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No longer in business
Opened: 2008-08 Closed: 2011-12

1150 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-9808

Reviews by the General Public

Whodidly cupcakes ROCK!!!!!!, 8/4/2011
Reviewer: Tawnya from Bakersfield, CA
My husband and I stopped in on our vacation and were blown away! We went back each day of our vacation to try all the flavors. We loved each one. We have been to many specialty cupcake shops, but this one outdid them all. The cupcakes are so flavorful, moist, and the employees (we met many of them) were all considerate/professional/fun! When we go back to Montecito, we will be going back to Whodidly!!!!!

BEST Cupcakes in Town!!!!, 4/18/2011
Reviewer: Ang from Santa Barbara, CA
Most Moist! Super Tasty! And all around Fun!!! Never had cupcakes with such a nice surprise like cookie dough in middle! LOVE THE RED VELVET that is sprinklied with mini chocolate chips before the frosting is added.. takes them to the next level! But I do miss the red dot topped at the top of those. They are all so colorful it's hard to choose.. for the taste or the look! Only one thing.. getting a little too pricey.. $4 a cupcake! Wowzers..take the price down a bit or make them bigger! But love whodiddly and will recommend to everyone!

Whodidily Rocks, 4/14/2011
Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
Loved Loved Whodidily in Montecito!!!!! I had the lazy daisy. So yummy and moist. I ate a few other ones as well and so surprised by the wonderful flavor and texture of cake. The lady behind the counter came around and answered every question I had. I don't agree with the cake mix comments below. I have made cupcakes from a box and these don't even compare to my at home trials. I would highly recommend Whodidily to anybody who is ready to have a REAL cupcake and like nice cupcake fairies who sell them! Go Whodidily!!!

The best cupcakes ever!, 3/15/2011
Reviewer: Donna Roberge from Foothill Ranch
I tried sprinkles last weekend and was very disappointed. The strawberry cupcake wasn't even strawberry cake flavor, tasted like cardboard, the red velvet tasted like food coloring and the peanut butter and dark choc cupcakes were ok! Now after trying Whodidily.....OMG! So amazing and rich with flavor. I disagree with some of the comments, it's not just cake batter and a piece of candy in a box, it's time well spent on some really amazing cupcakes:) I was in Santa Barbara visiting my brother and soon to be sis in law and they had a batch of cupcakes from Whodidily for their tasting for their up coming wedding and we all got to dig in and what a treat! My fav is the dippity do dah! So yummy, to my tummy:) I live in Orange County Ca and will be ordering them for my daughters next bday.

Really make it mint, 3/5/2011
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
Even though it's way too expensive, I'm willing to pay for fun cupcakes. The cakes tasted good to me - really moist. My only disappointment that I presumed that the St. Paddy's cupcakes were actually chocolate mint not just a chocolate mint candy on top. I probably presumed incorrectly but I really thought that the frosting would at least be minty. It wasn't. Oh well. My students loved them anyway. For next time I'll probably get a sheet of carrot cake at Jeannine's for the same price and get twice as many servings.

Cake mix + food coloring doesn't make for a real bakery, 10/21/2010
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
If you like cake-mix cake (there are plenty of people who do, and I personally think cake mix cake isn't bad for something that comes out of a box), you'll enjoy this place for its tendency to add treats to cupcakes reeking suspiciously of cake mix (i.e., peanut butter cups, white chocolate chips, cookie dough) and top them off with food-dyed frosting. They're tasty and they're moist (despite the strong artificial flavor), but so are most cakes coming from a box if you don't overbake. At that rate though, you might as well buy your own box of mix and make it yourself (and get 2 dozen cupcakes for the price of one). Personally, I don't see how adding candy to box cake and topping it off with dyed frosting makes you a real bakery, although I can see the appeal it has for little kids.

yummy cupcakes, 9/26/2010
Reviewer: Kim from Santa Barbara, CA
I love cupcakes and have tried many cupcakeries along California and I have to say, my Peanut Butter Dippity Do Dah cupcake from Whodidily was the best I've had so far. I would rate Whodidily to rival Sprinkles Cupcakes, and it is MUCH better than Crumbs or Crushcupcakes, along with many others from the central coast. My cupcake was moist, not too powerfully sweet and it had great peanut butter flavor. It didn't taste like a home made cupcake, much more gourmet, with fun toppings and cupcake names. The presentation was adorable and the girl that helped was full of energy and enthusiasm. She knew every cupcake and described all the flavors once she knew that it was my first time into the shop. I would definitely go back to Whodidily.

Service hit and miss, bland tasting cakes, 9/10/2010
Reviewer: Helle from Santa Barbara, CA
I've had some friendly service here and some rude service. That might be ok if you have a superior product, but who wants to get attitude for cakes that taste like box mix? Not me! Sorry, but for a less refined palate maybe these are great. If you grew up loving the fake taste of boxed cake mix and Duncan Hines-type frosting. But I'm not one of those people, I guess.

Great cupcakes...Great service..., 7/27/2010
Reviewer: Ed from Goleta, CA
Drove all the way from Goleta, I know that may not be far to some but for cupcakes I consider that a drive. The cupcakes are great, easily some of the best i've had, and i havn't had a flavor I havn't liked yet. The service was great and my wife and I were even greeted by the baker David. I'm really surprised at some of the comments that say they taste like they were out of a box because I have never had a "box" cupcake that even came close to what these taste like. Anyways Keep up the great work Whodidily!!

Cupcakes and service taking a nose-dive..., 2/18/2010
Reviewer: Cassie from Santa Barbara, CA
Whodidily swept me away over a year ago. The owner had the whole experience of fun and style from the moment I hit the door. The silly names (which made identifying the flavors impossible), and music gave the feeling of experiencing childhood again and the cupcakes themselves were tasty and piled high with icing. Fast forward a year. The icing is scant, (although I was told I could BUY extra icing) the taste has become underwhelming and the service is deplorable, (I was told they charge for single boxes now and I had to take my cupcakes without separaters if I didn't order an even 6 or 12, therefore, they topple-over in the box). I have attempted to contact the owner with my concerns which include watching new customers decline the high priced cakes. I have been unable to get a response and have decided to go elsewhere for my cupcakes. It's really too bad. Cute idea went from good to terrible in just a year.

Great Idea, Bad Cupcakes, 11/24/2009
Reviewer: Jack from Santa Barbara, CA
The idea behind this cupcakery was cute. But the cupcakes (as someone else mentioned here) taste very strongly of cupcake mix. They have that sort of flavorless cardboard flavor. When they first opened, we got some for a friend's birthday party thinking they just looked too good to even eat! We were mortified by the reaction to them as people dug in, though. They were underwhelming to say the least and some of the flavor combinations were unusual. We gave them a try, but they didn't gel. Disappointing! I tried them again recently and got one cupcake as a try-out and same thing. Cake mix. Surely, it can't be that hard to make cupcakes from scratch, especially when it's your whole business model? Service was ok, not great. About average.

It's more about appearance, 11/23/2009
Reviewer: Lynn Marks from Oxnard, CA
Totally cute place, great customer service, fun-looking and good-tasting cupcakes, but not amazing. All the cupcakes kind of taste the same under all that pretty frosting and food-coloring. They don't really have a unique taste and have to agree that they taste alot like a box mix - which isn't necessarily bad as I like box mix cakes, but alot of money for an ok cupcake.

Great Cupcakes, Customer Interaction Needs Work , 11/16/2009
Reviewer: Steve from Menlo Park, CA
Lets start by saying Whodidly has great cupcakes and if they get your order right and the owner doesn't have a meltdown then it's 5-star's and read no further. Unfortunately that didn't happen for me. I ordered two dozen cupcakes for my daughters birthday a week early. When she went to pick them up they only had a dozen left (none of what I ordered) and gave her a "gift certificate" for the rest. I then got a call from the owner who clearly was having a bad day. I got to hear about the employee she fired, the five dozen cupcakes that were need for a more important baby shower, etc. And that my daughter had gotten a "gift" certificate for the missing cupcakes. With a few more questions it turns out she hadn't been given a "gift-certificate" but a rain-check (rather than a refund) for what I had already paid for. When I pointed this out the owner became unglued and started telling me how grateful I should be that she was even calling me. My suggestion to the owner. 1. Your instincts in calling a customer was commendable and appreciated. 2. Stuff happens in running a business. I understand that, however when you talk to customers about a problem that you had, leave all your internal management and employee issues at work. I know its hard and top of mind for you, but customers don't need or want to hear them. 3. Start the conversation with - "we made a mistake, we want to make it right, and here's what we are going to do." 4. If you can't do that, don't call or don't call until you can.

Wonderful cupcakery, 10/13/2009
Reviewer: Andrea from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been enjoying Whodidily's cupcakes since they opened. They offer little niceties like ribbons for containers and candles for the cakes. I have to strongly disagree with those who complain that the cupcakes taste like they are from a box mix. I have always felt their product was fresh, moist and flavorful as well as fun to look at and eat. The tall cloud of frosting is sweet and visually vibrant (which I prefer, I realize others may not). There is also a great variety to choose from which is why I keep going back.

Cute place, average cupcakes, 10/11/2009
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally went in to try these cakes. The place was cute and the location was good but the cakes were disappointing at best. I swear the cupcake tasted like it was from boxed mixes I have had in the past and it tasted metallic and mainly of oil. The frosting was granular and lacked depth. Service was good though.

Adorable Place - Not So Good Cakes, 10/5/2009
Reviewer: Lola Durgin from Santa Barbara, CA
As far as decoration and theme goes, I didn't really get any kind of nostalgic feeling. Just that it was a well dressed very KID friendly establishment. The smell of high end/ from scratch freshly baked cupcakes did not linger in the air, like I know them to. I felt terrible knowing that I spent the money that I did,(We'll say I bought a few dozen)when I bit in to one. They tasted exactly like box cakes. I was very disapointed in them. Dressed nicely, but as far as originality goes on flavor. I'll pass next time. The girl at the counter was anything but friendly, and it seemed as though she was merely doing a job for the check, and not so much for the love and splendor that is sweet things to make people happy, and see children smile! Word of advice... Be NICE!

Whodidily Birthday, 8/22/2009
Reviewer: Christine Cunningham from Los Olivos, CA
We drove from Los Olivos today to attend the celebration/giveaway advertised for this cupcakery. It was somewhat confusing as they had allowed people lined up at 6 am to get a number- so when we arrived and got in a very short line- it becasme clear we weren't first, in fact we were numbers 60- 64. I was mildly irked by this, and there was alot of confusion for all about who was getting in. I let the ladies know this, and we were promptly given free cupcakes & were told how appreciative they were that we would drive so far. VERY NICE TOUCH LADIES! We bought close to a dozen after the free (which were 1 of 4-your choice- of their new offerings). Very poorly run event- very well made cupcakes. Next time, give out free mini cakes outside to all- have the cotton candy machine outside and 100 more can attend! THANK YOU! We'll be back!

Good Food, Great Service, 8/12/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
For me at least the server ran through the entire line of cupcakes up front which was nice. Some were better on presentation than on flavor but overall good. It makes you think you have walked into a Wonka or Suess shop!

Fantastic!, 7/25/2009
Reviewer: Christine Cunningham from Los Olivos CA
As a gift, our family was given a 6 pack of cupcakes from this place- and they were fantastic. Moist, dense and thick yummy frosting. One cupcake even had a ballerina atop it! Carrot cake was 2 thumbs up. Chocolate with PB frosting- 2 thumbs up. I gave no rating for service due to the fact we were given them as a gift- but I can say the folks that purchased them said the store was cute and they bought several packs of 6- so they must have been satisfied with the service.

Great presentation, but doesn't deliver on taste, 7/7/2009
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
Very cute little cupcakery. My 3-year-old son was enthralled by the color palette of the available flavors, and customer service was excellent. But the actual quality of the cupcakes fell flat. They were very fluffy and moist, and there were was a great selection of flavors to choose from. But as a previous reviewer stated, they tasted store-bought. Like Costco or even from a boxed cake mix. There was no richness and complexity to the flavor, which makes me think these aren't even butter-based cupcakes. Thinking back, no where in the store was it advertised that they are made from fresh, natural, high-end ingredients, which makes me wonder why they're selling them priced as such. For a truly decadent cupcake that is worth the $3.75 price tag, I highly recommend Sprinkles or The Bread Basket in Camarillo.

Better than Sprinkles!!, 4/15/2009
Reviewer: Emily from Santa Barbara, CA
I have always been a cupcake fan of Sprinkles Beverly Hills, I tried crushcakes in town and the red velvet could not compare to sprinkles I did not even finished the cupcake but when I tasted the red velvet from Whodidily it topped all three locations. Whodidily is the best in town compare to crushcakes even though their cupcakes are smaller the taste is so much better.

very moist, very sweet - cute overload, 1/8/2009
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
A friend brought me a cupcake from Whodidily just recently. The cake was very dense and moist, which I consider good, and the frosting tasted overwhelmingly of sweet, which is not so good. For the life of me, I could not figure out what flavor I'd gotten. The cake was yellow, the frosting was bright pink, and there was a gumball decorating the top. I thought maybe I had a bubblegum flavored cupcake but I really don't know. Biting in, there was a chocolate chip sort of sauce filling. I chewed the gumball and it appeared to be minty flavored. This cupcake is sort of like a circus, a little garish and over the top. I can see this being very appealing to some, like children. As an adult I would like a little more flavor, a little less cloying sweetness. I got a better balance of sweet and cake once I took about half the frosting off. I guess I am not their demographic. I hear the service is bubbly and fun, so I'll have to check it out for myself sometime. Good luck, Whodidily!

Reviewer: Gigi & Bella from Santa Barbara, CA
Sprinkled Pink is the most amazing cupcake store in the world. Every time i walk in, a smile is on my face. I dont know what you people are thinking when they say anything is bad about that store. The Waffleishious is SPECTACULAR! I have tried a couple other ones, and i have nothing bad to say about any of them. The service is great!!

Fall on the floor good!, 10/8/2008
Reviewer: Kim from Montecito, CA
I love love loved the cupcakes. I don't know how they do it. I liked the fact that the cupcakes were protected by the glass. It keeps them sanitary. They have such a small space and did such a great designing job....wonder who did it....? My favorite is the Peanut Butter Yumptious. It was fall on the floor good. Service was great and the place makes you happy. I have been in several times and the product is always consistent. Parking is sometimes a challenge but worth the time.

glass wall..., 9/28/2008
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara, CA
I will have to agree with the last review...sort of. I actualy popped in during that exact interaction. I also had to go out of my way to get even a look from the lady behind the counter (it looked as though she was waiting for a credit card authorization, but she could at least lift her eyes to greet me) The glass wall makes it very hard to feel like anyone even wants to talk to you, and when you do get to talk to someone, its like you feel like you have to yell or you wont be heard. I do like the cupcakes though, and the person I assumed was the owner was very nice. How long until the Gluten Free cupcakes??:)

Need to up the service in a hurry!, 9/27/2008
Reviewer: cheryl from Santa Barbara, CA
For yet another Cupcake place opening in Santa Barbara, you would think they would be really on top of it service wise. Not so much at Sprinkles. We bought a few to try about a week ago and they were good and the service was nice too although a little "over the top"....We went back to buy 2 dozen for a family affair and we were shocked at the TOTAL lack of interest in helping us. We stood at the counter while the mother/daughter team helped a mom and 2 little girls buy cupcake tee shirts. Not a word was said to us for 7 min. Not a "hello" or a "be right with you" or anything. Both of them seemed more interested in selling tee shirts to the mom (who was from out of state by the way) instead of 1 of them breaking free to help a local couple buy cupcakes for their ALL LOCAL FAMILY who would spread the word. It didn't take both of them to sell tee shirts and since it was just us and the mom, it's not like they were busy. Finally after we could take the ignoring no more, we just walked out. I saw the mom look at us, but the daughter was oblivious and nothing was said to us as we left. It was a really irritating experience and I doubt we'll be back since SB is popping up Cupcake places like wildfire. I gave them a 3 on the cupcakes because although the cupcakes are cute colors, there is no originality other than that. Green vanilla, pink vanilla, purple vanilla is still just vanilla.

YUM, 9/23/2008
Reviewer: C. Redmond from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree that the 'cake' part of the cupcake is very good. They are very moist and baked perfectly. I think the cake is on same level or even better then the famous sprinkles in beverly hills. Although Sprinkles makes one amazing vanilla cupcake that is hard to beat. The frosting is also very tasty but I also agree with some previous reviewers that it could use a little more work. Having said that, I think it is very hard to make the perfect cupcake and Sprinkled Pink comes close for me. In a nutshell, cakes should be a tiny bit bigger with more spread out and tastier frosting but otherwise very delicious and worth eating over and over again.

Very Cute, 9/23/2008
Reviewer: js from Santa Barbara, CA
Very fun place. Cupcakes are good but I wish the red velvet frosting wasn't so runny. However it's still my favorite.

more butter, less sugar please, 9/11/2008
Reviewer: Jill Brouillard from Santa Barbara, CA
Stopped by Sprinkled Pink last week. The service is delightful and the atmosphere is really sweet! Unfortunaly so is the frosting. The cupcake itself is delicious and moist, really better than most, but they need to work on the butter creams. A cupcake that good deserves frosting with more flavor and less sugary feel in the mouth.

moist and tasty!, 9/11/2008
Reviewer: js from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the frosting at crushcakes and the cake at sprinkled pink!! if only we could combine the two best parts of both places. Red velvet is AMAZING.

I love it!!!!!!, 9/7/2008
Reviewer: megan from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, these cupcakes are to die for!!! My boyfriend says i'm crazy to pay $3.50 for a single cupcake, but after he tasted the one i bought him, even he couldn't deny it. the cupcake itself is so moist and fluffy, like a cloud. the frosting is so sweet and delicious. you can tell they take their time topping each cupcake, they are not sloppily done like some other places. my favorite it the vanilla dream. i eat mine with a fork so i can savor every bite. don't head in there unless you're prepared to be addicted!!!

Best in town., 9/6/2008
Reviewer: JG from Santa Barbara, CA
Loved Wendy the owner. Very personable and welcoming to her new store. It was a little hard to understand the cupcake names. But whatever the red velvet version is called is my favorite. The cupcakes are small and pricing but hey it's Montecito.

Yum! With great service!, 9/4/2008
Reviewer: Anita from Goleta, CA
My husband and I stopped in over the weekend and were greeted by the owner Wendy with her cheerful personality. I got a vanilla cupcake and my husband got the peanut butter - WOW, they were both delicious, but the peanut butter was incredible!! And to the person who complained about the extra 50 cents... Do you know how much the rent is on Coast Village Road?? Cough up the two extra quarters and support a great local business!

Taste Like Cake Mix >_<, 9/3/2008
Reviewer: Cindy Lee from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, My opinion i went there, cupcakes too small,taste like COSTCO cake/Cake Mix,Way too Over priced, Dont get me wrong, they're good but, They Cant be Gormet. (They Can do Better)

nice but not the best, 9/2/2008
Reviewer: Eric from Montecito, ca
I've been twice now and the owners seem like a really nice family. In all honesty I found that the cakes are smaller than the other cupcakery in town and fifty cents higher in price. The frosting is overbearing (too sweet and too much of it for my taste) but the cake itself is moist and tasty. I hope they do well but for now I'll have to stick with the original SB cupcakery. (crushcakes)

still like crushcakes better, 9/1/2008
Reviewer: dmizzle from Santa Barbara, CA
The decor is great and the people are very nice and friendly, but the cupcakes, in my opinion, aren't quite up to par. They're nice and moist, but they don't have as much flavor as crushcakes.

Welcome to CVR !!!, 8/29/2008
Reviewer: Bob & Ellie from Santa Barbara, CA
Let us be the first to welcome the Jones family to CVR. During their hectic pre-opening construction phase David brought his girls and some friends into our store, introduced himself and told us about Wendy's concept. We were excited and have finally had a chance to buy some of these delicious cupcakes ! We hope everyone visits and makes it a success. Bob & Ellie Patterson Scoops

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