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742 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-1378

Reviews by the General Public

I just like it
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the fact I can order a mini so the portion is more controlled. For me their weighing the product seemed more about making sure I got what I ordered rather than not giving me enough. The young woman serving me put as much fruit as she could on it without spilling over. I didn't get a sense of stinginess. I didn't feel rushed as I ordered my yogurt. Yes, I could pile on the yogurt and toppings at Yogurtland but I think the quality is better here.

Obsessed with portion control
Reviewer: Abe Fromin from Santa Barbara, CA
The few times I went the servers seemed obsessed with the weight of the portion. The amount of toppings were frugal to say the least. I was put off by the portion control obsession at the high price points. Don't get me wrong. It's a top notch product. Be more generous. The servers are obviously following management instructions. Yogurt is a fad which comes and goes.

cute girl bad service
Reviewer: zack from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to pink berry because I love the yogurt but, The the girl gave me like less than a spoon full of yogurt. They should make pink berry a self serve location like some other yogurt shops.

awesome healthy yogart that doesn't make you feel bloated
Reviewer: Maria Peterson from Santa Barbara, CA
Pinkberry uses natural ingredients and has lots of fruit toppings and shaved chocolate. You can taste the quality. The other yogart shops in town use High Fructose corn syrup or artificial sweetners and fillers in their product. After you eat their yogart you feel like you do when you have eaten too much cookie dough! My only complaint is that getting in and out of Pinkberry can't be done quickly, they have this process you must go through.... they allow people to taste their product, and being Santa Barbarians they want to thoroughly consider every calorie that will enter their body. I know, I am a 29 year Santa Barbarian!

I dont understand what all the Hype is about.
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
I do not understand what the Big Deal is about this place. Just a bunch of High School and College Girls with attitudes here! Yogurt was alright but I dont need their attitude! It sticks!! Never Again!! I paid to much money for bad service! I saw a manager disrespecting an employee. Embarrassing her about the weight of a yogurt in front of all customer. Very rude, I was disgusted!!

Super Friendly Service!
Reviewer: Babs from Santa Barbara, CA
We were new to Pinkberry and had a delightful introduction with free sample tastes and a very friendly and knowledgeable staffwoman! We were charmed by her manner and the delicious flavors! Loved the Mango Chocolate swirl! I found the traditional Japanese "two-handed service" lovely. We will be back. Thank you!

Friendly servers, yogurt was so so, toppings fresh
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice girls behind the counter. Yogurt tasted bland to me where it was supposed to have some tart to it. Good toppings but they were stingy on the toppings from what I could see. Red Mango was my favorite til it closed, have not tried popular Yogurtland yet down the block so am awaiting that visit to see if it compares to the old Red Mango. Go to Carp Yo Yo Yum for unlimited toppings.

Awful Service
Reviewer: Jenna from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to their new location in Santa Barbara since it opened at least once a week. Every time I go in there I receive awful service from the college kids that work there. The item that is most annoying is the employees' poor attitudes. They are not friendly and act like they really don't want to be there. There is always a long line because there is only one person out front. Tonight when I got there, there was no one out front so after waiting for 15 minutes I went in the back to find 3 girls chatting away. When I finally got assistance the girl was once again unfriendly and then gave me the wrong toppings. I really like the yogurt, but not enough to endure awful customer service with girls with attitudes. I hope things change there otherwise I will find another yogurt shop.

Reviewer: Todd from Santa Barbara, CA
They just got more flavors! Green Tea is back! I love Green Tea! There Chocolate is amazing!! The service kind of went down here, but there's always room for improvement! They have the best yogurt in town and the topping are always the freshest!

Great Yogurt- By Far the Best Yogurt in Town
Reviewer: Jason from Santa Barbara, CA
The guy a few below me that said this place gives very stingy toppings is sadly mistaken. well it is possible that when he went several months ago as you can see by the date what he says is true. however they raised the price to 1.45 cents extra for topping but they give you all the toppings you want and i mean all you want. I asked for strawberries and chocolate chips and they filled all the empty space with it, it was not stingy at all. Plus the yogurt just has this fresh taste to it you cant find anywhere else in sb which is amazing. The only bad thing is it is pretty expensive for the amount of yogurt you get but it is definitely worth it.

Simply perfect addition to SB
Reviewer: Andrea Reginster from Santa Barbara, CA
I love it! The service is great and friendly, even if there is a line they won't rush you! There are few flavors, but what they have is delicious! It is the new hot spot and it is nice to see a place still getting a lot of business!

Will change any non-lover of frozen yogurt's mind!
Reviewer: Naomi from Santa Barbara, CA
I visit Pinkberry quite frequently, at least two, three times a week. I'm so addicted to the creamy, subtley sweet substance - and the toppings make it oh-so-yummy! The location is very convenient to get to, w/ some parking off of De La Guerra, and you could, of course, park at the Paseo mall parking lot. Inside, it's spacious enough, and there's also the park in the back where you could lounge on the grass and just enjoy your sweet dessert!

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