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Burger Bus
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-05 Closed: 2017-06

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Reviews by the General Public

Burger Bus Catered our Birthday Party - THE BEST!!!!!, 5/26/2015
Reviewer: Stefani from Santa Barbara, CA
The Burger Bus catered my husband's 50th birthday for 130 guests, and I cannot say enough WONDERFUL things about our experience. Cheryl and Michael the owners were INCREDIBLY accommodating, and so fun to work with! They were easy, VERY reasonably priced, and the bus really "made" the party. They also provided cole slaw and mac n cheese that were both fantastic, and made my life easier so that I didn't need to order from somewhere else...and REALLY excellent price!!! The ambience of their canopy, and the sweet menu they customized for my hubby was PERFECT!!! Burgers were awesome, name it!!!This is THE WAY to go when thinking of catering a big party!!!! WE LOVE THE BURGER BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burger Bliss, 1/21/2014
Reviewer: Christina R. from Santa Barbara, CA
The Burger Bus hits the spot every time, with locally sourced ingredients and friendly family service. They serve up the classic burger and also experiment with clever and unique combinations. The meat is always juicy and served to perfection on a soft, fresh, ciabatta bread bun. The onion rings are huge and tasty. They even have a dog-friendly serving of grilled patty for the pooch:) Overall, this food truck promises a divine dining experience for anyone searching for a top notch burger.

One of the First of its kind, BUT..., 10/22/2013
Reviewer: Renzo from GaVIOTA, CA
...Pricey in my opinion. Fries are good. Unusual options, but the buns are COLD ! Toast those buns and I'll come back!

Burger Bus, 8/26/2013
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: The Burger Bus, true to its title, a Bus: imagine a small bright yellow school bus with big black letters. As it is a food truck: there is no seating. Food/drink: We ordered a Chipotle burger. We asked for cheddar cheese instead of the pepper jack. We took a few bites: no onions (I thought it came with them, perhaps not.) the patty was not juicy or tasty. And no cheese at all. The chipotle spread was the redeeming factor. Service: We did have quite a wait; to be expected, as we caught it during the Sunken Garden movie nights. Summary: I've been interested in the food trucks for some time, and glad we had a chance to try one. The burger was nothing special: I think Burger King and In and Out does tasty, juicy grilled ones. I wouldn't order again.

So disappointed, 6/13/2013
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
I heard that this was the place to get a good burger. I ordered the cheeseburger and jelly and when I got home to eat my burger I was disappointed to see that the burger was barely cooked, there was no cheese and the burger had none of the fixings that the sign said it came with. $8.50 for a poorly cooked patty and a cold bun is ridiculous. Won't go back!

$10 and 20 minute wait for a very salty burger, 6/27/2012
Reviewer: Tina from Santa Barbara, CA
We knew it would be busy being that it was summer solstice, but waited 20+ minutes for our order (a single burger) and while I loved! the ciabatta there was so much salt on the burger that it was virtually inedible. Can't decide if we'll try it again. Might just buy ciabatta and make burgers at home for cheaper.

Phenominal!!!!!, 6/6/2012
Reviewer: Big Rob aka Two Buck Luck from Santa Barbara, CA
The Burger Bus is SO phenominal that it makes all other burgers taste like McDonalds "burgers". The onion rings make my mouth water just at the thought of them. If I could rate higher than 5stars, I would...because, honestly, 5 stars is a serious-understatement. These guys are so good, I can't eat any other burgers

Bus wait, 5/18/2012
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
From your review it appears people DO like to wait for the bus! I go offhours, its definitely a longer wait than McD's but its also definitely not fast food in that you are getting a thick Shaloob grass fed hormone free patty. Cal Taco at the moment I believe also does Shaloob meat with about the same wait, wonder if it has to do with that type of meat? The bus is good to do every now and then when you have the time.

No one likes to wait for the bus, 5/15/2012
Reviewer: Andrew from Santa Barbara, CA
Jalapeno jelly on a burger. Daring and delicious. Same with pickle chips. Loved it first time. Second time Ciabatta roll was too much particularly given twenty minute wait while owner chatted outside bus with line 20 deep.

Most amazing burgers and sides anywhere, 4/13/2012
Reviewer: $2-Luck from Santa Barbara, CA
Though a bit pricey, a little messy, and tough to get to, TBB has the most amazing burgers and sides in the world. Their burgers will make any other burger taste like McD's "burgers". The onion rings are off the hook!! If you can afford $15-20 for a meal, you need to treat yourself to'll fill you up for the day!

Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the best burger of my life today. It was nothing short of a spiritual experience infused with beef, bacon, spicy jelly, pickle chips and other magical "gonzo" ingredients. It was so good that after I finished it, I literally ate more out of another mans hands. Despite this somewhat homoerotic experience (or perhaps because of it), I am left with a full belly, and happy memories of a burger prepared to perfection. Were I a cow, I would insist that the Burger Bus prepare me.

Awesome food, awesome people, 1/20/2012
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
Mike and Cheryl are two of the friendliest, coolest people around. Even if they weren't, I'd still go to the Burger Bus, because the food is incredible. The ten best burgers I've ever had in my life came from the Bus, and some of the best meals, period. Any time I have out-of-town guests, one of the must-do trips is the Bus for a CB&J, which people always balk at initially and love by the end. Can't recommend enough.

Even vegetarians love the Burger Bus!, 12/20/2011
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA
The grilled cheese is great. I have gotten all of the sides, and love them all. Still have to try the falafel, but love the GC so much it's hard to give it up. Wish they had more downtown locations (I know, I know, I have Fridays, and one Wed a month, but you darn tech companies steal Tues AND Thurs!). Friends & coworkers say the burgers are great, too. Messy, yes, but darn good.

some corrections for below..., 12/17/2011
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat at The Burger Bus all the time and absolutely LOVE their food! Just to clarify a few things: a chipotle burger is $7.50 ($9.00 if you add bacon), the yam fries are $2.50 and the drinks are $1.00. All in all, Rian's meal cost $11.00, not $15.00. If you were to get this high quality, super tasty meal in a sit-down restaurant in Santa Barbara, it would easily cost you $18.00. Keep up the great work Burger Bus!

Agree w Below, 11/29/2011
Reviewer: Lex from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with Rian. The Burger Bus is delicious and I would pay this much for their food if it was a restaurant where I could sit. But since it's a food truck, with no roof and limited to no seating, I expect to pay a little less.

Pricey, 11/27/2011
Reviewer: Rian from Santa Barbara, CA
Was finally able to track this bus down. Very good burgers, but the prices are insane. I got the chipotle burger and was $9 without a side!! Then a side of sweet potato fries was another $3 and another couple bucks for a drink.. Lunch at the bus is a easy $15. This is something I expect to pay at a sit down restaurant, but from a truck.... The food is flavorful but not worth the price in my eyes.

Can't beat 'em, 10/28/2011
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
The onion rings from Burger Bus are amazing. Go wild, eat a few, you'll be glad you did, even if you did have to stand in a random parking lot with a bunch of hipsters whilst waiting for them (the rings, not the hipsters) to be cooked to order.

Life Changing! , 7/20/2011
Reviewer: SB Pete from Santa Barbara, CA
If you have not met Michael and Cheryl yet then you are missing out, because their Burger Bus serves up the best burger in Santa Barbara - hands down! The burgers on the menu are perfectly cooked, hearty, unique and creative. If you are feeling adventurous then go with the off-the-menu "Gonzo," this is where Michael makes you a creative burger of his choice - these are always incredibly good! (I get one every week) For those who have mentioned the burger being messy or hard to eat: I recommend folding the paper packaging over the back half of the burger while you eat it - this will keep your burger together and your hands/labs clean, all while making each bite that much better!

Yummy food and wonderful people!, 7/13/2011
Reviewer: Elizabeth Busdeker from Santa Barbara, CA
I actually asked the Burger Bus to come cater my wedding. They were very easy to work with and made the whole process stress free (which is a God send during wedding planning). I received so many compliments on their food and service. My guests were raving about them, as a matter of fact. Their burgers and sides are AMAZING.

Good Quality Burger: I recommend it!, 4/11/2011
Reviewer: Miss Courtney from Santa Barbara, CA
First off: I am NOT a big burger lover and I rarely eat beef (so I am a tough critic). I have been curious about Burger Bus since their opening and finally had an opportunity to try it. I had the spicy jelly burger (CB& J) which was perfectly delicious! Loved the bun, loved the combo of flavors and I was impressed by the quality of meat. I finished the sandwich and didn't feel greasy gross after. My friends had the chipotle burger and falafel sandwich; both excellent and yummy! Next time I will get the falafel it was THAT good! Great service Cheryl :)!

Pink, 4/7/2011
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
Yesterday the Burger Bus was at the Chase parking lot behind my work...everyone in my building went to get a burger...we were very excited. We have 30 people in our building...90% of us did NOT like our burger. The bread was hard and the burgers were so pink it was still raw!! There was no flavor to the patty and it was pretty expensive!!! Out of the 4 of us the 4 burgers were all raw!! The fries were soggy!! The onion rings though were very good that's the only reason I'm giving them 2 stars. I don't know why the other reviews were saying it was delicious.

A lot of work to eat but good I guess...., 2/2/2011
Reviewer: Dianne93101 from Santa Barbara, CA
Maybe I am a lazy eater because it seems like there's quite a following for big,stacked,messy hamburgers. I felt really flustered with everything shooting out of my $7.00 burger and now have to think about whether or not it tasted good. Well, it was good, but far from great. I think the ciabatta roll is way too chewy and thick, which dominates every other flavor in the burger. And then the sauce,tomatoes,lettuce,et al,kept going overboard so I ate them individually. So it was not what I hoped for. I would like to see a simpler easier to eat burger for lazy eaters like me-sliders are cool, esp because I get so full w/reg sized ones. A pulled bbq beef burger would also be a welcome addition. I like the idea and the fun atmosphere they bring so I hope they improve.

great flavor in burgers just a little hard to eat, 1/6/2011
Reviewer: samantha dougherty from Santa Barbara, CA
the best part of the burger bus was the flavor of the meat and how fresh the veg was. im not really digging the hard ciabatta roll, makes it way too hard to eat with the meat trying to slide out at all sides with every bite you take. but besides that great burger. the jelly on the burger is also a great idea little did i know that hot jelly would go good on a hot burg. . .Yam fries again good flavor but were very soggy and a little greasy. maybe those should be fried twice get a little frittes action going? did not try the pickle chips but def will have to go back and give them a shot. i wish there were more food trucks up here in SB. the burger bus is the only "gourmet" one that i know of. . . there are several roach coaches though. i have heard that there is another food truck that will be opening up soon in Santa Barbara called o street truck. i have seen there facebook page several times and also found there website. i want to try them as well. . .!!! if you are in LA make sure you eat at at least one of the many food trucks the city supports. some of the best cheapest food around. burger bus: o street

What a surprise, 9/21/2010
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
I could write pages and pages about the Burger Bus. I can't believe I hadn't had any of their food until this past Sunday. They were at the SB Museum of Natural History for the Back to School Festival. I bought a cheeseburger and onion rings. Hands down the onion rings were the best I've ever had, unsurpassable. Now the hamburger, we've been on the search for the best burger in Santa Barbara since 1995!!! Well this is it. First of all, the integrity of the product is so welcome, real cheddar (white not fake orange), real lettuce (red leaf), burger cooked to perfection, and the best ciabatta roll. I've seen reviews saying the service is slow or the price too high, the price is amazing for the quality and the service involves cooking the product to perfection!!!!

The Burger Bus ended my search for the Best Burger, 8/16/2010
Reviewer: Lizard from Santa Rosa, CA
I drove down from Santa Rosa and stopped at the burger bus. I was hungry and it was suggested I try the blue cheese and blueberry burger, I was so hungry that I got half a bag of onion rings and pickle chips. The first bite of burger was pure delight the tang and the sweet with the juiciness of the meat and grilled onions were all a perfect match. The slight crispiness of the ciabata was perfect. Then I went in for the great beer battered pickles with ranch dressing. Michael and Cheryl were a delight. I could not stop eating my tastebuds were on a cloud! BEST BURGER EVER!!!! Just hungry writing this review. Oh burger bus how I will miss you up here in Santa Rosa, till next time.

Great burgers!, 7/8/2010
Reviewer: Jose from Ontario, CA
WOW! Great burgers! We were traveling back home to Ontario from Cambria and searching for a place to eat. We found the Burger Bus on-line. We were a bit reluctant at first, especially since our kids were with us and are somewhat picky eaters. We ordered a CBJ #1, a pesto burger, two cheeseburgers, yam fries, onion rings & fried pickles. All were excellent! These burgers are absolutely gourmet quality. We all positively LOVED our burgers. My son enjoyed the yam fries and his burger so much, he finished them all. He's only nine and weighs about 65 lbs. Says quite a bit about the food; great eats. The fact that they are mobile makes it all the more interesting for out of towners; who aren't familiar with the area.

Delicious and super filling, 7/2/2010
Reviewer: Ash from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for lunch and ordered the cheeseburger and yam fries - super good!! While it is a little $$ for a burger and fries ($10 total for both) it was completely worth it because the burger was very fresh, good quality meat and tasted great. The yam fries were great, too. I'll be back for sure!

Grass Fed Beef Burgers - Yum for my belly and for my health, 6/4/2010
Reviewer: Jeremy from Santa Barbara, CA
Why don't more local restaurants serve a grass fed beef product. John, after you let me know that the Burger Bus sells a grass fed hamburger I have shopped nowhere else! The other burger shops in SB are missing the boat by not offering this superior product for the health of our bodies and the health of our environment. The Burger Bus burger was delicious!!! Grilled onions and all. They did run out of fries though. Kinda of sucked, but I was totally willing to forgive them for that once I sunk my teeth into that juicy burger. We had to wait in line forever, so obviously they are doing something right here. I can only hope that more restaurants will catch on. And while you are at it, why not serve an organic, free-range chicken product as well??? This is Santa Barbara, if you cook it they will come! JUST SAY NO TO CORN!

Its OK, 3/4/2010
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was ok. Not as I would have expected given the ratings below. Yam fries were cold and some were actually burnt. Did like the onion rings however. Service is very slow and the gal is a bit abrupt if you don't know what you want. Very pricey and a bit stingy on the condiments. I'll stick to The Habit.

Meals on Wheels, 3/2/2010
Reviewer: John from Goodland
The Burger Bus is the greatest food on wheels. Normally I won’t go anywhere near a “grease truck”, but I was talked into this and walked away very happy. I had a CB&J (Cheese Burger and Jelly) and it was remarkably good. The meat for the burger was local from Shalhoob and the jelly was also local from the SB Farmers Market. I would not have thought to mix the two, but the result was great. I strongly recommend eating here. They are in Goleta every Tuesday afternoon in the Citrix parking lot.

WOW !!!!, 12/6/2009
Reviewer: CLAY from Santa Barbara, CA

MMMM Good Burger!!, 11/3/2009
Reviewer: Dave A. from Santa Barbara, CA
I am hooked. The burgers are fresh and they have created an increadible combination that I have not seen or tasted anywhere!! Great sides and always a friendly smile. If you have not gone, go. If you have gone, go back and take a friend. You will not find a burger like this anywhere.

Ate there for first time after being intrigued for months..., 10/1/2009
Reviewer: Shay from Goleta, CA
Tasty! A bit pricey so I wouldn't go to the bus weekly, but the novelty of the Burger Bus, its strange yet alluring jelly burgers, and its great ratings drew my partner and me. The burgers were quite good and they even honored my partner's request for a not well-done burger, which made him happy. The onion rings were great too! A word about the pesto burger: it's really more of a balsamic burger. I would suggest backing off the balsamic and actually using pesto on the burger, or call it what it actually is (...with pesto jack cheese). Service was definitely slow, but not too bad. The bus was located quite close to our work and there wasn't a huge line in front of us, so we were able to get our food and eat with enough time to get back to work. Nice people working the bus. Will go back again.

FRIED PICKLES!, 9/25/2009
Reviewer: Nirasha from Santa Barbara, CA
Kept hearing everyone rant and rave about this bus so I had to check it out. I tried bites of both the CBJ and the Pesto burger. I also tried the onion rings and the fried pickles. Both burgers were seasoned exceptionally well and were very tasty. I am from the south so I had to try their fried pickles. They were the BEST I have ever had! We only waited 15 minutes for 4 orders and there were people in front of us. The service was good considering it is just a two man show. I will come back for those pickles!

Good meat let down by a hard bun, 9/15/2009
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
The meat was grilled to perfection, just the right amount to keep the flavor intact. Being billed as a gourmet burger place, they have focaccia bread for the bun, which seemed to make the whole enterprise somewhat less enjoyable (I'd prefer a potato bun or something else soft). Customers, learn the menu before you go -- what they serve is listed on the Web site, and will save time deciding if you're in a hurry (because it'll take a while to cook). Interesting choice of sides -- fried pickle chips (good), onion rings (sweet), and yam fries (good).

MMM! So Tasty! but super slow service..., 9/4/2009
Reviewer: Amanda from Goleta, CA
I've only been once, but I love the burger bus! The burgers are delicious and juicy, the bread perfectly springy with a nice crust, and the jelly is the icing on the cake! I love that they use local, high quality ingredients too. My yam chips were pretty blah and chewy, but the pickle chips were surprisingly delicious! The only problem I had with the bus was that it took a good 10-15 min for them to cook/assemble my burger, which I think is too long when you're standing in a parking lot waiting for some "fast food". Since there was a line, I had to wait about 20min to place my order, then they ran out of meat right before I placed my order (I almost cried). I waited for more meat to arrive, which was cool that they had more coming and didn't just decide to close down even though it was close to closing, BUT that meant I waited a good 45-60min for this burger! Good thing it was delicious! overall: great food that I will go back to, but I hope they get a little faster with their production and stay stocked up on their products.

I Love the Burger Bus!, 8/12/2009
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
My fiance and I recently had our first burger from the burger bus and loved everything about the experience. The burger was unlike I've ever had and I will definitely be coming back! The burger was juicy, tasty, and had all the gourmet qualities I was craving. And it still makes my mouth water just thinking about it! What a unique idea to serve quality, delicious burgers from a bus. The service was great, the food was great, and the owners were great. I really can't recommend the place enough!

Great burgers!!!, 8/5/2009
Reviewer: Mark n Tam from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been craving a good burger for a couple of days and after reading a number of reviews I opted for the burger bus. I am so glad I did, the cheeseburger with bacon was incredible. The burger was juicy, very tasty and the overall combination of ciabatta bread, cheddar and well seasoned meat made for an outstanding burger. Also had the onion rings which were awesome! Cant wait to go back, only wish the chosen locations has more available seating.

CB&J - Yay. Seating? Nay, 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Daryl from Santa Barbara, CA
Jalapeno jelly with ground beef on a roll you say? Yes, it is tasty. Shaloob's delivers, the Bus delivers. Just wish maybe a something other than the curb to enjoy my meal was available. Oh, and the sweet chips...they're awright. Need to be crispier.

Great Lunch!, 7/15/2009
Reviewer: Christine Cunningham from Los Olivos CA
Wow- I have been waiting for the chance to eat a burger from these folks- and today at Oreana Winery I got my chance. I was so excited- my daughter got a plain cheeseburger, a pesto burger for myself, and another cheeseburger for a friend. We also ordered the sweet potato fries. They were pretty busy- happy to see a constant group of people ordering! Our food was perfect- the ciabatta was a great bun- captures the juice from the burger- for my 6 yr old- it was a tad hard to eat- but she really gave it a good try. My burger was cooked medium at my request. The sweet potato fries were soft- and delicious!! Glad we had a table and shade at the Oreana location. One suggestion- a little hard to read the menu- I never saw the onion ring option. I give the food a 4 only because I need to return to taste more- and I can hardly wait to do this! GREAT JOB BURGER BUS!!!

Tasty, messy and quick service, 7/15/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
There was no line so ordering was very quick. I had the hamburger with an order of the yam chips. The burger was very juicy, grilled onions were very sweet and the produce was very fresh. Only con was that it was very messy and the ciabatta roll that the burger came on began to fall apart midway through eating it. The yam chips were a little soft - not really crispy, but the flavor was good. My boyfriend ordered the CB & J, with cheddar and blueberry jalapeno jam, and an order of the onion rings. He said the burger was a little too sweet for his taste, but we both agreed the onion rings were very tasty. Food came out pretty quickly, though a decent line had formed by the time we got our food. Definitely would recommend coming a little early to avoid the lunch crowd and longer wait that some other reviewers mentioned.

what a treat..., 7/14/2009
Reviewer: marilee phillips from atherton, california
I was a visitor in Santa Barbara and spotted the burger bus. It was so appealing and different that I tried it. I don't think I've ever had a better burger anywhere. The service was fast. The food arrived hot, juicy and perfect. (The onion rings were fabulous.) If I lived closer to santa barbara I would make the burger bus a regular stop. It's great.

Go There, 7/2/2009
Reviewer: Brooke from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent... I love the concept and the food is delicious. I was so full when finished, so it was worth every penny. They do an awesome job of combining flavors I would normally never use and it totally works. Great burgers, great sides. Go there, you won't be disappointed.

I compare the burger to the one at the 21 Club 21 W 52 NYC, 6/27/2009
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent burgers, great onion rings. The best I have had in Santa Barbara. The bus license plate says it all, "Eat Here."

Why cook quality meat until it's overdone?, 6/26/2009
Reviewer: Joseph from Santa Barbara, CA
So, I went to the Burger Bus for the first time excited to try one of their burgers. I ordered my burger medium rare only to receive a greasy, grey, overcooked burger. A major disappointment. Why go to the trouble of using "quality shalhoob beef" if you're going to cook it 'til it's grey? Please in the future either take it off the heat earlier, or don't take an order for a medium rare burger if you don't intend to cook it that way.

Good Experience, 6/17/2009
Reviewer: Alan from Santa Barbara, CA
Good, tasty food. I don't know what they use for batter in the O'rings, but is is really light. My son even got to explore the bus.

Good Food, 6/16/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good Food, probably the best Onion Rings I have ever had in my life? Hamburger(meat on ciabatta bun) was pretty good. Drink choices consist of canned drinks out of a cooler. A bit of a wait for food(can you call it in?) in the sun. Cash only. High Quality food throughout that's worth the money but you miss the niceties of an indoor restaurant which is a negative to me. Probably ask for two ketchups as what they gave out was pretty sparse. Try the Onion Rings!

Great Idea and Pretty Good Food, 6/9/2009
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been on a mission for a great burger in SB and this one ranks pretty high up on the list. Probably in the top 5 in SB right now. My only complaints are that they should have someone working the window separate from anyone else cooking. I know space is limited but it would help the flow I think. My second complaint is not really a complaint but just a preference. I think the ciabatta roll isn't the best for a burger. It can be kind of hard to get your mouth around. The burger itself was delicious. I don't know who says all the burgers are well done but mine was a nice medium (decent amount of pink) and juicy. Great use of local ingredients and I like how they are switching up the locations. I wish I had a parking lot for them near my office. Worth a visit or two.

Tasty though a little pricy, 6/2/2009
Reviewer: Jason from Carp, CA
I got a regular hamburger, no frills, and it was quite good. I especially like the ciabatta bread instead of the usual bun. It's more firm so it holds up better. All the ingredients are apparently local and delicious...but I still can't get passed the idea of spending about $2 more than the average price for a hamburger. I will no doubt give them my business now and then cuz it is tasty, not to mention conveniently located for me.

ALL Burgers are Cooked WELL-DONE!!??, 6/2/2009
Reviewer: CS from Santa Barbara, CA
According to the menu it says all burgers are cooked well-done!? Can anyone confirm if this is true or not? As burger specialists using high quality free range beef why in the world would they punish the meat by cooking it well-done!? Please tell me I can get a burger medium-rare so I can actually appreciate the quality of the product being used!

Delicious! Would definitely go back., 6/1/2009
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I visited The Burger Bus for the first time last Wednesday and I was very impressed! I will definitely be back. I had the straight-up 'hamburger', which was cooked perfectly and was well-seasoned. The toasted Our Daily Bread ciabatta was an ideal compliment, as were the condiments on the burger (pickles, mayo, mustard, etc.) I also tried the 'yam chips', which were thick slices of yam that seemed like they had been roasted. They were a great alternative to french fries and I felt like I was getting a valid vegetable credit by eating them. :) The wait to receive my order was a bit longer than I expected, and it would have been nice if there had been a couple of plastic chairs strewn about for the long-ish wait. I'm still going back, though!

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