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The Habit - La Cumbre
3890 La Cumbre Plaza Ln, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-5200

Reviews by the General Public

"cold fast food"
Reviewer: Fed Up from Santa Barbara, CA
the ham burger habit now cooks all their burgers ahead of time. You can see 10 to 15 burgers precooked waiting on the side of the grill. the burgers are served cold. I went back two nights ago one last time and ask them if they could please make me a fresh burger so it would be hot when I ate it. The girl said she would tell the cook. I was served a cold burger. booooooo! two thumbs down!

It's a bird!, it's a plane!, it's a DOUBLE CHARR!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Sean Gonzales from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here many times and I almost always get the DOUBLE CHARR!!! If you have gone here and not gotten the DOUBLE CHARR!!! you need to stop reading these reviews, get in the car, and go get a DOUBLE CHARR!! all the food is excellent and the people are very polite.

Excellent Execution!
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a double charburger with grilled onions in a lettuce wrap Monday evening. I got the most perfectly wrapped burger I have ever had. GREAT JOB! I like lettuce and there was a perfect layer of crisp crunchy lettuce all around. Love this place!

Habit fan, but...
Reviewer: elle from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a fan of The Habits and I can now say have been to each location between SB and Ventura counties once. Today I went to the La Cumbre location while running errands, but I have to agree w/ the last reviewer that the burger isn't the same like other locations. I'm not sure of what's done differently, assuming they use the same ingredients, but the quality isn't the same. Maybe it's not juicy enough, I'm not sure. This is my second try and it's still the same. I'm sticking w/ the other locations (preferably Goleta).

The Habit Makes It Work!
Reviewer: Eric David Greenspan from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is truly amazing! The burger rocks, but the healthier side of the Habit is great too. Salads, albacore and chicken sandwiches, great stuff. Way to go Bruce and Brent. And you guys are brilliant for choosing Make It Work to lease the top floor for their new HQ! I'm putting a treadmill in the office. P.S. John...My Blackberry Bold works with the iPhone app pretty well!!

Not the same food as Goleta, interesting inside
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not really the same hamburger as Goleta location, it was not cooked enough and did not have the char taste, tasted like something you would get in school, I just tasted the lettuce. The inside is interesting with nice tables but two TVs on and alternate rock music playing did not work well. On a busy night I can see not getting a table to eat at unless outside. Fries and Drink good but I think I'll stick to the Goleta location.

Thanks for moving to our side of town!
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Although it will be detrimental our health, my wife and I certainly glad you opened up a place so close to our home! Grabbed dinner there the other night - food and service was as good as the Milpas location. The brand new inside looks great. My only suggestion is to have the pepperoncinis out for customers. I like snacking on those while waiting for my food.

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