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YoYumYum - Goleta
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-06 Closed: 2014-01

5915A Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-6500

Reviews by the General Public

Love this Place!, 4/27/2011
Reviewer: Sharr Bryan-Herman from Santa Barbara, CA
I stop and get a cup serveral times a week. The counter persons are always helpful the place is clean and the yogurt is like I like it not too creamy.

Watery yogurt, 1/27/2011
Reviewer: Patricia Schapansky from Santa Barbara, CA
Always disappointed after getting yogurt here. It's so watery and they always say it's the fault of the customer not putting the handle all the way back up. I'm guessing they purchased cheap machines and don't know who else to blame it on. I have yet to go here and have good solid yogurt. Thinking about boycotting for good!!!!

Good Yogurt, Shop Smells like clearning supplies, 6/16/2010
Reviewer: MB from Goleta, CA
Our family likes YoYumYum, yogurt and toppings are very good. However, the previous reviews are correct, the place smells like cleaning supplies, which is odd considering that you can keep a place clean without making it smell like a bottle of bleach.

Pretty Good., 4/22/2010
Reviewer: Aaron Gosnell from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey the Yogurt here is pretty good.;)

YoYumYum needs improvements!, 4/20/2010
Reviewer: Sara Kusserow from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to YoYumYum a few times now and when me and my husband went this past weekend the smell was incredibly overwhelming. By the time we had reached the register I was becoming dizzy!!! please have your employees use different cleansers...even the open doors couldn't help that smell. Also, my experience wouldn't have been so terrible if once we reached the register the cashier could speak ENGLISH!!!!!! she was rude to me even with a language barrier. Do your business a favor and hire literate and English speaking employees..

Worst Service Ever, So-So Yogurt, 2/19/2010
Reviewer: Melinda from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok, if your employees can't speak enough English that they can't understand when you want to purchase a gift card (and that gift card is advertised right by the register) then you have a problem. I tried to buy a gift card the other week for a Valentine and they were very apologetic but said they didn't speak english. What??! I thought in order to safely and responsibly work pretty much anywhere you'd have to read and understand at least enough English to communicate. It made me wonder how they could follow food safety instructions if they couldn't read or understand English. Anyway, after about five minutes of going around and around, they finally produced someone from the back who was able to understand what I wanted. But not able to put it through their register. I was supposed to get a free 16 oz yogurt with my purchase, but I ended up just letting it go because they didn't understand what I was asking for (again, even though it was a HUGE ad right where you pay.) The yogurt itself here isn't worth the hassle, on a good day. Owners, hire people who can speak at least enough English to communicate with your customers.

horrible quality of yogurt, 1/18/2010
Reviewer: apple smith from Santa Barbara, CA
we a group of 7 went to this place two months ago and the yogurt was like water. the cheesecake flavor taste like medicine. will never return to this place ever.

NEED nicer staff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 12/16/2009
Reviewer: Amanda from Goleta, CA
I am only 9 years old so here it goes. The staff needs to work on the whole nice thing. One time I came in and there was a few people behind the counter and we did not need to know what they were talking about. There was only one person that night that actually was kind and nice. The yogurt melts fast. The yogurt tastes more like ice cream, but the flavor choice is awesome. The toppings are good but the yum jelly looks disgusting. The thing about YoYumYum is that it looks very similar to Yogurt Land.

decent price and place but lacked almost all my favourites, 12/2/2009
Reviewer: brad h from Santa Barbara, CA
clean enough place, friendly service but i usually have my go to toppings and mix-in's and this place really struck out. no oreo bits ... this is just crazy to me, second no hot fudge! they only have cold toppings in squeeze bottles, third no golden grahams only cinnamon toast crunch. i got the toast crunch out of desperation and kept thinking ... man these golden grahams taste weird. please get a hot fudge dispenser and some oreo's and ill be back!

Hairnets are cheap - please use them!!!, 9/6/2009
Reviewer: Marie Isabella from Santa Barbara, CA
So the yogurt is good - the toppings are good. I think it's way overpriced, but there's a good selection of toppings. Here's my problem: young blonde girl with really long hair NOT wearing a hairnet and NOT EVEN up in a ponytail! This is seriously disgusting - she was windexing around the toppings - yuck windex flavored strawberries - and as she was bending down to clean around them her hair was TOUCHING the toppings!! I'll never go back - I like my dessert windex and hair free, thank you.

Ignore bad reviews, 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We went tonight and it was great. The staff watch the machine handles so the yogurt is frozen and good.I love the toppings.

Watery Yogurt--Limited Topping Selection, 7/28/2009
Reviewer: D from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Sweet Alley, and Yogurtland plenty of times. My boyfriend and I decided to try YoYumYum last night. I always get PB flavored yogurt so I went straight to the Peanut Butter yogurt. IT WAS COMING OUT OF THE MACHINE MELTED! I thought it was just that flavor, but the rest of the flavors were the same...I proceeded to the toppings to find a very small selection compared to their competetors. Quite a bummer. The girls behind the counter were very nice, however. I'll stick to Yogurtland and Sweet Alley

Pretty Good Stuff, 7/27/2009
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta, CA
I haven't eaten at any of the other yogurt places in town so I can't compare them. I do remember the frozen yogurt we used to get back in the 80's and 90's and this is FAR superior to that stuff. I found YoYumYum to have a great selection of flavors and I like the self serve/self sample concept. I sampled about half of the flavors and was appreciative of the ability to do so. They have a great selection of toppings as well. I was worried that I would get fleeced at checkout because even their small cups are pretty big and the larges are more like popcorn tubs. Nope. $6.50 for TWO of us. My small cup was full to the brim and the other was about half full. I don't know the deal at any other place but this seemed like a heck of a good deal for the $$$. I don't know how to rate the service (I think I did a pretty good job serving myself:-) T

Watery and Expensive, 7/22/2009
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I just fell in love with Yogurtland downtown but I work in Goleta so I decided to give YoYumYum a try. The layout and concept is pretty much the same. But they have signs up asking the customers to make sure the handles on the yogurt machines are put back or else the yogurt won't properly freeze. Though it seems that nobody puts the handles back because each flavor I chose was runny. Personally I don't think that the customers should have to worry about things like that but oh well. When I got up to the counter the yogurt cost me almost 8.00. I didn't even get that much so I was a little shocked; the same thing would have cost me less than 5.00 at other self-serve yogurt places.

Good Food, 7/14/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Definitely a Healthy Alternative. Complaints I had though: Very Loud Music on entering(college rock station?), Some of the stations were runny or not cold enough, blueberries had stems on them still, pineapples were not sweet and were too hard. I was a torn on giving a tip or not since you do all the work? Did anyone see lids available? They need to work some kinks out to get up to Carp level. Red Mango yogurt is the "tastiest" I have had in the area so far but Yo Yo Yum has one of the best varieties of toppings and self serve and cost pluses.

Great Lunch Alternative, 7/13/2009
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Grab a healthy Pomegranite and Blueberry Yogurt and Top with lots of great fruits !!! Yum !! Fruit was very fresh !

Great yogurt, fun idea!, 7/7/2009
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried them out at their grand opening last weekend. It is great! I was surprised at the variety of flavors! Besides a plethora of flavors, they do have plain tart, for those of us who like that. At 35 an ounce, you can get a pretty hefty portion for about $3-$4. Really reasonable, in my opinion! I love the fact that you are in control of the amount of toppings! I always felt gypped at other places. Welcome to Goleta, YoYumYum. (no rating for service as it is self-serve)

Great new addition to Goleta sure to satisf your sweet tooth, 7/4/2009
Reviewer: Selah from Goleta, CA
In a nutshell, I absolutely love this place!! There are many flavors of yogurt to choose from (including fat-free, sugar-free, and non-dairy options) and tons of available toppings (fruit, cereal, candy bar crumbles, chocolate chips, etc.)! You pay for your creation by weight and there is no additional charge if you include toppings on the yogurt. I really like the fact that YoYumYum is self-serve...this means you can make sure that you get exactly what you want. This is a WONDERFUL addition to Goleta and I am incredibly happy that it opened. By the way, I personally recommend the cake batter yogurt flavor - it's super!

Lots of choices - just watch your portions!, 7/3/2009
Reviewer: Roxanne from Goleta, CA
This place is great, they have so many different flavor choices, and since I'm used to Pinkberry, it was refreshing. One tip, the cups are HUGE, so make sure to watch portions, since they charge by the ounce. I'll definitely be heading back soon!

**Seizure Warning** Turn off the window sign!, 7/3/2009
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Geez, first thing that got my attention was obnoxiously bright LED sign strobing in the window that illuminates the entire parking lot. I managed to pass through the optical force field with no visible radiation damage to find YoYumYum pretty much identical to YogurtLand. The yogurt flavors are all sugary and artificial tasting. Granted, lots of people like this kind of flavors but I prefer more natural flavors such as gelato or the yogurt at Rockin Yogurt. Their prices seemed a bit higher based on my total bill - I don't remember what Yogurtland charges per oz, YYY charges .35/oz The staff seemed pleasant and attentive at least but I'll still have to stick by my favorite Rockin Yogurt on State Street. EMI

It's great to finally have a frozen yogurt place in Goleta, 7/2/2009
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
My co-worker and I LOVE frozen yogurt. It was a great surprise to see we had one opening. I love that they have a variety of self serve yogurts to choose from as well as a variety of toppings. I would recommend that they make their yogurt colder somehow. It seems to melt by the time I make it to the register. :( Other than that, it's great!

Great addition to Calle Real!, 7/1/2009
Reviewer: Cris from Santa Barbara, CA
Great variety of flavors and toppings makes this one sweet deal.

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