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Fresco Cafe North
No longer in business
Opened: 2008-05 Closed: 2015-07

5940 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 692-8999

Reviews by the General Public

Named changed to The Fig Grill, 7/21/2015
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
The Govender Family, owners of Fresco Café North, have renamed the restaurant "The Fig Grill." The emphasis of the new restaurant will be small plates and craft beers.

Awesome catering for our wedding rehearsal, 4/3/2015
Reviewer: Jennifer from Oakland, CA
We hired Matt and his team to do the catering for our Rehearsal Dinner out at Live Oak Camp in September. We were unable to try any of the catering we chose because we live up in the Bay Area but we went with Fresco Cafe North's catering of a Taco Buffet. While preparing for the event Matt was real responsive and was nice enough to meet me at the venue once for a walk through to make sure everything was conducive for his set up. Well, I do have to admit that I was a bit nervous serving Mexican food from a restaurant that was not a typical Mexican restaurant. I am a true Californian so I know what good Mexican food is. Plus, my husbands family from France was going to be there and I didn't know what they would think of it. This place exceeded my expectations entirely. The food was so good and we got nothing but raves from everyone, all the Californians AND the French. And the team Matt brought out was super friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend using them for catering.

Excellent rehearsal dinner, 10/24/2014
Reviewer: Clara from Goleta, CA
We asked to have a rehearsal dinner at Fresco North, as there were quite a few different dietary requirements in our 35 people party, from vegan to meat and everything in between, also 5 children in this party had to be happy with their meal. Everything was excellent, we had wait staff, I went ahead of time and decorated the tables. Fresco lit all the candles I had placed on the tables before we arrived. Menus were printed for this occasion, I was asked if we needed anything special for the bride and groom a few days before the event. The experience could not have been better. Everyone ordered what they liked, enjoyed it and had a great time. I eat at Fresco North quite often usually the quiche and salad and have never been disappointed. It is my favorite place to eat in Goleta, decent food at decent prices and I highly recommend this restaurant. Thank you for your wonderful care on October 18.

going back again , 9/27/2014
Reviewer: Mike F from Santa Barbara, CA
Haven't eaten here for a year but the restaurant we were going to was packed SO I thought it is close and I will try it again. Best Cesar Salad I have had in a long time. Fast service and good food. I will go back soon.

Bad tasting food!!, 5/4/2014
Reviewer: Ray from Santa Barbara, CA
After 3 years of going, not going, going again, we have finally thrown in the towel on Fresco. WE are actually willing to put up with the poor service we usually get, if we could only get some good tasting food. But, that is no longer possible - not when you get a salad with rotten avocados, green tomatoes, and ham that taste like Spam. Add to that, they always conveniently forget to give you bread on your to go order. I think they must give incentives for employees who withhold the bread!! Unless we specifically open up the bag and check, there is never bread!

Why they are still in business is a mystery, 7/10/2013
Reviewer: William from Santa Barbara, CA
Spotty / inconsistent food and staff that range from surly to completely incompetent. . . . what more can I say. They are conveniently located, but that's likely the only thing that would be attractive to would-be customers. Tried and re-tried them over the last 6 months, and they're 1-for-6 in having a decent (not excellent) meal. I've given up.

Great Food, High Prices, 5/13/2013
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
Family eats at Fresco North often. The food is fabulous, something on the menu for everyone. Favorites: Chicken wrap, gorgonzola walnut salad, and the club sandwich. Portions are large. Service is good. The only "issue" are the prices: very high, especially considering that it is a order at a counter, and they deliver the food type of place. I personally do not think that any sandwich should be priced higher than $9.99, whereas at Fresco, most sandwiches are around $13.95. They should consider reducing their margins, resulting in more business. Overall, great food, and high prices.

Great place but don't like the LCD TVs, 2/13/2013
Reviewer: Suzanne from Santa Barbara, CA
Fresco North is one of my favorite lunch spots and has been for quite some time. The food is great and so is the service. Recently, a couple of LCD TVs have been installed... why?? I go out to eat to have a relaxing experience and enjoy the food and conversation with my friends. I don't need to battle the din of ESPN or CNN in the background and the constant blipping of the TV screen is chaotic and distracting. Not to mention the TVs are near where you sit, so there is a ton of EMF toxicity directed right at your head. Fresco isn't a bar, so what purpose do the TVs serve? Is this a guy thing? Who wants to watch sports or news while eating out? I could just as well do this at home. Otherwise, the place is wonderful and I guess I'll have to wait until summer to eat there so I can eat outside.

Solid Choice for Dinner, 2/5/2013
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
My family eats at Fresco North about 6 times a year, and overall, enjoy the experience. Pros: menu is varied, with choices for all tastes. The food is well prepared, and serving size is generous. Cons: Ambiance is sterile, minimal decor. Prices are high for an order at the counter and have the food delivered concept. If all entrees were cut a few dollars, I would expect business to increase in volume, thus more than making up for the margin hit (from the owner's perspective). A sandwich and a small side salad should not be priced at $14. Seems excessive. Favorite meals: Turkey Club and the Walnut Gorgonzola salad. The wraps are very well prepared as well. Overall, Fresco is a solid choice for dinner. If they would cut prices a bit, and improve the ambiance, Fresco would dominate the Calle Real food scene!

pleasant surprise, 10/8/2012
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
I got a turkey sandwich with cranberries. You can find this combo in a lot of places, but here they included melted brie and it was quite tasty. I liked the gorgonzola (?) salad. We tried a few desserts, I recommend the mousse balls (sounds like a joke I know). I think the combination of ordering at the counter with waiter service works well. The waiters were all very attentive and we got service the instant we sat down. All in all a nice dining experience, wouldn't mind repeating.

My favorite restaurant, 2/27/2012
Reviewer: Elda Schaffield from Santa Barbara, CA
I think I eat at Fresco at least twice a week. The food is super good and fresh, like having a grandma cooking for us delicious home made food. Every day, some new delicious dish(s) is added to the menu's specials. Desserts are the best, even the pizza is excellent here! Staff is friendly, good service, good everything!

No longer a fan, 1/25/2012
Reviewer: M. Clark from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been long-time fan of Fresco since 1995. And have been regular at Fresco North for two years. But the last few times I've been there, service and overall experience has been mediocre. Just tonight at Fresco North, the woman at order counter was so sour she did not greet me, never smiled and barely mustered a thank you after I paid. While our server was friendly as he served the bread basket, he never returned again to check on us. My daughter said her penne "had hard things in it." It was undercooked. She's the one who asked "to go to Fresco"and she always orders the penne. But that was my last visit! A mediocre salad and kids pasta, with 2 drinks for $25! And they treat you like they just want to get you out the door! Fresco used to be good. What's happening?

I Love Fresco!!!!, 3/30/2011
Reviewer: Sam Rocha from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a 13 year old and I think I would die without Fresco!!! I frequently order the delicious pasta entrees! As well as the pasta meals I enjoy the fish and meat entrees! Although the food is amazing the desserts are to die for!!!!! All the different things just tickle my tastebuds!! I enjoy the cheesecakes, the cookies, the tiramisu, and of course the cupcakes! apart from the food the employees are always friendly and nice!!! I have NEVER had a bad experience at Fresco North

Fresh & Delicious Food with Good Service, 2/19/2011
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I visit Fresco several times a week and have been doing so for over two years. I have never had a bad experience. The staff is always friendly and the food is great. I've taken friends and family here and each time the experience was lovely with pleasant service and yummy food. It's true that they are very popular (especially for lunch) and they do get busy so I can imagine a cashier not being as attentive as they might be normally but never rude. If you are in a hurry just call ahead, they are very efficient and there is a separate window you can pay at if it's a pick up order. The menu is focused on fresh ingredients and they serve a wide variety of options. I'm a big fan of the Beach Sandwich, Fish & Chips (Friday Special), and of course their desserts. Thanks Fresco for two years of delicious food!

Three Disappintments, 2/8/2011
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived in Santa Barbara my whole life and have frequented Fresco many many times. However, after THREE recent experiences there I would no longer recommend this place. First off, I ordered a steak sandwich togo and when I got home I realized they had forgotten to put the steak on the sandwich, leaving me with only lettuce and cheese. I didn't let this one bad experience phase me so I kept going back (I should have checked my meal before I left). SECONDLY, I went to Fresco and was treated very rudely by one of the staff members during a rush hour. They seemed flustered and had a bit of an attitude. I also let this one go. Thirdly, I recommended my relatives to dine at Fresco. They had a chicken dish that turned out to be no good - they thought it might have been spoiled. I felt so bad that I was the one that recommended them. So, I have now decided not to recommend Fresco to my friends because of my experiences with poor customer service and bad food.

Good food, 8/17/2010
Reviewer: Alice from Santa Barbara, CA
First off the food was really good I enjoyed the fish tacos very much. The people there are very friendly. I got my food fast bread came as soon as I sat down and my salad right after me and my friends love it there and will come often. Someone there named Harley was very nice to us and made us feel comfortable I will definatly be back!

Rude employees- not worth the good food!, 7/7/2010
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered at the counter and when our food got to us, one of the items was not what we ordered. When we sent it back for the correct item, the girl behind the counter got really upset and said that our order was repeated back to us 3 times and now they have to throw this out... blah blah blah... (I guess the days of the customer always being right when out the window with the economy?!) She then proceeds to talk about it behind the counter loud enough for us to hear. Long story short, we left with our food uneaten. It was something so simple that they made into such a big deal and they were so rude and unprofessional about it. As much as I like the food, I will not go back- it's not worth it. I plan on telling all my friends about our horrible experience.

Owner's Daughter Needs To Take Managerial/Anger Lessons, 4/7/2010
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
My book club met at Fresco in Goleta since last year. We always sat at the same table and had a glass of wine (brought by us). Fresco decided to start charging us a small corkage fee, which is understandable, and then they changed it again without our knowledge. We casually told our waitress about our confusion, to which she relayed the message to the owner's daughter. Without warning she came up to our table huffing and puffing about a measly extra $5 that we had given our waitress. She disrespectfully gave back a $5 bill, explaining that we must need it more than she, and threw a tantrum like it was right out of a teen movie. Needless to say we had mediocre meals and amazingly horrible service. Apparently it isn't the first time and some Cottage Hospital employees now refuse dining there as well...Smart thinking. I have now taken my business and better tips to Mediterra Cafe (whom are much more accommodating, friendly with grade A food.) Why bite the hand that pays your bills?! *****Fresco=horrible experience******

Great Food, Great Menu Selection, 3/26/2010
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is fresh and the specials are creative and timely. The owner goes out of his way to ensure a great experience. The cashier remembers locals names. We need more restaurants like this in Goleta!

Bad Service, 2/5/2010
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
Never Again! We ordered a cupcake that was to be delivered to our table which never happend. When the girls went up to retrieve it they were pushed to the side and the casheer helped the family in back of them.I was watching the whole thing happen. While the girls were coming back to the table empty handed I was on my way up. I had to wait for two more families to be helped until I finally got to the counter. I was not happy. I was upset and explained why. She denied the whole thing then got the staff involved. Her MANAGER(the owner) decided to come to the table and tell me what a "WONDERFUL" worker she is. I was shocked.A "WONDERFUL" worker would have helped the girls since they were next in line NOT push them to the side and hope someone else would take care of them.Even after this whole thing, this "WONDERFUL" employee decided to tell the rest of the staff what happend and we had to finish our dinner with all of them staring at us. Talk about uncomfortable.I guess your definition of a "WONDERFUL" employee is differnt than mine.Your "WONDEERFUL" employee lost you two loyal families who have been supporting you since the beginning.

Always soooo good. I'm addicted., 1/28/2010
Reviewer: Matt M from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here about 2-3 times a week and always order the Beach sandwich with carmelized onions. My wife is hooked on the fish and chips that they have on special on Fridays. We always see the owner, Indras, there and he runs one tight ship. The employees are all so friendly and keep the place clean. I'm addicted and will be back many more times!

Soupy Sandwich!!!! Yuck!, 1/25/2010
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara
About 3 wks ago I ordered one of my favorites- the grilled eggplant sandwich. I have never ordered it from the Goleta location but have had it many times in SB over the years. It has been a while since Ive eaten at either location, but was working at home in Goleta one day and decided to get the eggplant sandwich to go. What A MISTAKE !! It was awful!! First of all it wasnt even cut in half when I got it home, I attempted to cut it in half with a seriated knife and it just fell apart - it was complete mush! I attempted to peeled some of the bread to remove some of the gosh awful, mushy, over marinated, OILY OILY, eggplant because they put twice as much in it as they usually do...of course the bread was so oily it just completely fell apart; I took two bites and through it away! What a waste of 12 bucks - might as well have taken 12-13 dollar bills and crumpled them up and through in the trash. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

The soup is amazing, 11/25/2009
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I have eaten in the restaurant at Fresco North and gotten take out for a total of about 6 dinners, and the food has always been fabulous. The soup is fresh and extremely tasty, and the gorgonzola salad is to die for. The service has always been extremely friendly and quick. The bread to accompany the soup is good, but it would be nice to have a wheat variety and a bit more taste to it. Otherwise, I highly recommend Fresco North!

We Love Fresco North, 11/24/2009
Reviewer: Audrey from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to say I was disappointed reading all of the reviews. We've eaten at Fresco North at least a dozen times since they opened and we've only had one error, which was correct immediately. We've always experienced friendly staff and great food.

bummer., 11/20/2009
Reviewer: sara from Santa Barbara, CA
we love the original fresco and were excited when they opened a location on calle real because it's closer to our home but we'll never go to this location again. we'd had multiple disappointing experiences at fresco north - and we'd say that we weren't going to go there anymore, let some time pass, then give in to the convenience and get dinner there... then we'd say the same thing: never again. the food is average at absolute best - and they always mess up one critical thing which is super awesome when you discover their oversight or mistake when you get home. it's really too bad that the difference in quality of the food between the two locations is so huge... our meals tonight were literally inedible and a complete and total waste of time and money.

Reviewer: Ashley from Goleta/ Santa Barbara, CA
OH MY GOSH! THESE EMPLOYEES HERE ARE SO RUDE! Their food isn't bad, I like the split pea soup, but when I called on a Sunday evening just ot order for pick-up, the guy on the phone was like YOU REALLY NEED TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND I DONT HAVE TIME TO ANSWER QUESTIONS. I'm not going to be rushed into something I DO NOT want! BASICALLY saying he doesnt have time for their costumers... OK i got it! you might have been busy with other people at the order line, then be nice and put me on hold. Since he didn't, it completely ruined my night. I felt very offended. Not worth the soup, or my money. I THREW AWAY their menu's at my hotel for guests. No longer recommending this restaurant.

Disappointed tonight., 10/5/2009
Reviewer: Terri Goebal from Santa Barbara, CA
I am very sorry to report my sadness and disappointment tonight after eating the food I picked up for tonight's dinner from Fresco. My husband and I are both busy progessionals and we get take out food at various reatuarants in Goleta 3-4 nights per week. Fresco has been a staple since it opened but probably will no longer be an option. First, they were understaffed. and although there was a line of people picking up takeout, there wasn't a soul in the restaurant seated. (this was 5:30 pm) The guy at the register could not handle it at all. He was friendly enough but obviously stressed. They seem to have difficulty providing receipts for people as I have had trouble trying to get them to give me one. This guy spent about 3 minutes looking through receipts in the trash for the woman in front of me. I was stunned! Anyway, upon getting home and sitting down to eat, (we both loved the soup-always good!) But when eating our turkey wrap we kept pulling out what was suppose to be tomatoes but were pure white core of the tomato. I guess the person in front of us must have gotten the actual tomato and we just got all the cores. Disgusting! We pulled them all out and got our Von's tomatoes as substitutes. The bacon was 100% fat and my husband's half didn't get any at all. Not to go on and on...I reccommend you just go somewhere else. This restaurant will not last too much longer in this economy.

stale cupcakes, 8/30/2009
Reviewer: karen smith from Santa Barbara, CA
I like heading to Fresco for a casual tasty dinner. No reservations required and you don't have to fight the parking lot like at la Cumbre. Had pan seared halibut..very tasty. Decided to get dessert and ordered a coconut was stale. It costs more than $6 for a cupcake and a cup of coffee...toss the 3 day old product. The other fresco sells day old cupcakes for 1/2 price..and I have taken them to the office and no one knew. This was older than day old and full price. Shame on you.

Not health conscious at all!!, 5/12/2009
Reviewer: Lydia from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the baked macaroni dish special. I was told with much mouth watering enthusiasm that I will never look at macaroni and cheese the same again. I was really looking forward to the baked macaroni however when it arrived I took a few bites and was thoroughly disgusted. It looked like a box of macaroni was just thrown into a ceramic bowl with a stick and a half of butter and some dry cheese crumbs tossed on top. I was expecting some mélange of melted cheeses but no it was just butter, lots and lots of it. A six year old could have done better. One stick of butter contains 810 calories all of which are from fat which makes up 141% daily value of fat and 290% of sat fat. And with the cholesterol!! Its ridiculous! It looked and tasted like there could have been two sticks! This could seriously be dangerous to anyone with a health condition. I told the waiter to inform the cook of this "special" entree. He didn't even offer another food item. It is just disappointing that a reputable restaurant wouldn't be reasonably conscious of the healthiness of their meals.

If you like Fresco food come here, 3/8/2009
Reviewer: Matthew from Santa Barbara, CA
If you like the food at Fresco on state come here and you won't be disappointed. The atmosphere is a little confused. They are trying to be Fresco on state, but still use the pepsi-cola glasses form when it was Gios. But, nonetheless I have been twice and both times gotten the veggie burger and garden salad with balsamic. Both choices are amazing -especially if you are a veggie like me!

Goleta's Restaurant for Amazing Food!, 1/7/2009
Reviewer: Lori from Santa Barbara, CA
Fresco Cafe North is an upscale restaurant with amazing food, friendly staff and the right price point for excellent quality. The owner and staff appreciate customer loyalty and go out of their way to ensure satisfaction. Delicious and Healthy!

Mmmmm Yummy!, 12/17/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I always crave Fresco when I'm at school. I came back for break and this was the first place I went. I love how close it is to my house and the parking is so much better. The service was great and the food was just as I remembered it, delicious!

We still miss Giovanni's, 12/13/2008
Reviewer: Carl from Goleta, CA
We tried this place for the third (and last) time this weekend. The service was timely and friendly. The wife got salad & a pizza slice and I got soup & a pizza slice. She got a glass of white wine and I got a glass of red wine. The soup was so-so. The salad was fine; but the pizza was not edible. We quietly finished our wine, draped our pizza with napkin shrouds and went across the drive to Takenoya's.

Good food and service, wonderful location, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
First things first, do not buy baked goods here. They are NOT as delicious as the ones you'll find at Fresco in five points. However, everything else they serve is just as good if not better, plus they have better service. The sandwices there are delicious, I've tried many of them! Their soups are hit and miss, they like to puree things. The specials are varied and never get old. The service is prompt, polite and accomodating. Plus, unlike the five points location, they are open Sundays! While I wouldn't ever buy cupcakes here anymore, I prefer their sandwiches, soups, calzones, etc. to the location off La cumbre. Keep up the great work!

Great food; fair prices, 11/28/2008
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
Having eaten at this location when it was a pizza place, I was expecting more a pizza place with real food. I was pleasantly surprised that the ambiance, the food and the experience are totally different now. My meal was excellent and my family members enjoyed theirs as well. The desserts were a problem-only because we could not decide what to order and share. (Ultimately we picked two; outstanding.) Overall, I was very impressed and will make this one of our regular dining spots.

Food Adequate but for price did not knock my socks off, 11/12/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not sure I understand the Fresco hoopla. The food was Ok, for the price I was expecting more. To not have cashews or some form of nut in a chinese chicken salad(even Jack in the Box has shredded almonds!) seems to be cutting back. Most of the stuff on the menu was standard fare, the specials did look interesting and I should have tried one of those. I guess I don't get the draw to go here. Server seemed out of it. I don't see myself going back, I wonder if they will survive as that building has had two other occupants in the last five years.

Fresco North is just fine, 9/17/2008
Reviewer: Dustin from Goleta, California
I seem to have the opposite experience, as Fresco North is preferential to the Five Points location in atmosphere and seems to have a bit of an edge on food. I don't fret over service jitters in new establishments, particularly when the location has become very popular very fast. Goleta has been waiting for a restaurant like this, and the locals obviously appreciate it. My wife and I enjoy lunch and dinner here when we can make it. We both love the chicken tortilla soup, and she particularly likes the chocolate cupcakes (they're ridiculously huge). I personally enjoy the ahi tuna wrap. Though we've not gone through most of the menu, we've tried enough to know that we'll be repeat customers. Also, all the wait staff have been very friendly, and very apologetic when things have not come out just as planned. I get less from establishments that are well reviewed in Santa Barbara. Have patience folks.

one of my favorite restaurants, 9/13/2008
Reviewer: Becca from Santa Barbara, CA
I am reading all the reviews, and I am shocked at the bad ones. I love Fresco in 5 points but live in Goleta so was thrilled when Fresco North opened. Every time I go (about once a week) the service and food are great. My only small suggestion would be to put cheese on the foccacia bread, it makes it so much better! :)

Good food., 9/9/2008
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been there 3 or 4 times now after passing by many times. I am glad we stopped, and we will return. I think <$10 price rating is inaccurate--you will pay more to eat there. We are couple who have averaged about $30 altogether each time.

Food delicious, service lacking, 9/8/2008
Reviewer: Jan Griffin from Santa Barbara, CA
We've eaten several times and the food is outstanding. We've taken several guests and they have enjoyed it as well. That being said, the service is lacking. We had to ask for everything we needed; service setup, bread, water, things that we feel should be provided by a server. It would be helpful to those who count calories to have some kind of idea of the ingredients and/or calories consuming for the salads, dressings, etc.

it was great!, 9/7/2008
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Goleta, CA
This was my first time having Fresco period. I have to say that I really enjoyed my turkey burger and salad. The taste was great! I'm definitely going there again despite some of the reviews I've read.

Lunch service was bad, 9/5/2008
Reviewer: Nancy Sirs-Rawls from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a regular Fresco customer at 5 Points and Goleta. I have noticed a few bumps in service at Fresco North in the past but today was just terrible! I was at lunch with 5 of my co-workers. One co-worker ordered first and another ordered for the 4 of us. The latter order came after about 20 minutes as it was very busy. The other co-worker never received her lunch! She asked about her order about 30 minutes after she food after 45 minutes. Thank heavens Mark was there. I told my co-worker to complain to him. Not only did she get her lunch (to go order) 5 minutes later but her lunch was comped. If it were not for Mark, my co-worker would have never been served. I realize that lunch is a busy time but the manager needs to train his staff to accommodate busy working customers on their lunch hour. I will probably come back to Fresco North for dinner which seems to have better service but not at lunchtime.

Fresco Cafe North writes: Thanks for writing a review on Fresco North Cafe. Sorry to hear that your experience was not up to par. We know that it will take time to settle in and assure all customers that we will be consistent with service as well as food. In the meantime, please keep sharing with us. In the end, it will make us better and you a happier client. Jill Brouillard
Reviewer: Cody from goleta, CA
first i would like to say there is nothing wrong with this resturant. infact its expential. however the la cumbre/ 5 points location is better. for the following reasons: has live music has better atmosphere better service maybe slighty better food? since i live in goleta and dont want to waste gas i go this location. being a college student on a tight budget this place is great. i usually just get a sandwhich and salad or pasta and salad. its lasts me the whole day and it only costs 10-15 bucks. you can take out (which is what i usually do). all and all this is great place but if you are closer to la cumbre or dont mind the travel DEF go there.

Place look great, 8/16/2008
Reviewer: vinesh teeluckdhari from south africa
Congratulations Indras and Tilly on the opening of your new business,Fresco North wishing you all the best. Regards Vinesh and Vanessa

It is not as good as I epected it to be.., 8/14/2008
Reviewer: Pillar Wolf from Goleta
I really loved the Fresco off La Cumbre, but Fresconorth does not compare. I have eaten at fresconorth 3 time and each time was un impressed. I will most likely never go to the north location ever again. First time my order was wrong, second time it was tasteless and my fries were cold(and they forgot my cheese), third time I showed up at 9:40 AM for breakfast and they would not serve me breakfast even though the breakfast hrs are until 10AM. That pretty much did it for me, how could you not serve breakfast when I showed up during breakfast hrs?? very dissapointed!!

And now for Something Completely Different.., 7/30/2008
Reviewer: Krista & Tony from Goleta
I used to live downtown and visited the Fresco's there a number of times. Sure I liked it just fine but other than the cool decor and the great staff the food wasn't something that made me say "wow, lets go there". To be fair, thats not the kind of food I would expect at a casual place like Fresco. What I expect (and what I usually get) is good, decent casual dining fare. Now that I'm a Goletian, I thought we should try the Fresco North. What I found was equally good and casual food. I'm not really sure what all the wanking is about regarding Fresco North but its really a very decent place and not particularly different culinarily, than the other restaurant. Sure, the decor isn't as cool as the other restaurant but hey, you're not at Downeys or the Palace, you're not paying for ambiance here! Sheesh! (IMHO the decor is just fine at Fresco North). Oh yes, the food. We were a party of six last Saturday and to a person each of us really enjoyed our food. Particular highlights were the blackened halibut sandwich, mushroom (veggie) sandwich and the chicken parmesan calzone. Service was quick and excellent. We'll definitely be back. T

they're working on it, 7/30/2008
Reviewer: brittany from california
I think Fresco cafe north is defintely on it's way. When I went everyone seemedto be working very hard to build up their reputation. I was having trouble deciding so I asked the cashiers for help. They were very nice and helpful. I got the beach sandwich with a side gorgonzola walnut salad because they said it was a favorite if theirs. The food was delicious and I can't wait to eat here again! Thank you!

Fresco Cafe North writes: Thank you so much. Public Feeback is so important to us. You have made Fresco Five Pts. the special place it is and we will continue to work to make our Goleta location live up to everyone's expections. As always, it is our pleasure to serve! Jill Brouillard
Probably won't be back again..., 7/9/2008
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
I was hoping for a good dining experience here since the original Fresco in La Cumbre has been really good...but unfortunately, I left the place disappointed. I dined tonight with a friend for dinner. I ordered soup and salad combo and my friend ordered a sandwich combo. The place wasn't that busy when we arrived, so I was assuming the service was going to be fairly smooth. Well, for my friend it was. He got his plate within 10 minutes after we seated ourselves. Where's my food? Why would a salad and soup take longer to make than a sandwich? Turns out, they completely forgot my order! I had to walk myself up to the cashier and let the staffs know. The gentleman who seemed to be the manager looked horrified and confused when I told him my complaint. I was hoping he'd bring the food and explain the situation, but nothing. The waitstaff who didn't seem to care brought it over 5 minutes later. The food was just ok... and this incident pretty much lost my appetite...What a bummer :(

Fresco Cafe North writes: Thank you to all our customers. We appreciate all complimentary as well as constructive comments. The legacy of Fresco Five Pts. is quite a lot to live up to and the support of our clients over the years, has risen above any of our expectations. Remember years ago when it was a tiny joint with a bathroom in the kitchen? You stuck with us then and we ask that you continue your support of us in Goleta. We intend to become your favorite neighborhood restaurant here as well. Feel free to call me at 564.4200 with any comments or concerns you may have or email me at Indras Govender is available daily at Fresco North Cafe. As always it is our pleasure to serve.
Welcome to Goleta!, 7/9/2008
Reviewer: Ann from Goleta, CA
We are so happy to have Fresco North within walking distance of home and with abundant parking, should we drive. We have been there 5-6 times since it opened and find improvements each time. It will take awhile for the cafe to evolve from a pizza place to a Fresco with a character & ambiance of its own. Fresco 5 was not always so pretty! We have been going to 5 Points for so long that we expect everything to taste and look exactly the same, so some items have been a bit disappointing - such as the turkey burger served under-cooked and missing the great sauce. We are too devoted to give up. Give the place a chance! Thanks Jill and Mark.

Fresco Cafe North writes: Thank you! You are right on. We will keep working very diligently to improve. We appreciate all your support! Jill
Disappointing after repeated lunches and dinners, 7/8/2008
Reviewer: Jeff from Goleta, CA
We have eaten at Fresco at Five Points many times and have always found it to be consistently great. The only problem was the parking nightmare. We have now tried Fresco North about 5 times and each time have been disappointed in the quality of the food compared to the Five Points restaraunt. The taste and quality of food here is subpar. Runny egg salad, tasteless salad dressing, different tasting veggie burgers on each visit, cake that is dry and minimal taste. I would have hoped after all these weeks things would be getter better, but they are not. One more try and they may be history for us.

Hopeful but Disappointed , 7/7/2008
Reviewer: Beebs from Goleta
My husband and I are frequent visitors to the Fresco at 5 Points. It's one of our favorite restaurants, so we were really excited when we saw Fresco North. We ordered our favorite dish, the turkey burger with smoked mozzarella on 5 grain bun. When we share the dish at 5 points, we get generous portions of salad and our burger cut in half and placed on separate plates. However, when we ordered it at Fresco North, we didn't get the generous split portion. We didn't even get the 5 grain bun that we requested instead we got some kind of buttermilk or potato bun. The ambiance is definitely lacking. It still has the feel of Giovanni's inside except a little more dressed up. The waiters were kind and helpful. At least, they gave us bread at the beginning of the meal. We will stick with Fresco at 5 Points to avoid this disappointment.

Service was fine but the food was not up to par, 7/7/2008
Reviewer: Wee Wong from Goleta, Ca
First off, we are frequent visitors of the State street Fresco and have become accustomed to the food there. It was nice finding the Calle Real Fresco considering it is closer to home. We were all excited to try the new Fresco. Big mistake, the portions were smaller, atmosphere was not there, everything seemed cheap. The food was average at best. It was on par with the Margherita pizza I got at Giovannis (tried flakey basil not fresh) that Fresco replaces. Will never come back. I'd rather go to Subway.

Great food, bad service. , 7/2/2008
Reviewer: Kathy Vasquez from Santa Barbara, CA
I regret writing this review, becuase the food at this location is so excellent! Unfortunately I had the misfortune of being treated poorly when I asked to make a change in my order. The young gentleman (who I believe was the manager), wouldn't even turn to look at me when making the change, and made it seem as though it was a huge burden. Then when my food was up, nobody bothered to call my name. I had to flag down a waitress who seemed less then thrilled to sift through the take-out orders. This was well past noon and not very busy, so there was no excuse for this service. The service itself wasn't blatant or awful, but the way I felt when I left there was.

Great Food, Price, and Service, 6/13/2008
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I went to dinner here Friday night and had a great experience. The place was lively, and the food to terrific! I had a blackened Halibut sandwich and my wife had a salad w/ portobello mushroom pizza with red peppers. I was suprised at the quality of food for great price, and despite being busy we the food came out fast and hot, and the service was spot on. We will absolutely eat here again and again.

Second rate pasta., 6/11/2008
Reviewer: Rebekah from santa barbara, ca
Fetuccini alredo was undercooked, grilled chicken accompanying it tasteless. This is one dish I would never order at Fresco Cafe again. However, I would be interested in trying other items on the menu, as the soup and wrap my friend ordered was pretty good.

On its way!, 6/8/2008
Reviewer: Natalie from Goleta
My friends and I have been frequent customers at Frescos five points, so we were very excited to find out that Frescos North had opened - and at a much closer location to Isla Vista as well! As usual, the food is AMAZING. Always flavorful, unique food creations, and my favorite is the staple walnut gorgonzola salad. I understand that the restaurant is new, so with that in mind, I am a little dissapointed that the ambiance is not the same as four points. I love the homey - good food, good restaurant feeling I get at four points. The ambiance at fresco north is very corporate? There isn't enough decoration on the walls, no one knew how to line up, and when we were standing in line, it seemed like we kept bumping into people trying to get into the kitchen or the bathroom. The entry at fresco north needs to be improved to mimic the four points restaurant - especially when you go up to the counter to order. The ordering line shouldn't block the entrance to the kitchen? THe waiters kept bumping into us and the line kept moving around.

Thanks Jill, 5/29/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
Jill- thank you for your reply. Like I said Fresco is my favorite restaurant and I do understand how hard it is to work out the kinks in a new restaurant. I was just taken aback by the answer I got from the waiter. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and I assure you I will still take my weekly trips to Fresco. Good luck!

Dissapointed, 5/27/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
Fresco at Five Points is my favorite restaurant ever. I went to the new Fresco in Goleta for dinner and was dissapointed. I ordered my usual salad- tuna salad over mixed greens. When my salad came it was about half the size of the salad at the other location. There was one scoop of tuna salad- there are two scoops at Five Points. I asked my waiter if I could get more tuna salad stating that at the other Fresco they give twice as much. He said it's not the same owners and it's a different restaurant. I am dissapointed because the name is "Fresco" just like the other restaurant and the price was exactly the same. So what I have come to learn is that if I go to Fresco Goleta I will pay the same prices as the other location and get half as much food. No thanks.

Fresco Cafe North writes: I wanted to respond to the review by Sarah in Santa Barbara. I am sorry that you were disappointed in Fresco Cafe North. I can assure you that we have modeled the cafe after Five Pts. After all I founded Fresco Five Pts. Although Fresco North Cafe is owned by Indras Govender through a license agreement, I am still invested in protecting the brand and work there on a regular basis. Your salad would have come with two scoops of tuna as is the standard for Fresco unless the salad person made a mistake. If that is the case then I invite you back to Fresco North and I will be happy to buy you lunch anytime. Whenever a new venture begins, there will be a need to work diligently to train all the staff. The success of Fresco was not overnight and it took many corrective measures to evolve into the cafe it is today. Indras Govender and Mark and I are committed to bringing the same quality to Fresco Cafe North that our clients have come to expect and deserve. We thank all of them for their support of our new project and for their patience while we get up and running. Sincerely, Jill Brouillard
One of my favorite places!, 5/19/2008
Reviewer: DD from Summerland
I've visited this new location twice since it opened. My first time was on the 3rd day of their opening. I arrived there about 11:35am to beat the lunch rush & there was already a line! I was very impressed by how smooth this place was running after only been open for a couple days. The staff looked a little overwhelmed but I thought they did a fantastic job of hiding it & were very friendly/helpful. Even after it was so busy we got our food right away. Everything was DELICIOUS! I like how they serve bread before our meal (I don't think the 5 points location has that? I've only been to that location once & didn't get any bread). My only complaint would be that I believe the flourless chocolate cupcakes are bigger at the 5 points location from what I recall? Overall the food, service & ambience was SUPERB! I went again today & once again was very happy w/everything (maybe just the size of the cupcakes, I'm such a whiner : ) I was hoping nobody would find out about this place because I want this place all to myself! : ) But looks like that's not going to happen. The place is booming w/business. I am looking forward to a location closer to my hometown of Summerland. Pretty please!

fresh sandwiches in a bustling atmosphere, 5/12/2008
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
I visited Fresco for lunch late last week. For arriving before noontime, the queue for ordering was almost out the door. My table ordered a hot pastrami sandwich, a bbq chicken wrap and a hot grinder. Sandwiches come with an option of side soup or salad. I got the greek salad, which was generous with sweet peppers and feta cheese. It appears that every business woman in Goleta is estatic for this Fresco opening up, as it was absolutely packed with women, there was maybe 2 men dining in the whole of the place. Service appears to strive for more than just a sandwich deli, they are well-dressed and bring a basket of bread and butter to the table. But at this early on in the business they may not have guaged the overwhelming lunch crowd. A few patrons eyed up the wait station and eventually grabbed bread baskets themselves. In time, it will get better. I was a little turned off by the aggressiveness of some customers attempts to get tables for themselves before even ordering. Two women ran to the 4 top I was heading towards to say they'd already gotten that space, then disappeared for 15 minutes while they went to order their food. I had no trouble at that time getting space for my lunch group, but a number of other customers seemed disappointed that an unoccupied table sat there for some time. Ladies, calm down, consider sharing the space with others in this busy place.

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