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Hot Spots
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-03 Closed: 2014-10

36 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-3371

Reviews by the General Public

Customer Service? Poor at best., 12/30/2013
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I was in at 12:30 PM in Dec. 19th. I picked up a ready made sandwich from the cooler for my lunch hour. I noticed on the menu board that the sandwiches were $6.50. The young man told me it was $7.50. When I pointed out the price on the board, he said "we raised our prices". I told him he should have changed the board before asking for the higher price. I told him he needed to charge me the posted price. He begrudgingly complied and after mumbling something about if "I was going to be that way about it", he threw my change on the counter. I called to speak with the manager Kristan several times and even left my phone number. No response. I will not return.

Ok, food/service, 4/20/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellon
Pretty good Chai here. Interesting place as part of it is devoted to tourists(right next to the wharf makes sense). 24hr open I believe with wifi. They also have Debbie Delights snacks and Silvergreen entrees, both seemed a little stale but maybe it was me. The insides are bit rundown and you have the lower state transients but other than that a "hangout" kind of place. People seemed nice.

What I think about Hotspots, 3/28/2011
Reviewer: The roaming romer from Santa Barbara, CA
I like Hotspot because it reminds me of Vince beach, that is being close to the beach. Although they don't have a variety of coffee its still a good place to hang out and find out information that is needed. You can always ask a local for direction because we welcome tourist.

Good people, good coffee, free internet, 2/28/2011
Reviewer: Matt Mason from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is kind of crappy, but what do you expect? It's a coffee shop! They have always been nice to me. There are some homeless people around there but nobody will bother you. Free Internet and you can stay as long as you want.

Crappy coffee, 1/17/2011
Reviewer: terry from Santa Barbara, CA
Both the coffee and service are poor. I had the worst mocha I've had in a while. This coffee shop is in a great location, and is the only one open 24hrs. I understand that this place is geared towards tourists, but I really wish it was decent enough to be enjoyed by locals also.

GREAT Hangout Spot, 12/31/2010
Reviewer: Alexandra Coffin from Santa Barbara, CA
I come here just about every night. I'm not particularly a coffee person, but the chai lattes are good, and they don't hassle us when we hang around for a few hours, especially if we feed the tip jar monster regularly. Sometimes they can be complete morons, like the time I thought I left my phone there and they left me on hold for ten minutes. I hung up and called back sporadically for about an hour or so, and when it became apparent that he hadn't even hung up the receiver, I let it go. I still don't know if it's there or not... Doesn't matter, though. This place rocks.

Count your change when you walk away, 12/9/2010
Reviewer: Jack from Santa Barbara, CA
Today i got a coffee and got the wrong change only $15.00 short. No problem just a simple mistake then I get something else later and I get short changed a second time a few bucks by the same person if i didn't say anything i would of walked away broke. Later I see that same young person getting yelled at by a costumer hum.. I wonder why. Then the younger person working behind the counter starts yelling at the costumer. This is the worst coffee shop in town.

Thank you., 7/29/2010
Reviewer: David from Ventura, CA
Thank you, Nicole. I believe if you had been on the other side of the counter your explanation would have made my experience very satisfactory.

Macchiato is Espresso and Foam, 7/28/2010
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
That's what it is, no more no less....I can't comment on their service but feel that you need to know what the drink you really ordered was. Even if they put it in a 20 oz. is still 1 or 2 shots of espresso and foam.

Rudest customer relations I ever experienced, 7/27/2010
Reviewer: David Siebler from Ventura, CA
I ordered a medium machiatto based upon the cup sizes on the counter. The young man told me he had no decaf and would have to grind the beans. (long pause) I asked if that would be possible. He supposed so. When the two young employees handed me the coffee it was in the size of a dixie cup, not what was displayed. Of this cup, half was coffee, the rest foam. The coffee was by far the worst I've ever had. After my wife concurred, I asked if the size I was given was correct, they said yes. Politely, I told them the coffee was not very good. They told me to go to Starbuck's, and (literaly) waved and chimed, "See ya!!!" I wasn't asking for my money back and my wife's order was fine. Perhaps a substitution? I left my coffee on the counter and when we were halfway to the door, again they called to me, "See ya!!!" I would have been open to any other suggestions to remedy the situation.

Bravura Barista!, 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I am always greeted with a warm, serene welcome. Not too pushy or excited which is so appreciated first thing in the morning. The barista’s are hip and laid back. Very helpful and always exceeding my expectations in their delivery. My usual is a Soy Vanilla latte which I specially come to Hot Spots for because of the presentation. Sometimes I get a star in my latte foam, sometimes I get a heart and once I got a kitty. It never fails to put a smile on my face. The surprise of “what will he come up with next?” keeps me coming back for more. Today I discovered a new reason of going. I strayed from my usual and got a Soy Cafe Mocha with dairy free whip cream! What did I do to deserve this treat?! Thank you and see you tomorrow!

Pushy Pushy Pushy, 10/16/2009
Reviewer: Stephen from Santa Barbara, CA
Go somewhere else...sure, it may be open 24hrs, but staff members came across as very pushy. I sat down, set up my laptop and was just getting settled in, one staffer comes up to me, "hey sir you can't just sit here and use our Internet, you need to buy something." Of course I was going to pay patronage to the shop, but could I secure my belongings and my table space first??? I'm not there to be a Wi-Fi mooch! My gosh! Pushy, pushy, pushy. COFFEE WAS COLD BY THE WAY. I like my coffee without the harassment, thanks. Also, decor looks like a sold out tourist trap. Locals beware.

Best Coffee House and HANGOUT SPOT, 4/1/2009
Reviewer: Claire from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm so happy this place reopened! Even happier that the development plans for the timeshare fail thru!!! THis was the place to be back in the day to hangout and meet up with friends 24 hours! I'm so happy its back in business!

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