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Mediterra Cafe & Market
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-05 Closed: 2013-07

5575 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 696-9323

Reviews by the General Public

Poor service and average food, 10/15/2012
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried Mediterra for the first time today, and I made a mistake when I ordered, thinking the Gyro plate was a Gyro with a salad on the side. When I got it, it was some gyro meat with little cut up pieces of pita. I went to the counter and told the woman I had made a mistake when I ordered, that it was my first time there, and didn't realize that it wasn't a wrapped-up gyro, and asked for a piece of pita so I could roll up the meat and make one. She was so rude, and kept telling me that was what I ordered, I shouldn't have ordered the plate, etc. I know it was my mistake, but I can't remember ever feeling so uncomfortable and rudely treated at any restaurant. She could have offered to charge me for the pita if it was a cost issue, I had accepted full responsibility... but her reaction was way overboard. I will never be going back there again.

Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, 3/2/2012
Reviewer: Rachel M from Santa Barbara, CA
Everyone else seemed really happy with their food, but I ordered the Cordon Bleu Chicken Panini and it was pretty sad. Hardly any ham, they used yellow mustard which completely overwhelmed all the other flavors, and the one sad little slice of tomato was, well, sad. Also, calling it a panini might have been a bit of a stretch as the bread didn't seem grilled in any way, more like just mildly flattened. I think next time I'll stick to the genuinely greek food, as everyone seems to rave about that. Otherwise, the service was fairly expedient, and the woman working behind the counter was nice enough, though not outgoing, welcoming or friendly in any particular way.

Skimping on the Gyro, 11/7/2011
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
Food tasted great. Unfortunately, I am still hungry after my $10 lunch. I ordered the Gyro plate and was very disappointed with the actual quantity of Gyro. It should be called rice & salad with Gyro garnish. Less meat than what you would find in a basic McDonald's hamburger.

Great food, great service, 3/25/2011
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
First time eating here at lunch with a few co-workers. Had the Falafel Plate for $8.95 which came with a good assortment of things. All of it was delicious, the hummus, the falafel, the dolmas. The service was great and food came quick. The only two notes I could add is that the price was a bit much for the portion size. It is 4:00 now here at work and I'm starting to get hungry already! Other than that a nice change of pace and very healthy and delicious food.

Delicious Dolmas, 7/21/2010
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I was so excited to finally be trying this place. I enjoyed the small cozy atmosphere and the lady behind the counter was very nice. We ordered the falafel pita, which was fantastic, and the vegetarian combo plate. The plate was delicious although if you are really hungry you might want to order more food or something else! The stand out food here was the dolmas. I am picky about my dolmas but these ones hit the spot! Easy to bite into with great flavoring I should have gone back for more! I especially respect that I didn't feel hurried away once we were done eating, we even stayed to play a card game while killing time on our lunch break. I found it to be a bit pricey but will return when my craving for dolmas does.

Great veggie combo!, 6/27/2010
Reviewer: Susie from Santa Barbara, CA
I first found Mediterra because they were hosting a classical Ottoman music concert. Hopefully they will continue to host more local musicians. Although I generally get their veggie combo dish, their daily specials are also good. The salad greens included in the veggie combo are always fresh. The Turkish coffee is also highly recommended. Regarding portion size, Mediterra does gives smaller portions than most restaurants, but I think it's perfect, as you leave perfectly satisfied, not overly stuffed. Finally, the service is excellent, and the owner's very nice.

Great food!Great service!, 6/24/2010
Reviewer: Aaron Gosnell from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey!Great Food!Great service!

Great Owners, Great Food, Great Service, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
What can I say about Rudy and Gabi?! Amazing people! They go out of their way to make sure that your food is prepared properly and you are accommodated. They cater to my company monthly and do a superb job at it. I love their Gyros, Dolmas, Lasagna, Salads...there are too many items to count! I really can't get enough. One critique would be that the portions could be a little bigger, but I'd rather have guaranteed good food, than a lot of horrible food. The other critique is that I wish it was in a more central location, I am sure the Mediterra Café craze would catch on full force. If you haven't tried these guys out, I really think you are missing out on a gem.

Truly authentic, 5/8/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was great - truly authentic and generous in their portions. I've been looking for decent Greek food and it's here. The feel of the place is actually comfy and nice considering it's in a strip mall. I really hope they can stay in business. Prices are reasonable too.

awesome, 3/9/2010
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
Veggie combo plate. Baba ghanoush, hummus, salad, warm tasty pita, and dolmas. Perfect. Just go there. Every day. We go out of our way to schlep all the way here from downtown cuz we fiend for this stuff if we haven't had it in a week or so.

a Greco-Turkish treat, 1/28/2010
Reviewer: Chris C from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice range of menu options from wraps and risotto to gyros and bountiful sampler plates with salads. Turkish, Greek...baklava that melts straight into a smile. Tucked away behind the Sizzler, they also have a small market with Mediterranean oils and treats. Indoor and outdoor seating. Great lunch spot with a welcoming attitude.

Best Mediterranean food around!, 10/13/2009
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
The menu had lots of delighful choices, and the prices were very reasonable. Another bonus: they take SB discount card, so when my friend and I went there for lunch, we got a buy one entree-get one entree free deal. The baklava is amazing, too. Service was friendly and quick. Will definetely return.

Reviewer: Elisabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food, great hosts, quick service. I wanted to try something different and went to Mediterra. I was not disappointed. The food was excellent. A big selection so I will have to come back to sample the other delicacies. A very clean little restaurant!

What a Find!, 6/24/2009
Reviewer: Lincoln and Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
Glad this place reopened. Although the location seems a bit hidden, it is hard to find better Mediterranean fare in Goleta. The food is excellent, fresh and healthy. It is obviously prepared by a conscientious chef with an eye and taste for quality. In agreement with other reviewers, the soups are amazing. We tried the corn vegetable chowder, and it was divine. The menu gives a good representation of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, but is not overwhelming. Daily specials provide good variation for the menu. We also found the service to be friendly - the chef came out and greeted us warmly during our meal. The gracious owner even gave us some complimentary tea! We topped off our dinner with a lovely cookie and a delicious Turkish coffee. We were pleasantly surprised by how reasonable the food prices were! Our only complaint is that the wire garden tables and chairs inside the restaurant are a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps they could find some furniture that is more suited for indoor dining. We look forward to our next meal at Mediterra Cafe and Market!

Fabulous, casual, and cheap: hidden gem in Goleta, 6/20/2009
Reviewer: David Barndollar from Goleta, CA
We came in for dinner a couple of nights ago: place was deserted. The deli-style counter and small imported-food shelves make it seem less like a restaurant than a take-out joint. So the ambience leaves a little to be desired. But the views from the windows are excellent (they both look toward the mountains, and the Sizzler nearby is obscured by the corner of the building), and the food is absolutely fantastic. Incredibly fresh ingredients, simple preparations, and flawless execution for incredibly low prices. The tomato/basil/mushroom soup was out of this world, and all of the signature Mediterranean staples you'd expect (hummus, baba ghanoush, tabouli, tzatsiki, shawarma, and warm fluffy pita) were superb. Beautiful, simple presentations. The chef himself served us at the table. We've been looking for a good eastern-Mediterranean place in town for two years, and now we've found it. We'll be back. More people should go: they deserve to be more widely known.

Tasty...but how long will this place last?, 6/19/2009
Reviewer: Jason from Carpinteria, CA
I liked the food when they opened and it's still good now that they've reopened. The layout is essentially the same. It looks a little more deli than shop, but that's about the only difference...aside from the new chef! I like this place and hope it lasts, but I'm afraid that it's so hidden from sight that they're going to have a difficult time drumming up business. Every time I go there's never more than 3 or 4 people dining, and this is during the lunch hour. That doesn't bode well for them.

Ok food/service, 6/16/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Maybe I'll try something else on the menu next time but the combo plate was just Ok for me. Really good Hummus and Tsatsiki sauce but beyond that not so much. Instead of a full pita I was expecting I got triangle shaped pita strips, just did not work. The lamb strips were not that great. I suggest a shawerma from IV Deli Mart to compare. What this place had going for it was a nice atmosphere though and the only sitdown Mediterranean/Middle Eastern in the Goleta Valley.

early dinner, 6/9/2009
Reviewer: Sue Miller from Santa Barbara, CA
Just got home from an early dinner at Mediterra Cafe. Noticed their sign on Hollister by accident. What a pleasent surprice. Tried the roasted bell pepper soup and a gyro pita wrap. The girl served me a complimentary Turkish tea. Very cute in little Turkish glasses. I will be back very soon for sure:)

great place for lunch, 6/1/2009
Reviewer: Andi from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I visited Mediterra and we had a pleasant experience. First I didn't know, how to find it, cause it's a little hidden, not visible from Hollister Ave, but after calling and learning that it's next to Sizzler's, right off of 217, it's easily accessible....with tons of parking, which is great these days! Nice atmosphere, bistro-like music with great little gift ideas and unique items on their retail shelf. We had the gyros...I love their Tzatziki sauce!....a chicken panini with pesto and tomatoes and a homemade berry tarte. Everything was tasty and nicely presented. We even got Turkish tea served with desert...on the house! Fast, friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere with outdoor seating and now we know how to find it again...and again!

great!, 5/31/2009
Reviewer: Sara from Santa Barbara, CA
This place was so cute; it was my first time here and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. I had two of the daily specials. The eggplant and walnut soup and the quiche with pesto and gorgonzola. The soup was my favorite. The serive was good as well, very friendly. We will definitely be going back!

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