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No longer in business
Opened: 2008-08 Closed: 2016-11

138 E. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-6488

  • Category: Californian
  • Hours: Dinner: Wed-Sat 5pm-10pm Sun 5pm-9pm
  • Chef: Justin West, Weston Richards
  • Price: $20+
  • Serving: Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Reviews by the General Public

SB's best, 7/30/2016
Reviewer: Alisa from Santa Barbara, CA
Julienne is the best, most creative restaurant in SB. Justin & Emma provide a delicious break from the surplus of boring "fine dining" establishments in town., while always relying on local ingredients (I see Justin at farmers' mkts every week). We have dined here dozens of times, but the menu is always changing & evolving. The housemade charcuterie is always outstanding, as are the mussels, bone marrow, pork belly & duck. Too many delicious dishes to list here, but you will always find something to love!

Mixed feelings, 7/4/2016
Reviewer: Dominique Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I, with our two best friends, chose Julienne to celebrate our anniversary. Pleasant ambiance and decor, and interesting choice of dishes. Salads and appetizers were very good. Two of us had duck as our main course, and we both loved it! The other two had halibut, and both were quite disappointed: overcooked, much too dry, it would also have needed more sauce. We didn't try desserts, as nothing really stood out for any of us. If we go back, maybe we'll stick to the meat choices!

Maybe an off night for service? , 9/29/2014
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Been here a few times and the food is always good: not overly polished and not always perfectly executed but the thought is there and flavors are always excellent. However, on a recent Saturday night the service was terrible - as in, worst ever service terrible, not just bad. Waiter (male) threw dishes onto table, was rude to one of our guests (accusing them of not liking one of the dishes) and couldn't even place dishes down carefully, slopping sauce onto the silverware and sliding plates iaround. There is no room for service like this in any restaurant, and I will think twice about returning because it made the whole experience uncomfortable.

Our New Favorite Too!, 8/25/2014
Reviewer: Gary from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not sure why it's taken us so long to get here but we finally tried Julienne last Friday for the first time. It was wonderful! The food was outstanding -- everything tasted so fresh and was prepared with such attention to detail. The service was also very good. I'm making plans right now to go back with some friends. The best restaurant in Santa Barbara!

New favorite, 3/4/2014
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
The menu looks a little strange, but we had the tasting menu (with great wines) and had a wonderful and filling meal. The sauces were fabulous. When we go out we want to find what we can't get at home, and this certainly filled the bill. We'll be back!

Excellent dinner, 1/11/2014
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
We don't get out much to nice restaurants so this was a treat. The food was definitely up there with the best in Santa Barbara. Great flavors, prepared to perfection. Two reasons why the service did not get 5 stars: my husband had his heart set on the rack of lamb - when the waiter came by to take our order and my husband placed his order the waiter informed him that they were out of the rack of lamb (which seemed a bit odd at 6:45 ). It would have been nice to know before we ordered. When we ordered a bottle of wine they were also out of that. The waiter was efficient enough but not terribly friendly. A little smile,goes a long way. Hopefully we will get to try this restaurant again.

Perfection!, 12/16/2012
Reviewer: Tina & Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
It was such a treat to have dinner at Julienne last evening. This restaurant is a genuine example of why I love living in Santa Barbara. The owner came to our table and checked on us a few times, our dinners were amazing, fresh locally grown produce was well represented and the flavors of each course were out of this world. We sipped on a bottle of Ojai Sarah and finished our fabulous evening with their signature chocolate mousse. WOW!

Absolutely delicious lunch, 8/21/2012
Reviewer: Beth from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Julienne because owners Justin and Emma care a ton about every ingredient that goes in every dish. I finally made it there for lunch for the first time. One person at my table said, "this is the best lunch I have ever had". Everything was delicious, from the preparation to the homemade catsup. I look forward to returning. I took off a star for service because our guy was a rookie (the A team still on for dinner service) but with only 3 weeks of lunches under their belts, I'm sure this will improve.

Excellent, 8/1/2012
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Santa Barbara, CA
Superb food. This is our new favorite in this restaurant-starved town. We had a grilled squid & sausage appetizer that amazing. We recommend the food sampler (with optional wine pairing) for your first visit. Well done. We will be back.

Great food - Very Small portions for the price., 6/29/2012
Reviewer: Randy from Santa Barbara, CA
For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this restaurant would deserve a rating any higher than an overall 3. To be fair, the food is excellent and the service is superb. However, the portions are very, very small and for the price you pay, well, I cannot see the value. And while I realize that French cuisine does have small portions, this is a little extreme. I did not experience portions this small in France. I also understand that American size meals are over the top, so somewhere in the middle would be ideal. After walking out of the restaurant, still feeling hungry, nope, I won't be back.

My Favorite Restaraunt in Santa Barbara, 2/15/2012
Reviewer: Reno King from Santa Barbara, California
I have been going to Julienne since it first opened and have yet to find its equal. The wine list is phenomenal and food is imaginative and unique. Julienne is by far my favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara.

BEST IN SB, 2/10/2012
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place, the only problem is that the food is so good you think about it all the time. A must is the tasting menu with wine pairing, don't even order anything else. First time I went in, I sat down and said "Feed Me. I don't care what it is or how much, just feed me". Best meal of my life, left me coming back for seconds. Thanks Justin!! Amy and I are coming in next week. -Chuck

Maybe a bad night?, 12/28/2011
Reviewer: Julia from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was indifferent,overcooked and bland and the service very slow. It was obvious that regular patrons got premier service. A significant price added insult to injury. They were very busy and in fairness we haven't gone back again - that was our first time and it was so disappointing that we crossed it off our "must" list.

Great food, but VERY small portions, 12/16/2011
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
There's much good to say about this cozy and classy downtown eatery. Terrific ambiance, impeccable service, interesting and fresh, well-prepared dishes. But, alas, unless you're an anorexic French fashion model, or someone with other than a normal appetite, you might want to consider dining elsewhere. The salads and entrees, tasty though they may be, are almost unbelievably small, especially considering how expensive they are. Neither bread nor complimentary appetizers are offered. Wine by the glass tends to be on the chintzy side as well. Don't get me wrong: Julienne is a wonderful restaurant on many levels. But "quantity" and "value" are not exactly words that come readily to mind when eating there. I'm hardly a heavy person with an insatiable appetite. The sad truth, though, was that I left hungry after dinner there consisting of a salad, fish entree and shared dessert. This was my first time dining at Julienne. I can't say it will be my last. But what I can say is that there are many other restaurants in Santa Barbara where I know I can enjoy a comparably delicious meal and venture into the night without having to go home and make myself a sandwich, and without that vague feeling that I've somehow been ripped off.

Exellent, 7/10/2011
Reviewer: Catherine Wallis from Santa Barbara, CA
Gone to Julienne about 5 times, always a great treat from rabbit to abalone to sardines, it has been an wonderful experience, we can't wait to go back. Keep up the great work and great atmosphere.

Holy Happy Tastebuds Batman!, 6/19/2011
Reviewer: Lexie from Santa Barbara, CA
Just got home from my first visit to Julienne. I had read reviews and articles about this place and was unsure whether I was going to like what I was getting myself into. I was scared it would be too adventurous for my taste buds. Oh my happy happy tummy I am so glad it popped in to my head for the perfect Fathers day place for my guy. He is brave (I like to pretend I am brave) and since reading said articles and reviews he has wanted to pay a visit. It seemed like a good give in for his day so we grabbed some cocktails and then headed over. It sounds like the menu is ever changing. That being said, I can't imagine a better lineup of foods for my tongue. We had: a special, chicken liver toast (we actually ordered a second one it was so good. Plus at $3 it was such a deal.) Charcutere plate (again we had two of these. The patte was so good it begged for a reorder) The farmers green salad (a little salty but excellent flavor combo with the avocado and shallots) The boy had an anchovy something (not my thing but he was happy) and we shared the cheese plate. (Cheese supplied from C'est cheese a few doors down ((my love for c'est cheese is another story all together)) All in all, SO HAPPY! Although we didn't break in to the entree portion of the evening, we left full and happy and well served. On top of all of this, we got a front row seat of the kitchen at work. If you sit at the bar you get to watch all the different food come out and the chefs are great about explaining what you're seeing.

Re: Unsophisticated Ali, 5/14/2011
Reviewer: VT from Santa Barbara, CA
Who sits at a restaurant table for over 3 hours? Very Unsophisticated and Selfish. I can imagine the delight of the staff if you had the 9:00 reservation? You'd be sitting there at midnight?! Probably not...

Always Memorable!, 5/8/2011
Reviewer: Christine K. from Santa Barbara, CA
Julienne is one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in Santa Barbara. The chef is young and gifted, and has a passion for food which shows in his recipes. Each time I have eaten at the restaurant, the food has been consistently excellent. The menu changes on a regular basis, which makes for a new experience for even a regular customer.

Reviewer: Ali from Santa Barbara, CA
Just returned from Julienne. What a disappointment! We had a three course dinner, dessert, two bottles of wine and after dinner drinks. In short we spent $400. We were told by the bearded waiter, "to give up our table for another reservation". It was in BAD taste as we are unaccustomed to this in the restaurant business. Our reservation was for 6pm and we were asked to "give up our table" at 9:15. NOT a fine dining experience and terribly unsophisticated. We won't be back.

Loved it just wanted more!, 2/14/2011
Reviewer: Sarah L. from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I ate here last night. Being a food critic I love a night when I am free from assignment and just there to enjoy. Everything about the space was great, from the music, to the art work, to the lighting. The staff was impeccable with their care and never was I left with an empty glass or missing utensil. The one disappointment though, was I left hungry and in fact went home and made an extra sandwich:) I realize that this is a menu set up to be a tasting menu, but we did not order the tasting menu and instead ordered four courses each and were still left hungry. I couldn't quite wrap my mind around my halibut and duck that were both the size of a silver dollar. The flavor and presentation was amazing but I wanted more! Please increase your portion sizes a little!

AMAZING!!! , 1/27/2011
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
Last Friday was our first time there; will DEFINITLY go back. Everything was excellent; from the attentive, friendly service to the insanely delicious food. My new favorite restaurant in SB.

5 star food, neighborhood feel, 1/9/2011
Reviewer: Justin from Santa Barbara, CA
Best meal I've had in awhile. Truffle fois gras torchon was amazing. Hands down best quail prep and presentation. Please check it out. Order what they recommend, don't be lame.

Big city quality finally in Santa Barbara, 10/2/2010
Reviewer: jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Had been hearing very good things about Juilenne, at the corner of East Canon Perdido and Santa Barbara Streets near some worthy local food purveyors and across from the Presidio Chapel in downtown Santa Barbara, but not in the more highly touted restaurant zone around the State Street Granada Theater.

Last night was the pay-off and realize we have been sleeping on that gem of a restaurant long missing in our local mix, the one that can finally compete for big city quality. A casual, open kitchen sort of space, spare in its decor, trendy in its presentation and tops in its quality and execution.

Definitely an attentive, foodie place with love from the kitchen and no pretension from the staff. You are here to enjoy dining and they are there to make it work for you. Started with the shaved carrot salad and artichoke soup - and we knew right away this was going to be a special night. Shared a gnocchi/sausage perfection mid course, then pork belly and short ribs entrees.. Finished with aged gouda and coffee ice cream. Natura sparkling water always refilled as the table water and thoroughly enjoyed the daily special Valpolicella Bussalo.

I could wax rhapsodic about each item but shall spare you because this was a winner dining evening on all counts and it will be obvious to anyone else who goes. It is that kind of place and now holds top rank for recommendations to finally put a serious restaurant with big city standards into the Santa Barbara dining repertoire.

While one can order some very special grilled ciabatta as a side dish bread there is no table bread offered which is the only weak link and only because the sauces for each item deserved having just a little bit of table bread to sop up every last delicious swipe and the grilled ciabatta side order would have been over-kill. I had to content myself with trying to spoon out the last lingering at the bottom of the plates. Flavor was key in the simple but sublime artichoke soup to inspired flavor mixes as found in shaved carrot salad combining thin length-wise slices, french feta, pine nuts, kalamata olives and light but piquant vinaigrette.

Friday night was busy, reservations recommended. Young crowd, a few stools at the kitchen side bar, and only a bench outside for waiting. Total bill for two: $150 They have tasting menu combos for 3-6 items off the menu as prix fixe. Welcome Julienne.

Birthday Dinner, 6/28/2010
Reviewer: Harold from Westchester, CA
Solstice Weekend I made Birthday reservations for two asking for a nice table. We arrived on time and the place was heaving with two groups, our table would not be ready for at least 15 minutes or so. We didn't have a problem with a short wait, but we were hungry. The hostess was argumentative with my table request. This started the evening off on a bad note. Are we customers or guests? The waiters were helpful answering questions in a friendly manner. The 5 course tasting menu was very good as well including a peach sorbet before the last course. A couple were presented with 2 desserts topped with a candles, how nice! We ordered dessert and cheese, no acknowledgement for our tables special occasion. This was my first time at Julienne and I would consider eating here again but not for a special occasion.

It was ok..., 6/19/2010
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for dinner tonight (6-19-10) with very high expectations given the high praise bestowed upon this little place. I was very excited to finally have dinner here and left a little disappointed. The food was ok but not worthy of 5 stars on this occasion. We started by sharing the frisee salad with lamb pancetta, which was very good. Also had a chicken liver mousse on grilled bread which was very tasty. The entrees on the other hand were good but certainly not great by any means. The halibut was slightly over cooked. The abalone dish was overly salty and the spaghetti was also slightly overcooked and almost mushy. It was also overly greasy. We split a cheese plate afterward and although the cheeses were nice, the charred bread served with it detracts from the flavor of the cheese. Speaking of the grilled bread, during the entire meal we were assaulted by the stench of burnt toast. Not at all appetizing. Overall, the service was great and the food was decent but not stellar. On a positive note, I love that they offer complementary sparkling water! I would like to go back and try the tasting menu and hopefully have julienne redeem themselves.

Truly Flawless, 5/22/2010
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never felt the need to write a review before but this certainly seemed to warrant one. I am a classically trained chef and advanced level sommelier and my boyfriend and I travel a lot just to explore the best of the best in the culinary world. We both left blissfully satisfied and truly astounded and that is saying something. The food was beyond perfect, a menagerie of flavors in every bite, plated beautifully, there was just not a flaw to be found in anything we tasted. The wine pairings were spot on and we really enjoyed that they paired wines from all over the world, even though we didn't order off of the list we did peruse it and it is an incredibly well thought out, accessible wine list. The service was impeccable, attentive but not at all overbearing, friendly, warm and very knowledgable but unassuming. They have perfected the food, wine and service style that so many top end restaurants strive for and rarely achieve. And to think, it has been hiding in our own backyard this whole time. It is a culinary coups to Santa Barbara to say the least. Everyone and anyone who has an ounce of taste or in any way fancies themself a food geek needs to eat here. Order the tasting menu, let the chef choose your courses, get the wine pairing and just sit back and enjoy the ride, it will be one of the best of your life.

Excellent, except....., 5/21/2010
Reviewer: Kathie from Santa Barbara, CA
Read tons of positive reviews on Julienne and they certainly lived up to preparing innovative and excellent food. Servers were knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Also liked the sparkling water at no charge. Two negatives: (1) a fee for bread and (2) absolutely DO NOT sit in the two-top by the front window. The owners must realize that their venting system is above this table. Not only did hot air intermittently blow on us during our entire meal, but at one point the fumes had both me and my guest coughing and choking. Thankfully, we were done with our meal and left the restaurant for fresh air. This should really be addressed - it turned a wonderful meal an unpleasant experience.

Always superb!, 4/24/2010
Reviewer: Charmian from Santa Barbara, CA
Our fourth visit and always a memorable sumptuous meal. The pork belly or anything made with pork at this restuarant is "savor every bite" delicious. The staff, including waitperson Tom, are always helpful with recommendations and the wines are wonderfully paired. We live in SB and this small cozy restaurant has quickly become our favorite dining choice whenever we are lucky enough to dine out.

oh my god, 4/22/2010
Reviewer: Ashleigh Carracino from Santa Barbara, CA
I first heard of Julienne a few months ago when a friend pointed out that their menu looked fun in terms of being a chef. I dragged the boyfriend there for a birthday dinner and was completely blown away. Get the tasting menu!! A life-changing meal. So good.

Are you kidding me?! SO GOOD!!, 3/28/2010
Reviewer: Caren from Santa Barbara, CA
I read the reviews so decided to give it a shot since we live in SB and have never been here. The food is so creative, so flavorful, and has many different tastes and textures to it that combine together perfectly. It also looks beautiful on the plate. I had to pinch myself because I couldn't believe a restaurant of this caliber existed in Santa Barbara. Easily my new favorite. Another cool thing they do besides the sustainable farming is offering free sparkling or flat water. It is a must go.

Absolutely phenomenal, 3/21/2010
Reviewer: Kent from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd like to think my girlfriend and I are semi-regulars at Julienne, and quite simply, dinner here never disappoints. Simply put, I'm a cook at another restaurant in SB, and I think we serve great food; yet when asked for recommendations on where to eat in SB, I always advise dinner at Julienne. Was served a crispy pork foot dish tonight, with sauteed chard, cauliflower and fried egg... gf kept teasing me because I simply couldn't get this idiotic giddy grin off my face the whole time. Justin and everyone else at Julienne, what you guys do there is why I got into this industry in the first place; please keep up the amazing work!

Somehow Better Every Time, 3/6/2010
Reviewer: Neal from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been probably 10 times and honestly every bite has you savoring the flavors and holding the food in your mouth, while a smile involuntarily comes across your face. Justin is an amazing chef with a great mind for creating unique dishes, and Emma runs the staff phenomenally. If you're looking for a dinner to remember, call up Julienne. Top notch wine, top notch (fresh & local) food, and wonderful service.

Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
This place rocks!!!!!! FANTASTIC WINE, INCREDIBLE MENU, SUPERB SERVICE!!!!! All I can say is make your reservations today for Valentine's day (I already did with my boyfriend)! :) I love this place! Whether for a full course meal, the tasting menu or sometimes we just go in for some great wine, cheese and dessert. I have never had a dull or less than 5 star ANYTHING at this place. And now they have a 5 or 6 stool bar to sit at which gives an awesome view of the chef cooking and is also VERY ROMANTIC. The service is bar none,the best in town. This is a great locals place and I hear the hotels have been highly recommending them to the tourist as well. Theyve got it covered for sure!! Theyve got just what it takes for SB Standing power!!! Keep up the good work guys! MMMMMMMM

Go for the tasting menu!, 12/21/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I went to Julienne for a romantic dinner, and were more than impressed. The service was impecceble and the server was very knowledgable about wines and how the dishes were prepared. He recommended the tasting menu, which let each of us choose three items from them menu; we each chose three different items, so we got to taste six differnt -- amazing -- dishes! The menu is very creative, and all the dishes came together wonderfully. We will definitely be back.

Two for Two.., 12/20/2009
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
I wasn't planning on posting a review again, ever. But, I just stumbled home from another great meal at this restaurant and was reminded of my previous review a few months ago (mas o menos) by my wife. I couldn't quite remember what I had written the previous time as this is not something I do on a regular basis. By now, I am usually in the man shed throwing darts... I digress... Anyway, I just found my review and thought that it was actually pretty well written, thank you (hold the applause please). I also saw the review above mine (lackluster) from some tight wad complaining about not getting a free dessert and how her man's food was too spicy for him. Really? This is SB, everything should be a bit spicy! Hey Justin, hats off to you (and your wife) for creating a very unique spot in SB. The food is perfect. It is now to the point that I am searching for that one "bad" bite, but haven't found it yet. Fair warning, I'm coming back, so stay on your game. Anyone who is actually reading this, if you are planning a dinner in town, make sure to give Julienne a thought. It will surprise. I highly recommend the three course meal with pairings with a bit of rotation to spice it up (no pun intended lackluster). If you do not like it and can figure out who I am, track me down and I will pay your dinner tab (tip included). This is only the third time I have EVER written a review for anything (it may be my last) and two of these three reviews are for this restaurant (the third for a very cool farm house in Italy - I Barronci in San Casciano Val Di Pesa (go there)) . That has to count for something. Like I said in my other review, this restaurant is filled with people who care, busting at the seams with passion. Who else makes ice cream via liquid nitrogen? Cheers Justin! BTW: father-in-law (Mikee) even liked it, well done.

lackluster, 12/10/2009
Reviewer: jan from Santa Barbara, CA
After hearing rave reviews about Julienne we went for my sweetheart's birthday. His fish and chips were oversalted and the dip accompanying it was overspicy. You couldn't taste anything as it was too "hot". This was very surprising to hear from the birthday boy as he usually salts everything and likes it spicy. My lamb shank was tasty. Unlike the other diners who arrived after us, we were not greeted by the chef with a sample he gave everyone else. This was not comforting. Since it was a birthday reservation I asked for a candle with dessert. We got the candle but no comp of the dessert which restaurants usually do especially with the specials a lot of them are offering today. I'd say we will not be back.

SB Local gives full credit!, 11/22/2009
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
Growing up in SB hasn't been all that rough, but I've had my down times. Bad food, shitty service. I might not be the average mid level LA foodie either (thank God), but I've spent enough hours (years) working (and eating) in local restaurants in order to "self-qualify" myself as a good litmus test for local dining establishments. I'm am actually pretty good at judging the soon-to-be-closed restaurants and usually abstain from hitting the imac "late-night", typing review dribble for everyone to see. I don't even like facebook that much, just like lurking. In a nutshell, I have eaten everywhere in town (Goleta not included, of course) in order to qualify myself as a pretty damn good judge of food and service of any establishment in town. My wife just dragged me to Julienne for the evening. It's taken some work as I am not a fan of small portions sans full bar, but I am hereby eating crow (wife is passed out and not reading this :) ). The owner(s) of this little hideout, which is located a few small blocks from State Street, clearly have a passion for food and service. He also happens to have a wife who is personal in conjunction with the knack of waiting on guests as they do their best to enjoy themselves, at her expense. The food was perfect. Yup, I said it, perfect. Taste, Portion Size, Presentation, Description, Imagination and anything else a foodie wood pull out of his or her ... pocket. Great night, great service. Wine parings were spot on. Food was delicious. Even the busser was cool. I can go on and on, but I think I enjoyed that restaurant too much. Go there and see for yourself. Innovative, fresh and passionate. Better yet, find me a place where the waitress, busser and chef give a shit; and I will guarantee a good dinner and great night out (unless your wife hits the Syrah too hard first :) ) . Go there. Treat the employees right and tip well. Otherwise, stay in OC. SB Local - Go Dons!

unique in Santa Barbara, 11/19/2009
Reviewer: jimstoic from Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara has many good restaurants, but few with adventurous a menu as Julienne. No chicken. No beef. No shrimp. I went with two friends. We chose the three-item tasting menu, which permits any three items from the menu (with one exception). You could choose three entrees, two vegetables and an entree, a starter, an entree, and a dessert--whatever you want. My friends went for the wine pairing as well: one wine for each course, paired with your food choice. I had the olive salad with greens and feta. It sounds simple--it >was< simple, but the flavors blended perfectly. My friends had the beetroot salad, which I've had before. Very good. Two of us chose the Brussels sprouts while the third chose the cauliflower fritters. The Brussels sprouts were sliced, mixed with sliced garlic, and sautéed in what tasted like butter, wine, and a touch of horseradish. The fritters were tiny and delicate, and came with a delicious white sauce. My entree was the Duck Two Ways, with beans and greens. The two ways were medallions and sausage. I'm not normally a duck fan, but I wanted to try it here, and I wasn't disappointed. The medallions worked the characteristic mix of fat and meat to great advantage. Each medallion was surrounded by a thin ring of fat, which was a little crispy on the outside. The three textures (crispy, fat, meat) blended wonderfully in the mouth. Definitely the best duck I've had. The duck sausage was tasty as well. My friends had the seared white fish and the lamb carnitas. I didn't try them--my own meal was perfection already--but my friends raved. There are few restaurants in Santa Barbara that offer a menu focused on creative, chef-driven food. Most of our better restaurants offer steaks, pasta, lamb chops, risotto, or seafood--and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, I live for that kind of food! But it's nice to have a restaurant (or two: Square One) that adventures outside the box, and does so successfully. Keep up the good work!

By far the best chef and restaurant in Santa Barbara!, 10/28/2009
Reviewer: Anne Bussone from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Julienne many times, most recently a winemaker dinner last night and also a dinner with friends on Saturday night. Every time I visit Julienne I feel like Justin and Emma go the extra mile to make me feel special--they are very personable people. Justin is by far the best chef in Santa Barbara--the food is consistently excellent, the menu changes seasonally, and he only uses the freshest ingredients. I love to watch him work in the open kitchen, as he never gets stressed! In addition, the service is always excellent as well. Last, but not least, the sommelier is very knowledgeable about wine, always suggesting just the perfect wine to pair with a dish.

The next Downey's, 7/29/2009
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara, CA
After a confusion on Valentine's Day handled beautifully by Justin, we celebrated our anniversary here and again had a wonderful meal. Staff is attentive and helpful and you don't have to wait for an hour after the meal (like many places) to find someone to get your check. The closely set tables creates a family feel yet elegant which is relaxing and easy to enjoy their superb food, at least for our early reservation. Though the combinations of menu items are cutting edge they are not so weird as to put off a tentative palate. We ordered expecting that the portions would be small, but they were ample. Their handling of a challenging situation earlier and their carefully prepared and presented food make them a standout in service and in fine dining in Santa Barbara!! We heartily recommend.Look out John Downey...

beautiful food, 7/28/2009
Reviewer: Jayshri from Santa Barbara, CA
I had one of the best meals I've ever eaten at Julienne this weekend. We had half the items on the menu as we were eager to try everything. I absolutely loved the flat bread, corn off the cob, the gnocchi and the steak carne asadas. The desserts were to die for as well. The best part about this place is that they use local, fresh and organic ingredients. The service is excellent!!!! The food is like heaven. Everyone visiting must not miss out on this wonderful restaurant.

Great Food., 6/21/2009
Reviewer: Jonathan N from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been really excited about this restaurant and finally had the chance to go and it was just what I hoped for. We were seated quickly and the waitstaff was very attentive. I started with the Foie Gras with Apricot-Black Currant Compote. The compote was just enough sweetness to balance the butterieness of the Foie Gras but not too overpowering. For an entree I tried the Steak Frites. The steak was well cooked and flavorful and went perfectly with the Pomme Frites and Garlic Aoli. The homemade ice creams were very nice as well. Reading other reviews I was a little weary about what the portion size would be like but I thought that it was very appropriate portions. We all left very satisfied. Overall the only complaint I can make is that it is a very loud restaurant, but that doesn't have anything to do with the food or service. So far this is one of the best places that I have been to in Santa Barbara.

Excellent food at good price, 5/30/2009
Reviewer: Gary Kravetz from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was some of the best in Santa Barbara and better than some at twice the price. Service was great. We felt we were being served by the proud owners. We tried the halibut & duck which were both great.

Reviewer: Doug from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food, fresh, local and sustainable. If you don't love it you don't deserve it.

Reviewer: Brooks Elliot from Santa Barbara, CA
The menu had promise but the food was just simply awful! The ceviche tasted like canned tuna. Nearly inedible, served as slow as stampeding turtles and in toddler-like portions. Over priced is an understatement as I wouldn't pay five dollars for the overcooked lamb they served me.

Best Place in SB, 5/10/2009
Reviewer: Lucas Johnson from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is simply amazing. As a reference point my other favorite dining locations are: The Stonehouse, Hungry Cat, and Blue Agave. However, Julienne blows the others out of the water when you consider the balance between quality, creativity, and price. All the detail you need is in the food and service. Explore and enjoy!

Pretty Much Epic, 4/21/2009
Reviewer: Brett from Santa Barbara, CA
So, I love food and I love to try new food. This place exceeded my expectations for what I consider to be a fine dining experience. I went for the gusto and order the 7 course tasting menu. I chose two items, the halibut and the pork belly. The rest was left to the chef. His choices were spot on. Ahi Tartar to start. Salad with gorgonzola, dried cherries and walnut - balsamic dressing. Pork Ravioli - first time on the menu and amazing. Quail with brioche stuffing in a black truffle sauce. Halibut. Pork Belly. And a cheese course to cap it all off. The 7 course is the way to go and worth the price. I really hope this restaurant stays put! I love it.

A true destination, 4/21/2009
Reviewer: Lou from Menlo Park, CA
Fabulous! We had two five-course tasting menus and the amazing thing is they let you construct your own from all the items on the entire menu, which has lots of interest...I wish more places would do that! I feel portions are generous, esp for the money--I love being able to try multiple dishes w/o getting stuffed. Sommelier is friendly; normally I don't like sommeliers but this guy is great. I wish they had 5 more Pinots on the list. Warm and friendly service. Likely the best place in town. Just go!

One minor disappointment, 4/6/2009
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
It is the best restaurant in SB, but they should be more generous with bread and size of entrees. Our tab for each couple was $172.00 (incldg 2 bottles of wine) and we expected generosity. Specifically, we asked for add'l bread (which was slightly toasted & flavorful) to soak up the delicious sauces with our entrees, and out came two slices. That's wrong. The entrees were small in size, as well. But with these minor faults, we will be back. Oh, we also like sweetbreads the "old fashioned" way, sauteed, or even in a white sauce. The way the prepare them was disappointing to us, but in fairness, may fit the bill of many others.

My NEW FAV. in S.B., 4/2/2009
Reviewer: barb from Santa Barbara, CA
Julienne did not disappoint! Great Service from Emma and thank you for letting us try your wine selection!! GREAT WHOLE FISH!!!! Best find in S.B.!! Pork Belly was a nice surprise and the best Arugula salad so far...the cheese in there with the lemon — so great!! Casual unpretentious atmosphere... : ) Short & Sweet to the point menu.... Ahhhhhhh all so gooood, thanks.

A really nice restaurant, 3/23/2009
Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara, CA
Four of us went to dinner last Saturday night...3/21....for our first visit. We has 7PM reservations. Got there exactly on time, and we were greeted warmly and seated promtly. The food is very good with beautiful presentation. They also served complimentary bottled flat or sparkling water. Our server..Toby..was absolutely charming, and she provided very good service. We took advantage of their 3 course pre fixe...which lets you choose any combination from their entire menu. It's not an inexpensive restaurant. If I have to make suggestions, 1. I wish the portions and/or the sides with the entrees were a bit larger, considering the price. and 2. Although the homemade strawberry ice cream had a nice flavor, the texture was a bit icy.

Not what I excepted..., 3/14/2009
Reviewer: Nicole Schimitz from Santa Barbara, CA
Well The night first started off with the Hostess telling us that the reservation we made was not held because of no phone number... Okay I understand, but the fact that we called two days later to make sure they had it with the phone number it was ok by someone else... So a lack of communication.. The hostess rudely told us ... " Um sorry like go somewhere else for a while and get a drink and I will call you when your table is ready.. " Not seeing there mistake they should try to fit us in ... Food was okay to be honest a lack of flavor and pricey for the portions. Our waiter was fine.. But just not what i excepted .... So be prepared to wait and it is very warm in there so wear little clothing.. And BTW I should better then anyone because I work in a restaurant myself :)

Best Restaurant on the West Coast...?, 3/11/2009
Reviewer: JACOB from Santa Barbara, CA
Exciting flavors entice "wow" reactions during the entire meal, from starter to dessert. The portions are bigger than when they first opened so ignore the old reviews of that. The service staff is spot on as well, the owner is the head waitress and the other is head chef. Nothing gets lost in translation here...just pure perfection!!! Best menu, incredible atmosphere is worthy of dressing up but not stuffy or pretentious. Favorite restaurant EVER! BTW ANTHONY BOURDAIN eats here...need i say more?

Expectations too high?, 3/6/2009
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined here last night after reading all the great reviews which may have been part of the problem. I went in with very high expectations, only to be disappointed. The good points of the night were free bottled water, what a special treat! The foie gras was indeed amazing, it is served with this really great bread. It is grilled but still soft and chewy. My companion had the pork belly and really enjoyed it, the mushroom ragout was really amazing, one of the best accompaniments to a dish we’ve ever had. She could have done without the kettle chips though. I tried the 3 course tasting menu and got the black truffle fettuccine, halibut and quail. The fettuccine was not good, the pasta was stuck together, tasted very bland and was just plain boring. I could have made better pasta at home (and have)! The quail was really moist and the spices were good. The halibut was the best dish I had, really crisp on the outside. Overall the experience was just ok, for $100 for 2 people I would have expected a little more. I also left hungry and went to a local Mexican bakery for a sandwich. The service was good and the place is cute, but for the money I won’t be going back.

really great - and before Bourdain announced it, too, 3/3/2009
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
I came here for a special birthday dinner in early February, and came away really pleased to everything from the food to the service. It was easily a three hour meal, slowly savoring our dishes and enjoying ourselves as a small group of four. Two of us ordered a la carte, and two of us went with the three course tasting dinner, allowing the restaurant to surprise us with their menu - as long as mine including the foie gras torchon. The foie gras was great, matched with some toasts, currants, sprouts and a delicate sprinkle of pepper. The flatbread and salmon tartare starters was also delicious and an ample portion. I had the pork belly with mushrooms and house-made kettle chips. Pork belly isn't for everyone but it was definitely for me. And the service was spot on. I think the woman waiting on us might have been one of the co-owners - she knew the food and wine pairings very well, and was a really nice, friendly person. Really good vibes here.

Great meal, 3/1/2009
Reviewer: Brandon from Santa Barbara, CA
Had dinner here alone, and it was great. Was excited to hear about pigs feet terrine as a special, and after tasting the ricotta Cappelletti with sweetbreads and mushrooms (amazing), I ended up doing a 6 course meal. Everything was very nicely done, perfect timing from the kitchen, and the staff was very nice and knowledgeable. Interesting wine list, only wish they might focus more on local wines. And yes, the foie torchon was delicious, if a bit small (I'd eat a pound of that stuff). Can tell the owner(s)/chef(s) are passionate about food. Good stuff.

Anthony Bourdain loved it., 2/28/2009
Reviewer: chuck crail from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to see Anthony Bourdain in his very entertaining sold-out show at the Arlington Friday night. During the Q&A he was asked where he had dinner last night. His answered that, on the recommendation of his hotel, he walked to Julienne, and guess what, he loved it. He was surprised they had fois gras on the menu, and more surprised at how great it was. He also highly complemented the rest of his meal and the restaurant over all. He called it first class. I was really impressed with is impromptu review. Having never been there I will try and get a reservation tonight. Chuck Crail

Anthony Bourdain said he really liked it, 2/27/2009
Reviewer: john from isla vista, CA
in a talk he gave in SB

A destination for foodies, 2/7/2009
Reviewer: Ed from Santa Barbara, CA
What a great spot. This was my first time, but I have been dying to try the place ever since I saw the chef shopping at the Farmer's Market. The food was creative and delicious. The pork belly rocked! (although it may be a bit fatty for some folks) The staff was so nice and attentive. This is a tough time to open a restaurant, I hope people go out and support these young owners.

Definitely one of the Best in Santa Barbara, 1/28/2009
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara, CA
I absolutely loved the food, ambiance, and service. The couple that owns it are quite delightful and fun to talk with. The scallop bacon chowder was divine, as was the flat bread. I highly recommend checking this gem out.

excellent, 12/15/2008
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate here for the 4th time since their opening and love it!! The "fish plate" starter was excellent and had exciting flavors and textures.There was alot of choice and food too. We had the duck and quail as main entrees, which are delicious and a great compliment. Portions are just right. We believe in NOT being stuffed at the end of a great meal... Service was prompt and as always polite and friendly. We love this place..

Disappointing Mix, 12/6/2008
Reviewer: Alan from Santa Barbara, CA
The atmosphere was cozy and unpretentious, and the wait staff was attentive. The first course, a special sampler of smoked seafood, was exceptional--varied tastes, textures, appearances. But we had to wait 15 minutes after requesting bread to be served a few small pieces of grilled bread to eat with the first course; by the time the bread arrived, we were done with the first course. MUCH more bread should be served, and promptly, whether grilled or not. The main courses were ordinary at best. My lamb was tough and chewy and nearly flavorless. My friend's quail was bland and was served with a tiny portion of beans. The chocolate mousse was way too sweet and more pudding-like than mousse-like. The creme brulee had barely any flavor. I left hungry and had to snack when I returned home. Great ideas, but overpriced, given the ordinary execution and small portions.

Best Restaurant In Santa Barbara!, 12/6/2008
Reviewer: JR & JR from Carpinteria, CA
Finally a restaurant that delivers Top Chef quality dishes! Flavor fantasy, perfect wine pairings, attentive service, romantic to exciting atmosphere...Santa Barbara deserves more restaurant owners willing to take food to the next level like Julienne has. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. West for delivering the best!

Phenomenal, 11/18/2008
Reviewer: Ella from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything about this restaurant was impeccable, from the delicious food to the wine to the delightful service.

Felt like I was on vacation, 11/5/2008
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I visited Julienne for the first time last month. He ordered the Steak and I got the Pork belly. The flavors were unique and fantastic. Appetizer was their flatbread -- the homemade bacon was delicious! The food was great, something you'd get in San Francisco. And the atmosphere was wonderful -- we got a cozy table by the window. If I had any suggestion it would be to turn down the lights just a bit. It's nice to have something different in Santa Barbara -- We'll be back!

You MUST try Julienne, 10/26/2008
Reviewer: Patty from Santa Barbara, CA
This place was awesome!! My boyfriend and I are huge foodies and decided to try the new "hotspot" in Santa Barbara--Julienne. We had great expectations of this place, having read most of the reviews before going, and they fell nothing of short. We ordered the tasting menu and each dish was unique, delightful, and well thoughtout. The service was great, I especially enjoyed the open kitchen, adding to a warm and romantic ambiance. Also, to add to your meal they offer complementary sparkling and still water that puts Voss and Pelligrino to shame (it is also ECO friendly which is a plus). You MUST try this place!

Great New Place, 10/9/2008
Reviewer: Brad from Los Angeles, CA
I was reading a review a little lower regarding service and speed at Julienne. In my experience there everything was quite the opposite. I had the 5 course tasting menu. Which was executed and delivered perfectly. Even with the challenge of other guests not ordering the tasting menu. The waiter was also very informed regarding the menu and wine list. If things were so bad they offered Don a free meal. Why not take it? Seems like Don is just impossible to please.

Nice, satisfying meal, 10/5/2008
Reviewer: patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
We just got back from Julienne, our first visit. We split an appetizer, each ordered salad, each had a main dish and each had desert. It was a very pleasant evening and I enjoyed it. My wife was a little less thrilled with her choices, good but not "to die for". The staff was very attentive and considerate. The only two negatives in my view were that two different staff people would ask us how our meal was (during each course), one after another, and that the mussel fettucini didn't come with some bread to mop up the leftover sauce. Other than that (which are minor complaints), great meal. I would say it is a little on the pricey side considering the small portions. If it was a bit cheaper, we definitely would come back. As it is, we might come back.

Good food, small portions, waiter the worst..., 10/5/2008
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
Heard a lot of positives about this place so we made a reservation for a Sat. night @ 7pm. Seated cordially and promptly, there it ended. Our waiter was a disaster. I ordered the Kobe steak and he didn't even ask how I wanted it prepared. We waited 30 minutes to get appetizers (soup and flatbread, which were delicious). Then other 40 minutes to get dinner, trout and Kobe, tasty, but small portions, plus I had to send my Kobe back because it was cold, plate was hot, food was cold. Only person to come by was manager to ask how dinner was, aside from that, our waiter never existed. On both sides of us, the people got their appetizers within 10 minutes after ordering and their entrees shortly thereafter. The lady waitress who served them was wonderful, fun, explaining all the dishes and had great enthusiasm. $100 for this... Sorry. Needless to say, I won't be back. I spoke to manager and she was very kind and understanding and even offered us a free dinner which was thoughtful, but we declined.

the good, the bad and the pretty, 10/4/2008
Reviewer: scott from Santa Barbara, CA
okay, first of all, i read all of the reviews posted here before going. i called for a reservation and was told that there were none available. showed up anyway, figured we might get lucky AND we did. got a great table in the window. staff was friendly in that way that makes you feel like your best interest is being considered and you are welcomed. very warm and congenial. the place looks great, too. another one of the citified spots around town that give our little town some of the vibe and flavor of buzzing metropolis. the menu had great items on it and wasn't overly abundant or confusing -- again, read any of the other reviews for confirmation. the only bad part is that i left completely hungry. you really have to order at least three plates to even satisfy your hunger. the entree, though delicious, was composed of about three ounces of sea bass. their version of the caesar salad was creative and tasty, but again, it was tiny. the person i ate with had the braised duck, which was not very special, as some reviewer had mentioned. it was the most plain of the dishes. we split a butternut squash ravioli which was really great. the roasted pepper soup was also delicious. so if you're going to go and enjoy yourself, you really have to consider that your output costs will be upwards of forty to fifty bucks just for food (i ate a chicken burrito after leaving...). also, as they are just getting started, there were some problems in the kitchen and the time spent in the restaurant was over an hour. they were very apologetic and kind, but i had already the reviews, so the wait wasn't a big surprise. found the reviews on this site to be pretty exact and spot on

Julienne ranks right up there with the best in Santa Barbara, 9/29/2008
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
Julienne was a totally satisfying experience in every way. Their menu is fun and creative without veering off into the bizarre. More importantly, everything was absolutely delicious. They are also very generous with their tasting menu, which allows you to sample their many offerings with very few restrictions. I think Julienne competes strongly now against the best in Santa Barbara and I see even more potential in their future. It's about time that Square One and Bouchon have some serious competition! In response to any earlier comment, the service here was flawless. If you're going to have a nice dinner, then don't plan on it being quick. And if you are in a hurry, then simply let your server know that. Not rushing you through your dinner is a mark of good service, not bad service.

Great Menu, Slow Service, 9/29/2008
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
The good news: the menu was creative, and delicious, and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. We had six different entrees at our table, and everyone liked theirs! I think the duck breast and the rolled chicken were the best, but there were no weak spots. The server said this was their third menu change in six weeks, so there will continue to be creativity! The not-so-good news: with the restaurant's proximity to Lobero and Ensemble, there will be a number of pre-show dinners. And, if our experience is typical, there may be some late arrivals at the performances! Recommend a 6:00 pm reservation for a 8:00 show. The kitchen is not geared for a prompt delivery of your order. But it is indeed worth waiting for - just be aware of the timing. Hopefully they will get the kinks worked out; the kitchen is a small one. Wine list is limited, but satisfactory. Not a great value, but they do have a number of good wines by the glass. I'll go back, and am looking forward to it! Welcome to Santa Barbara!

Great New Restaurant, 9/26/2008
Reviewer: Chris A from Santa Barbara, CA
Julienne is one of the best new restaurants to hit Santa Barbara in while - great food and superb service - you can tell these people love their jobs! Everything my table got, from appetizers to entrees to dessert, was amazing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional and the cuisine is original and very tasty making each visit memorable. This may be my new favorite spot!

Restauranteurs with passion, 9/24/2008
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
How boring for another review with 5 stars. The food was excellent. The menus is short which is either good or bad, depending on your point of few. I was with 5 other people and everyone really enjoyed their meals. The service is very good and everyone very friendly. We spoke with the chef/co-owner. He and his soon to be wife who runs the front of the restaurant both have a real passion for the restaurant. It was very nice to listen to them talk about the restaurant and their plans for it. The only downside is that it is closed Monday and Tuesday nights.

Most memorable meal in Santa Barbara, 9/20/2008
Reviewer: Ellen from Santa Barbara, CA
We eat out often, and Julienne's quality, creativity, and flavors surpassed all restaurants in SB. We ordered the 5 course tasting menu, letting the chef decide. Each course was fantastic and loaded with fresh, unique flavors. We immediately made a reservation to return soon.

The best in Santa Barbara!!!!!, 9/14/2008
Reviewer: Tad Buchanan from Santa Barbara, CA
All I can say is just GO!!!! The food is fresh and rivals the top spots in SF and NYC. In addition, the prices are very fair. The service was excellent. This is my third time enjoying this jem. Each time the experience was extraordinary!

Unique, local and awesome, 9/10/2008
Reviewer: Emily from Goleta, CA
My boyfriend and I went to Julienne for a mid-week dinner and were pleasantly surprised at how unique and interesting the food was. It really stood out from the mess of overpriced, good but not great Italian-Mediterranean restaurants in Santa Barbara. The wait staff were all very attentive to detail (we never had to ask for more water or to get a plate cleared) and helpful with answers to our questions about the menu. The atmosphere & decor were classy without being pretentious. The Yellowfin tartar was probably the best part of our meal, but the scallops with fennel were really tasty. I'd eat here regularly if I wasn't on a student's budget. Prices comparable to other similar restaurants in town but the food was significantly more interesting and surprising. I look forward to see how the menu changes as they shop for local & sustainable food.

Best & Favorite New Restaurant, 8/29/2008
Reviewer: Darren from Santa Barbara, CA
What an amazing new culinary & hospitality treasure to Santa Barbara! We dined on the 3 course tasting menu (which turned into 6 courses when you consider the amuse bouche, intermezzo & dessert) with the option to select our own courses or let the chef select. We were equally impressed with both options! Aside from the unexpected and exceptional flavor pairings, the service was outstanding. Attentive and knowledgeable staff, complimentary still and sparkling bottled water, and an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere! We will be back many times to come!

my new favorite restaurant, 8/27/2008
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined at Julienne this past Saturday evening and I was sooo impressed. The decor is artsy and sophisticated without being snobbish. The staff was friendly and very attentive. Water (both flat and bubbly) from their Natura water system is complementary! Whoa. I had the panko-crusted trout served over risotto and it was fantastic. My friend had the sweet corn chowder and it was amazing. The prices for this high-quality food are also very reasonable. I also love that this small restaurant is local and owner operated, like the rest of the businesses on the charming corner of Canon Perdido & Santa Barbara Streets. Julienne is my new favorite restaurant!

lovely!, 8/27/2008
Reviewer: John from Summerland CA
I had the great pleasure of experiencing Julienne opening week. I have to say, being in the food/hospitality industry in SB for close to 10 years . . . this is with out a doubt the best restaurant opening I have experienced in many years! The food was simple and wonderfully prepared. The execution of flavor was dead on. The service is alive, thoughtful and well trained. The room and ambiance is comfortable and well thought out. It is inspiring to see a young couple realize their dream and to do it so well right out of the gate. Cheers!

a grand opening , 8/26/2008
Reviewer: marcus from summerland
Went to Julienne on the opening night. The tartar was exceptional and the Bordeaux was very tasty. I had the steak frites and my friend had the duck entree and both delivered on the taste factor. I have worked with Justin in the past and am very excited about this place. Santa Barbara needs more small, quality establishments that deliver. I know that if people want a good quality meal, they will head here. They have a water system that provides clean crisp still and vibrant bubbly water and I suggested they note this on their menu and charge a small fee. All in all, I will go back and enjoy the ambiance as well as the food. I wish them the best of luck in this underrated town of gastronomical adventures.

What a memorable dinner...., 8/26/2008
Reviewer: Brooks from Santa Barbara, CA
We went here for dinner on the Friday night after they opened and were so impressed with this new place! We did the three course tasting menu with wine pairings and were blown away. We left the selections up to the chef and did he deliver! The decor inside is upscale yet comfortable. I would strongly recommend this new restaurant. (We also hear they may be starting a happy hour and can't wait)

Eat here now!, 8/25/2008
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is awesome. The food is clean, simple and executed superbly. Staff is friendly and fun.

Wonderful meal!, 8/25/2008
Reviewer: Patricia from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a wonderful experience at Julienne on Saturday night. The food was delicious and innovative - especially the pork belly and the chicken. Their staff was caring and well informed. Thank you for a great dinner!

fabulous!, 8/25/2008
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara, CA
Love it! Went after nights at the museum and had a wonderful experience. Menu is simple and wine list excellent. We had the flatbread (amazing) and the tuna tartar to start, then had the duck and trout...also both very good. I will definitely be back soon and wish Justin and Emma the best of luck!

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