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Park Place Deli
403 Pueblo St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 879-8534

Reviews by the General Public

Park Place Deli is great and priced right!, 12/7/2017
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here often as it is just a few blocks from where I live. I can say I have never had anything I didn't like. Great food at a great price. I assume they are subsidized by the hospital otherwise I am not sure how they could serve food this good at the price they charge. Healthy tasty choices and daily specials for under 10 bucks. How can you go wrong? Friendly help always ready to answer questions and a casual atmosphere. I hear the coffee is good but I don't drink coffee so can't give a first hand review there.

try 4 yourself
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Good coffee and food at reasonable prices. The place is clean and friendly. Across the street from the hospital.

Reviewer: Marlen from Santa Barbara, CA
Put your menu on line so we don't have to call for the day; also, you have some delicious items, but once awhile you need some fresh items. Employees are incredibly helpful; (don't sigh when they hear my voice, asking once again for lunch). No fresh menues available on Saturdays. I work close by, so I eat takeout every day (and feed my family most days) from your facillity, which is probably the biggest compliment I can give you! Just update your menus once in awhile! MT

Bad Phone Manners Lost My Business
Reviewer: A from Santa Barbara, CA
I called to ask about today's special. The woman spoke with such a thick accent I couldn't understand anything other than pork ribs. There were 2 specials. I asked the price of the ribs and she said she didn't know. She set the phone down and I heard her talk to customers. I waited 5 minutes. When she didn't get back to me I hung up. I have never eaten at this place so I can't comment about the food. This call, and lack of customer service, made me decide not to eat there. I heard the food is just average. There are plenty of other places with good food and good service in Santa Barbara to chose from. I hope the deli gets better service because it's a good location.

Best deal in the 'hood!
Reviewer: Cynthia from Santa Barbara, CA
There is no place else in Santa Barbara with a cedar planked salmon dinner at this price or even close. It's served once a week (call ahead for weekly menu choices on Sunday or Monday), usually has been on Tuesday or Wednesday; don't wait until 6 PM, it's really popular with locals in the know, or call ahead for a 4-pack at $20. Check out salad sampler at lunch and other specials. Other great choices: Pork Loin with Madeira Sauce, Chicken Picatta, Rotisserie Chicken (quarter?). Could skip meat loaf, blackened chicken. Across from Cottage Hospital, Pueblo & Castillo. Has Peet's Coffee.

Nice people, food not there
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Sandwich was one of the worst I have had, it had an olive in it which was not pitted and the tuna was really dry. The people were nice. Had a nice sitdown ambiance across from the hospital. Called Park place because its next to the parking structure. Sides were just Ok. Food seemed just a notch above Hospital Cafeteria quality.

Not bad considering the hospital owns it
Reviewer: marla from Santa Barbara, CA
They try really hard here. They have an interesting array of food ( unfortunately it stays for a long time under light lamps which is not an improvement.) But considering that Cottage hospital has something to do with it ( Cottage makes food that is completely unrecognizable as food- some of the absolute worst ever food anywhere. If the drugs at the hospital don't kill you their food will- order out from Park place if you have to stay in the hospital) I have had some really yummy breakfast hereat Park Place. Thursday they serve eggs Florentine and their hollandaise is not bad! On wednesday they have lemon ricotta pancakes which are so popular I have never made it in time to get them. They have a bagel bar- (though all their cream cheese is lite - I would like to see on full fat cream cheese as it isn't the fat but the additives that are the issue) But it is a nice presentation they Serve Peets coffee. Which must be a big improvement for the local docs and nurses as the dark roast has less acid in it and is better for their stomachs on those all nighters. I would suggest regular visits from the Peets training staff ,when they hire new help as the wrong temp of milk and improper foaming can ruin the great coffee. And last time I was there the foam bubbles were too large an indication of improperly steamed milk, I know Peets res go out to help the places that serve the coffee. But Surprisingly this place is good- The people who work there are warm, helpful and the assortment of food choices is good too. Forego the cottage hospital cafeteria food and take your food in from here.

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