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South Coast Deli - Chapala St
1436 Chapala St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 560-9800

Reviews by the General Public

Poor consistency in product.
Reviewer: Msbness from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered the chicken salad over the basic green salad. Added a side of sprouts and avocado. The sprouts were plentiful (cheap) but the side of avocado for which they charge a premium was literally one transparent slice. One! It was about 1/32 of an inch. What a joke. The salad was also overwrought w red onions. No balance. It was not edible other than the chicken salad. It's unfortunate because I work across the parking lot from them and the staff is great. I will go elsewhere from now on. This is but one negative incident. I wish they had more competition in that area across from the school and surrounded by so many businesses. A food truck would kill it there at noon everyday.

Excellent service and great deli-style food!
Reviewer: Roz from Santa Barbara, CA
The service at South Coast Deli is fantastic! The best! Richie and the gang anticipate the customer's needs before one has to ask! The salads and panini are fresh and tasty! The atmosphere is friendly and clean!

Someone new making the sandwiches today?
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Inedible and South Coast is something I have never had to say before. Ordered the special - Cranberry Turkey. Wow total lack of turkey - more like scraps. Pretty disgusting and the bread was soaked with the condiments and fell completely apart. Never had such a mess from there before, I threw it out.

Good food - loud music
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
Today my husband and I stopped in for lunch. It was a bit chilly outside and we would have preferred to sit inside but the music (some kind of rap) was playing so loudly we decided to sit outside. The food is always good, however, I wish they would offer half size portions on their salads. The salads really don't keep well so taking the leftovers home was not an option.

Good but could be better
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been eating sandwiches and salads from SCD for many years. The menu is great. The sandwiches are good, but I usually like to order a toasted sandwich like the south coast turkey and it is always cold. The bread is a little toasted but the turkey and cheese inside the sandwich are always cold and it's always been that way. It would be nice to order a toasted sandwich and actually have the sandwich be warm. The service is hit or miss. Last time I was there I ordered a sandwich without tomatoes and the girl at the counter told me it doesn't have tomatoes but I was staring right at the menu and could clearly see that the sandwich had tomatoes on it and I pointed it out to her but she didn't seem to care and when I got my sandwich it had tomatoes. Not the end of the world but a little annoying and weird.

Breakfast sandwiches you'll crave
Reviewer: Rochelle from Santa Barbara, CA
SCD's breakfast sammies are fantastically delicious. Awesome combinations that are sure to pop your taste buds and fill your stomach.

Changes Are Working
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
I first ate at SCD at the Goleta location sometime in 2003. Up until about a year or two ago I always thought SCD was just ok, not terrible, but not great and many of my coworkers felt the same way. I'm not sure when it happened, but the menu got a little life injected into it and now I gotta say this is one of my favorite lunch spots in town. I used to work in Goleta so I went to that location for a while, now I'm downtown right inbetween the Chapala & Carrillo location so I go to both, depends on which way I feel like walking. I've been trying different sandwiches everytime I go and I'm rarely disappointed, currently I'm hooked on the roast beef hottie 88. Never had an issue with the service especially at the Carrillo location, they've got their act together.

Consistently Good
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
So stoked SCD is close to my house. Turkey bacon is my favorite. Staff is on it; first rate.

Great Sandwiches, Fast spot, Super Staff
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in there this Friday for a work Lunch and it was packed like the DMV. The line was through the deli and out the door, almost turned me around. At the counter the cashier was super helpful with my order and even asked if I needed help to my car, cause it was a LARGE one. When I returned to the office I noticed it got really silent, everyone was stuffing there faces. I had the Phatty on toasted Rye. Lunch was Great! Everyone wants to make it a Friday tradition. They even put a few cookies in the bag unknowingly to me;) I could'nt bring myself to share them with my co-workers, they were So Good!

Salad not so great
Reviewer: Elena Yee from Santa Barbara, CA
I usually get their sandwiches which are really good. I decided this time to get one of their salads and I wasn't impressed at all. The greens were essentially the shredded lettuce they put into their sandwiches and the tri-tip was pretty tasteless. The dressing seemed watery. I'll stick with their sandwiches.

Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
Tried this SCD location for the first time on Saturday with a first-time sandwich choice. Wow, the Robert Emmet is delish and packed! Service was quick and I haven't been satisfied with a sandwich in awhile! Will be back if / when I'm in the area...

Reviewer: Angelique from Santa Barbara, CA
If they ever have the chicken picatta panini of the week on the board.. order it! You will not be dissapointed!!! I have to say there has been a couple people that have come through this place with not the best attitudes.. but most of the workers are pretty nice! Hopefully they have weeded out the ones that didnt belong working with people. I've liked this spot for a while but had to write a review today because my chicken caesar Sammie was huge!! Felt like I got the best deal ever! It's one of my top 3 fav. from SCD! Also LOVE the Marks Panini and pretty much everything else I've tried!!

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