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Backyard Bowls - Downtown
331 Motor Way, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-5379

Reviews by the General Public

First Impression 
Reviewer: William Ortega from Santa Barbara, CA
First Impression- I have ALWAYS believed in that and ur staff is soooo good and helpful,,, I Love this place and will make it a point to be here 3 times a week!! My order name was William and Tina A is my girlfriend Thank u for my new expreance First Impression 

AMAZING! Great for breakfast or lunch
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
I've lived in Santa Barbara for over 5 years and I get backyard bowls at least weekly (and crave them in between)! i've only actually had the island bowl because i don't even want to try something else, although i'm sure it's delicious. it never gets old and the fresh and healthiness is worth waiting a few extra minutes for!

Good product, not enough of it
Reviewer: Rebecca from Santa Barbara, CA
I would like to note that the acai is absolutely delicious and addictive. However, I'm not a fan of this location. The people working are generally not too friendly and helpful. Today I got a small bowl to go at this location. When I go to the Goleta or La Cumbre stores the to go cup is at least half full. It was MAYBE 1/3 full today - very little blend. When I pay 7 bucks for something, I'd really hope to get a little more.

I always know I will love my backyard bowl
Reviewer: Carolyn from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm always on a budget but will treat myself to a backyard bowl when I want to have fresh fruit I know will taste just like it should. I get a basic bowl and every time the fruit is perfectly ripe and so flavorful, just the right amount of honey, granola and acai (sp?). And the pricing is fine, I feel I get my money's worth and also feel good about what I have eaten. As for service, I have had pleasant and fast enough service. Nothing made at lightening speed but hey, were not driving through Mc Donald's either. I think that even if I were to go in and have a longer wait I would still feel fine since the food has always maintained the highest quality. I have had bowls at Silvergreens and Blenders and only one time each because they were so inferior by comparison. Backyard Bowls knows what they are doing and if they are having trouble with service I hope they iron out the kinks.

Great food, crazy long wait, bad service
Reviewer: Brooke from Santa Barbara, CA
I really love the food at Backyard Bowls but our last attempt was pretty bad. We were heading to Vegas for New Years weekend and thought we'd start off with a healthy breakfast as the rest of the weekend was sure to be champagne and fried food. We were pretty anxious to get on the road so we were REALLY frustrated when we waited OVER 35 MINUTES for 3 bowls and 1 smoothie. Our friend getting a smoothie finally just asked for his money back as he didn't want to hold us up any longer. Also, the service was very poor. The individual helping us seemed really put off, offered no apology for the really long wait and didn't want to make eye contact or even offer a friendly hello. So unfortunately I don't think we'll be frequenting Backyard Bowls any longer. Truly a shame as the product is delicious!

A really big fan is really frustrated with BYB service
Reviewer: Danelle from Santa Barbara, CA
First off, let me state that I am a HUGE fan of the bowls at BYB. I come on a regular basis and I bring new people here all the time. I have always thought their service was slow but I have put up with it due to the delicious bowls. But I don't think I can ignore the poor service anymore. I started calling in my order since it takes so long when you order in the store. The last two times I have called in my order I have arrived, stood at the phone order counter and waited 10-15 minutes to be helped. My order is completely done and ready, and they don't come over to take my money. People would order AFTER I arrived and get there order before I am helped. If you can't handle phone orders appropriately then stop taking them! If your slow service is going to make me late for work then no matter how good your bowls are, I won't be stopping by. PLEASE fix this, I want to keep coming in.

Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. The bowls are delicious and fresh. But, I can't stand how long it takes for the employees to make the bowls. I ordered a small island bowl today and it took 20 minutes from the time I ordered (I was the third person in line...) until the time that the bowl was in my hand! I understand the product is hand-crafted and made with the freshest ingredients, but there were at least 4 employees slowly cutting fruit, and over 8 people waiting. The staff is very friendly, but they just don't seem to have any urgency. It makes me want to go to another smoothie place, like Blenders, because I know I can save 15 minutes, even when their line is out the door.

Reviewer: Sue from Westhampton, NY
I was visiting my son in Santa Barbara and he took me to Backyard Bowls for the Island Bowl. It was incredible! Delicious fresh fruit and grenola, so, so healthy and totally organic. I'm in New York now and dying for another one. I'm thinking of flying out there just to get one.

Why the attitude?
Reviewer: Jess Barcelona from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Backyard Bowls. So when they teamed up with SBRoCo and came out with their reusable cup I bought one. After 2 uses it got moisture in between the 2 plastic layers. So when I went to get a smoothie I brought my own reusable cup. After telling the guy behind the counter that my cup was faulty, he said to bring it back it. But when he rang me up I didn't get 15% off for bringing in my own cup. When I asked about this he said that it's only for "Backyard Bowls" cups, and that they didn't give discounts for bringing your own. Kinda lame. So, you want people to bring their own cups, but first they have to buy yours for $12.99 (wayyyy too much). So, I brought back my faulty cup and got a new one. Again, when I was rung up I didn't get any discount. I asked, and he fumed while he gave me my tiny discount. Why are you punishing the people that are trying to reuse cups? All I want is a tiny .50 reward for remembering to bring my own. And you make me beg for it.

Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I come in here regularly to get the island bowl.. or after a work out the Diego because it has protein in it. Great food.. super healthy.. Love it

Reviewer: Richie from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is amazing. The people are amazing. I drive from Goleta almost everyday to eat there. I love Dan and Pete

Love the food, hate the wait
Reviewer: Morgan from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to Backyard Bowls since it opened. I am addicted, I love it, I must have at least one a week, etc. Sadly though, I have gone by several times over the course of the last few weeks during my lunch hour (I tried once for breakfast) and every time the line is out the door so I always end up leaving. I don't blame them for being so popular, they are just so good =)! So yesterday I thought I'd give it a chance go and braved the wait in line and got my berry bowl...everything was great....except the HALF HOUR wait. 30 minutes = waiting in line to order plus the waiting in the "to go/phone order" line for my order. I was so disappointed. I lost basically my entire lunch break on the just the wait time there. It's disappointing especially if you're like me and always on the go and need to get in and out of a place within 10 minutes tops. I hope they find a way to address this soon, otherwise I'm afraid I won't be able to go back =(

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