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Brummis - The German Taste
No longer in business
Opened: 2008-07 Closed: 2014-03

3130 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-5916

  • Category: German
  • Hours: Mon-Sat. 5pm-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

When will they get back from vacation ., 12/17/2016
Reviewer: Helmute from santa barbara
This is not German food. Not the best spices.

Something was wrong at last (final) visit, 4/4/2014
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
How much we loved and will miss Brummi's - when it was at the top of its game. We could tell something was wrong at our last (and now final) visit. Everything was off its previous high marks and the tables were empty. Bockwurst with potato salad and the fabulous sweet home made sauerkraut at Brummis will haunt me forever. Have to go back to Munich to get it as good. Thanks for sharing your love for German classics in this small "Spanish" town. Gone, but never forgotten that for many years you got to live out the American Dream in your own life and build a success doing what you loved.

Alas, Brummi's has closed, 4/2/2014
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
It will be missed!

An adventure in dining!, 6/27/2013
Reviewer: Cindy from Camarillo, ca
We attended the East West dinner on the last Wednesday of June. What a treat this was! I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't been to one of these Wednesday events so I won't say much about the food. All of the courses were great and there were many different dishes. Veronica is a delight and her stories keep everyone's attention. We had additional entertainment. Nathan is an incredible singer although he sang no German or um pa pa songs. Service was very good. My advise, make a reservation and go to the next East West dinner at the end of July. expect good food, stories, a bit of history, entertainment and an all around good time. Also, expect to be there for 2 1/2 hours and it goes by fast.

Wonderful Restaurant, 3/9/2013
Reviewer: Dave & Diane Senit from Ventura, CA
It was our first time at Brummis so we gambled bringing four friends. It wasn't a gamble at all, it was a winner. All six of us ordered different things and were all pleasantly pleased. We are looking forward to returning very soon and our friends feel the same.

Worth a try, 8/24/2012
Reviewer: Lillian from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a lovely experience at Brummis this evening. My generous serving of braised pork shank was delicious (Only served on Fri and Sat). The owner and all of the servers were welcoming and attentive. They have a good selection of beer. Try the German chocolate cake! The owner bakes one every morning.

Sehr gut!, 8/10/2012
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
After all these years, I finally made it to Brummis. I lived in Germany for several years, so I'm familiar with good and bad German food. Brummis was actually very good. I had the Sauerbraten with Spaetzle, and my friend had the Wienerschnitzel. The food was very filling so no room for dessert. The owners were very nice and good at suggesting dishes. I've never seen the place crowded, so hopefully they will be able to stay in business and keep serving good food. PS - be careful before ordering a large beer. It is a Mass (1 liter).

good, 8/6/2012
Reviewer: Christian from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food, nice staff

yummy place, 7/13/2012
Reviewer: katie kim from santa clarita, CA
i love this place it so good

I Love This Place!, 5/24/2012
Reviewer: KDawg from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried Brummis for the first time last night and what a find! We ordered the Brummis Salad, Rinderrouladen, Jager Schnitzel, and their homemade german chocolate cake. Everything was fresh, delicious, flavorful. The owners were super friendly and everything they recommended was spot-on! Don't waste your time dining out at the tourist traps downtown and visit Brummis. Awesome!

Great German food and service, 1/21/2012
Reviewer: Ernest L. Bevilacqua from Santa Maria, CA 93455
A friend recommended Brummis. We made reservatiins a week in advance and on a cold, rain threatning Friday evening we showed at opening time to a very warm welcome. The menu had a great choice of German foods we know and our entrees were sourbratten and the beef rouladen both with knudel and spetzula with a delicious sauce. While waiting we tried a small sample of both the light and dark Keg beers which were very good. Two salads are available both of which are crispy, copious and colorful. Delicious, as were our dinners served by warm, friendly, hosts. A glass of merlot went very well with the food. Then came the apfel kucken, with fresh bluberries and strawberries and cream. What a way to finish dinner. Portions are most generous as is the service. Our hosts gladly packaged what we couldn't eat for take home. We also took home some very nice memories of Brummis. A small German restaurant with big service and great food. It's worth the drive from Santa Maria. We will be back soon.

YUMMY German Food, 12/15/2011
Reviewer: APK from Santa Barbara, CA
Brummi's is such a find! The bratwurst, sauerkraut and kartoffelsalat are all yummy and taste like they do in Germany. The owners are very charming and interested in making you happy. The apple pie was perfect. And good German beer on draft is always appreciated. Everything is also very well-priced. We will definitely go back!

Reviewer: Wilson and Josie Lee from Los Angeles, CA
My wife and I enjoy finding those restaurant gems that reflect the style and flavor of the community. When reading the reviews for Brummis we where inspired by the family taking on the challenge of opening a business since 2008 and maintaining such success. We where pleased to come in on a quiet Tues night before Thanksgiving and enjoyed Veronica's heart and passion for her food. Her husband a quintesental quiet man make this pair a great team. I enjoyed the double bock beer. A full flavored hearty beer that I could have drank one after another if I didn't have to drive. Food portions were huge and full of flavor and should remind you of mom's home cooking. Take the leap, drop the pizza, leave that plain ole steak for some other time and experience German cuisine at its finest. We left the restuarant as if we had been long lost family of Veronica and will plan to continue to check in when in Santa Barbara next time.

Fun and delicious food, 9/11/2011
Reviewer: S. Kinghorn from Santa Barbara, CA
This was our first visit. The service was excellent. The owner treated us to free appetizers. She also suggested we have a combination of sides which was a wonderful treat. The wheat beer was excellent. The servings are very large. We took half of our food home so we would have "room" for dessert. We're very glad we did. The apple fritters with vanilla sauce were delicious. The owner is delightful, interesting, and friendly.

Brummis is Great, 6/10/2011
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a family owned restaurant run the way they feel is best and just be ready to sing along to some top voted German pop song from 2007 because that is what you may find! Break out of the ordinary and into the... OK, so it can be odd, but stick to it! All servers have been nice and it beats the snot out of all the restaurants who have sold out and charge you 25 dollars for a lousy pizza. I dig the food and they seem to use good ingredients (never suffered a reaction). The reason for a 4/5 on the service is that, as mentioned, they can get a bit carried away with talking to people at other tables when you just need some more water or another beer.

Great German food served with charm and fun, 6/9/2011
Reviewer: Esther & Carl Belknap from Thousand Oaks, CA
My husband and I were on our way to a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl. We stopped at Brummis after a drive from Thousand Oaks. We just loved this restaurant. The best German food we have eaten in years. The owner is fun and is a great hostess. Our waiter Jonathan was very nice. He knew we were going to a concert so he made sure that we got waited on right away. Can't say enough about the service. We liked how the owner Veronika and Jonathan explained about the beer and menu. Very Helpful. We are so happy we found this place. We will being friends next time. Oh, we just loved loved the apple fritters!!!!

Brummi's belongs!, 5/21/2011
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Started coming here when Brummi's first opened and loved it, came back and helped it through its early days when few knew or even cared about German food in Santa Barbara. Back again last night after too long an absence and it is wonderful as ever with its now familiar and well-chosen array of German classics. Agree with the prior poster, almost can't get enough of this restaurant. Bockwurst, potato salad and sublime sweet, homemade saurkraut that will make anyone a believer this is not just "stinky cabbage". Not by a long shot. Absolutely delicious and plays off the spiceness of the bockwurst and the creaminess of the potato salat in a way that does leave one wanting not only more, but more often too. The apple fritters are the best possible way to round off this pefect dining experience. Earnest and eager staffers added to the always welcome charms of owner Veronika. Not a false note in the entire meal. Draft beer was perfect. And did I mention the obligatory mustard which again was the perfect touch. Wunderbar, Brummi's. Full house of happy diners on a Friday night.

I want to move to SB so that I can eat here at least weekly!, 4/23/2011
Reviewer: Kathy from Cucamonga, CA
My husband and I were with 3 other couples and decided to try Brummi's based upon the recommendation of a friend of my sister's. We got there right at 5:00. I think we were all a bit apprehensive, but within about 10 minutes, we felt like family and we all agreed that we would return any chance we got! Some of us went back a couple of nights later. The food is delicious. Potato salad is the best I've ever tasted. My husband really enjoyed the beer and the lesson in the proper way to hold the stein. Veronika, the owner, could easily be a stand-up comedienne - she had me laughing so hard, my cheeks hurt. We sang along to a lively German song with her help and I even danced with her--don't ask!! Anyway, we will make Brummi's a must whenever we get to SB from now on!

2nd visit, 2/13/2011
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
I,m glad this place is doing well because it,s a heart-warming American story of a mother and daughter from East Germany who have succeeded in the USA. My wife and I gave it a second chance, 2years after our first visit and we still like the competing restaurant further up State Street better. The potato pancake was delicious but the schnitzel was very dry and over cooked and her dish was billed as a wurst but turned out to be a hunk of pork meat in a sauce. The sides were good. The people are friendly and service was good.

More Than a Meal, An Experience, 2/8/2011
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
This was one of the better dining experiences I have had lately, the food was great and the service was both authentic and humorous. You have to be a bit of a good sport to appreciate it, as it has an old world feel, in that the service (an by that I mean the owner Veronica) is very personable and feels like your pushy German grandmother(in a good way). Veronica egged us into certain orders, congratulated us for trying to speak German, and chided us for not finishing everything on our plates. Going midweek and feeling a bit burned out I felt like I didn't bring my "A" game to a restaurant that deserves it. Will be back with friends or family next time we need a place to celebrate.

A nice way to step outside the ordinary, 2/5/2011
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara, CA
We love to bring our pre-teen daughter here to help break her out of her sushi-and-pizza rut. We also come here because our family is German in heritage and we remember our grandparents talking about this food. But most of all, we come to Brummi's because the food and service are both terrific. Our most recent meal there was no exception; our table ordered a variety of items and all were outstanding, with the exception of the potato pancakes, which I feel were a little overdone. We still ate every crumb! I also highly recommend the apple fritters for dessert, but must warn you that you will want to lick the sauce from the plate, it's so tasty.

Great food! Great staff!, 2/4/2011
Reviewer: Ralph Kohler from Santa Barbara, CA / Chur CH
Während meinem längeren Aufenthalt in Santa Barbara ging ich mit einigen Freunden in dieses Restaurant. Ich fühlte mich von Beginn an wohl, vielleicht lag es auch an der -fast- heimischen Luft (ich bin Schweizer ;) Das Personal war sehr freundlich und für ein Schwätzchen bereit. Das Essen.. einfach lecker!

Super!, 11/7/2010
Reviewer: Karlheinz from Long Beach, CA/Goleta, CA
Spatzle mit soße ist das beste. Alles Gute!!!!!

Best Restaurant & Food Experience in years, 9/24/2010
Reviewer: Laurie Kurilla from Santa Barbara, CA
We went there for our 38th anniversary. My husaband was afraid it wasn't a "fancy" enough restaurant. It was the best food and restaurant experience I have had in years. The food is divine. We had Jaeger Schnitzel, Weiner Schnitzel, Currywurst, Potato Pancakes and dessert. For dessert we had the appel fritters and a brand new dessert she just created: crepes. Everything was superb. Although we are not German we traveled and ate extensively in Germany and had two decades of dinners at our German friends home. This is authentic. AND...Veronica, the owner/cook is a most delightful host. She's vivacious, fun, interesting, and makes you feel like you are having dinner in her home! Before we left, I already decided we'd be back many times, because there's so much more food to try. This is my new favorite restaurant. Don't be fooled by its plain interior/exterior. It doesn't matter!

Really Good!, 8/22/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
So good, I loved this place. My first German food experience but one of many for my mother, she loved the potato salad. We each had a chicken schnitzel, one with tomato sauce and the other with mushroom sauce, they were both very good. Even the dressing on my garden salad was fantastic and the salad fresh and tasty. They also have a fantastic little selection of beers for only $4.50 each, we can't wait to go back.

yum, 7/30/2010
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
Got the bockwurst and was offered a combo: one brat, one bock. Obviously did it, and both were great. Crispy brown on the outside, tender and tasty all through. Sauerkraut was sweet and tangy, and the potato salad was delicious and PLENTIFUL (took it home and am showing some restraint in not digging it out of the fridge and finishing it now). I went in with a schnitzel fiend/afficionado who found the schnitzel here good but not transcendent. The lady cooking/helping out is also an owner at Mediterra, I thought. Can anyone back me up on this? Veronika in her little lederhosen was very nice and attentive but ... I don't know... maybe we're just misanthropic but she really lays it on thick. Sweet lady, but a tad (endearingly!) overbearing. There was another diner there before we left that was loudly asking her friend 'BRUHMMISS? WHAT IS THAT WORD? BRUHMISS?' It's 'Broo-meez', people!

brummis - it'll sweep you off your feet, 7/26/2010
Reviewer: dev n viv from Santa Barbara, CA
Schnitzel was as large as brewhouse's and as tasty as Dutch garden's. Potato pancakes were on point. Veronica is classic! We are gonna go back often...

Great Homemade Food, 7/22/2010
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
Not sure why folks will stand in line at mediocre Italian restaurants while Brummis is half empty on a recent Friday night. I think folks do not know / understand German food and are afraid of the unknown. Don't be. It has the same ingredients as most other European cuisines, just seasoned and used in a different manner. The home made noodles are as good as any home made pasta in SB. Better than most in fact. The long, slow cooking of the well seasoned meats develops so much complexity and nuance that every bite offers the "wow" effect. Get out of the Italian - Mexican rut and try something new. This is a fabulous restaurant, family run and friendly with great food.

We have fallen in love with this restaurant, 6/1/2010
Reviewer: Michelle and Emil Jagodinsky from Los Angeles, CA
We live in Los Angeles and drove to SB just to go back to Brummis. Enough said. I need this restaurant to be in LA :) Order anything but get some Rouladen and thank whatever God you believe in that you can have food that taste this good.

Crustenbrauten, 5/23/2010
Reviewer: Gabe from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my third or fourth visit to Brummi's, it definitely won't be my last. Started off with some nice "german style" homemade pretzels along with some thin sliced bread, then had the soup (can't remember which, very savory) followed by potato pancakes and the crustenbrauten for an entree and we split the black forest cake and an apple fritter. I was a little worried that the service might be slow considering we came right in the middle of peak hours on a Saturday night, but it was not a problem. The owner Veronika is a lot of fun, I would come back even if the food was mediocre (it's anything but) just because she's such a kick. I am glad I choose this as my birthday dinner.

Good times in the Good Land, 5/20/2010
Reviewer: John from Goodland
I ate here for the first time today (based on these reviews) and was blown away by the food and service. I went with the Schnitzel Zigeuner (pork wiht a spicy red pepper-tomatoe sauce) and it was fantastic. The homemade potatoe salad was the best taht I have had since hitting Santa Barbara 15 years ago. However, the real treat was talking to the mother side of this ownership team, Veronika. She was a delight to talk with and definately steared me in the right direction for my lunch. She was so great that I would even go back here if the food was bad. I am looking forward to coming back on a Saturday night to get the full experience (German keg beer shipped in) when I don't have to drive back to work. I fully expect to Brummis to become my favorite restaurant over the next couple of weeks. Give it a shot, you will enjoy it.

Traditional German Food, 5/19/2010
Reviewer: Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA
My Mom and I stopped in for dinner last Friday night. It was hard to decide if we should try this restaurant since my Mom is born and raised German and you never know how authentic a "German" restaurant is, but we decided to give it a go and were pleasantly surprised. We had the potato pancake appetizer, which was very good. Mom had the pork loin and I had the beef rouladen entrees. Both were excellent, but I must say, the pork was the favorite - extremely tender meat. Both meals came with spaetzle (German noodles, which aren't really noodles at all) with lots of yummy gravy, and blue cabbage. This is not a diet-friendly place, but it is definitely the food of my Mom's youth! We'll be back. The owner was very friendly, and it was fun for Mom to have someone to converse in German with!

Homemade taste and preparation, 5/17/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
The food tasted like homemade. Yes, even my Chinese mom made bratwurst and sauerkraut - haha. The dessert came with homemade whipped cream, and the potato pancake appetizer was crispy and moist with plenty of apple sauce. There was plenty for two people for both the appetizer and the dessert. The noodles were not long noodles but small round shaped pasta. Very buttery with a nice bite. It was a little more bland that what I would've liked so I added a touch of salt. The portions are very generous and the owner is super friendly. She was very helpful is suggesting dishes and even made adjustments when I wanted to try just about everything. It's these kind of places that I hope succeed in Santa Barbara.

Hands down the BEST German Restaurant in the area!, 5/16/2010
Reviewer: Mareike S. from Santa Barbara, CA
20 years I've been looking for a decent Sauerbraten in SB. Not only was yours decent, but it was THE BEST, the ABSOLUTE BEST! I was having flashbacks to my mom's cooking. Amazing. Simply amazing. Veronika, your hospitality was outstanding as well. I will definitely become a regular in your restaurant. I cannot wait to try the rest of the food on the menu. I just love your place. Thank you so much!

Great experience, 5/15/2010
Reviewer: Mohamad from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to this place twice. First time with other students in the German class at UCSB and the second time with a friend. I like the place and the environment. Veronika is doing her best and she is nice and charming. If you know some German, then, there you go, it is the right place to talk some at the same time enjoy the company. The food is great as well and very good for the price. I will definitely go there again.

A Wonderful Place, 5/11/2010
Reviewer: Laksman from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was good, but not too many vegetarian options. But the service and hospitality of Veronica (owner) was simply superb!

The owner really cares, 5/3/2010
Reviewer: Annette from Santa Barbara, CA
Came here a while back. Its a smaller restaurant with an intimate feel. I haven't had much German food but i will say this was really good. The server was really nice and had just started so he explained as much as he could and then had the owner give us recommendations for first timers. The sides were interesting and surprised me while the meat was tender and easy to eat up. The owner came back to check on us and wanted feedback on what we liked and if we had anything to add. Its always nice to have someone care and show it in their service, def a place to check out when you want something a little different.

Coming home to a place I've never been, 5/1/2010
Reviewer: JamesM from Moorpark, CA
Looking for a place to take our Canadian friends on their last night in SB, we stumbled onto this place. Wow! This is not just a restaurant, it's a complete experience. Brummi is playful, friendly, warm and welcoming. The restaurant is neat, clean, crisp, modern and somehow also very homey. Potato pancakes to start: light, crunchy goodness. Krustenbraten was the big hit but everything was delicious: light and slighty sweet sauerkraut, potato salad with a light herby taste I can't describe and an apple fritter to finish that was more like a beignet with fresh apple inside. I always thought German food was heavy and plain. Now I know better. We can't wait to come back. We know it will be like coming home again, even though we've never been to Germany. In one night Brummi makes you part of her family.

The best german taste in America, 4/27/2010
Reviewer: Daniela, Sina und Marc from Santa Barbara, CA
Many thanks for this great taste and familiar atmosphere, it was so nice that we hope to see you again. The Schnitzel, as well as the Krustenbraten was absolutely perfect. And singing (especially for us germans) is not so funny, but this night it was a lot of fun !! Best wishes!!

A Stand Out Restaurant Experience!, 4/15/2010
Reviewer: Sheila from Santa Barbara, CA
What a wonderful restaurant and experience! Tried it for the first time a few weeks ago, and brought friends back for a birthday this past weekend. Each time we had great food, the owner was wonderful to us, the beer was amazing (big liters of kegged German dopple boch - yum!), and even ended up singing and dancing to a German song (I'm sure the beer had nothing to do with that! ha). I thought I didn't like German food, only to realize what I have tasted before was not really "good" - so am glad to be proven wrong! Potato salad was delicious, and I always thought German potato salad was so tart and sour. Found out that is more a Southern German style and this is Northern German style. Didn't even know there was a difference! And appreciate the delicious chicken weinerschnitzel with great sauces as I don't eat beef or veal!! It was the most stand out restaurant experience we have had in ages! Be prepared to not rush, sit back, and enjoy.

The best, Absolutely the best., 4/14/2010
Reviewer: Michelle and Emil Jagodinsky from Los Angeles, CA
I have never been treated so well in a restaurant in Santa Barbara in my entire life (we live in LA so we go here often for a quick getaway). We stumbled on this place. It was near where we stayed. The food was excellent. The service was wonderful. We are still stunned by the experience. We could have been in Munich for all we knew. It is fun and you feel well-fed and very happy when you leave. We ate a lot of different foods and desert and cannot wait to go back.

GOOD GERMAN FOOD!!!, 4/14/2010
Reviewer: Mark Evans from Santa Barbara, CA
Veronica the owner is awesome! Its so much fun to go there and eat good German food and Drink great beer. She has created an Atmosphere that makes you feel like your there in Germany. Don't hesitate if your looking for something good, go here! -Mark

FUN FUN FUN, 4/14/2010
Reviewer: Amy Lawson from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I went to Brummis last night and had an absolute ball. Veronika (the owner along with her husband) was an absolute riot. She made the whole experience very fun, and definitely displayed her passion for having Americans enjoy German food and dining. The beers on tap are also wonderful (and HUGE so watch out), and the jovial environment is so tangible, as we sang some crazy German songs. Really a great place to go... definitely for a date night, OR for a big group ready to have a good time.

A Delightful Experience, 4/12/2010
Reviewer: Paul W from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate there Friday night with three friends and what fun we all had. It was amazing. Our server, the mum (I believe) was too much fun. We sang a song in German to close the night out with all the patrons participating. She created a unique unforgettable dinning experience. The food was great too.

Great Food and Excellent Service!, 3/29/2010
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I dined here recently and LOVED it. The food reminded me of what I've had growing up and when visiting Germany (I was also excited to see goulash on the menu, which isn't a German dish, but a staple in my family). We came during the NCAA UCSB game, so it wasn't too busy. The owner, Veronika, took our orders and was extremely friendly and helpful when it came to choosing dishes. She came over to talk to us and was so nice, with a great sense of humor--we talked so long we didn't leave until after they closed! All the food was delicious--I loved the potato pancakes with apple sauce, my schnitzel was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and the apple fritters for dessert were excellent. We will definitely have to come back again soon--both for the food, and for the great service. Maybe next time we'll learn the secret to Veronika's Krustenbraten marinade! I hope Brummis is around for a very long time and intend to bring my parents next time they are in town!

Yummy for the tummy!! :-), 3/9/2010
Reviewer: Fiona Day Nguyenphuc from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my second time eating here for lunch and both times were great! Wonderful food!! Very subtle flavour and generous portions. The atmosphere is cosy and the service is outstanding!! The owner gives you very personal attention and is so concerned to make sure you are comfortable and happy with your food. I am also pleased to know that they don't serve veal. Perhaps not perfectly traditional, BUT I am glad they choose not to serve such an unhappy meat! Please try this wonderful place - you will be glad you did!!!!! :-)

Great food and a lot of fun!, 1/29/2010
Reviewer: Erin and Christopher from Carpinteria, CA
My boyfriend and I visited Brummis last night for the first time. We were craving something new for Thursday night beers and Brummis did not disappoint. The black beer was creamy and delicious and the tap brew was foamy and fresh. He loved his pork schnitzel and my spaetzal was buttery and decadent. The food was great but the thing that really made this restaurant a place I will come back to is the genuine warmth and good cheer. From the minute we walked in the door Veronika treated us like neighbors. She made very helpful suggestions for food pairings (the salad that she suggested with my spaetzal was one of the yummiest light salads ever). It is clear that she really cares about the food and the experience of every single customer. If you want a good, authentic German meal this is definitely the place to go in Santa Barbara.

Excellent Dining, 1/13/2010
Reviewer: Mike Lopez from Norwalk, Ca
I took my first trip to Santa Barbara and on my last night we dined at Brummis. The food was delicious and the service was friendly and warm. It was the first time I had ever eaten at a German Restaurant and it is rest assured now that it will not be the last. One can only hope others can match every spoon and fork full of flavor that Brummis introduced me to. Authentic German food at it's finest.

Brummis, 1/8/2010
Reviewer: JP from Santa Barbara, CA
About the food, it is bland and just plain not worth the money. Who makes winerschintzel without veal, but with chicken??? They do and the owner told me "It is too expensive to use veal". Their prices are already outrageous. Additionally, the services was very poor and it took about 30 minutes to get a beer. Don't waste your money here and do NOT believe all the reviews.

5+ rating, 1/7/2010
Reviewer: Kevin, Ana and Ian from Sacramento, CA
Veronika went above and beyond trying to please our finicky 4 year old. We lived in Germany and can attest to the authenticity of Brummis food. The kartofelpuffer (potato pancake) was crispy and very flavorful. The sauces on the snitzels were so flavorful. The HofBrau beer was fresh, served at the perfect temperature and they even have the 1 liter Oktoberfest style mugs. We will definately go back to Brummis the next time we are in Santa Barbara.

Wunderbar! , 1/7/2010
Reviewer: Helly from Goleta, CA
We've been to Brummi's 3 times in the past 7 days, and each time, the experience gets better. I spent my formative years in Germany and grew up on just this sort of hearty cuisine, so coming to Brummi’s brought a wave of pleasant culinary memories back. The food is a slice of heaven-- wonderfully fresh, homemade, mouth-wateringly delicious—in huge portions! And the service is the icing on the cake—such care and love shown by Veronika, the owner— where else is the server/cook/owner going to dote on you, tell entertaining stories, and take such good care of you, just as your own mother would? She puts a lot of love and effort into this restaurant, and it definitely shows, in both the food and the service. We’ve found our Santa Barbara favorite, and intend to come back here often!, 1/7/2010
Reviewer: Joseph Carnes from Santa Barbara, CA
An incredible experience. From the moment you enter, Veronika, the owner/server greets you, and you are family. The taste of real meat, obviously cooked over an open flame moments before appearing on your plate, is impossible to conceal. The Sausages are plump and extremely moist, but have an obvious fire searing. The potato pancakes are moist and creamy on the inside, with a crunchy outside, and a wonderful apple sauce to compliment. A carefully selected representation of german beers and wine is available. Veronika will be happy to (correctly) assist the correct flavor pairings, as well as tell you what sauces on your plate should be allowed to mingle amongst the foods, and which should be eaten separately. Singing German songs are frequent, with Veronika handing out German songsheets for those of us who don't speak it. This is a place for a true home-cooked meal. Even if you aren't German.

A very warm and customer-friendly place in SB , 1/5/2010
Reviewer: Mrs. Harvey Winston from Pacific Palisades, CA
I have never been at Brummis but, I gave their gift certificate to our friend who lives in Santa Barbara. Today, my friend called to thank me, she raved about the food and the graciousness of Brummis' owner, Veronika. Apparently , the prices were so reasonable that my friend's gift certificate could be extended to another visit to this place. Veronika not only made me look good but also made my French friend feel at home, in an authentic German restaurant. The next time I visit S.B., I will definitely go to Brummis. Until then, I will use their gift certificates to pleasantly surprise my friends there.

Authentic German Food, 1/5/2010
Reviewer: Brat and John from Napa Valley, CA
This is the kind of cooking my Mother would make when I was a young girl. Incredibly delicious. Large portions. Wonderful flavors. Veronika (owner/server)is high energy dressed in leiderhosen. She explains everything you order and the proper way in which the food should be eaten. She gives you samples of things to try while you are waiting for your dinner. The restaurant isn't flashy. It doesn't need to be as the food is the best!! This is a family owned and run restaurant. Definitely authentic German cuisine. A wonderful dining experience. We can't wait to return on our next trip!

The Greatest German Food, 1/2/2010
Reviewer: The Lowmans from Sacramento, CA
My family and I had the privilege and the pleasure of dining at Brummis on December 17, 2009, on our way to our Christmas vacation in Palm Springs. We arrived ahead of our scheduled reservation and were welcomed and made to feel comfortable. Veronika's running commentary on German food and the food itself were incomparable. We are of German heritage and tremendously enjoyed the wonderful food and the surroundings. You can bet we will be back to Brummis at our very first chance.

Feels like home! , 12/27/2009
Reviewer: Christian from Hameln, Germany (visit - Santa Barbara)
Christmas with the Brummis! What a happy Weihnacht! Didn't know what to do while I'm visiting a Friend over here and my Family not around. Went to Brummis by Chance - and - oh boy, what a great decision. The Food was excellent and the portions just like at home. Too much to finish if you had a regular eating day ahead! The food has a homemade character - one of the best, though! It's 100% authentic German food, no franchised or adapted food. This is the real deal! The Restaurant was extremely busy that night, but the Brummis-Team always took their time to please and chit chat with the guests. (which is considered really a nice thing in Germany!) I can not wait to eat over there again! So why not 5-Stars? I reduced the rating by .5 because I think that even on this high level there's room for improvement! I'll go check it out these days, for sure.

One of the best restaurants in town., 12/23/2009
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to many local restaurants in town and yesterday was my first time dining at Brummis and it was over the top, I was very full after eating a large portion of my meal but I couldn't stop eating (yup that's how good it was). I ordered the Wiener from the Schnitzels menu with home made German Potato Salad and both were very delicious. I would highly recommend Brummis for home made style food. The service was great we were very warmly greeted by Veronica we felt we were regulars by the way she treated us. Now we will dine at Brummis often and I wish them the best of luck. Hope to see you there soon

Interesting Experience, 12/17/2009
Reviewer: Jennifer from Pasadena, CA
We were greeted warmly by I assume the owner/hostess/waitress. The whole restaurant is a storefront consisting of about 20 tables. The restaurant was about 1/2 full when we came for our 6:30 dinner reservation on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving. The service was a bit surreal. I know the proprietor was trying to please but she kept getting distracted by parties that were closer to the kitchen than us . The menu encourages you to sample before ordering. We asked for a sample of the goulash for our son. When the proprietor did finally come back, she presented him with a deep soup bowl filled to the brim! Thank goodness it was delicious because he did indeed order it as his meal. The spaetzel had a nice texture but bland. Potato dumplings were included with our meals too. I've never had one so I didn't know what to think of it as it was the size of a potato and gluttenous like mochi. So the inconsistencies in the service included never getting our water refilled, not getting more bread after we were offered, and waiting about 45 minutes to give our order. Because we had questions, waited for our initial bread, water, and sample of the goulash, she would disappear each time without taking our order. Once we got our food, it almost made up for sitting without anything to eat or drink. Normally, I would appreciate the leisurely pace but I had nothing to enjoy. Since we don't live in Santa Barbara, it will be some time before returning to give this little gem a second chance.

So Good!, 11/25/2009
Reviewer: Nick from Goleta, CA
I went to get takeout for lunch and wished I could have stayed. The atmosphere was sooo friendly and the food was superb. I can not wait to go back for dinner and to eat there and enjoy the full effect!

Feels like home...if I were German, 11/22/2009
Reviewer: Chee from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is a throwback to the good ol' days, where leiderhosen was worn with pride, beer was served in big mugs, and food was rustic and delicious. The service was excellent--the owner, Veronika, and the other server were very attentive, even filling my water glass when it was still half full. I got the bockwurst, which is a smoked sausage, and it was delicious with a side of saurkraut and rye bread. Yummy! I felt like I was part of a foreign exchange family, and Veronika provided me with a lot of education about the food I was eating and the proper way in which it should be eaten. The atmosphere is definitely homey but cute enough to take a date to. The restaurant also has some German music playing in the background. Definitely a cultural immersion experience! This was my first time here, and it won't be my last. Keep up the good work, Brummis!!

homey, 11/16/2009
Reviewer: veronique from Santa Barbara, CA
the food was very good...its difficult to decide on what to order but the owner was present and helped out..she also gave some complimentary taste testing of some german bread with apple was good but i was hesitant to try... if u are not an adventurous eater u might want to stick with the french fries... vey good food.

Simple, Fresh, Quality Ingredients, 11/5/2009
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to live in NY City and Brummis reminded me of a family-run restaurant in Greenwich Village. Small, intimate, friendly, excellent food. No hyperbole, just delivering the best they can.

Nice Lederhosen, 10/11/2009
Reviewer: Gabe from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a somewhat frequent Dutch Garden customer and came here for the first time tonight and was not disappointed. I'm not prepared to declare a winner in the war for German culinary supremacy in Santa Barbara,(They're both great) but I loved Brummis. We went fairly early on a Sunday evening and did not experience any of the slow service due to overcrowding other posters have described.(but it was less than half full) I was lucky enough to get in on the coattails of a larger party who pre-ordered the haxen (some kind of a delicious slow cooked pork entree) which is being offered (usually) only with advance notice during their observance of Oktoberfest which goes until the 25th of this month. Veronika (the owner) explained this is because she has to order it special from a German butcher in Orange County. The haxen was very tasty, it had a crispy delicious skin, moist meat that fell off the bone, plenty of sauerkraut and potato salad on the side. The owner Veronika was the friendliest restaurateur I've met in quite some time, and did a great job of making us feel at home. One of the members of my party (who was probably older than Veronika) joked that "I feel like I have a mother again" The Hofbrau on draft was tasty and poured with the requisite respect and time a good German beer requires. If I have any criticism of the service it was that Veronika was somewhat insistent handing out lyrics sheets and getting the entire restaurant to sing German songs so we had to wait an extra few minutes for the bill. I'm not entirely sure that was an accident, but it was fun anyway. I'll have to come back and sample more of the sausages so I can do a more accurate head to head comparison with Dutch Gardens. It may even take multiple visits... oh darn.

Great food, great hosts, wonderful evening, 10/6/2009
Reviewer: Len and Pauline from Casa Grande, AZ
A reminder of our year and a half stationed in Germany in the 1970's. Warm, personal, accomodating service. The food was outstanding and plentiful. Veronica was very delightful and obviously cares about her guests. We will surely visit on our next trip to Santa Barbara.

Really good German Food, 10/5/2009
Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
Best German potatoes ever! No heavy vinegar taste. Surprisingly light and refreshing. Pork very tender and delicious. Veronika is a hoot! We appreicated her being so accommodating.

The Best!, 10/4/2009
Reviewer: Annelie from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything I have tried has been great. Although I do miss the thin gravy. We don't eat out often, but when we do, we look forward to some great German food. You're the BEST

Gemutlichkeit, 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Steve Youmans from Ventura, CA
You will do no better for traditional German food then in the caring hands of The Brumm Family. Veronika was the most gracious host. I left full of the best German food and beer that I have had in years. If you like to eat good food or like good beer or just good company you owe it to yourself to try Brummis, the German Taste. Tell them the Little German Boy sent you -

Great food, beer and people!, 9/1/2009
Reviewer: Alison and Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
We went there early on a weeknight, and had a great meal, great service and good beer. The meals were pretty large, so I recommend sharing. Very authentic German cuisine.

Awesome experience!, 8/25/2009
Reviewer: Erica from Santa Barbara, CA
We had such a fun time visiting Brummis. The food is very delicious and authentic. The owner stopped by our table with great stories and special German treats. Big beers, great food, very good people. Totally stands outs in Santa Barbara!!!

Finally! Some real homecookin!, 8/21/2009
Reviewer: John and Solana from Santa Barbara, CA
Veronika was the best waitress we've had ever! The food was amazingly good... so much better than the touristy german food I've eaten my whole life! Portions were big... the schnitzel brummis was delicious! Awesome purple cabbage and homemade german pasta! Very authentic! Our new favorite local eatery! :)

homestyle food and big beers, 8/9/2009
Reviewer: Laura Grant from Santa Barbara, CA
We went here to take my mom to a german restaurant, because she lived there, but discovered a new friendly place that we will return to often -- the proprietors are amazingly helpful and interested in everyone having a personal and enjoyable experience -- they will mix and match the food sides and all is made on the premises. The big stein, draft beers seem overpriced, but fun to drink.

Love it, 8/7/2009
Reviewer: Susie from Santa Barbara, CA
Fiesta time, but wanted something different. Service is outstanding with a pleasant personal touch. Food is great.

Well prepared and tasty , 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Bob Jorgenson from Santa Maria, CA
I read of BRUMMIS in the NEWS PRESS and made it a point to stop for lunch. I've since enjoyed a fine dinner (Veronica told me I must). Now I eat there often. She takes care to prepare the rouladen as it should be (or as I enjoy it most). Her daughter makes the finest spaetzle I've tasted in America. I'm always comfortable and enjoy the warmth. Maybe I just crave attention which is served out in great portions. Thank you for making the long journey from East Berlin (now BERLIN) to Santa Barbara. We now have the gift of your great cooking and boundless joy.

Brummis delivers that "Gotta have it" food, 7/19/2009
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Again, after multiple trips to this restaurant Brummis continues to deliver that "just gotta have it" type food as I move my way around the menu. Getting in a rut now always starting with the potato pancake, but it is so good my loyalties are stuck.

But tonight I moved past the crackling roast pork with the wonderful klosse dumplings and on to the sausages and found a new "just gotta have it" love - the smoked bratwust - fat and tasty with the most delicious and satisfying snap to the casing along with just perfect saurkraut that is actually almost sweet like we ran into in Munich, and terrific mustard and creamy balanced potato salad with just the right touch of crisp and tart. The apple fritters to end it all are beyond delicious as just the right touch at the end.

Add the draft Hofbrau beer and enough left overs to take home for a few more meals and you have the best dining bargain in Santa Barbara. And always that special friendly Brummis service. This is a happy place to visit and it won't be long before I just "gotta have it" .... all over again. Thanks for bringing the very satisfying delights of simple German food to Santa Barbara.

Delightful!, 6/26/2009
Reviewer: Eibhlín Dubh Ní Chonaill from Santa Barbara, CA
The outside of the building is a little misleading; I thought it was going to be a little more shady than it was, but it turned out to be a very nice restaurant with excellent food and service. The portions are huge, they serve beer by the liter, and... Veronika? is it? is very, very tolerant of Americans trying to speak German, which I found hilarious.

What a Treat, 6/21/2009
Reviewer: Lewis Rivera from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything was delicious. We had them bring out what they thought we would like and enjoyed every dish. The food was wonderful. They also have German beers on tap with steins. How could you ask for anything more. Very friendly, can't wait to dine here again.

Authentic German Food, 6/1/2009
Reviewer: Matthias from Santa Barbara, CA
On a trip to L.A. we looked for a place to have dinner, drove right by Brummis and decided on Gulasch, Wiener Schnitzel and Spaetzle. The service was awesome and personalized. The food (of which we received plenty - the portions are big!) was authentic and delicious. Only I wish the Gulasch had come with German Spaetzle (homemade German pasta) instead of regular noodles. The imported German beer was awesome as well - nothing beats that. Prost!

Great Time, 5/30/2009
Reviewer: James Fay from Santa Barbara, CA
Please to review this amazing food restaurant. Lady was very nice. Sausages were very big. Potato's were very nice. I like the German Mustard and the German bread. And the German taste. And the beer was very nice.

Truly Wonderful: Don't Miss Out, 4/23/2009
Reviewer: C from Santa Barbara, CA
This is far and away one of the best experiences I've had dining out in Santa Barbara. We tried several items on the menu and every single one was outstanding. Be warned: the portions are generous and so tasty that you'll need to loosen your belt on the way out. Also, the woman who served us was vivacious, fun, and really knows her food. We'll be headed back soon, since I'm craving it already...

Yummy food, quick service!, 4/22/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate here last night and tried German food for the first time. There were 4 of us and our waitress (the mom) suggested we get 4 different dishes and eat them family style so that way we could try everything. It was delicious!! She arranged it so we could try all the side dishes too, dumpling, noodles, potato salad, etc. The meal was very heavy but really good!

Straight from a German kitchen, 4/21/2009
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
From the food to the service - Brummis makes you feel at home. It felt like I was eating at a friends house with Mom in the kitchen. Food was a little heavy but everything was delicious! The prices are reasonable and the portions are big, so you get what you pay for (with leftovers!). This was the first of many anticipated visits.

Delicious and Fulfilling!, 4/19/2009
Reviewer: Paul and Van from Santa Barbara, CA
We, and 3 of our friends, wanted to try a new restaurant on an impulse and we were not disappointed. Everything was picture perfect, despite us walking in close to closing time. Our hostess was attentive and described the food very well for us. We ordered beer from the tap and got our very large glasses, at which our hostess told us, "In Germany, we say 'Prost!' for cheers." The beer was great, and poured well. The food has to be tasted to be believed. We each ordered something different, from sausage to goulash, so we tasted the gammut. Everyone had a bit of everyone else's food, and everyone agreed it was delicious! Try it, seriously. :)

Great, authentic German taste at a good price, 4/12/2009
Reviewer: Andreas from Los Angeles, CA
I finally had a chance to check out Brummis in Santa Barbara. It was worth the wait, and it's great to know that there is a SoCal German restaurant worth going to now. Almost every German restaurant between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles has disappointed me until now. The service and food here are both fantastic, and the prices are very reasonable, especially for a nice dinner in Santa Barbara. My main criticism would be that the cheese spätzle were a bit too cheesy for me. Everything else was fantastic, and I look forward to going back soon.

Awesome, 4/3/2009
Reviewer: Steve Lange from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm from a German background so "meat & potatoes" style cooking is not unfamiliar to me at all. In college I sold bratwurst and bretzels and have enjoyed some great German restuarants in the Bay Area (i.e. Walzwerk, Speisekammer). And I've had some very good home cooked German dishes from people who really know how to make them. So, I feel I know of which I speak here. Summary: Brummi's is great and does not disappoint. The decor is very cool, with a focus on Berlin and the influence the Cold War had on the city. Lighting is a bit bright but very typical for a German restaurant, in my experience. Veronika is great, she's very welcoming and makes you feel right at home, the biers are huge, plentiful and tasty, the food is great, and don't miss the apple fritter for dessert. Come hungry because you definitely won't leave hungry. So glad to have such a wonderful spot here in town. We go back regularly and have never been disappointed in the least.

Overall, just OK, 3/24/2009
Reviewer: CS from Santa Barbara, CA
Large portions, mostly tasty, avoid the busy times. I've dined here a few times and never had a bad experience, but also have to say the food is nothing remarkable. I have to admit I still prefer the food and beer selection at the other place up the road. The mother/daughter team are very friendly and do a good job, but during busy times they definitely could use another server. Overall, just OK.

An amazing experience, 3/24/2009
Reviewer: Kyle Van de Kamer from Santa Barbara, CA
Las night, my family and I arrived at Brummis at 9:20 pm, twenty minutes after their closing time. Veronica (the co-owner) served us with vigor and delight. She was oh so kind to all of us even though we arrived late. She and her restaurant truly give back to the community of Santa Barbara everyday. It would not be such a nice to live if Brummis wasn't here. I give them all my luck in the future and my family and I are certainly coming back in the near future for a few schnitzels. Thank you so much Brummis, you have put german cuisine on the map of Santa Barbara!

sehr gut!, 3/23/2009
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Fantastic Bockwurst and Bratwurst, accompanied by the freshest Sauerkraut I've ever had. Even if you don't normally like sauerkraut, you will like it here. Very friendly and personable service, goes well with the cozy atmosphere. I'll definitely be back to Brummis.

Ausgezeichnet! (German for "excellent"), 3/15/2009
Reviewer: Joni from Santa Barbara, CA
I took my husband for dinner at Brummis last night and had a great time. Veronica, of the husband/wife team who own/run the restaurant, gave wonderful service, making recommendations that were excellent. The servings are huge and the prices very reasonable. Unfortunately, we were too full to try the desserts. We'll be sure to leave room for dessert next time.

Wonderful service, wonderful food, 3/8/2009
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I have been to Brummis quite a few times and it never disappoints. I have never had a meal that was less than superb, and the owners are always warm and welcoming. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants authentic German food.

Great German food! , 3/8/2009
Reviewer: Desiree from Santa Barbara, CA
I grew up on German food and I recently just came back from visiting my brother in Germany so when I heard about this new German restuarant I could not resist. I was pleasantly surprised by how busy it was when my boyfriend and I went. The sevice was a bit slow at first, but they did have a full restaurant and only two servers. (my only tip, get another server or two) Once we we were greeted by our server, the service was friendly and the food did not dissappoint. I ordered my favorite...spatzel and was very satisfied as was my boyfriend. The owner is an authentic german lady who really takes pride in her restaurant. The portions are huge so come hungry!

Valentines Day, 2/27/2009
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
I took my wife and parents to Brummis for Valentines Day dinner. My parents like Germand food and they wanted to try it. I had read the reviews and was looking forward to a wonderful meal. First, the service was slow. It looked like they had enough staff (don't know about in the kitchen) and while there were a number of tables full, the restaurant was about half full. The potato pancakes were good. I had the Bummi schnitzel, large portion. I wasn't sure what was on top, but it was not what I expected. My wife had the crackling pork with apples and prunes, but there were no prunes or apples and the pork had too much "bark," maybe that's the "crakling" part. I like bark, but better on ribs, and my wife cut it off. On a positive note I must say my parents enjoyed their meal, but they never complain. Like another reviewer, I would have liked to have known they had beer on tap in large steins. I would have ordered that rather than the bottled beer I had. I might try it again, maybe for lunch.

Great Food, Great Service, 2/9/2009
Reviewer: Stan from Santa Barbara, CA
We just got back from a work lunch at Brummis. The mother was our server and you could tell the pride she put into her food. I tried the Russian soup, which was awesome, followed by the Jagerschnitzle. Manuela tells you right away that it's Northern/East German food, so do not expect Bavarian style potato salad (to which she made a sour face). No problem, it was delicious. Her brusque style was well received, as it was obvious she was confident in the quality of food being served. I will have to make it back there for a tall stein of HB, and maybe get a peak at the daughter.

Best German Food In Town, 2/3/2009
Reviewer: Nikolai Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
Okay so I have tried this place twice now. The first time I had the smoked sausage. That was good. I was pleased with the German Potato Salad. Different then other places but Its very good. Better actually then Dutch Garden. Now for the Sauerkraut. Amazing. The best Ive had. Far superior then the other place down the road. It tastes fresh, homemade, and like effort was put into it. This visit was a week ago. Now for Today: Today I tried the Bratwurst. Delicious. Tasted like it was made right there. Amazing flavor. The Sauerkraut went perfectly with it. The German Potato salad was a nice touch and very tasty. I also tried some some they had that had meat in it. I was told it was a Russian soup. Very good soup. Good flavor. Excellent start to a wonderful lunch. Now for the service. Very attentive. The woman (I believe is the daughter) is very friendly and takes pride in making sure her patrons are happy and filled. Which I was on both occasions. Thank you very much. (I'm the young man who was in the window table and I had the Black Army cap on)

Will be going back ... with friends!, 1/22/2009
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I decided to go somewhere new for dinner and thought we'd give Brummis a try. We're very glad we did. It's a very cozy restaurant and the food was yummy. I had the Fleischklopse (meatballs with potato salad) and my husband had the Jagerschnitzel with Spaetzle. The meatballs were extremely flavorful and the potato salad was very good - subtle tastes and extremely refreshing (which is a weird thing to say about potato salad but it's true). I think I enjoyed the meal more than any I had in Germany. My husband thought the mushroom sauce on his Schnitzel was tasty and especially liked his Spaetzle. The service was especially wonderful. It really made the experience. Veronika was very attentive and friendly.

Excellent restaurant, 1/22/2009
Reviewer: Susan Smiley from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is Excellent so was the service and Atmosphere. My husband and I have a few German friends who we will recommend this restaurant to, as well as to our American and Turkish friends in fact we want every one to know what a great restaurant it is. This is my second visit, I took a friend there for her birthday so decided that my husband should experience the restaurant also. A great restaurant will go there again for sure

Had a genuine German experience, 1/22/2009
Reviewer: renita ramirez from Santa Barbara, CA
two things i'd like to get my opinions across. first, the food was awesome. handsdown, by far the best home cooked german food in town and to me anywhere in california. i've lived in san francisco bay area all my life and i was afraid my comfort foods from back home won't be matched. on the contrary, it was a great food and sense awakening experience . i had the sauerbraten, with pea pudding, potato salad and a tall glass of beer. for desert, i had the apple fritters. yummmmmmers. i even had plenty of food to eat at home, twice. secondly, the mother and daughter servers were as warm and delightful and was ultra friendly. not many server/folks actually take the time and converse with you the history of the food and their story of how the recipe got passed down from generations and onward. i loved this place and will always go back for the food and the hospitality. kudos to brummis restaurant

Great!!, 1/21/2009
Reviewer: Cathy from Santa Barbara, CA
It was soooo good. This was the first visit, and will be back again soon. The service was perfect.. all of my questions about the food were answered. The food was so good, just as I remembered from trips to Germany. The portions were so large, I asked for a 'doggie bag.' Thanks for a really nice meal.

Reviewer: Peter O. from Carp.
The first time I went for lunch and had the jager schnitzel and elas salad. The schnitzel seemed like it was packaged rather the home made, it was soggy and tough. The sauce had a weird canned taste to it, not at all like the other jager schnitzels I've had at the other German restaurant on state (dutch garden). It might of been my fault but I had it with fries, I thought the menu said homemade and for sale they were not home, they were just soggy and bad. The elas salad looked good on the menu, but the dressing wasn't very good. A friend wanted to go about a week or two later, so I deiceded to give it another try. There were 3 of us. I had bratwurst, my friend had the sauerbraten, and his wife had the bratwurst as well. We were both very unimpressed with the bratwurst, I don't think it was homemade and you can make the same thing at home with stuff you buy at the butcher, also they don't have a nice selection of mustard like the dutch garden. The red cabbage was completly different from the rest and way over seasoned. My friend's sauerbraten was not at all like he thought it would be and wondered where special marinate was. The one positive note the beers we had were very good.

Horrible!!!, 1/19/2009
Reviewer: Chris White from Santa Barbara, CA
To all this is a warning! First let me start by saying the food here is not at all good. Being of german decent I KNOW GOOD FOOD! My OPA was a great cook. I had Bratwurst and my wife a chicken salad. The Bratwurst was okay made by Shalobs in town. The Brat was grilled and served with a raw wonder bread bun. My wifes salad was a joke. Dutch Garden is way better but needs a good German cleaning. Save your hard earned money. Cheers!

Fabulous Authentic German Food!, 1/19/2009
Reviewer: Brandon from Newport Beach, CA
I drove all the way up from Orange County in order to try some real German food, since I heard great things about Brummis. Let me tell you, the long drive was completely worth it. I’ve never had much exposure to German food so I wasn’t quite sure what to order. The owners were very polite and informative, helping me decide on my meal. They introduced me to the Potato Pancakes, and Rinderrouladen. I loved them both. They were even nice enough to allow me try both the Spatzle and Klosse with my meal. The food was delicious and full of flavor and I will never forget the owners, making it a fun and fulfilling experience. Though I’m sad that I live too far to make it an everyday eating spot, I will definitely make it a point to go back when I’m craving authentic German food. I will at least know the trip will be worth it.

Great German Fare, 1/18/2009
Reviewer: Marian Smith from Sammamish, WA
I loved "Brummis - The German Taste." It is authentic German fare as its best. Having just returned from a trip to Germany, the overall experience still weighing heavy in my heart and in my mind, it was a real welcomed surprise. The food was excellent and abundant, the service outstanding, and the ambience warm and inviting. Thank you, Brummis, for taking me back, if just for an evening, to this most wonderful country called "Germany." You can bet I'll be back for more.

Wunderbar German Food!, 1/17/2009
Reviewer: Rip from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I just had dinner tonight at Brummis. The food was excellent - She had the cracking pork and I had the Brummi schnitzel. The food portions were huge - we couldn't finish it all. Looking forward to eating the leftovers later. Everything was very flavorful and well made. The salad was fresh and delicious. The potato pancake was yummy. The service was also wonderful. The mother and daughter were very attentive and warm, and we had excellent service throughout. This was the second time we have been here, and we enjoyed the meal and service tremendously both times. We look forward to our next visit here. Ausgezeichnet!

A disappointment, 1/16/2009
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I was curious to read the reviews of Brummis, the new german restaurant in town. Many were very positive (‘finally, a real german restaurant’, ‘real german food’, ‘authentic..’). This piqued my interest, so off we went for dinner. I ordered Jaegerschnitzel and my wife had Ziegeunerschnitzel (schnitzel with so-called ‘gypsy’, i.e., paprika-based, sauce). We were served small portions of german bread with butter. Our Schnitzels came with potato salad or french fries. We both ordered potato salad; french fries aren't exactly german fare. Our cutlets were well-prepared and of ample proportions. That’s where the positive ends. My ‘Jaeger’ sauce was a small serving of what tasted like Campbell’s mushroom soup. My wife’s portion of Zieguener sauce was equally skimpy and not flavorful. Our german potato resembled a bland, mayonnaise based American version. In short, our dinners were a disappointment. Since I’d enjoyed the Jaegerschnitzel dinner at the Dutch Garden, I made a return trip there to compare it with Brummis’ version. Both meals were roughly the same price. The Jaegerschnitzel at DG was smothered in real mushroom sauce, there’s a choice of german potato salad or german potato pancakes, a small serving of hot bread and a modest serving of fresh veggies with sauerkraut, PLUS a choice of delicious homemade soup or an ample green salad. Hands down, it was simply a more flavorful, tastier meal and without doubt the better value. On a positive note, Brummis is well-lighted and clean, and the mother/daughter duo are welcoming, very friendly and attentive. I’ll give them 5 stars on this point, but Jaegerschnitzel and Ziegeunerschnitzel dinners are what we ate; they get 2 stars. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for 38 years and have seen German restaurants come and go (Redwood Inn, German Haus, Heidelberg Inn, etc.). I sincerely hope Brummis makes a go of it, but I won’t be going back any time soon.

Will give them another chance., 1/16/2009
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I ate here during Fiesta when we got sick of Mexican food. The food was so authentic "home cooking" that it was terrible. The mother and daughter team were very nice and "gemutlich" but we thought their restaurant wouldn't last the month. Well, obviously it has and the recent reviews are very positive so I am willing to give them another chance. If the other reviewers are right they have improved things a lot. Maybe I'll have a good strong German dark beer with my meal too. I am happy for the owners that they have made a success of their endeavor

Great food but time to add staff, 1/16/2009
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried Brummis after reading all of the great reviews. The food was great. No doubt about it. The bratwurst reminded me of Bavaria and the jaegerschnitzel was crisp, tasty and not greasy at all. The only issue (and it wasn't anything that would keep me from coming back) was that the owner was the only person on wait staff. The poor thing had a packed house by 6:45 but only her to tend to the tables. My wife and I felt really bad for her. We noticed the fill up happening and made sure to order quickly so we wouldn't be waiting too long but I know some folks who were there before us didn't pay attention and were still waiting for their food when we left. That may have been deliberate on their part, though. Anyway, we loved the place but would love it even more if she got some full time help so that they could turn over more tables and be more successful.

Delicious food, nicest people, 1/14/2009
Reviewer: Brooke from Santa Barbara, CA
The owners of this restaraunt are fantastic! They offer a great menu of fresh and authentic dishes. The mother / daughter team also are some of the best servers in town, offering quick service and helpful information regarding their menu. The food was incredible! This will be a go to restaraunt for us!

A Most Welcome Addition, 1/1/2009
Reviewer: james from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I eat out way too often so it is a nice surprise to stumble over something quite out of the ordinary from what has been our routine. Though our experience with German cuisine is somewhat limited, I do have a few random past experiences from which to draw upon in making this assessment. While I did very much enjoy what I ordered, there are a few classic German dishes, such as sauerkraut, that simply are non-starters for me. Nevertheless, I found the food wonderful and the service to be most attentive. Put down that burrito or burger and treat yourself to something different for a change.

Worst Meal In 20 years, 12/31/2008
Reviewer: alex from Santa Barbara, CA
Do not bother with this resturant. We just brought home our to-go dinner. Tried one bit and threw it away...pure grease. Deep fried, tough, too much seasoning, Campbells mushroom soup on deep fried pork. deep fried apple slice (same grease as pork cooked in). horrible horrible..still can't get the greasy taste out of my mouth. $50 down the tubes and horrible aftertaste. fed it to my dog. horrible horrible. I can not believe they would even bother opening this place. it will be closed by Feb 1, 2008 without a doubt.

Traditional German Comfort Food Served with a Smile!, 12/30/2008
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Brummis several times and have enjoyed each experience. It's a mother/daughter operation, with mom Veronika running the "front of the house" while daughter Manuela does the cooking. The food is delightful, mainly consisting of traditional German dishes that come with spicy tart red cabbage and your choice of Spaetzle (a kind of noodle) or dumplings. They also have some nice German beers and wine to accompany your meal.

Warm family welcome, 12/29/2008
Reviewer: Lidia from Santa Barbara, CA
I am no big fan of German food, but I was charmed by this restaurant. The interior is streamlined and cozy, making it beautiful and welcoming. We were waited on the owner and made to feel extremely welcomed, like we were dining at her house. The food was enjoyable, particularly the potato salad. Overall, the place is charming and the service is personal.

super gut, 12/25/2008
Reviewer: Meinke from Neubrandenburg, MV
Frohe Weihnachten aus Deutschland wuenschen Marlies, Tim, Marcus und Franzi! Wir hoffen, dass es euch an eurem ersten amerikanischen Weihnachten gut geht und ihr uns nicht zu doll vermisst :) Waere schoen mal wieder etwas von euch zu hoeren. Bis dahin ein frohes Fest und einen guten Rutsch in ein erfolgreiches 2009!

Good food in uptown, 12/17/2008
Reviewer: Jon S from Santa Barbara, CA
It was our first time eating dinner here and everything was excellent. Between five of us we took our time and tasted almost everything. Highly recommend the apple fritters even if you don't have room! I hope this place stays around, oh and they serve ice cold beers in huge steins, just make sure to ask what's on tap. It wasn't covered in their menu.

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, 12/14/2008
Reviewer: Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived a total of 7 years in Germany, mostly in the Southern part and I always enjoyed good German food. So my wife, Carol, and I, having visited Europe 4 times in the past 10 years, were delighted when we found out a new German Restaurant was in town. Sat. Dec. 13, 2008, was our first visit, and we could not have been more pleased. Even though the food in Southern Germany can be quite different from the food in Northern Germany, both of us were greatly surprised on how tasty and authentic the food was. We were used to German Restaurants here in the U.S. that touted great German food but were sadly lacking. Brummis delighted us. We pretty much ordered a sampling of all the entrees and appetizers. The food was cooked to perfection. The Rouladen was delicious as was the Sauerbraten, the Kesslerbraten, the Bratwurst and the Schnitzel. The service was fast and extremely friendly with 2 lovely waitresses making sure that our meal and time at Brummis was enjoyable, and... it was. Those of you who are in the market for good, authentic German food, cooked like "Grandma" used to, grab your better halves and head on over to Brummis German Restaurant. You will not be disappointed and will enjoy yourselves greatly. P.S. Be sure and order the "Wurst Fleisch" and "Potato Pancake" appetizers. Then spread the Wurst Fleisch on top of the Potato Pancake. Great Taste. Also order the Apple Fritter dessert. OUTSTANDING. P.S.S. They will be open for lunch starting Dec. 19th.

Delicious!!!!!, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
First time at Brumms last evening was incredible and as I sit here eating my left-overs for lunch, I can't wait to go back and try something else. The sauerbraten was wonderful. The apple fritter with vanilla sauce heavenly. Veronika is a delight. Great coffee, too. Welcome, Brummis.


Once again 5 Stars, 12/8/2008
Reviewer: Stef from Santa Barbara, CA
So there we were Brummi's. Once again just great food and great friendly service. Try the Wuerzfleisch and the Soljanka as starters. They are both just great. I am very happy that they have nice and cold Hofbraeuhaus Lager. Now I can order "noch 'ne Halbe, bitte" and enjoy the taste of a good old german bier. Thank you and see you soon.

So glad we gave it a try!, 12/6/2008
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara, CA
We stopped here on a whim earlier this week, having heard great things about the food. We received a warm greeting and were immediately seated with some of the excellent bread to get started on. My young daughter really loved the pretzel bread. We ordered potato pancakes ("kartoffelpuffer"), currywurst, and crackling pork ("krustenbraten") (apologies for my probable wrong spelling). Everything was terrific. The portion sizes were large and the flavors were well developed. I also want to thank the owner for her suggestion of an excellent dark German beer, which was a perfect compliment to my meal. Her friendly service made our night really terrific. My husband and I really enjoyed our dinner here and had great fun introducing our daughter to a new cuisine. We'll definitely return and will bring friends!

Just Okay, 11/26/2008
Reviewer: Danny from Santa Barbara, CA
First off the place is nice inside and the menu creative. The meal started with bread and pretzels, which were both good. I like the idea that they let you try the dish before you order it. They had a special that night which there was only "two left" and they were really trying to push it on me. I ended up tasting the sauerbraten and ordering that. It was good but it just wasn't great, it was good for the first few bites and then was just bland. It came with Klosse, which weren’t very good at all, they were way over seasoned. It also came with red cabbage, which is one of my favorites and wasn't very good either. I also had for a starter the potato pancake, which was really bad, I love potato pancakes and this is the worst I have had. What made the service bad for starters was when I didn't eat the whole pancake or the apple sauce that came with it, the young girl seemed offended, also with not eating the red cabbage the came with the entree. For better German food try Dutch Garden, the food is always great and the owner is never rude.

Fantastic! Great German food and service!!!, 11/2/2008
Reviewer: Mike Shinn from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a wonderful dinner here last night. Everything was perfect - the potato pancakes, schnitzel, sour soup and the spaetzel are fantastic. Sorry, my keyboard doesn't support umlauts. Highly recommended.

Das beste deutsche Essen in Santa Barbara!, 10/20/2008
Reviewer: Eric Stapelfeld from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant is a great addition to Santa Barbara's already fantastic lineup of restaurants, and definitely fills niche that needed to be filled. As a Global Studies and German student that lived abroad a year in Germany, I definitely appreciate having a fantastic place to go now. The owners are super friendly, accommodating and very generous. It's great to see that they are so involved in their food and service, you feel as if you are eating a home cooked meal inside a German Gasthaus. Another apspect I really appreciated is the decor. After living in Germany for a year it always dissappoints me to go into a "German" restaurant and everything looks like it is right of the alps, since most of the country doesn't actually use this architecture. My only criticism is that the lighting is very bright, so it's not the most romantic place in the evening to go to. But that won't keep me away at all. Ich kann nicht warten, bis ich dort wieder essen kann!

Wunderbar!, 10/15/2008
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
As a German, I was impressed all around! The food was great...really hitting that spot only food from home can hit. My "kraut" cravings have been satified! The restaurant and service are warm but with a no-frills feeling. Will certaintly go back sooner than later!

Bitte, auf dem Tisch Aromat, danke., 10/11/2008
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
One thing missing in this wonderful restaurant is a container of Aromat on the table to enliven these good basics. Recent review in the Independent unfortunately claimed most of the food was "lacking flavor" according to his admitted lack of knowledge of German cooking. But this is a valid criticism if one wants to reach the more jaded, hyped up palate used to spicier international offerings. Just like any good "foreign" restuarant that has collection of special condiments at the table for adjusting to individual tastes, a bit of Aromat gives this food that extra touch, just like you find in every Swiss restaurant where this sits proudly on the table.

A great place to eat German food!!, 10/5/2008
Reviewer: Silvia Gilman from Santa Barbara, CA
I moved to the US about 6 years ago and had always an occasional craving for some german food (I usually had to take the effort and cook it myself :0() . When I saw that a new German restaurant just opened here in town I was very excited but also a bit sceptic. I went to so many German restaurants that were all run by people in Lederhosen with horrible Bavarian music and just the all-round German clichee - whereas Germany has som much more to offer than that. It's easy to imagine that I was very pleased by the decor and the nice ambiance at Brummis which was very modern. The food was really good and even for me as a German who is from the Ruhr Area more interesting since some of it is based from the Berlin cuisine. The staff was so EXTREMLY friendly that if we didn't had a bill at the end - we all felt more as we were eating at somebodies house rather than a restaurant - that's how warming the atmosphere was. I recommend everybody who is intersted in stopping by and enjoying some german food and a KOENIG PILSENER beer (I think this is the very first place I have EVER seen that beer offered!) What a treat!

Excellent!, 10/1/2008
Reviewer: Heidi from Santa Barbara, CA
I love German food, and I loved Brummis! They are incredibly hospitable people who serve incredible food.

An example for other SB restaurants, 9/29/2008
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
There are two things that are great about Brummis. First, it's a totally unique and interesting food option in Santa Barbara. I had no experience with German cuisine, but the chance to try it couldn't be passed up. I'm glad I did try it, because the food was delicious. The second great thing about Brummis is the service. I challenge anyone to find another Santa Barbara restaurant more dedicated to delighting their customers. Any restaurant could learn something about customer service from Brummis. I wish them all the best. See you for Oktoberfest!

just really good, 9/24/2008
Reviewer: Asuka Nemoto from Los Angeles, CA
My husband and I went to this restaurant yesterday. My husband is a German American and his grandma used to cook really good German food for her family when he was very young. The dish at this restaurant totally brought back his old memory, and he loved it. It's too bad that we live in LA and cannot come back here often... So Santa Barbara people, you are so lucky and we really envy you guys!!

Great "home cooked" German food, 9/21/2008
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in recently with my daughter and a friend and we loved the food and the service. My daughter is 2 and they we very accommodating making sure she was happy and entertained. The food is some of the best German food I've had in the US. I've been to Germany several times and was an exchange student just out of High School (DPHS!!). I remarked to my friend that the food reminded me of the food you are lucky to eat if you know a family in Europe, recipes that are handed down from the generations. I will return again soon with my wife to try more of the great cuisine and wish the Brummi's lots of luck in their new restaurant but based on all the fine reviews they are definitely a great addition to Santa Barbara. As for Hannah, you seem to have and ax to grind, taking the time to review a restaurant several weeks later and including an "East German" slur seems over the top. Plumbing problems happen in restaurants all the time, as does slow service when business is just starting up. Based on my experience the Brummi's have fixed the rough edges and moved on. It's probably best if you did too Hannah...

I wish I had never spent any money there., 9/21/2008
Reviewer: Hannah from Santa Barbara, CA
When I first saw that a new german restaurant opened in Santa Barbara,I was really excited to go.As a german,it was hard for me to find authentic german food.But Brummi's was a horrible experience and definitely not worth the money.I went with my friends and family,and it took the woman one hour to even remark us.Then,it took another half an hour for our food to arrive,and when it was finally there we were more than disappointed.The sauerkraut was from a can,the schnitzel had a bad quality and the salad was definitly not fresh. Worst of all,while we were eating,the owner told us that the toilet was leaking,and the dirty disgusting toilet water was up to under my friends' chairs. The whole time the owner tried to make excuses why everything took such an eternity.Quite honestly I was ashamed that i had proposed to eat at brummi's.Brummi's is disgrace for all german food.Paying so much money for small portions of disgusting something,I will never go there again.

1. Klasse, 9/20/2008
Reviewer: Carlos M Nash from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten at Brummis twice, and both times were wonderful. The decor is very pleasing with a sprinkling of images from Germany, in particular Berlin. I highly recommend the Kartoffelpuffer und Apfelmus for starters; very light and refreshing. I've had both the Sauerbraten and Jägerschnitzel. I have to say, the Jägerschnitzel with Kartoffelsalat definitely won me over. Best of all is the highly personable owners/staff. For me, dining at Brummis will be a regular weekly occurrence.

Great little restaurant, 9/19/2008
Reviewer: Milan from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Brummis for dinner, and we really liked the food, the service and the decor. They have some interesting memorabilia from East Germany on the walls. The food was excellent, the portion was ample, and the dark German beer that I had was excellent, too. Highly recommend! Constructive criticism - need to refill the water glasses ;-)

Outstanding!, 9/17/2008
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
Our second visit, and definitely highly recommendable!! Do yourself a favor, and hurry over to Brummi's! The service is friendly and prompt. The menu is true German, well presented, and very flavorful. Rouladen was outstanding. Schnitzel was thin, gently battered and cooked, with your choice of Jaeger (hunter's) sauce of mushrooms and cream, or Ziguener (gypsy style) with red pepper and tomatoes. The potato salad was truly special, and the potato dumpling (Kloesse) was perfectly cooked. I have spent well over a year in Germany and Austria, and this would have been a delightful home-cooked meal there. As Brummi's gets better known, I would encourage them to get a broader selection of wines (not expensive, and not all German). The beers are all German, and all very good.

Best Potato Salad EVER..., 9/15/2008
Reviewer: Monica & Gabe from Santa Barbara, CA
I saw this place on this website a while back and have never taken the time to try it. We popped in for an early dinner tonight and LOVED the mom & daughter team and the food. It TRULY feels like eating at someone's home in Europe. They come out and show you how to serve the appetizer (we had never seen anything like it) and check on you all the time. They are a GREAT team and the food was truly home-cooking and delicious. The portions are HUGE and they are so sad if you will not take a doggie bag (so we took boxes!)...It is such a gem! I am thrilled to have finally tried it and will suggest it to all my pals...FANTASTIC PLACE!

Sehr Gutes Essen!! , 9/15/2008
Reviewer: Angela from Santa Barbara, CA
I took my visiting family there on Saturday and since my Opa is from Germany I was hoping for the best. It was great, my Opa loved his Sauerbraten and my parents loved both of their meals too. I have grown up eating German Cusine and it's so hard to find a restaurant that tastes like home, but this one hit the spot. The service was excellent and the place is very clean and resonably priced. I definitly recommend trying it.

Kartoffelpuffer + "Jäger" Schnitzel + Eierkuchen! Delicious!, 9/13/2008
Reviewer: Dylan Penev from Santa Barbara, CA
My first time at this restaurant. The service was excellent. The waitresses were very friendly and charming. It was a very relaxing atmosphere and I have felt a piece of Europe again. My Kartoffelpuffer with apple sauce tasted a bit like fish, but actually it was roasted potatoes. The "Jäger" Schnitzel was very delicious and the French Fried were crispy and soft. The Eierkuchen was the right dessert for the right dinner. BRAVO! Gruss Dylan (from Switzerland living in Santa Barbara) I'll pay you a visit soon!

Great German Restaurant, 9/13/2008
Reviewer: Melanie from Santa Barbara, CA
I was the first time in this restaurant and I'm Swiss. So, I was really excited how the food was and actually I loved the food. I had a great evening there and felt almost like home. Finally, a good European restaurant in Santa Barbara. And the service was good too!You should check it out! Guten Appetit;-)

Nice new place, 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
Our family had a lovely dinner at Brummi's. The service, provided by co-owner Veronika, was wonderful - very warm and attentive. The restaurant was SPOTLESS. The food was good - my son loved his beef rouladen. I don't eat red meat so the menu choices were pretty limited for me. I thought everything was great but would like to suggest adding a vegetarian stew or similar to meet the tastes of those that are not big meat eaters. Overall, we had a lovely meal and were very happy to have such a cute little place in our neighborhood!

Warm, wonderful and welcoming, 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
BRUMMIS - THE GERMAN TASTE - 3130 STATE STREET, SANTA BARBARA Dinner for two: Started with their "russian" soup -hearty, rich and good, almost a meal in itself; salad crisp and plentiful with choice of two light, flavorful dressings. Other appetizers were intriguing, but almost looked too filling so I want to try them at another time with a lesser entree. Entrees: "Crackling pork" - roast pork, gravy, wonderful light potato dumplings they call Klosse (or choice of spatzle) and red cabbage - enough for three meals so I took the rest home - a classic, well prepared and wonderful. Owner aplogized they were unable to get the pork with sufficient fatty skin on it to make it "crackling", but it was still very good. Other was schintzle with mushroom gravy, (various other preparations available) with exceptional potato salad. Again, very nicely prepared. Dessert: a little miscommuication due to language problems (owners speak limited English and it was my thin German that led to the mistake) we ended up with the apple fritters instead of the apple crepes, but no complaint as they sat swimming in a nice custard sauce and were a perfect ending to a very nice German meal. Two good german beers in a pleasant, modest cafe surrounding. All entree prices well under $20, portions almost too large and I had leftovers for two more days, and it got even better two days later. This is definitely a place for hearty food, comfort food, great filling lunches, large portioned dinners, and especially a cold weather retreat from the storm. And charming service. You get the feeling if you don't like something, they will bend over backwards to make it better. The place is run by a mother and her young daughter who only came to town a short while ago. They know the restaurant business so I wonder what brought them here as German food is a very under-represented food in California towns, especially a beach town with Spanish heritage. But we do have a very sizable local German community and at one time had several German deli's and the quaint old Heidelburg Inn downtown. The owner took her grandmother's curry wurst recipe to our local meat purveyor (Shalhoob) to have them custom made and encouraged us to come back for lunch and give them a try. This is sure to happen. The side dishes along with the custom sausages makes Brummis worthy of many repeat visits. And did I say I love pork? Yes, this is the place. It all whetted my appetite for an upcoming trip to Munich and the Christmas markets with the cold weather and hot sausages make a culinary marriage made in heaven.

Don't overlook the soup!, 9/10/2008
Reviewer: Herman from Carpinteria/CA

Great Addition to Upper State (and to Santa Barbara), 9/9/2008
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I have been to Brummis three times now and it gets better every time with each new item we try. The schnitzel is the best I've ever had and the potato pancakes are fried to crispy perfection. The Chicken Jagr is delicious and they also make a very nice sauerbraten dinner. The Brumm family is lovely and you can tell that they sincerely wish that you have a great dining experience.

Finally, 9/7/2008
Reviewer: Tanya from Santa Barbara, CA
a good german restaurant in town. As a german it felt like being at home for a while. It is very pleasant to be able to order everything in german and get authentic food. I had the "Sauerbraten mit Spaetzle" which I can definetely recommend, and I also tried the "Kartoffelsalat" which is very good. Although I have to admit that I am from the south of Germany where the same food looks and tastes a bit different. I will definetely recommend this restaurant not only to my german friends in town...Wishing you all the success. Tanya

Real German Food in SB...Endlich., 9/6/2008
Reviewer: Stef from Santa Barbara, CA
Endlich....German food has arrived to our city. Dutch Garden, please RIP....and stop calling your food German. Going to Brummi's reminded me of the things I used to taste at home...Great "Schnitzel", Great "Braten", great "Kartoffelsalat"(north german style) and great "Bier". I was suprised to find a Koestritzer Schwarzbier (Goete's favorite) so I had to drink one. Manuela and Veronika are very friendly and make you feel at home....It's just good to speak German when you go out for some authentic german food. Next time I will try the "Currywurst" a real Berliner speciality. Thanks Brummi's

Delicious Food, Lovely Owners, 8/28/2008
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm so happy that German food has come to Santa Barbara. I went here with a group so I was able to taste several dishes. Every single item was fantastic and seemed to be freshly prepared by the owner/chef. My one dislike was that the mushroom sauce on the jager schnitzel tasted like canned cream of mushroom soup. However, the jager schnitzel was nice and crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. The owner/server was very accommodating and allowed us to mix and match sides with our main courses. The bratwurst and saurbraten were extremely flavorful. And I think I could dine on the potato dumpling and spaetzle alone. Yummy! This mother-daughter team is working very hard to provide friendly service and food prepared to order. As a result, there can be a little bit of a wait for your food. As long as you're not in a hurry, this is worth it. Plus, the high-quality butter is a real treat on the bread while you're waiting. I will be back again. I think it's great to support local, independent business.

Excellent!, 8/27/2008
Reviewer: Gildas from Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara hasn't had a good German restaurant in a long time. And now, thanks to the Brumm family coming to you straight from Berlin, we have one again! Great food, friendly service, reasonable prices, and good German beer. The beer is all bottles for now, but served in all the right glasses (the owners are German!); in addition, they promise to have Bier von Fass (beer on tap) very soon, on time for Oktoberfest. Loved the place and highly recommend it. Wunderschoen!

Authentic Berliner fare on upper State Street!!!, 8/27/2008
Reviewer: Michael M. Cooper from Santa Barbara, CA
Our extended family has lived all over the world. Needless to say we're big fans of foreign cuisine. And so it was such a delight to discover Brummis last week. New restaurants come and go but this is the real thing. Its authentic. The menu is diverse with hearty and traditional Berliner dishes and a diverse beer list containing brews you simply won't find anywhere in these parts. Brummis owes its authenticity to its German chefs and owners, a daughter and mother team who have only recently arrived from Berlin themselves (and when I say recently I mean in the past few months!) The daughter told me that she had fallen in love with Southern California during previous visits, and especially Santa Barbara, but had noticed the lack of a German restaurant. Thanks to her that oversight is now corrected. The food was delicious and copious, the service was impeccable, we were thoroughly satisfied, and we expect to return to Brummis many times for years to come.

A German Gem in Santa Barbara, 8/26/2008
Reviewer: Cameron from Santa Barbara, CA
Where do I start? I am a very adventurous eater and I am constantly searching for a new and interesting place within Santa Barbara. Brummis by far exceeded my expectations. The owner is authentically German and speaks very good English. She was extremely nice and when we asked her to surprise us with the beer selection she knew exactly what to get. Brummis is truly one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara. The service is great and they actually take the time to speak with you. The food is to die for. I would fully recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Authentic German Cuisine, 8/23/2008
Reviewer: ann cady from santa barbara, ca
Veronica, the owner along with her daughter come directly from Germany and serve real German food. I know because I lived in Germany for ten years, and finally, a really German restaurant. The food is delicious and be adventurous and try something other than the snitzel which is certainly good, but others are sumptious. Real linens, Veronica with her smile, good beer and wine... I've eaten here 5 times since they opened and take my visitors there...all are very impressed.

Nice Euro Artsy-Wonderful gal, so so food, 8/21/2008
Reviewer: steve from sb
Really neato interior....simple but tastfully artistic. Feels good to be there..even though street location not ideal. The Owner gal is simply charming and authentic. pretty- good bread(but would have been better a little steamed-warm), and wonderfully small-chunked cold high quality butter. It would be better to have just two high quality beers on tap(a dark(owner..would you please try Holister Brewing Co.'s "Blown out Stout"- one of the finest beers I have had in a lifetime. and a lighter rich pilsner? instead of the flatter tasting imported bottles. Add to the place a happy hour tied around those beers with interesting sliced/grilled sausage plate with purer sauces, and perhaps some really first rate twice cooked fries with a couple of exotic sauces like they do at the stands in europe. The potato salad was one on the worst we have had in a while. Wierd garlic? KRAUT overcooked and not lively tasting as the FRESH ones with aromatic seasonings like in Europe. Pea mixture was pretty good....would have been nice on warmed toasts(think happy hour again)...other entrees just didn't taste as fresh or complex as the old country. Good luck...the gal is sharp....maybe she will adjust...she does a lot of little things well. I hope they adjust and make it...would be a fun little neighborhood hangout wrapping around the charm of the gal...the kind of place even jaded-critcal-foodies would frequent. -Wonderful choice of Red Colour on the wood trim!!

If there is German food in Heaven..., 8/19/2008
Reviewer: Jesse from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was wonderful, as was our whole Brummis experience. Each dish was both hearty and full of flavor. I cannot even begin to describe the taste-buds-dance of Brummis' German potato salad! Suffice it to say that the resident German among us had a wonderful time and said something about the food that apparently translates to "Just like Mama used to make." As well as the food, the whole experience was just right. We noticed the simple, sharp beauty of the decor as soon as we walked into Brummis. Even the menus were beautiful. And the owners graced the experience both with their hospitality and their culinary skill.

Finally a good & authentic German restaurant in SB!!!!!, 8/18/2008
Reviewer: Laura Kranzler from Santa Barbara, CA
I stumbled upon Brummis on last week, & was so excited about the reviews that I had to try it ASAP. Victoria (one of the owners) immediately greeted us upon entering the restaurant. I liked the fact Brummis is seat yourself, so you can choose the table to your liking. Immediately the busboy took our drink orders & brought our beers along with bread & butter. When it came time for us to order, Victoria greeted us with a huge smile. She also shared with us that her & her daughter had moved to SB 5 weeks ago, from Berlin, & opened the restaurant only 3 weeks earlier. For starters, we ordered the potato pancakes w/applesauce with a side of sourcream, gotta represent my Polish heritage & make my Grandma proud! The pancakes were crisp on the outside, & tender on the inside....just like Grandma used to make. Our group of 4 could have dined on potato pancakes alone....they were that good! I ordered the Rinderrouladen with 1/2 Spatzle & Klosse (a potato dumpling.) The Rouladen was so tender I could cut it with a fork, & perfectly slow cooked w/exceptional flavor. The spatzle melted in your mouth & was lightly swimming in a light brown gravy, along with pickled red cabbage with the perfect amount of acidity. My husband & another friend ordered the Jager Schnitzel w/German potato salad. Also very tasty! The Schnitzel wasn't the typical paper-thin patty, but a thick; moist on the inside & crispy on the outside w/a nice mushroom gravy. I'm not a fan of German potato salad, but it was the BOMB! I couldn't keep my fork away from my husband's plate. Our other friend ordered the Kruslenbraten or crispy pork. It had wonderful smoked flavor, & the right amount of fat keeping the pork moist but not fatty. I cannot say enough good things about Brummis restaurant! We were there for about 1 1/2 hours enjoying breaking bread with old & new friends. I can't wait to go back for the potato pancakes, spatzle & rouladen.

Amazing place!, 8/18/2008
Reviewer: Christina from Carpinteria, CA
Brummis is great! I've been to Germany numerous times and can attest that the food and atmosphere at Brummis is authentic. The service is attentive and very friendly as well! There is no doubt that I will be frequenting Brummis quite often. This is the place for a german experience without having to travel overseas!!

great tastes, 8/16/2008
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
worth your business... everything was cooked just right and absolutely flavor-rich. beer selection was limited, but quality... the owner is very cheery and bright and was trying well to manage the whole house by herself... but needs another full waiter to keep up when it gets busy. busser had an awkward manner and took a long time clearing tables... we joked with another couple seated nearby over some of the oddities here, but everyone agreed it has indeed won us over. overall was happy with our selection, we will be returning.

great food and atmosphere, 8/16/2008
Reviewer: Kara from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I tried this for the first time late on a Friday night. The kasslerbraten was amazing, and the chicken zigeuner was deliciously fried and the sauce was wonderful. There is a smaller drink menu, but the two beers we tried were great. It had been a busy day, because they were out of some things on the menu. What we did have however, was so good that there's no question we will go back. The mother/daughter team were very friendly and welcoming. I hope this place is around to stay.

Authentic german food, reasonable price., 8/14/2008
Reviewer: Matthew Hartman from Goleta, CA
The food is great. I tasted about 7 items from the menu, and they're all exceptionally good. The place is run by recent immigrants from Germany, so you know its authentic. Service is warm and friendly; I had fun breaking out my high school german with the waitress. The beers I had were also good, especially the Koestrizer.

Heavy Food, Busy Night, 8/7/2008
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was friendly and pleasant, but too slow because they were understaffed for the number of customers. The food was too heavy (and with no greens) for our tastes. We prefer the Dutch Gardens, which may not be real German food (according to some reviews).

A Great German Restaurant in Santa Barbara, 8/7/2008
Reviewer: Bonnie Carroll from California
Wunderbar! At last a great German restaurant, where the food and the people are authentic. Good Luck to thw owners, and good eating to their patrons! Bonnie Carroll, Bureau Chief, Food & Beverage International Magazine

Ich Bin ein, Berliner!, 8/6/2008
Reviewer: lemonjelly doughnut from santa barbara, ca
In a restaurant where the owners and staff are more comfortable speaking German than English, it's no surprise the German food is something they are happy and proud to bring us in Santa Barbara. We tried to sample a variety of items on the dinner menu and walked away happily sated. Apple pancakes and a tender meat-laden soup to start. Weiner schnitzel, chicken jager and kasslerbraten as our mains - the owner was pleased we got the kasslerbraten and we all agreed it was our favorite of the evening with tender shreds of hamsteak that paired very well with the saurkraut. Desserts were another apple pancake and apple fritters - loved the fritters best and the custard sauce it was served with. Everything that was finely breaded and fried was done to perfection. Prices are moderate, some may find the $17 price on the kasslerbraten too high to try a new thing, although I hope folks are willing to take the risk. I am very eager to try to currywurst at lunchtime. The menu is simple and uncomplicated, so I wish some of the lunch options were available at dinner as well. Note that parking in this area is very limited.

A Bratwurst to die for, 8/5/2008
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
For all you brat-lovers out there, this place is a must. I also enjoyed the fresh tasting sauerkraut and my boyfriend loved his jager schnitzle. The service is friendly, and the beer tasty. I will be back to check out their lunch menu.

Authentic - delicious, 8/2/2008
Reviewer: Paul Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
Imagine, delicious and authentic German food in Santa Barbara! Hooray. I am a frequent visitor to Berlin, and Brummis is the real deal. Near Brandenberger Tor, one can get savory currywurst at pushcart stands. This is the German equivalent of the NY hot dog stand. Brummis serves delicious currywurst, along with the requisite french fries and ketchup. I also tasted their bratwurst, custom made by Shaloob. Absolutely to die for. Welcome these newcomers to town and stop by (they have only been in town for 4 weeks).

Delicious German Dining, 8/1/2008
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
We risked trying the new Brummi's for lunch in its first week. We were very impressed. The restaurant is well designed and very clean. The owners (Mother and daughter) are personable and professional. The food was delicious. My husband had sausage and sauerkraut; I had the sausage with curry. The curry sauce was an unusual twist and very good. The french fries were cooked to perfection as were the sausages. We will be back for dinner.

good food, good people, 7/31/2008
Reviewer: Sabina from vistor
We were happy to find a German restaurant with real German food and people! The owners are hands on with cooking and service and are eager to make the dining experience special and are very nice and friendly. The food was good, the place was very clean. One downside to the personal service was that the wait to order and to get food was very long.

Sehr Gut for the first night, 7/29/2008
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara
We managed to find this place (right next to Jade, across from McKenzie Park) on its very first night open. By the time we left, there were six tables full, and all seemed to be enjoying their meal. It was obvious that the staff were anxious to please, but also obvious that it was too early to make a firm judgment. The menu had home-made spaetzle (a treat), potato dumplings (unusual!) and such standbys as sauerbraten and rouladen. We thought it was a good first night, and vowed to come back soon after things had gotten a bit more familiar. The German beer selections were a bit out of the mainstream, and the wine choices were limited. But it's great to see a real German crew crack the SB restaurant scene. We'll definitely be back! I'm hoping to raise the rating!

reminded me of my days in Germany, 7/29/2008
Reviewer: Peter Hoffman from Santa BArbara
The restaurant is very clean and Brummis payed attention to detail. Menu is interesting with all the pictures of German history. Food was excellent, fresh and hot. Service was good, however, at times we noticed that there was noone there to greet customers as they entered the restaurant. I know that is how restaurants are being run in Germany, but people here in the US are expecting to be greeted and seated. Just minor details, but staff's friendly service makes up for some of the minor details they miss. We will definitely be coming back and will recommend Brummis to our friends.

New Taste Experiences At Brummi's, 7/29/2008
Reviewer: Sharon from Santa Barbara, CA
I love having new taste experiences and really enjoyed the sausage with curry sauce. They also brought me some gulasch (beef & pork stew,) to taste. That was excellent, - tender meat in a delicious brown gravy. Very friendly service from the mother and daughter owners who obviously love what they do. Next time I will try their rinderrouladen - an old favorite that hasn't been available in SB in years. I was early and had a peak at their kitchen. - It is sparkling clean and very organized for fast service. Sharon Restaurant Lover

great authentic taste, 7/28/2008
Reviewer: Matthias from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice atmosphere, tasty food, delicious wines, and good service. Had the Wiener Schnitzel, delicious, ask for baked dumplings (not on menu). Could use a little more greens on plate. Hope this restaurant will be around for a while. Good Luck, Brummis!

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