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Jeannine's Bakery - Figueroa
15 E. Figueroa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-8701

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Alton from Santa Barbara, CA
Now here is a terrific restaurant. Any "criticisms" of this extraordinary establishment I find decidedly frivolous. Here is to be found great food and service in a comfortable upscale atmosphere.

One of Santa Barbara's best!
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here regularly with friends. It is one of my favorite places to eat. The food is great and always consistent. Lalo is wonderful and the servers are always friendly. I miss Seda. She would always make good suggestions for lunch. It is a great place to go with your dog and still get great food and service.

Long time customer
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to Jeanine's since it opened on Carrillo Street with Jeanine actually behind the counter serving up her delicious scones and the line out the door. I still go in for coffee and a "drier" scone pretty often but it isn't what it used to be. I'm not especially crazy about the "portraits" that grace the restaurant who claim to be the original owners. We're there for the food and ambiance....not to be subjected to photos of your much younger selves. Food not always fresh and prices are too much for what you get. Lalo needs to slow down and Seda needs to speed up.

Last time
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been pretty disappointed the last few times we ate here. In fact, I said, a number of times, to myself, 'I'll never go here again.' I tried it again last week, despite having a bad feeling about it, because someone else was buying. The quality came in below my lowest expectations. So, even if someone else is buying, I'll likely suggest we go somewhere else if they let me split the bill or buy. There are only so many breakfasts one has in life, and S.B. has much better options. This place has gone down, down, down, a slow and steady and sure decline - not all at once. This is actually more confusing, because you keep thinking it'll go back up! The nature of us humans (at least some of us) is to hope for the best. This time, the eggs in my scramble was mysteriously chalky and the potatoes were, well, mysteriously chalky too. How do you manage to get that chalky consistency with two different food groups? Not sure, but don't wanna know. Such a shame, but that's it. I'm done....this was THE last time.

Reviewer: Carma from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a resident here, and I love Jeannine's. The service is so friendly, and they serve the BEST coffee drinks & scones! I have never had an item that I didn't love. Delicious all the way around.

Great coffee, unfortunate sandwich
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
Jeannine's, as a bakery, does a really good job with coffee and pastries. I've never been disappointed when I stick to those two things. However, recently I needed to grab lunch and Jeannine's seemed like the closest and best option, so I ordered a turkey club sandwich. The bread was dry, as was the turkey, despite the sauce/spread. The overall effect was that of a sandwich that has been sitting out for some time, though I know it was freshly made. I will continue visiting Jeannine's for their great coffee and pastry but will avoid their sandwiches from now on!

Definitely moving in the wrong direction
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I are locals who used to frequent Jeannine's in Montecito regularly for breakfast or brunch on the weekends, but over the past few years were more likely to go to the one on Figueroa. After today's experience we won't be returning there. We're patient people but it took much longer than usual to get our food even though they were less busy than the past few times we've gone. The main difference however that we've noted from before is that for the past year the quality of the service and the attitude of the staff has gone from pretty good to fair to poor. No one goes around offering coffee refills like they did in the past. The staff now are mostly new, unfriendly, unenthusiastic and indifferent. The tables are placed too close together and an imperious hostess who is often brusque and offputting, arbitrarily puts you at a table of her choosing. You don't get to choose where you sit unless you make a fuss about it. It's not pleasant. They remain very busy and are usually overcrowded which may be why they've become so complacent about service and the importance of attitude. I miss the daily specials board which they've done away with. The food seems to be holding up so far but I imagine it won't be long before that turns too. There has been a change of atmosphere, comfort, and attitude at this Jeannine's that makes all the difference in where we'll choose to eat in the future.

Still Good but Slow Service
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
I had to wait 20 minutes for my food. Okay, it was a Sunday! I thought that they should have been passing out some complimentary desserts to ease my pain! Geez, I paid $28 bucks for two breakfast meals.

Not enough tables
Reviewer: Cort from Santa Barbara, CA
I love jennine's, but they are so popular that there are never enough tables...I hope they correct this mistake soon !!

They packed in too many tables and is now unvisitable
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried going to Jeannine's today. We have enjoyed it many times in the past. On this visit, we noticed that they have added many more tables. They are now packed together so tightly it is nearly impossible to move around, and the whole experience is ruined. We turned around and left The wait staff seemed frazzled with the added number of tables as well. We won't be going back until they correct this terrible mistake. I hope that is soon.

Love this place!
Reviewer: Irene C. from Santa Barbara, CA
I work nearby and eat here maybe once a week. I love the variety of their daily specials... something for everyone & generous portions. My co-workers rate this as one of the best places in SB for lattes & such (I'm not much of a coffee drinker, although they do look beautiful). It wasn't until I took some friends here for a special lunch that I decided to write a review. From the second we were in the front door to our departure, the staff was welcoming, friendly & very helpful (sure, they know or recognize me, but they were this way with everyone alike). We were a group of six and all of us raved about our lunches. Always a great meal & special service at Jeannine's :)

Champagne, Brunch, and AMAZING Service!
Reviewer: Janice from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to the other Jeannine's locations a few times and I have never been disappointed with the food or service. This last weekend my husband and I took some out of town friends to the Jeannine's on Figueroa and none of us have been able to stop talking about what a wonderful experience we had. First of all the restaurant was packed but the lovely hostess helped us find a table and just a few minutes after placing our order at the register we received our champagne and DELICIOUS lattes. Shortly after that our phenomenal food came. Aside from the food what has stayed in my mind is the genuine care and attention each and every staff person in the restaurant paid to us. The manager herself even stopped at our table just to check on us. We moved to Santa Barbara a year ago and rarely have service worth talking about. But our experience at this location was so unique and REFRESHING I feel like I want to shout it from the rooftops. If you want the perfect Saturday or Sunday brunch do not go anywhere else!

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