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Hummingbird Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-04 Closed: 2009-06

1101 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-9800

Reviews by the General Public

a message from the hummingbird..., 7/1/2009
Reviewer: Kristi from Santa Barbara, CA
Hello all. This is Kristi, the owner of the Hummingbird Cafe... I just wanted to give a sad farewell to all you beautiful folks who supported the Cafe the short but wonderful time of its existence in Santa Barbara. The Cafe has closed and at the present moment doesn't look to re-open. The Cafe is being replaced by The French Press, another coffee house/sandwich cafe. It looks really cool and Arcoboleno Trade will still be in the back so stop by and keep supporting local business. I am wishin you all open hearts and healthy bellies. With love, Kristi

friendly staff. . ., 6/21/2009
Reviewer: jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
everytime i have been to the hummingbird, the staff has been super friendly with me! it was like we had known eachother for years. . .seriously! very comforting and soothing place with excellent mayan mochas!

Eh...two strikes, 6/3/2009
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
So, this was my second time to Hummingbird Cafe, and I feel like nothing has improved with time. I was not greeted when I arrived, and my order of a chai tea took about 10 minutes to get to me! That is way too long to wait for a beverage when I am the only customer in the place. I am all about supporting local businesses, and I try to make a point of it, but I refuse to continue to support a business if the service and the product continue to miss the mark.

BK REVIEW, 6/1/2009
Reviewer: fotomatt from Santa Barbara, CA
I didn't actually eat here, but did just read BK's review and thought if anyone know who BK is, could you please get them some therapy and spellcheck. Thanks; have a great day and let's all remember to support locally owned business.

great place and concept, 5/1/2009
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
But.. a bit pricey.

French Press Decaf , 4/28/2009
Reviewer: Val from Santa Barbara, CA
I was pleasantly surprised to hear that for Decaf Coffee they will French Press each cup individually instead of making an entire batch. The coffee was a little weak. I wish it was a bit stronger.

They will also on request french press regular coffees as well. Looking forward to trying their other drinks and food items that are offered

Amazing New State Street Addition!, 4/24/2009
Reviewer: SBL 03 from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is so great, I am so happy they opened & wish them all the luck in the world. The food is DELICIOUS - you can taste the freshness & incredible ingredients. I'm crazy about coconuts and they have many fabulous drinks with coconut in them or you can just order a young coconut! The staff really seems to care, and despite what the previous reviewer said, I specifically asked if there was a minimum credit card charge & they said no! This place is a little bit of heaven & blows away the chain coffee shops.

Awful, 4/19/2009
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
I was really excited to try the new place that replaced the old Java Jones, but was quickly disappointed. First of all, no one greeted me when I walked in or asked if they could help me. When I finally flagged down the woman behind the counter's attention, I asked what kinds of tea lattes they had. She gave me a blank stare and started fumbling around behind the counter. A minute later, a co-worker asked if I was being helped. When I said "I don't know", he said, "Well, would you rather have speed or accuracy?" Um, how about both? How rude!Then, when I went to pay for my drink, the spacey woman said there was a $10 minumum charge for credit cards. Thanks for telling me earlier or putting up a sign! And who is going to be spending more than $10 on a coffee? Since I didn't have cash, she said I could run up a tab instead! On top of that, it took ten minutes to make my tea, which tasted like water with a cinnamon stick in it. Stay away from this place!

Delicious!, 4/17/2009
Reviewer: Steve Lange from Santa Barbara, CA
Just had the vegan tamal plate for lunch... fantastic! Easily the best lunch I've had on State Street. Fantastic flavor, easily the match of the Natural Cafe (and to my taste, better even). Portion size is relatively small, so consider one of their similarly delicious pastries for a dessert. The ambiance is very nice, great dub reggae playing while I was there. They're still new and were having a little trouble being shorthanded (it was CROWDED for the lunch rush, a very good sign!) but that will all get worked out soon enough. Also, the menu selection is a bit limited, but I also think that will evolve with time. The staff was very warm and friendly. I'll be back... most likely next week!

Hot Tamales, 4/15/2009
Reviewer: Elizabeth from SB, CA
One of the most interesting & delicious tamales ever. It was a vegetable tamal with all sorts of good stuff and was wrapped in a banana leaf instead of corn husk. The spinach salad was really nice and had some lovely toppings like sunflower seeds and shredded beets. The vinaigrette and the salsa were good accompaniments. It was a light, perfect & surprisingly delicious lunch. The menu is limited but who cares when the food tastes this good. Organic is completely worth it! I'll be back.

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