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Cafe Int'L - Isla Vista
No longer in business
Opened: 2008-10 Closed: 2013-10

6578 Trigo Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-2255

Reviews by the General Public

Good food, right price., 1/12/2012
Reviewer: Derek from Santa Barbara, CA
Great place if you want a quick bite to eat before or after class or after a long night. I recommend getting any of the bagel sandwiches. They are very well prepared with fresh ingredients. The food is good but the service is better. Everyone has a positive energy and they all seem to really enjoy where they work. Make sure to say hi to Brian if you do eat at Cafe Int (He is the tall guy who is always there behind the register). He gives great recommendations on what to eat and amazing customer service with a genuine friendly attitude. Enjoy!

Long Wait, 1/31/2010
Reviewer: Kazanda from Santa Barbara, CA
The best thing this place has going on is a large menu. Besides that, not much. I went with a friend and we ordered a french toast combo and a bagel with butter with coffee combo. We waited over minutes for the food. During our entire visit, they did not refill the vanilla coffee as they said they were when we ordered. When the food arrived the "bagel with butter" was just a toasted bagel with butter packets on the side. With the french toast combo, the bacon was completely undercooked and the eggs looked like a flattened pancake. The atmosphere was nice considering it's located in Isla Vista. Also, the portions of other plates I saw were quite large. Sorry to say I will not be returning.

Good Food No Parking, 6/5/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
You'll have to park near the main circle and walk over(not too far)as there is no parking. Food compares to Fresh Start in IV for quality which both have higher quality food. Its a tad pricey for IV but quality is there(there is a 2 for 1 one time discount card and 10% afterwards you should take advantage of). Chinese Salad recommended(eat it quick though as dressing not on the side), Reuben Good though not as good as European Deli. Seating Outside. Soda Beverages out for refills and they have Bagel selections. Server nice.

Best Food and Service in IV!, 6/4/2009
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
This place gets packed on the weekends from all of the hungry/hungover college students (including me) that flood the restaurant.Despite the busy atmosphere of the weekends the food quality and customer service doesn't suffer, it might take forever to get your food but its worth it. Best food and service in all of Isla Vista, not to mention the cute and nice girls that work there are always a plus.

The phone was off the hook for more than 2 hours, 5/30/2009
Reviewer: Leon from Santa Barbara, CA
I called to make a quick pick up order. It would have taken 5 seconds. but no. the girl picked up the phone and said "could you hold on a second?" SO i did. i waited 2 minutes, then 3, then 5, then 7. By then i hung up. So i decided to call back in 10 minutes, but the phone was busy. I called back 5 times in the next half hour, and the phone was still off the line. The idiots just forgot about the call-in customers and left the phone hanging. this is the typical clumsy service here. not to mention they forgot the cheese on my Cheeseburger twice.

always mess up my breakfast order..., 3/16/2009
Reviewer: Brooke from Isla Vista, CA
Either I have really bad luck with this place or the other reviewers have very different standards, but almost every time I have eaten at Int'l they have messed up my order; the first time I ordered over-medium fried eggs and got scrambled (which they took about 20 minutes to get back to me with cold toast, bacon and potatoes), the second time I ordered the eggs benedict which had a "broken" hollandaise sauce (basically ruins the dish), the third time I had the turkey pesto sandwich (very good actually, it seems they can make sandwiches quite well), and my most recent (and unfortunately my last trip) to Int'l, I ordered a toasted bagel with cream cheese. I thought it would be impossible to mess this one up, but they somehow managed to take 45 minutes to serve me either a completely cold or untoasted bagel (not sure which). I returned the bagel and left after one bite.

Highest Quality food in I.V FOR A FACT, 3/13/2009
Reviewer: Leo from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has the highest quality of food in IV, hands down, no argument. Everything tastes fresh and actually tastes very good. You pay $1.50 extra at this place, but you get quality that is 10x better than the crap at Subway or anywhere else. It is really pathetic how everything else in IV serves us over priced garbage. I get sick after eating at DejaVu every single time. And the menu is always the same in those places. But Cafe Int'l's menu is HUGE. so do youself a favor and find this place, and spend the extra dollar or two. You will not regret it. Your stomach will thank you. Also they are offering free Sides right now (salad or fries). On a side note... anyone else dissapointed in the overall crap served in Santa Barbara? It seems like this city barely any options when it comes to food. ANyway, whatever, eat at this place at least once. O yah i also tried their House Burger. Very good. Best burger in IV. Silvergreens has a burger that is CRAP compared to this. Javans is good for a cheap burger that is ehh. dejavu will make you sick. So. ok. bye. im hungry. gtg. Oh their Salsa sandwhich is also good. ok bye for reals now.

best breakfast in IV, 12/7/2008
Reviewer: Alan Poyer from Santa Barbara, CA
I've had most of their breakfast items, and I have to say they were all pretty good, but the one that stood out the most was the eggs benedict. try it!

DELISH!, 11/18/2008
Reviewer: PETUNIA from Santa Barbara, CA

delicious !, 11/17/2008
Reviewer: Corey from Isla Vista, CA
by far, some of the most high-quality and freshest tasting ingredients I've tasted in isla vista. definitely worth the extra two bucks over subway, this coming from a broke student and IV resident, and i plan on coming here once a week... YUM

Breakfast anytime you want it!, 11/10/2008
Reviewer: Diane Dupont from Santa Barbara, CA
Duh, they sell breakfast whenever I want it.

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