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Sushi 7
No longer in business
Opened: 2008-12 Closed: 2009-03

1026-A Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 845-8923

Reviews by the General Public

Portending Yet Another Failure..., 2/17/2009
Reviewer: M. E. L. from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here with a friend in the last week and was pleasantly UNSURPRISED of the service/food here. The first sign was the lack of people! I know I arrived during the week, but it was around dinner time (6:30ish) and there was exactly only one other table. Did I forget to mention that the customers were friends of the waitress? I only know this because I was sitting at the sushi bar, overhearing her put in "special orders" for her friends a few times. The next thing was the fact that a few rolls boasted by their menu (ie - Ahiru - foie gras) weren't on the menu anymore. I was really looking forward to that, but was presented with a menu that was actually rather mundane. Also, I felt really bad for the head sushi chef; he seemed really bored and looked like he had great sushi skills but since there was no one there and an overly-hovering maitre-d... He wasn't allowed to even do some promotions! I'm not talking about freebies, but in fine dining restaurants that aren't doing well, an amuse bouche or something usually draws customers back. It at least builds a repertoire with the customer to come back or refer friends (ie- Oh this places is great, the service is friendly & personal & did special little things & needs help!! Go visit it & support it!!!). On a special request that we ordered, the head chef was MORE THAN ACCOMMODATING, but the maitre'd came over and fussed about charging us the right amount!! On a normal 15$ charge, since we wanted something different but only required the EXACT SAME amount of effort, skill, & materials (just different variety), she incurred an 8 dollar extra fee. I've been to several places and the food here seemed good, but I'd like to see more creativity. The fish was fresh and tasted good, so I guess that's a plus.... But when I go to fine dining gourmet restaurants, I'm PREPARED to spend money & I would LOVE to give service its due gratuity. I do expect to be treated as well accordingly; it's not like I'm at Something's Fishy or Edomasa -both of which have better attentiveness & attitude. Maybe I'm just used to detail-oriented places such as Bouchon, Miro, Downeys, Arigato... So to spend the same amount of money but not to have that attention to detail... disappointing but sadly expected of new restaurants. At this point, until I see better restaurant management, & attentive customer service etc, stick to Sakana if you're in the area!!!!

worst restaurant ever been to, 2/14/2009
Reviewer: morgan from Santa Barbara, CA
this was the first time i ever ate here. as i walk in there is no worker at the front desk. im standing there waiting for someone to walk over like they cared and seat me. the green tea was orange and didnt taste like green tea. mostly everything i asked for was all sold out and they didnt have anymore such as the filet mignon or certain other foods. they didnt have any paper napkins and they were short on glassware such as tea cups. the california roll was ice cold like it had just come out of the refrigerator pre-made. for dessert, there were only two options. the waitress hardly ever came over to me, she mostly sat down and talked to the other waitresses. this was the worst experience in a restaurant i have ever had.

Great Sushi, 12/16/2008
Reviewer: Ryan Rosenburg from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I came to Sushi7 late night this past Sunday, and were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was gorgeous. The restaurant is really beautiful. The sushi was great and innovative and the girls who served us were personable and lovely. I wish I knew there names to tell the owner! The Obama roll was delicious. They really catered to what we needed and we had a great time. I was shocked to learn at the end of our meal that this was only there 2nd week open! Great experience. We will definitely return again.

Will it last?, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Rae from Santa Barbara, CA
I'd like to think of myself as a "foodie" and love to eat out as much as I love to eat in. My standard of sushi making skills are pretty good so I judge my sushi resturants against my abilities. It was my first time eating here with my family on the sixth night since its opening. They didn't have any high chairs for my 9 month old daughter so she was sitting in my lap. Of course, she was all over the place. I expect every restaurant to have high chairs (or am I asking for too much)? The standard sushi rolls were not cut evenly with too much rice and not enough fillings. The two specialty rolls were very good but not great. The specialty rolls were on the smaller side. Overall, I left feeling unsatisfied. I have no plans of returning.

meh, its not too bad I guess, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Eric from Montecito
The first word that pops to mind regarding Sushi 7 is pretentious - It is FAR from being a traditional japanese restaurant. They don't even have tempura - I love tempura! The miso soup tasted like salty water and the menu in general is a trendy/fusion kind of thing. The roll I had was tasty but small (and around $13) Maybe I'm just old fashioned but I'll stick with Shintori or Ahi - they both have trendy rolls but also traditional selections (and tempura) EMI

Great place for Couples, 12/9/2008
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
Great little spot to bring that special someone superb sushi and a nice change of menu from what I'm used to. The music was just a bit louder than I would have liked but hey it was only there second day open. Beautiful interior design and very attentive service without being bothersome ... One request is a longer sake list other then that love the place and will definitely be back soon

really liked it..., 12/8/2008
Reviewer: Jason from Carpinteria, CA
Glad to see a new sushi joint anywhere, let alone one that is close to our home in Carpinteria. We tried Sushi 7 on Saturday, their second or third day of being open. In all honesty, we were very impressed. The sushi was fresh, the service was great and we had no complaints throughout our meal. The menu here is a nice change of style from some of Santa Barbara's more popular sushi joints that believe that rolls must all be deep fried or coated with a thick sugary sauce or generally unhealthy. Everything here focused on the fish and the ingredients and any sauces on the special rolls were used with moderation. It was a simple, great meal. Prices were on the medium-high end but that's not a surprise given this is Montecito. Overall, we had a good meal and felt very comfortable at Sushi 7. Keep up the good work!

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