 of us were seated once we arrived. restaurant was half full and service was A+. we ordered calamari for appetizer- tasted like a sweet n sour or pugent shrimp type sauce very good (i recommend it put on the side for dipping to keep calamari crispy). two entrees: 1)ribeye (medium) and 2)filet (med well) with garlic stuffed lobster tail. the ribeye was unbelievable. do not order anything past medium it will definately become dried out due to the hot plates they serve them on. I usually measure up steaks to my own creation and this one is very good. the ribeye definately melts in your mouth and is worth it. maybe if the steak was only $20 it would be a better deal. I get my own steaks nice and thick and same size for $10 and use the same seasonings they do. the second entree was half good and half bad. the lobster was very tasty and we both wished we ordered more lobster rather than the filet that came with it. the filet (med well) was rather tough when it came out, unfortunately. lobster didn't have a butter to dip nor did the filet come drizzled in butter (supposedly the signature of their sizzling plates).

service was above par. but sometimes it felt like they were overstaying their welcome, but i'm glad to know that the servers are consciencious about the patrons needs and that most dinner necessities and expectations (water filling, 'dinner checkup', further orders, desserts, etc.) were met without even asking.

beautiful decor and ambience. personally i'd like to have a bit more light to see what i'm eating, but it was a romantic and classy scene so it was understandable.

prices? calamari 14. ribeye 39. filet mignon and lobster 39. total bill 100.

personal review- you are definitely paying to have great food, service, and ambience for a meal that could be worth much less. I may return once i get my tax return :-) or until someone else wants to carry the debt of the bill. :-P

Far too expensive, 12/16/2008
Reviewer: Arthur merovick from Santa Barbara, CA
Although the food was certainly good, and the service, polite to overbearing, the price is just outrageous. It is more expensive than Lucky's, which people avoid because of the tab. My wife had two apetizers, a cocktail and coffee. I had no first course, an apetizer for my main course and a side order of vegetable, a cocktail and coffee - $125.00 (with tip) I will not go there again. Waiters should not use the "it's nice to see familiar faces back again" line unless it is true - it wasn't in this case and it put us off. I will not go there again

Superb!, 11/23/2008
Reviewer: Nile & Leigh from Carlsbad, CA
Celebrated our 24th aniversary last night. We made the right choice, it was excellent. We had the bone in Rib Eye, BBQ shrimp appetizer, baked potato and chopped salad. The steak was served sizzling hot, the potato was baked perfectly, the shrimp was excellent, they couldn't have done better. The service was excellent, water refilled, wine poured when needed. The atmosphere was nice, quiet, perfect lighting. We cannot say anything derogatory about our experience. Karyn was our concerned waitress....she was a delight.

Good food, great service. Worth the price? You decide., 11/9/2008
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
Husband had a craving for a steak and had heard good things about Ruth's Chris, so we dined there last night. The food was pretty good! I had the Ahi Stack, which was outstanding. A generous portion of ahi, perfectly seared, with a nice sauce. It was high-quality fish, smooth as butter. Husband had the petite filet mignon with a stuffed lobster tail. The lobster was overdone. In fact, the waiter offered to remove the tail from the shell at tableside. He worked it for a while but then couldn't do it, so he gave it to Husband to do. We are not complainers at restaurants, so Husband took it graciously. It would've been better for the waiter to return to the kitchen for a properly prepared tail. Husband reports the steak was very good. We ordered two side dishes to share. They are generous portions served "family style," and there were leftovers. We had mashed potatoes and a dish of sauteed spinach. Both items were heavy on the butter/oil. Since everything is a la carte, the final tab was quite a lot. The entrees were ~$30-$35 each, and each side was $7. We had a bottle of wine (Blackstone Merlot). The wine was $42, retailing at about $10 at grocery stores, so you may get a sense of their wine pricing. They had an extensive wine list. We're not wine affectionados, so can't give you much more info than that. The service was very good. We did pour our own wine after the initial pouring, but the waitstaff was attentive and we didn't want for anything. The final tab before tip came to $140. That was without salad/appetizers, dessert or after-dinner coffee/tea. For a community that has so many wonderful dining opportunities, going to the mall for a super-high-premium priced dinner is not something we'll probably repeat.

Grandsons loved it, 10/28/2008
Reviewer: Grampa from Santa Barbara, CA
Took my grandsons fishing and as a treat they picked Ruth Chris for dinner. We all had the Rib Eyes which were superb, the Mashed potatoes and Onion rings were outstanding, but the Mac and cheese to say the least was horrid. We did have a great time and the 5 boys look forward to coming back for dinner. The boys range from 6 to 13.

good not the best, 10/11/2008
Reviewer: Rizzle from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped by after a work meeting and sat at the bar for dinner. The service was very very good. The food was so so. My first time here I was hoping to see that sizzling steak thing they tout. Mine was a ny steak med rare and it came out covered in melted butter and I'm like dude where's the sizzle. I said that to myself not out loud, lol. I heard some steaks come out sizzling though so that was pretty cool. They need to work on the consistency with the sizzle factor they claim. Hey Ruth, where's the sizzle madam? I was denied my sizzle! :( It's a gimmick of sorts so I didn't judge them based on that. The steak was pretty good. The stick of melted butter on top of it and swimming around it obviously made it taste better, next time I'll get one without butter. It was cooked med rare as I ordered. The roasted tomato side dish though, was grim as can be. It was totally no high quality tomatoes and I took one bite and left those things the heck alone. I am afraid of that dish now and I love tomatoes. Next time I'll get the mash potatoes or something, maybe a side salad. With all the high accolades this chain restaurant gets, I wasn't impressed on the first go round. I will go back for sure for a second shot but when that happens if they don't get my sizzle on I'm going to walk out of the hizzle and write a negatizzle review on the restaurant message board. w00t!

A bit disappointed!, 9/30/2008
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice decor and nice atmosphere. Great salad. We had 4 filets and 4 sides. My steak was a little overdone for Medium rare. I was having trouble cutting through it until I realised it had a thick wood skewer in it! not sure why. Waiter half apologised but could not explain why it was there. Potato au gratin was a bit undercooked (raw). Small wine servings (by the glass). The Bread Pudding desert was very good, although we had to wait along time before our desert order was taken. A bit disappointed - probably will not be back - S.B. has plenty of better and cheaper places to go.

service was right on.., 8/26/2008
Reviewer: Samuel Lloyd from Santa Barbara, CA
Went in for dinner last friday night with my wife for a steak. We've heard great reviews of the food , but iffy on the service. Well I gotta say the service was spectacular. Our waiter Justin got to us right away and was very informative. We didn't have to wait for anything really.Bread and water got to us right away. He anticipated everything we needed and the rib-eye he suggested was nothing short of amazing. We will be back to Ruth's again very soon.

Exceptional dining experience, 7/27/2008
Reviewer: Bryan from Huntington Beach, CA
After having read a few of the mixed reviews on this site, I was a bit hesitant to eat at Ruth's Chris. However, I decided to give it a try. I made reservations at Ruth's Chris to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. My wife and I ordered shrimp cocktail, chopped salad, filets, creamed spinach and fresh asparagus. The meal was delicious and our steaks were perfectly prepared. Our server, Anthony, was courteous, friendly, and provided excellent service. He anticipated our dining needs and allowed us time to thoroughly enjoy our meal and time together. We look forward to bringing our family to this restaurant, and will definitely ask for Anthony's table.

Reviewer: Brittany from Goleta
Service was OUTSTANDING, food was AMAZING... I took my mother there for her 40th birthday. I brought in flowers and the hostesses gladly took the bouquet and put them in a nice glass container and set them at our table for her. It was a perfect experience. The staff is amazing, always coming by our table to check on how our meal was going. It was the best steak I've ever eaten! I highly recommend Ruth's Chris in SB... Great dining experience and worth every penny =)

Things must have improved at Ruth's Chris..., 5/16/2008
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara
While we were surprised by how few patrons there were dining on a Friday night, my husband and I were VERY pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service we received. Good table, immediately greeted, bread & water right away, drink orders immediately and when we said we wanted to take our time, our fabulous server (Sharon) adjusted exactly to our schedule. Not to mention that she recommended one of the best foo-foo cocktails I've had in a long time - the Mango martini, spicy & not too sweet. Steaks were PERFECT. Service immpecable. Great all round. Let's just hope they can stay in business.

Good food, but worth the wait?, 3/14/2008
Reviewer: Britt from Santa Barbara, CA
Three of us went early (6:30) without a reservation on Thursday night. The hostess said we could be seated in 10 - 15 minutes. We waited at the bar and had a delicious cocktail. After more than a half an hour, I inquired about our table and was told it would be "just a couple of more minutes." I peaked in the dining room and noticed it only about half full. After another half an hour past, my friend went to the hostess stand and was told only one hostess could be away from the stand at a time and it takes a long time to seat dinner guests. What? We finally got into the half full dining room after waiting nearly an hour and 15 minutes. Our waitstaff was friendly and apologetic for the wait. After taking our drink order, we waited way too long for one drink and a bottle of wine. The drink was incorrect to top it off. We put our order in right away and didn't get the food for approximately 45 minutes. Our waiter did come by and apologize once for the long wait explaining there was a banquet in another room and the kitchen was backed up. The place looked pretty empty to me. Once our food arrived, our waiter apologized again for the delay. During the what seemed forever wait, there were waiters setting tables around us (for who?) and joking around with each other. Obviously, overstaffed in the waitstaff department. I wouldn't go back due to the poor service. Oh yeah, the food was good, but maybe a little color would be nice on the plate. A hunk of meat on a white plate doesn't look that appealing. Come on, with the prices they're charging, maybe a little parsley would help.

GREAT food and service, 3/7/2008
Reviewer: Barbra Yaffee from Santa Barbara
The food is consistently great, and the entire wait staff and management goes above and beyond to provide great service. Every time we have been there it has been a delight!

Are you kidding me with this service?, 3/5/2008
Reviewer: Camille Mason from Santa Barbara/CA
I waited for Ruth's Chris to be open for a few months so they could work the kinks out before I tried. Even so, there were quite a few browraisers during my Monday night visit. For starters, the hostess attempted to seat me and my dining partner at a table in the hallway while there were very good tables available within the restaurant and we had a reservation. This was bizarre, but we asked for a booth, and were accommodated. She left all 4 placesettings just walked away; our waiter removed the extra settings about 25 minutes later. It took our waiter ten minutes to come over and let us know he would be right with us. It was another five for someone to bring us bread and water, (though bread was warm, butter was soft); the waiter came back about twenty minutes after we'd been seated to take our appetizer/drink order. He was nice and apologetic, but still unacceptable for a restaurant of this caliber. Our water was refilled only once after having asked twice...even though bussers and the manager walked by several times. Our steak arrived underdone-- I'm not finicky but you'd expect a steakhouse to get it right on the first try. Our waiter noticed this and took it to be recooked. He initially left our side potatoes on the table, but then came back for them; by the time we got our food back, the steak was overcooked and the potatoes were soggy. After our check was dropped, our waiter came back and looked inside of it, even though it had clearly not been addressed. The busboy asked if we wanted our potatoes to go with our leftover steak; we said yes, but only meat was in our doggybags. For over $100 to share an entree, appetizer and a modestly priced bottles of Malbec, I would have expected the service to be significantly better. The ratio of servers to patrons was such that we could have easily been better tended. The manager walking back and forth without noticing or checking in was also quite annoying. Having worked at a waitress, I feel confident in saying that Ruth's Chris gets a 3/10 for service, especially for the price.

Food is amazing, service not so much..., 3/5/2008
Reviewer: angela from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I dined here for a belated Valentine's Day dinner. We did not have a reservation, so even though we had a poorly placed table right next to the bar area, I was happy that they were able to accomodate us. Apparently we had one server who was just in charge of getting us drinks, but he didn't do a very good job at it. My boyfriend had to ask for a diet coke at least 3 times, and when he finally brought it 20 minutes into our meal, he didn't apologize or anything. Refills were also extremely slow and it made it more difficult to enjoy our food because we were always waiting for beverages. As far as the food goes, it was fantastic. I had the Ruth's Chop Salad, and it was great. The calamari was probably the best I've ever had - it had a sweet Asian-flavored sauce that was just divine. I couldn't stop eating it! We also tried the seared ahi tuna and shrimp remoulade appetizers, which were good but not much different than any other ahi or shrimp I've had before. Our main courses were delayed, and we received an apology from the manager. I probably wouldn't have noticed the delay if she hadn't said anything. For my main course, I had the Australian lobster tail, which was complete with my own butter-melting station, and that was fantastic as well. The mashed potatoes were also wonderful. We were given a complimentary cheesecake, which we took home and enjoyed the next day, and it was soooo good. It was light and fluffy and covered in a tart berry sauce. Yum! Despite a few service snafus, I really enjoyed eating here, and would do it again for a special occasion.

high priced mcdonnalds service, 2/17/2008
Reviewer: cc from santa barbara, ca
I went here for a nice meal on valentines day. I knew that it would be expensive, but thought that the service and food would be something special. The food was absolutely delicious. Best steak ever! The same can't be said for the service. When I'm shelling out 150 bucks for dinner for two, i don't think that i should have to ask 3 times for a refil and 20 minutes later get it. Its rediculous, For 40dollar a la carte steaks, the service should be lacking nothing. I was very disappointed with the service and the way we were crammed in the restaurant. We were sat at an add on table right next to the kitchen. Every tray that came out of the kitchen was carried over our heads.

Expensive but worth it, 2/12/2008
Reviewer: Elaina from Goleta, CA
We came here just to try the place out. I knew it was going to be a bit pricey, and it certainly is. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the $40 menu items. My husband and I decided to share a ribeye steak, crab cake appetizer ($13), mashed potatoes, and some asparagus. It was the best steak I have had, possibly ever. I usually order steak rare, anticipating it being over done and getting medium rare -- this steak was the perfect rare steak. Well seared on the outside, and cool red in the center. Everything else we ordered was delicious too, but we were just amazed at the steak, because a nice rare steak is hard to come by. Service was amazing as well. We had a waiter and an assistant waiter who were very attentive. Our drinks were empty for about a minute, and when I caught the waiters eye he came over and profusely apologized (needlessly) and immediately came back with refilled drinks before I could even mention it. He also removed the drinks from our bill! It was very nice, considering they had been empty for a much shorter time that you would expect at most places! Overall it was fantastic, but I can understand people's hesitance because it is very, very expensive for an average night out. Save it for a special occation.

Uneven food, weak service, 2/3/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Reserved online for four, Monday 7pm, "birthday" optioned. Requested booth upon arrival, waited few extra minutes, got handed to hostess not told of booth, mistakenly taken to table. Nice decor, booths need higher noise-blocking partitions. Ordered four "glasses" of wine ($47), but were poured surprisingly tiny amounts in enormous glassware. Bread fresh, good texture, not particularly flavorful (Olive Garden breadsticks are more fun); not fully sliced, requiring unhygienic manual handling. Appetizer: onion rings, everyone agreed unimpressive. Chili's AwesomeBlossom or Outback BloominOnion much better. Severely understaffed. Employees young, inexperienced, poorly trained, rushed. Waitress only arrived to take/deliver orders/bill. (Amazing: restaurants haven't learned to put airline-style "call" buttons everywhere.) Often asked twice for service, then have server do things like pour one water then rush away forgetting to serve rest of table. Ordered ribeye, ribeye, filet, petite filet. Asked if boneless ribeye included lifter, waitress didn't know the jargon. Plates set crooked on table without hot warning; two of us ouch fingers straightening plates. Asked big filet to be butterflied/well, but they cooked it long as an unbutterflied, so inside extremely dry, outside burnt. Everyone shared/enjoyed chopped salad. Spinach au gratin generated no comments. Steak fries looked good but undercooked with inedible raw centers; deducted from bill. Sauteed spinach requested cooked with minimum oil, waitress suggested steamed instead, but dish delivered with so much butter applied the attempt to escape "oil" was futile. Everyone enjoyed their meat; one of us felt a "choice" Cool Hand Lukes Santa Maria ribeye is just as flavorful, or more so, at almost half cost of Ruths "prime". Waitress asks for dessert choices, reminded waitress of birthday, she then remembered to say dessert item complimentary, suggested chocolate cake (not on menu!), which all shared/liked, although served without candle, unlike birthday cakes seen delivered during previous two hours. Leftover containers: small burger clamshells, although colorful handled bags included. Bottom line: uneven food, high prices, weak service will keep us from returning.

Don't BUTTER me up too much, 2/2/2008
Reviewer: Norm from SB
Food was well prepared except for all that extra butter. Plates are greased up with butter needlessly, just way too much but it's still their signature presentation (request for butter on the side instead). The salads and sides are good. Great porterhouse. Terrific ambience-modern, spacious & elegant. Excellent Service. Don't miss the banana cream pie & delicious coffee.

Six f at Ruth's Cris, 1/12/2008
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
I pity any restaurant that gets all six of us at one time as we are a combination of restaurant owners, chefs, and caterers. But we went to Ruth's Cris last evening and it was flawless. Not even the annoying questions from the know it all chef, nor the rude demanding caterer could deter the fine quality of service. Yes it's expensive, it has to be, no. 1 to afford the rent in SB, no. 2 to serve the quality of food and beverage, and no. 3 to look as beautiful as it does. My goal is to go back often, either for full dinner service or to sit at the bar for a drink and appetizer.

Over the top service!, 1/9/2008
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
Dined here with the fam. Service was outstanding, truly over the top. Food was equally as impressive. Calamari appetizer was out off this world! Chopped Salad was great, while the bisque could have been better. Sizzling steaks were great, although the shrimp entree I ordered was a bit rich, even for my taste! Deserts were amazing!! Yumm. Will definitely be back, will just choose salad and steak next time.

Amazing Dinner, 12/30/2007
Reviewer: G from Santa Barbara
My boyfriend and I went here for dinner recently. Jake & Sharon waited on us, and they did a great job. We ordered the shrimp appetizer and they made sure to bring us extra bread for the sauce in our shrimp. I ordered a glass of champagne and my boyfriend ordered a martini. Drinks and apps were great and got to us quickly. We ordered a bottle of wine to have with dinner, and I was even impressed with the extensive wine list. We both had the Filet and two sides: mashed potatoes and asparagus. I couldn't believe what a large portion they brought of mashed potatoes! The steak was cooked to perfection and everything right on down to the bread & butter was amazing. Really really enjoyed our dinner and will definitely be back!

Nice Decor and Great Food & Service, 12/28/2007
Reviewer: ChinMan from Long Beach, CA
We are from the Long Beach area and decided to spend the weekend in SB. Since my wife had never been to RC (but has been to Flemings quite often), I decided to treat her for a special dinner. And we were not disappointed. We started off with the large scallops appetizer, followed by her Cowboy ribeye and my NY strip, with asparagus and scalloped spuds. Each had a glass of red wine (cab and merlot) followed by a chocolate cake dessert. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening as well as our waiter (Ted from Boston) and table attendant (Tyler from San Diego). We had reservations and were seated right away in a nice large booth. Will definitely come back again since it was a leisurely and very enjoyable dining experience. CHEERS AND BON APPETIT!!!!

Three Strikes, You're Out, 12/21/2007
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
1. First visit: Ordered a Patron Margarita at the bar. Price was $13.25. Worst margarita I've had in years. It was all mix. I told the bartender and he graciously remade it. New drink was better but still typical of a mid-market restaurant--all mix. I had a ravioli appetizer that was good. 2. Second Visit: Met a friend at the bar. After no service for 5 minutes, I flagged the bartender who gave us a drink menu, but never returned. After another 10 minutes of waiting, unable to get anyone's attention to order, we left. 3. Third Visit: Ate dinner with the family. Asked several times for water before it arrived. We ordered 3 appetizers and 3 entrees, no sides. They brought the wrong salad to my wife, remade it and brought the wrong dressing. Wedge salad was not very good. French onion soup was very good. Asked for water refills several times before they arrived. Entrees arrived, but they weren't ours and were for another table. When ours came, they were wrong. We ordered 2 steaks with au poivre (peppercorn) sauce--they came with hot grilled peppers on top instead. To fix it, they scraped hot peppers off and poured au poivre sauce on. The steaks still tasted like spicy peppers. Overall cost was $150 plus tip for 3 apps and 3 entrees (no sides, no drinks, no desserts). For this price the service should be outstanding.

must re-train wait staff, 12/20/2007
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa barbara ca
my husband and I went for our 16th anniversary, steak came out OK, side dishes are nice portioned. our waiter is quite nice, but there's this waiter walk over my head twice with a hot tray of food. I complaint to the manager, she apologized, it happened again, a tray full of hot sizzling steak over my head, after unloaded the food to his table, he walked back to the using the waiter's asile. my birthday is coming up , guess where my husband made the reservation?? this time around he reserve the wine room-make sure no one walk their hot tray of food over my HEAD AGAIN!!!

Great Drinks, Pricey, looking forward to dinner, 12/17/2007
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara
I met a date here for drinks - service was great, and I saw a lot of friends in the bar area. Drinks were great, and generous, but not overly generous like you get at Chads, Joes, or Harry's... but very well prepared drinks. I'm looking forward to dinner here.

A welcome to the Santa Barbara restaurant scene, 12/15/2007
Reviewer: Stan from Santa Ynez
Four of us had dinner on a Sunday evening. First, this restaurant is new and there is a learning curve to be developed. Most new restaurants start slowly and build their clientele; Ruthís is different because their reputation precedes their arrival. When we arrived the restaurant was packed with everyone having a good time. The dťcor is definitely upscale. Now with all that said, the service was not up to par with other high end eateries that we have been to. I attribute this to being a new operation. Our food was not sizzling when it arrived after all the hype by our server; one order was completely wrong and had to be sent back. The sides were not hot as well. However we did not complain as we were having great conversation at our table and didnít want the hassle and disruption. The food quality is another story. This is where other SB restaurants can take a lesson. Steaks were perfect, taste and tenderness. I will definitely go back. You need to plan and make a reservation in order to not get frustrated by having to wait and then sit at a table not of your choosing.

Consistent, 12/10/2007
Reviewer: Darnel from Santa Barbara
The thing I like about Ruth's Chris is consistent quality. I've eaten at several Ruth's Chris Steakhouses across the country and the Santa Barbara location is no different. If you want a cheap steak there are more than enough places in this town for you. I hear Sizzler is very popular. I hate cheap steak and poor service, so I will continue to dine at Ruth's Chris. When friends come in from out of town, I know I can take to Ruth's Chris for a quality dinning experience they'll enjoy. Now if only a quality Italian (one without 15 different pasta and pizza entrees)restaurant would open.

A step up, 12/7/2007
Reviewer: JT from Santa Barbara, CA
First off, I'm really happy theres finally an 'upscale' restaurant in the La Cumbre area. Ruth's Chris is very nice on the inside. Great booths, lighting, and ambiance. The service was fantastic too. We had a very informative and friendly waitress, our glasses were never empty and it was easy to get her attention. The food came out well (the bread was freshly baked, nice touch), the steaks were excellent, and the mashed potatoes so-so. My only complaint is that its very expensive. Don't get me wrong, you're getting great quality and everything, but I think the prices are a bit more inflated than they probably need to be. Overall, Ruth's Chris is a good place for a special occasion.

Hit or miss, 12/7/2007
Reviewer: Steven James from sb, ca
I have been to Ruth's Chris a few times now, and I have had entirely different experiences. I came in with my wife and ate at the bar my first visit and the bar tender Isaac was genuine and professional- and the mojitos was great. Our filet and ribeye were cooked to perfection and the overall experience was good. However, my second visit was not as pleasant. After waiting for a table for 45 minutes to no avail, I finally took a seat at the bar. The girl bar tender was cold and seemingly confused. My food took too long and the experience was not a positive one. Perhaps when things settle down Ruth's Chris will become more consistent.

It's a special place!, 12/6/2007
Reviewer: Carrie from Santa Barbara
My boyfriend and I went to dinner there last night. We were very excited to try it! The design of the restaurant is amazing- it is beautifully done! We had a huge meal. We started with the wonderful crab stuffed mushrooms and they were delish!! Then we moved onto the lobster bisque, which was so decadent and amazing! Next was the Ceasar salad...again very good. For dinner, I had the veal chop which was divine! I nearly picked up the bone and ate every last bite. My boyfriend had the ribeye and devoured it. We got really heavy sides, which I probably wouldn't do again. We had asparagus with hollandaise, ziti with cheese sauce, and broccoli o'grautin. The best was the asparagus- but all were good. We will definitely go back, probably not for another month though. You can only pig out like that once in a while. There is nothing like it in Santa Barbara!! Oh, and our bartender, Markus, poured a fantastic drink too!!

Fine food and fine service, 12/5/2007
Reviewer: Liza and Mark from Montecito, CA
Finally, My husband and I have been waiting for another good restaurant to surface. We went last week on Monday expecting it to be slow but it was packed. The large open room and service reminded us of Lawry's of Beverly Hills. The steaks melt in your mouth. It also has a good wine list. It is not cramped like some of the other fine steak restaurants in Santa Barbara. It certainly stands up to its name. It's great for parties of 5 or more with room to spare. It will certainly become a favorite of ours.

RC could learn from Holdren's menu, 12/3/2007
Reviewer: Steve from Goleta
Was craving a steak there Saturady night. My wife and I dropped in for some wine and apps around 6:00. We sat at one of the cocktail tables as the bar was packed and not very inviting as the seats were crammed together. The atmosphere felt like a hotel lobby. The wine by the glass list was good though the pour seemed awfully light for such huge wine glasses and for $12. Nothing like Rodney's. The appetizer menu was pretty weak for a steakhouse(and no meat!) We tried the crab stuffed mushrooms-too salty and no evidence of any crab. The waitress suggested the ravioli and that was also too salty with a tasteless mushy filling. We then ordered(or tried to) a petit filet and were told they don't serve entrees at the cocktail tables. Almost everyone at the bar was dining on steak 5 ft away from us and even the mgr refused to serve us with no explanation! What a joke! We won't be back anytime soon as long as Holdren's, Rodney's and Shaloob are still around.

Great Experience, 12/3/2007
Reviewer: Daniel Diaz from Goleta Ca.
We ate there on Saturday night, and I thought it may have been the best filet mignon I have had in this town. I thought it was cooked to perfection. It's true there is a strong butter taste, I loved it, however it may not be to everyones taste, so be aware of that. The service was great and friendly. I for one am very happy to see a retaurant of this quality on this side of town. I found it to be excellent now, and will only get better.

Needs work in the kitchen STAT., 12/2/2007
Reviewer: Cheryl from Santa Barbara, Ca
We (party of 7) had dinner on the 1st of December at this location. None of us had ever tried a Ruth's before, but we are regulars at any Mortons, Lucky's in Santa Barbara and Strip Steak in Vegas eating at any of those at least twice a month. We were enthused to try a new steak house, but we were unimpressed by the food. We had 2 Cowboy cuts one med and one very rare, they presented them to the wrong people which would not have been a problem, but one had a blue cheese crust and thus couldn't be switched with the other person. We sent the very rare steak back and they "reheated" it, which was bad and now it was med, but has lost it's appeal. Without going into too many details about all the steaks, they were all prepared incorrectly based on requested doneness, that was a first for us anywhere. We had 2 lobsters, the flavor was good, but they were overcooked and a little tough by a few min, such an easy fix. As for the sides, the broccoli seemed as if it had been frozen, not the big fat fresh pieces you get at Morton's. The mashed potatoes were so so. The Asparagus was thin and weak looking. Strip Steak also uses butter on their steaks, but the flavor is on a whole different level, richer, more tender. The Sin cake was great, we loved the intense dark chocolate flavor. Service.......So, I'm going to get a little picky here. Our hostess was lovely, seating was prompt and friendly. 2 waiters? What were their jobs? It seems like there were no specific duties for either one and therefor, no real feeling of attention. No real attention to silverware, we were missing pieces during service and I was served my coffee with no spoon. The waiter caught it and I was given a spoon shortly after. No one to pull the ladies chairs out when seated? We brought 2 very different small lot wines to pair with our meals at a 25.00 per bottle corkage, and we were asked if we would like a new set of glasses instead of just being presented with the glasses which is customary. Overall, Ruth's has the appearance of a fine dining establishment but appearances can be deceiving.

Good but its not Luckys, 11/25/2007
Reviewer: R Williams from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Ruth's Chris before, in other cities and have always been very pleased. Our drinks in the bar were wonderful. Our bartender Isaac, was very friendly and helpful. We ordered the tomato onion salad which is a favorite. The tomatoes were light pink and hard - just like in most restaurants. Our server was Cameron. He was friendly and attentive even though he was clearly busy. The blood rare cowboy cut was slightly over cooked and overly salty, as was the sauteed spinach. We had to send the spinach back for another order which was less salty but still overly salty. If not for the salt, our entree would have been excellent. Management was very nice and bought us desert to compensate for the salt. It is a very large space and lacks the cozy Santa Barbara feel that we are so used to. However, it is great to have a good restaurant in the upper State area. I will most certainly be back for cocktails and will give it another try.

On the other hand...., 11/23/2007
Reviewer: roger from Santa Barbara, Ca
We arrived on opening night at 7:00, and were led directly to our table. The place is very nicely done, great remodel of the space. We had no confusion with the service; it was very attentive, and our courses came perfectly timed. I, too was distressed by the butter on the steak..... just kidding!! The added butter gave the steak a sizzle and a rich flavor. I had the cowboy ribeye- done perfectly to the degree of doneness I asked for. Everything we ordered was prepared and presented nicely by an efficient waitstaff- not bad for the first night! There is nothing "fancy" about the food, per se: just well prepared "american" recipes. Would (and will) go again.

Not Worth The Hype, 11/20/2007
Reviewer: Danny M from Santa Barbara, Ca
Went opening night at 7:30, They did a great job inside, the place is very nice, very well decorated, and overall the atmosphere was great. The service was really good, the only complaint I had was that it was too confusing, there were too many people assisting each table. The prices are not that bad at all. There were two of us we ordered lobster bisque, creaser salad, two filets, shoestring fries, and backed ziti and cheese. Lobster bisque was different but ok, had much better in town, creaser was good and presented well, fries and ziti and cheese were both very good, and presented very nice. The steaks, were very bad, they tasted like butter and not like steak. I understand that's the way itís served, but it really had a bad taste. I never spent so much time eating a filet. The butter on plate is just so overwhelming that itís really bad. Although the meat was very tender. The dessert was good and very rich we had the chocolate sin cake. Overall the service was great, atmosphere great, food just ok. I would be pressed to give it another try, maybe the steak without the butter.

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