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Pita Inn
No longer in business
Opened: 2008-07 Closed: 2008-08

3807 Santa Claus Ln, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-6602

Reviews by the General Public

booyah, 8/11/2008
Reviewer: Andrew from CARP
this place is right by my house. rock on!!!

Decent, 8/9/2008
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carpinteria, CA
My wife and I hit up this place soon after they opened, which is always a dicey proposition cuz not all places have their act together right away. The Pita Inn needs to work a little on the atmosphere, restaurant lay out and food presentation. The service was just fine. The food itself was average to good. My wife got the falafel, ate the whole thing, said it was okay but that she'd had better. I got the Jerusalem Mixed plate and that was pretty good, and very filling. The hummus was so-so. I'd like to see this place when they get their stuff together and expand the menu a bit. We'll definitely give it another shot.

Just great food, 8/7/2008
Reviewer: Ricardo from Santa Monica
Yes,yes, yes, finally a much needed healtier food. they are new, on Sunday with my family we sampled almost all the menu (small one ) the food was great, I wish they loose the cinnamon in the shawarma, never the less we enjoyed everything especially the kebab.

Pita review, 8/2/2008
Reviewer: Michael Guthrie from Santa Barbara,Ca
Tried the Pita Inn for lunch today...It's new.... they are not ready...... food was not Zaytoon quality....Chicken was cooked and reheated.... the salad was yesterday's... rice had a very strange taste and not a good strange taste....pita bread was ok...I would suggest giving this place a few weeks to get their act together before eating here.....I tried the easy stuff give it some time........

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