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Live Culture
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-03 Closed: 2011-02

11 W. De la Guerra St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-8800

Reviews by the General Public

oh please, miranda..., 1/16/2011
Reviewer: prue from santa barbara
that last review made me laugh...really miranda, when live culture used to be pierre lafond, i highly doubt pierre himself ever served you a coffee. they try really hard to please everyone at LC. they have great wine, great music, yummy grub (especially the caprese tower oh sooo tasty) and super freindly owners, if it"s just not your thing that's fine...there are plenty of sb restaurants with terrible food and service that will be more than happy to take your money.

I wouldn't quite say humble owners, 1/14/2011
Reviewer: Miranda from Santa Barbara, CA
Jeremy, in your review you called your friends passionate, humble owners, but in my experience she sure was not at all. I stopped in for a coffee right before a movie, and when I approached the counter and ordered a coffee, the woman goes, "well I don't know how to do all that; I am an owner, and I just got back from the Laker game, so I am not sure I can help you." And instead she got someone else to help me while she went on to tell someone else she was the owner. Of course I said nothing and instead bit my tongue to tell her that I really don't think more of her if she were an owner vs. a server. I played that game before - I had my own fancy pants martini bar back in the day, and let me tell you, I sure got WAY MORE return clientele if I plain SERVED my customers. My advice for you would be to just serve your customers and make it about them, not about you. Thank you!

Bad Karma, 12/3/2010
Reviewer: Michael Johansen from Santa Barbara, CA
If you don't eat any food don't bother going there. They pressure you to leave if you are only there for the terribly high priced drinks. I have enjoyed Life Culture and spent quite a few dollars there in the past even on food and must say I enjoyed the stage setup and music. In this market, times can be tough for restaurants in SB but you have to remember what service means. If you want minimums post it or charge cover ahead of time. The place is filled with "Bad Karma".

Live Culture has become one of my favorite places in SB, 11/21/2010
Reviewer: Jeremy from Santa Barbara, CA
local live (largely acoustic) music, loud enough to enjoy while still allowing you to carry a conversation with whom you are sitting with... friendly, humble, yet classy and even kinda sexy atmosphere... great wine selection, good beer selection, very good classy sandwiches (ie: turkey with prosciutto wrapped asparagus, my favorite so far)... frozen yogurt... passionate humble owners who are often there talking with guests; it's quite apparent that they really care about this place... a unique very special place.

Food and Service were Awesome!, 5/28/2010
Reviewer: Meg from Santa Barbara, CA
I came here last night w/friends before seeing a movie and wanted a quick bite and glass of wine before we had to leave. The young man who was the server yesterday (5/27) was super nice and accommodating! It made the start of our night that much better!! He was very friendly and brought our food/wine quickly along w/the bill so we wouldn't be late. He was a breath of fresh air! OH and I had the asparagus bruschetta (sp?) and it was amazing!!:)

Phenomenal food, service, & music!! The whole package , 4/27/2010
Reviewer: Isabella Trudeau from Santa Barbara, CA
As someone who frequents Santa Barbara restaurants often, I was shockingly impressed with how much LIVE CULTURE has to offer. First of all, when I was there a couple nights ago for the first time, the musicians set an incredible atmosphere with their incredible musical talent. They truly "set the mood." This restaurant has incredible wines; 80% are from Santa Barbara County! They also have a deal where if you purchase a glass you recieve unlimited tasting for the rest of the evening. In addition the food was phenomenal; I had the Beef Dip and a cheese plate! (Best blue cheese of my life!) Chad was our server and he took fantastic care of us. Care to immerse yourself in Santa Barbara? You have to have a glass of wine at Live Culture!I will be spending many more nights at Live Culture and I hope you will to!

Friends don't let friends eat at Live Culture, 4/6/2010
Reviewer: Cate from Santa Barbara, CA
When I first walked in, I thought the ambiance was very cool. I was there for a friend's Birthday, and we were a large party treated with complete disrespect. After about two hours and four bites of food, I never received my drink, and we were handed the bill. I mentioned how unhappy we were with the food and the service, and they basically told us they would have made more money if we hadn't come in (on a Wednesday night, really?!). I think Live Culture has a lot of potential, they just need to get some professional staff and focus on customer service. The value just isn't there. They took my number so I could speak with a manager about the incident-good thing I didn't hold my breath for a call back!

No Value Unfortunately, 3/1/2010
Reviewer: C from Santa Barbara, CA
I was excited to try this new place that everyone has been buzzing about. You will not get what you pay for here though. I understand every business needing to make up for high rent and overhead... however, overcharging the public blind whether it be a local or a visitor is in poor taste. I ordered a sandwich and bag of chips and paid way too much. The sandwich, while good in taste, was small, I mean small... and the chips were a good brand but again, a small bag. I waited quite a while for my order and when it was finally done I was surprised to see there was no garnish or anything included with the overpriced, mediocre sandwich. I will not eat lunch there again. I recommend nice garnish, a cookie or coupon for $2.00 your next order and faster service to step up their game.

Need to improve, 2/24/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there to listen to a friend play music. Though the owners seem awfully nice, they just sat around at a table drinking wine and eating food. I had to ask for our waiter again to get more service. The food was average and much too expensive for what we got. Probably won't go there again.

Nice atmosphere, 2/7/2010
Reviewer: Tina from Santa Barbara, CA
I enjoy the wine,music and atmosphere. They seem to have been popular from Day One which is a hard thing to do in SB.

Beware, 2/7/2010
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
I would just like to warn anyone using this site or yelp that the proprietors of this establishment have sent out emails bribing their friends and family to post positive reviews in exchange for free yogurt, not only does it probably violate TOS of many sites like these, but it is, in my opinion, s highly unethical business practice. That said, the food was mediocre at best, the wine corked and had probably been open for days and the service was unfortunately far below even the lowest expectations I have had for a restaurant in Santa Barbara. Try at your own risk

15 minutes is enough, 2/5/2010
Reviewer: Charlie Johnson from Santa Barbara, CA
I was hoping that this place would be able to learn from some of the constructive criticism on this valuable site, but obviously it did not. I can't believe a restaurant owner would offer free product to anyone to write a review on yelp or this site. It seems that the experience that I had (although it was only for 15 minutes) seems to be shared with the majority of the reviewers. A P C from Santa Barbara, I guess you can form a valid opinion after 15 minutes. Very sorry to see that the owners of this place do not listen to constructive criticism. I was really hoping that they could fix some minor problems so that the community could have a place to enjoy good wine and some good music in a nice atmosphere.

Fresh new musical artists every night of the week! , 1/30/2010
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Fresh new musical artists every night of the week! No cover charge; super friendly staff and owners (a trio)always on site; great Panini (sandwiches), excellent yogurt for desert; best cappuccino in SB. Casual and a little edgy! This place could be in SOHO or better yet, in the Meat Packing District in NYC...its's that cool!

You can't ask for good reviews......, 1/26/2010
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara, CA
As a business owner myself, I would never dream of sending out an email with an enticement for people to respond with a good review, what a terrible business practice. You either get them or you don't. If you don't maybe listen to why - in the end that will be much more effective for you and your patrons.

Very cool place to hang! Fantastique!, 1/16/2010
Reviewer: Michael Guarnieri from Santa Barbara, CA
I totally dig the ambiance! We had a nice meal, fine wine, and the entertainment was awesome. It really fit the environment. Owners are very friendly and personable and have done a great job of creating a wonderful atmosphere that's perfect for Santa Barbara. We'll be back soon!

I'd rather go somewhere else, 1/15/2010
Reviewer: Jill from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Live Culture a few times and have not been very impressed. The service is always under par (they are always telling us that they are understaffed) and the food takes a long time. It's nice seeing the owners walk around and talk with patrons. But for what you get, I think the prices are WAY too high and I know of so many other places in town that have just as good of food for a better price. I understand that Live Culture is located in prime real estate in Paseo Nuevo but it's just still so overpriced. I agree with another poster that the extensive wine list is impressive but your chances of getting a glass out of a bottle that has been open for a long time is high. I think that its location is great to get tourist business on a walk-by basis but I'm not planning on going back there anytime soon. Hopefully all of these posts will help management come up with a change to boost business geared toward both tourists AND their local Santa Barbarians.

My favorite hangout in SB..., 1/14/2010
Reviewer: Kent Bui from Santa Barbara, CA
The title says it all. Great vibe to this place, and as someone who's just starting to learn about wine, the tastings they do are a great learning experience. In regards to the reviews about the service, my attitude is, this isn't a place I wanna rush in and out of. Yes, sometimes it takes a little long to get my food, but the servers are all as friendly as can be; this is a place I go to just take my time and relax, so why rush it? As someone who is tired of the club/bar scene, LC was just what I was looking for.

Posting for Free Yogurt, 1/14/2010
Reviewer: Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo from Santa Barbara, CA
Hi, I heard if I post on here I get free yogurt. So here I am posting. Live Culture is ok I guess, good concept, poor execution. It's nice there are many wines by the glass, but this also means your chances of getting a glass of wine from a bottle that’s been open and sitting around longer then it should be is high. Why not have a more focused list and ensure customers are experiencing the wine at its best? Tons of choices aren't always a good thing. The place seems like it may be run by people with little to no experience in the food service biz. Now where's my free yogurt?

Thomas, 1/13/2010
Reviewer: Thomas from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm leaving a positive review so I can get a free yogurt. From the email spammed to everyone... "We are open to constructive criticism and sure could use some positive reviews if you've had good times at LC... Thanks so much for your time... XO, Sierra, Darin, Rebecca and our Staff... P.S. Mention you took the time to post a review on YELP or and we’ll give you a FREE FROZEN YOGURT after your meal purchase of $15.00 or more…"

Love this place!!, 1/13/2010
Reviewer: Local SB from Santa Barbara, CA
An amazing Santa Barbara experience. A modern Bohemian venue w/original live music, loft style stage, great interesting food, and a beautiful wine bar. An eclectic mix of travelers, friends, musicians, artists, arrive nightly creating a true "live culture". I always leave there happy from interesting conversations and memorable music. Owners are WONDERFUL people, who make you feel number 1 when they get to you, but can disappoint with slow service at times and the critical acknowledgment the customer depends on, because they get sidetracked. EVERY CUSTOMER must become their first priority, and "consistency" is the key. NEVER let employees smoke out front!! Protect the magic you've created and NEVER allow inattentive or inexperienced staff to remain. They will sink you. Hire talent. We love you!

So much potential - yet hardly a memorable place, 1/13/2010
Reviewer: Rio from Santa Barbara, CA
A wine bar is just what Santa Barbara has been crying out for. Better yet, Live Culture has one of the best locations in town. However, they took so long to open - locals were expecting wonders. When they finally did open, they weren't ready; they didn't have many drinks, the menu was spoken and not presented. Live Culture has a wide selection of wines, but not everybody drinks it. Santa Barbara is a culture of people who like to be pampered - so cocktails would be a good idea! The food from live culture is fairly pricey in comparison to everywhere else and the quality is poor. Tapas may be a good idea. The service isn't fantastic and the employees seem unprofessional, although I always see one of the owners around. Hopefully live culture will get the message that they have lots of potential - they just need to compete in the market!

Food delivers but where's the juice?, 12/11/2009
Reviewer: Barry from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the hybrid nature of this place. Very impressed with their menu. Just tried a sandwich and salad which were both fresh, tasty and good value. We went there with juice on our minds and were very disappointed to hear they only had carrot. It was Wednesday, the day after the Farmers Market. Seems pretty reasonable to hope for beets and a few other things.

Once is enough!, 11/3/2009
Reviewer: Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
Ever since Live Culture opened I've wanted to try this new restaurant out. My husband and I arrived just before six on Friday evening and seemed to be the first customers for dinner. We split the warm spinach salad as a starter but it didn't arrive until MUCH later with the rest of our order. I had ravioli,which was barely warm and my husband ordered the "special" seasonal turkey sandwich,dry french roll with a little deli turkey and cranberry. The service was okay. Nice location, but food and service is what they need to do well for repeat customers.

Really?, 10/16/2009
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
I think the food is great, and the servers are respectful and efficient. But then again, you do have to stick around for more than 10-15 minutes to really form a valid opinion, don't you?

Train your Servers!!!!!, 10/4/2009
Reviewer: Charlie Johnson from Santa Barbara, CA
This was our first time trying this restaurant. First encounter was a young surfer dude with shoulder length uncombed hair wearing flip flops. I could only imagine how much hair falls off into the food. Second encounter was a young female waitress. It starts off with her expaining all of the beer on the menu they don't have! After finally finding a beer (that they have) I would like to drink and wine for my wife, I saw this waitress walk in and out of the restaurant several times without our drinks. She then proceeds to another table and serves them another glass of wine. Then we saw what looked like a manager walking around the restaurant talking on a cell phone. At this point I knew that it probably would not get any better. When the waitress walked by we got up and told her that this probably wasn't going to work out. She did not seem to mind one bit. We think that this restaurant has much potential. I hope that the owner can train the wait staff so that customers won't walk out in the first 15 minutes. Let's just say that this place will get no one at hello with the current staff. Good luck, we will not be coming back.

Get it together, Live Culture, 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been to Live Culture several times for mingling, wine and listening to music. I think the atmosphere, idea and location are all wonderful. This past Friday night I ate there for the first time. The menu is tantalizing and I had a hard time deciding what to order. My husband and I split a salad and a panino. Both were very boring and just not very good. There was absolutely nothing special about it. And the service was pretty darn bad. They were understaffed, unorganized and inexperienced. I love the concept and enjoy going for a glass of wine and a visit, but would not plan on eating there again. I'm writing this because I want the place to be successful. So, Live Culture owners, please train your staff, both in the kitchen and on the floor. PS: I loved the band, LULA!

The new place to go in SB 4 Great food, service & ambience!, 7/30/2009
Reviewer: Juli from Santa Barbara, CA
I've had two great experiences at Live Culture. My first time was on a very busy Sat. night (they had live Jazz and the place was packed). We ordered a glass of wine and an appetizer and it was delicious. Our server was pleasant and prompt (even when they were so busy, she was able to serve us very well). The 2nd time I went was mid-week, after work, for a glass of wine and appetizer...I had the grilled artichoke hearts and the antipasti plate, and they offered me tastings of their wines, so I could try something new. They have a wide selection of wines (and beer) and have live music every night. I haven't had their yogurt, but may try it next time. I'm definitely going to continue to be a patron of Live Culture.

blah, 7/29/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We had panninis there today - a capacola one and a buffalo mozz, tomato, basil one. I don't mind that they were tiny since I am "eating light" now, but I do mind that the tomatos, one of only 3 simple ingredients in my sandwich were cheap, tasteless Romas (ever hear of heirlooms?), and I mind that the bread was not particularly fresh. The edges of the bread were hard and crunchy, the inside mushy - ie stale. There were 2 super thin slices of meat on the capacola sandwich. Neither sandwich appeared to be "grilled". Glad we were able to BOGO free with our discount card - that made it an okay value, but I would never go back and pay $8.50 for such a dull meal again. Accompanying salad was okay - otherwise you get a bag of chips, still in the bag. Waitress was nice but never even asked if we wanted a beverage. Sorry, I wasn't impressed, and with the wonderful self-serve Yogurtland down the street, I doubt I would ever try their yogurt either.

SLOW service, BAD wine, 7/20/2009
Reviewer: Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
We thought we'd have a glass of wine before going to the movie across the mall, since we had heard the wine list had a lot of variety. We ordered right away since our movie started in less than a half hour, but It took our waitress FOREVER to bring our glasses of wine (even though it wasn't crowded). Then, much to our surprise (this is supposed to be a wine bar after all!!) the wine was a.) BAD (one was undrinkable), and b.) not fresh at all (tasted like it had been open for a week). As if that wasn't bad enough, when we asked for our tab and said could you please bring it right away because we're trying to catch a movie, it took her 10 minutes! Then another 10 minutes to bring our change. Sorry, guys, if I'm going to pay over $10 for a glass of wine I expect better. I won't be giving Live Culture a second chance.

Never Returning, 7/2/2009
Reviewer: Francis from Santa Barbara, CA
I went this establishment for lunch this afternoon. The interior of the restaurant was empty, but there were several tables on the patio that were seated. I ordered a sandwich and waited. And waited. And waited. AND WAITED!!! Approximately 30 minutes had passed since I ordered. The server seemed to be working, but there were two people (owners? manager?) who were seated at a table chit-chatting with other patrons. Finally I asked to have my sandwich in a to-go box because I had to get back to work. The server brought the bill, but did not wait for my payment and did not come back with the sandwich. I went inside to pay, hoping that the sandwich would be ready. But alas, still no sandwich. I wanted to a few minutes, server still working. The kicker was then one of the owner/managers come rushing in barking at the server that there is another table outside that needs help. Finally I asked to have my money refunded and I could no longer wait for the food. Another owner/manager came up and mumbled "sorry", offered free yogurt (no thanks!) and said that she didn't have any "coupons" to give me but would be "sure to remember me" if I returned. No thanks; I will NEVER return.

Great Service and food!, 6/23/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I was hesitant to try this place out after seeing all the mixed reviews but I have to say I really enjoyed my experience there. The service was great and the food was wonderful! Everything tasted very fresh and you can tell they put a lot of care into their food prep and presentation. Prices are incredibly reasonable. We didn't try the wine or yogurt but had the prosciutto sliders, turkey panini and chicken cesar salad. Everything was just wonderful and the manager or owner made a point to stop his phone conversation and make sure we enjoyed everything and apologize for a server mix-up. I will definitely be back and will be bringing my friends!

Yogurt and Wine but not necessarily at the same time...., 5/19/2009
Reviewer: Tanja from Santa Barbara, CA
So I thought until I met the owner Darren and his beautiful partner. He explained that he does pour a bit of vino or port over the tart yogurt on occasion, yogurt mixology anyone? In any case, the salad and panini ordered as well as the yogurt came lightening fast and all were dee-licious. Venue has good acoustics, high ceilings and cushy seating.

Great start, bad finish., 5/2/2009
Reviewer: Tara from Santa Barbara, CA
Quite excited that they had finally opened up after first hearing about it around December. Stopped in last night for the first time for a glass of wine or two. Thought the wine selection and prices were great, a decent amount of beer. The atmosphere was great, had a jazz band playing. We sat at the bar and was served by a really friendly server. We spent a total of probably 45 minutes - 1 hour there. We watched as the site of any service dwindled, one owner probably had a glass too many, another raced upstairs to provide some percussion and our server whom we didn't see until we had to hunt down our tab and spend another 20 minutes trying to pay for it. Probably a lot easier just to leave, unfortunately. Will consider trying again, I just hope the service improves.

Liked It & Will Go Back, But...., 4/4/2009
Reviewer: Donna Reese from Santa Barbara, CA
I've stopped in a few times & each time the staff working the Yogurt counter were very friendly! I like the space & LOVE the frozen yogurt (especially the Peanut Butter). I plan to go back to try the food selection soon, and hopefully some drinks, but unfortunately the last time I was in I sat down while eating my yogurt with my boyfriend & we had hoped to have a glass of wine or two but were never approached by employees anytime while we were seated for about 20 minutes (right across from the bar.) But they're new & local, so they get my vote.

Great new place!, 4/1/2009
Reviewer: Catherine from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped into Live Culture and was amazed by the great vibe, beautiful surroundings, great food n wine and really nice people behind the counter. It was a Friday night and kind of busy but I had a great experience as I was served promptly and got my food in good time. I love that they are open late and that it's a wonderful spot to go before we see movies. It's also great to see a place supporting live music and offering such a wonderful variety of desserts, foods, wines and more ... it felt as though whatever I desired was available, coool! I would highly recommend this place as it's now my favorite hang out!!!

Great wine and relaxation! Love the atmosphere!, 4/1/2009
Reviewer: Sherry from Santa Barbara, CA
Still working on the glitches but I can't tell all of you enough thank you for great wine and delicious food. People don't understand that sometimes it take a couple of months to work through the ups and downs...obviously they never owned or worked in the food industry. Thanks guys for opening and providing a relaxing place where you can get what you want! I love it!

Chai getz Hai Marks !!, 3/31/2009
Reviewer: Andi Garcia from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, I must say this is the hippest , hottest idea to hit Santa Barbara in a long while. Being a fourth generation SB'er I should know.. Love the vibe and would love to do anything I can to churn up some biz!! I have to tell you my daughter and I stepped in last Thursday for a little taste and immediately fell love . And the staff as we ordered our Chai and an XXtra Durty Chai ( as the man at the counter named it ) it was delish. Daughter said is was the best she had tasted . We felt so welcomed and hated to leave!

Love Live Culture, 3/28/2009
Reviewer: Robin Mcilrath from Santa Barbara, CA
Finally a place in town that has it all! Wine and cheese, juice bar, Peets coffee, frozen yogurt, great beers, live music almost every night and local artists on the wall. Great place for young parents to come with their kids - kids can have yogurt while the adults have happy hour. Works for me! Especially love the "real beer floats" creamy tart yogurt with oatmeal stout poured over it - very cool. Fun place to hang out. Love the lighting - makes me look younger! For being open less than a month they are working out the kinks quite nicely. The customer service gets better every time I go in there. It feels like it really could become Santa Barbara's next hot spot. I wish them the best!

too much to handle??, 3/26/2009
Reviewer: Monty from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the concept of the place, but when I did go there for a couple of glasses of wine the owners seemed more interested in talking with a few of there friends than actually serving me. I was waiting way too long and was literally about to leave, especially since I was one of the few people there. When some more people actually did come it was chaos, and of course i was forgotten about again. Left very unsatisfied; I wish them good luck, just don't think I'll be coming back.

Not worth your time at this point, 3/26/2009
Reviewer: Danny from Santa Barbara, CA
Service was slow and the attitude of the server was 'lax' at best. The sever was polite and politically correct at all times but seemed preoccupied with friends as if they had better things to do. This occurred both times we went. (we thought we would give it one more try to see if they maybe had a bad day the first time). The staff who offered service looked uninterested in taking care of customers. Food was 'average' at best when we did get it and some wierd guy at the counter looked like he was recovering from a rough nite out (the owner shared it was a friend of theirs??) One person at the counter shared they were an owner and verbally degraded their competition in front customers which we saw as distasteful. Wine selection was not as impressive as other local places.Maybe this will appeal to a younger crowd? As a young couple we were truly hoping for a new scene in Santa Barbara. We will remain fans of Pinkberry as yogurt better in our opinion as well as service and professionalism which go even farther. (A male and female who worked the counter here at Live Culture called Pinkberry Yogurt "Stinkberry" in front of customers which seemed very unprofessional. For all they knew we could have been Pinkberry owners). Hopefully places like this are not the norm here in Santa Barbara. This place has proved dissapppointing on all levels. Our family won't return especially when so much more to offer right around the corner. Funny how when we voiced our complaints the owners didn't seem to really care as seemed more interested in visiting with their friends which only added to our frustration.

Wait until they work out the kinks, 3/21/2009
Reviewer: Sylvia from Santa Barbara, CA
A friend and I had wine and a sandwich here recently. Although there were only a few people eating, our sandwich order was forgotten and we had to ask about it after 45 minutes. The host said our sandwich had been served to someone else and they'd make us a "fresh one." The sound level of the music, both live and recorded, made conversation nearly impossible. This is a "soft opening" so hopefully all this will improve soon. Many of us want to support local businesess! The yogurt is great.

Reviewer: Barbra from Santa Barbara, CA
Live Culture has a hip vibe, nice people, and the BEST froyo you've ever tasted. For a great movie date night, have small plates & a wine flight at Live Culture, go to the movie across the way, then back to Live Culture for wonderful frozen yogurt... and possibly even some live music! Patio tables for alfresco too. Love it!

Best Local Spot!!! , 3/17/2009
Reviewer: Marina from Santa Barbara, CA
I took my 18 month old daughter here for some frozen yogurt today and was blown away by how good it was. They have 8 flavors, and as a yogurt lover, this is the best yogurt I have ever had. Please support this local place instead of the big chains for yogurt and coffee. The owners are such nice people too. I can't wait to go for the wine and cheese - the wine bar looks great! Not only do they have phenomenal wine, small plates, and frozen yogurt, they serve Peet's coffee and delectable looking breakfast sandwiches and pastries. It was hard to resist the slices of chocolate cake sitting next to the cash register! This is the first time I have given a 5 star review for food AND service!

LOVE IT!!!!, 3/16/2009
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara, CA
GO HERE! This place is really really great. VERY nice people work here and the remodel is amazing. Numerous wines by the glass as well as a light menu and yogurt bar! With Intermezzo closing its doors I think this is a great new option.

Goodbye Pinkberry!, 3/16/2009
Reviewer: Acacia from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I realized this place was there while walking around downtown after Starbucks and Coffee Bean had closed, and we were so happy to find out that they close at 12 am! We met 2 of the owners, who happily told us the story of how this idea became a reality. Great, comfy lounge seating, the owner plays live music from his guitar, AND FROZEN YOGURT! If anyone has an obsession with the fro-yo chain Golden Spoon down South, this is just the same thing! Different and changing, delicious flavors, especially Reeses Peanut Buttercup! This is totally our new late night hang out!

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