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Cantwell's Cafe & Deli
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-01 Closed: 2010-08

24 W. Figueroa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-6611

Reviews by the General Public

Great Service, Friendly Owner, 6/13/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally used my Axxcess card at Cantwell's and I'm glad I did. The service was prompt and friendly. The owner was very welcoming - he gave me a free cup of tea and free container of fresh fruit. We had a nice chat and discovered we were both from the East coast. Inside the restaurant is airy, light and open. Next time I plan to stay, enjoy a meal and read a good book. Oh, the chicken salad was yummy as well as the hot pastrami.

Salty Chicken Pozole, 11/30/2009
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
I wanted some soup, even though another chilly morning turned into another nice and toasty afternoon in the SB. Roy's - which had been offering some great lunch soup specials was inexplicably closed - so I went to Cantwell's. The extra think Chicken Pozole Soup looked and smelled great, so I took some to go. All I can say is that whatever slow-cooked flavors the soup might have developed were overshadowed by way too much salt. Another bummer from the former Savoy...

Slowly Slipping..., 10/9/2009
Reviewer: steven from Santa Barbara, CA
It's been a few months since my last review. I still go frequently, but there has been a definite drop off in quality and care. A New York (Rueben) had burned toast, and a tuna sandwich had everything except the tuna - both of these discoveries were made when I sat down at my desk to eat, which meant I had to go back to get the order fixed. I got comp'd, but I don't like to complain. They also seem to have fewer staff, so you better not go during the lunch rush. They still have a good drink selection, but with so many other places to grab a bit, Cantwell's is slowly slipping away as the default lunch spot.

More Good News, 3/24/2009
Reviewer: steven from Santa Barbara, CA
I dared to try a hot entree last week (going beyond the sandwich menu), and was fully satisfied by the mega chicken verde enchilada (about $7.50 for a ginormous block). Yummy! Today I decided on something lighter, and was amazed to find that the salad bar price had dropped from $9.99 to $7.99 per lb. Most of the same goodies as Savoy provided, except that salmon and steak have been deep-six'd. The "grilled" chicken didn't have grill marks or a tangy crust, but that's ok, since I'm trying to reduce my daily intake of carcinogens anyway. The bar at Lazy still rules, but this is the best downtown. Kudos to lower Cantwell's.

Heftier Manwiches, 3/16/2009
Reviewer: steven from Santa Barbara, CA
I am now going to Savoy (I mean lower Cantwells) for a Tuna Salad Manwich several times a week. Much heftier than when they first opened, yet still very reasonably priced (I guess they read these reviews). The New York Sandwich was also very deli-ish and delicious. I have yet to try the hot or cold entry selections, although they look very good. Kudos!

Slim Sandwich.., 1/20/2009
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
While nothing can compete with the heft and value of $5 toasty footlongs available at Subway and Quiznos (not to mention Gino's panini), for a few more bucks you can get higher quality manwiches at nearby eateries. Enter Cantwells. On this foray, I ordered the tuna salad on toasted rye, which was noticeably heft-less, leaving me wondering if I should have ordered 2 to-go; worse, the tuna itself was overly cold (almost icy), and they forgot the sprouts which I know I requested. Maybe their burgers are better, but then again I could just go down the block to The Habit for that...

Savoyish, Cantwellian, Convenient..., 1/18/2009
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
The $9.99/lb. salad bar has the same ingredients as the former Savoy, which is good, although I still prefer the $7.99/lb. bar at Lazy, which doesn't have chicken or salmon, but is fresher overall. The hot entries and extensive drink fridge look the same as Savoy, but they have switched out the expensive Savoy sandwiches for the Cantwellian ones you can find upper State Street, which are customizable and good. There are also decent burgers, and the lethal brekie burritos, which will carry you through the day (just don't be tempted to snag one that's been in the heater all day).

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