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Holdren's Grill
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-07 Closed: 2014-05

6920 Marketplace Dr, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-8900

  • Category: Steakhouse
  • Hours: Mon-Fri Lunch 11am-2:30pm, Dinner Sun-Thu 4pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 4pm-10pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

Cutting corners, 10/12/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Great deal for Happy Hour, however, it is painfully obvious that they have recently been cutting corners by bulking up on inexpensive fillers and cutting back on the item ordered. Examples... Calamari (yummy) BUT they now give you half fried jalapeņos and half Calamari. WHAT.? No mention of half and half on menu and most folks simply can't eat jalapeņos! and I did not appreciate the bait and switch. The crab cakes are now prefab yuck! Served on a bed of rice-a-roni.... Would it be too much to ask to have a little mixed greens instead of that horrid rice? Speaking of salad... Cesar salad must have been prepped by an Ape, hacked, huge pieces of lettuce and had clumps of dressing. Thoughtless attempt at making something so simple. I'll go for a drink, only.

Has Holdren's Gone Downhill?, 9/15/2013
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara, CA
We use to dine about about every three months at Holdren's Grill. Not any more!!! Last night another couple told us they had the worst meal ever. We then ordered an old favorite, chicken pot pie. Different crust, some chicken, a bit of mushroom, and TWO peas. Service rushed us at the end. Too bad, it use to be a favorite.

How forgetful and absent can your servers be???, 7/9/2013
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I have a tough time paying $30 for an 8 oz steak that comes with a starch side And That's It. The salad is extra, veggies are extra... We were here last night, table of 8. The restaurant was maybe 1/3 full when we arrived at 7:15. Hollister was packed with an hour wait so we tried Holdren's. Their downtown can't have such horrible service and have remained in business so long! Timing was good after drinks and two grilled artichoke apps arrived, but when salads came they were served to the wrong people and two were ignored. It left 2 of us waiting. And waiting. The single waiter was no where to be found. 3 busboys continuously walking by had no clue the entire table had full plates and no one was eating... Finally we got the two extra salads but one was wrong. This is how dinner would continue. We waited for dishes to be cleared and dinner served. Everyone was served incorrectly from the outset. One of our party had the same wrong dish served to her twice! My sirloin was cooked perfectly and had good flavor, but garlic mashed potatoes were plain. Thankfully the food was good. But again service was so slow - we had to flag down the waiter for the check. Then we had to flag him again to pick up our payment! For a $30 steak with mashed potatoes, I don't enjoy having a $4 salad as an add-on and all other sides also as $$$ add-ons, AND crappy, slow, forgetful, disappearing service to boot. Good thing they automatically tacked on the 20% gratuity for our large group; if it were just me I might give just 10%. We really should have known better when the place was so empty... We were done at 9:30. Over 2 hours for dinner.

Roll the dice, 4/16/2013
Reviewer: Nathan from Santa Barbara, CA
For some reason I continue to eat here as some experiences are better than others. At it's worst it's pathetic. At it's best it can be a nice dinner out. Avoid "special" dinners like Valentine's Day unless you can spend three hours for dinner. The management needs to pay better attention to the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen. The last time my wife and I ate there both my wife's dinner (sea bass) and mine (salmon) were bland and tasteless. The meat entrees are generally better, although I've had pretty bad cuts (full of gristle). The wait staff is very friendly and always offers to replace entrees, so it appears they are used to bad meals coming out of the kitchen.

Nice atmosphere-good food, 10/30/2012
Reviewer: sylvie from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Holdren's many times, this was the first time that my meal was overcooked. I had the Chilean sea bass with guajillo chili sauce, it was burnt to a crisp. When I notified the server, she apologized and retuned with a perfectly cooked Chilean bass. The rest of the meal was delicious. I will definitely return to this neighborhood gem.

Top Notch Customer Service! , 8/10/2012
Reviewer: Pam from Santa Barbara, CA
Our office ordered take out for a meeting this week. Unfortunately, there was some mis-communication and the order sat at Holdren's for over 2 hours. When we realized that nobody from any department had retrieved the food, we called and asked them to re-make the order. They had to scrap the entire first one we called in because it contained fish and items that wouldn't keep. They were very gracious, understanding and kind. They waived charging us for the first meal and completely absorbed that cost. The server and owner were so customer service oriented and it was greatly appreciated!! The food, of course, was delicious and we will continue to be loyal customers!

Bad News Bar, 6/27/2012
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
First time ever went there will be the last time! Ordered an after dinner drink that was so watered down it was a joke. Expensive and horrible, I felt sorry for the bartender it was not his fault he had to comp one it was so bad. Bummer it could be a nice dinner house. The downtown location should help Goleta!

Mind Bogglingly Bad Management, 4/20/2012
Reviewer: Tony from Goleta
If this Holdrens location goes out of business it won't be a surprise to me. It won't be because of bad service, the wait staff and servers are usually quite good, and it probably won't be because of bad food because that's fairly decent as well. The problem that strikes me as a critical concern are the management policies! Here's a prime example of the foolishness: Holdren's has gone to great lengths to develop a very good happy hour menu and cultivate a following for that segment. They regularly draw enough people to their happy hour to fill their patio and their bar, yet for some reason, they feel that its acceptable to book their entire patio for private events closing it off to happy hour patrons (on busy weekends no less) yet, at the same time they refuse to let happy hour patrons sit in the main dining room!!?? So , essentially, if you encounter this confluence of events (which I have now twice) you and the other happy hour throngs are relegated to fighting for the dozen or so seats at the bar or the 4 two-top tables in the bar area. All while the main dining room sits virtually empty!!!! This is no way to run a business folks, and the 8 or so other HH patrons who stormed out this past Friday eve will be happier at another establishment. Perhaps one that understands that butts in the seats mean money and empty tables DONT!! Normally I try to stay with local businesses but with the big chain restaurant just a few feet over... well, lets just say they weren't refusing people seating!

Quiet, good food, excellent service, 10/15/2011
Reviewer: Betsy from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a gift certificate to this restaurant and almost couldn't find it, tucked into the corner of the "Big Box" restaurant row. But it was delightful. The food was excellent: blackened salmon, chicken piccata, a rib eye steak... all very well-prepared. The service was unobtrusive but professional. The booths were comfortable and it was nice to be in a restaurant that was quiet enough for conversation. Prices and portions were reasonable. We'll be back.

Unprofessional waitress and very bad service, 9/9/2011
Reviewer: John Wang from Santa Barbara, CA
My family went to Holdren's Grill at 6920 Marketplace Dr. in Goleta at about 6:20 pm on Sept. 9th. We waited for 20 minutes for a table on the outside patio. Finally, a table became open at about 6:40 pm. The lady at the front said "there is a reservation at 6:30 pm, but they are not here, you can go ahead and take the table." So we sat down and ready to order. Suddenly, a waitress, who claimed she was a manager, came to our table and told us we had to leave. I told her we were told to sit here. She insisted that we leave because the people just showed up, 20 minutes after their 6:30 pm reservation time. We have ate at many restaurants, but had never ran into anybody so mean and rude. We will never eat at this place again. I will never take my business customers to this place again either.

Surprise! Great meal, great service!, 7/6/2011
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
Wandered in hungry, came away pleased! Bar fixed me a great drink; menu was enticing and the kitchen delivered! Had a petite filet minon done properly with asparagus, crispy fries and a delightful mushroom accompaniment. Left happy. What more could one ask for? I'll be back!

Hit and Miss, 4/30/2011
Reviewer: Tally from Santa Barbara, CA
The first time we went to Holdren's Grill, we had a great time. The service was a bit slow because they were so busy, but we were in no rush. Positive--they provided complimentary cocktails. The waiter was very attentive! The food was delicious. The second time there, very disappointing. The portions were small and overcooked and the waiter was slow/disinterested/distracted. Advise...opt for the specials. They are delicious and well priced. If you go during "happy hour", drinks are much more reasonably priced. Seating outdoors is preferable as well. We will definitely try this restaurant again...opting for the special. Enjoy!

The steak at sizzler far surpasses this joint, I'm horrified, 3/19/2011
Reviewer: Jeff egure from Santa Barbara, CA
First time at this establishment. 50 bucks for a very lackluster meal. I don't know what was worse, the food, or the staffs apathetic attitude! I had the lamb and it was disgusting! From Newport, and when a brewery has better lamb than a fine establishment, I'm horrified! Go to mcdonalds, bc at least u will know what to expect!

Not the best pricing and service, 2/12/2011
Reviewer: Garth Hawkins from Santa Barbara, CA
If your going out to eat at a grill or steak house you would most likely expect a comfy and laid back spot to enjoy your steaks and unwind on a few beers. That's not quite the feel i had gotten from here, the place has alot to improve on including a better trained staff. If your going to serve tables treat your customers Like it's the last time you will ever see them and leave a lasting impression. Just a bit stale coming from mostly the management there. Every place needs improvement but I'm not sure how you can polish a dirt clot into a diamond over night. Wouldn't recommend this place if what your looking for is good vibes and a little fun. Try hollister brew co which is conviently next door to the grill for better happy hour prices and relaxed crowd vibes. Untill then loosen up holdrens

Value Oriented Quality, 1/19/2011
Reviewer: Margaret from Goleta
Too bad "Value Oriented" means poor quality. Sand dabs so coated and covered with sauce could hardly find them. Scallops wrapped in bacon some processed combination drowned in a sauce. Vegetable accompaniment drowning in a dreadful oil. Nothing fresh or natural in those choices. Ambience is nice. Cocktails good. Service attentive, though not professional. Maybe best for Happy Hour, light snacks, burgers?

Excellent, 12/23/2010
Reviewer: JK from Goleta, CA
Our first visit and we will defiantely go back. The food was fantastic, great service and atmosphere. The classiest place in Goleta with GREAT food.

Not a good night, 11/20/2010
Reviewer: Fred from Santa Barbara, CA
Arrived with a reservation at 6:15. No one came to our table until 6:30. Drinks were ok. We ordered prime rib bites which, while tasty, were cold on the inside. Mac & cheese was hot, but tasteless. Manager said they were surprised by the size of the crowd, so maybe it was just an off night, but we won't risk it again, especially when there are great places like the Tee-Off in town.

Food Good, Service Not Good, 10/1/2010
Reviewer: M from Santa Barbara, CA
My family dines at Holdrens in Goleta about once every two mos. On our most recent visit, we noticed many changes. First, the menu offers more items, which is good, but it is almost overwhelming. Second, the meals no longer come with salad included. That is veyr annoying since you are paying good money for a steak dinner. Service was not great. We had to ask for more bread, and the table itself was wobbly. We spilled some food on the table, and the busboy uses a filthy rag to clean the table. And, worse yet, he wipes the food directly onto the carpet. Very poorly trained. Then, we ask for fresh silverware, and the staff places the fork and knife directly on the table where the busboy just finished wiping the table with a smell rag. The food was good, though they should serve thicker ribeyes, it was somewhat thin. Overall, food was good, service fair/poor.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, 8/10/2010
Reviewer: Annette & Doug from Thousand Oaks, CA
How can we ever thank you for such a wonderful evening. August 6th, 2010 was everything and more than we could have possibly imagined. From the beautiful table setting, to the amazingly delicious food, you have outdone yourselves, We appreciate all the special touches, the setup for our multi media presentation for the bride and groom to be, to the gorgeous flowers on our tables, you even personalized the menus and cocktails for our 55 guests. You are the best and would highly recommend Holdren's to anyone looking for a venue for either a BIG or small event. Our servers were incredible, and anticipated our every need. We are still receiving compliments from our guests who arrived from Texas, Ohio, Hawaii, and California. You are the BEST!!! Sincerely, The Broadhurst Family (Parents of the Groom)

Screamin Deal for Date Night, 7/22/2010
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta, CA
Its hard for me to believe it myself but this was the first time I'd been to the Holdrens Goleta Location. They've been open a while now but for whatever reason we always end up downtown for serious steak. Well my wife had seen an ad for the Holdrens in Goleta touting a new feature they call "Date Night Menu" Its a bit of a take-off of the Ruth's Chris value menu idea but its even cheaper. Basically for $40 you get two entrees (off a limited menu) that include soup or salad and a side dish. You also get either an appetizer or a dessert to split between you. I knew the quality would be good (its Holdrens) but I was worried that overall it might be a little lacking in quantity of food. I was very much mistaken. We ordered a simple app. of thick cut onion rings and received a huge plate full that even the both of us couldn't finish. They were crisp, tasty and definitely not greasy; very good job on a simple item that many restaurants can't get right. I chose the top sirloin and a twice baked for my main/side and my wife chose the salmon/grilled veggies for hers. Both cooked perfectly to order and quite good. The sirloin had a great wood grilled flavor on its own but was even better with the rosemary blue cheese reduction. Service was a team effort and excellent. Bottom line: we were stuffed. Bread basket, appetizer, soup/salad, (2)mains w/sides all for $40! Wow. With 2 drinks and tip the bill barely topped $60!! That's amazing considering the quality of the food and service. Grab this deal while you can. T

Atypically BAD experience...ONCE, 6/28/2010
Reviewer: Eirik from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to Holdren's for years. I was stoked when they opened the Goleta location. I've taken friends, relatives and dates there on several occasions and always had top-notch service and food quality. NOT THIS TIME (June 2010) I ordered the 8 oz Rosemary Sirloin MEDIUM and it came out stiff as a catcher's mitt. in fact, I think the latter would have tasted better. The waiter even acknowledged that he noticed the "temperature of the meat" didn't seem to coincide with my order. He even apologized. In his defense, I said I'd soldier on-- however after several bites I set it aside and concentrated on the sides. Depressing. The waiter seemed to be willfully ignorant of the fact that another guest at the table had given me a full half of his steak which, by the way, was cooked MEDIUM and up to Holdren's usual level of quality. I think the worst part of the meal for me was the lack of acknowledgment on the part of the staff when revealed to them I had NO interest in taking home the two thirds remainder of my Hockey Puck for which I believe I should have AT LEAST been offered a coffee. I'm a reasonable person, I don't like the idea of a freebie that isn't deserved, but in this case OFFER ME PIE. Something. This was the one and only BAD time I've had at any Holdrens so in fairness, I will still recommend Holdren's but I'll caveat it with a "the Goleta location needs to step its game up.

Great Goleta Steakhouse, 6/22/2010
Reviewer: MB from Goleta, CA
My family and I have eaten at Holdrens about 6 times since they opened in Goleta. Overall, we have had excellent food and service. During our last visit, they had some hiccups in getting our order correct, but nothing mature, and the server handled them well. The steaks are good, not over the top exceptional, but a solid steak. The shrimp wrapped in bacon is exceptional. The best deal is Sunday nights, when they offer steak and shrimp for $20, with bread and salad. Cannot beat that deal.

Best Goleta Steakhouse!, 6/13/2010
Reviewer: Teri from Santa Barbara, CA
My son and I had a graduation to celebrate from UCSB. Not feeling like going down to State St. we decided to try Holdren's. The hostess was very welcoming and even though we were seated right away, she apologized for the wait. My son ordered the NY Prime Strip. It was delicious- melt in your mouth, high quality cut. I got a blackened filet. It was spicy good, especially with the rosemary bleu cheese dipping sauce. You get bread, salad and sides included so it's a great value for money. The atmosphere was very nice- high end steakhouse with deep wood and low lighting. Great open floor plan. Larry, the Manager took great care of us! His management skills show through in all aspects of the food and service! The menu has alot of great choices. Good mix of steak, seafood, appetizers and every side you can possibly think of. Flourless chocolate cake to finish - super yummy! Great wine selection as well.

expensive grissled steak on New Years eve, 1/26/2010
Reviewer: Maria Peterson from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Holdren's for the last time on New Years eve 2009. I have been to the downtown Holdren's a few times and this was my second time at the Camino Real Market Place site. I called ahead to reserve an early table since our party of four wanted to catch a 6:30 movie. We were the third party in the room and were told by the snobbish host that booth's were available only for those who specifically requested one when they made their reservation. We all ordered steaks and they arrived very rare on cold potatoes. They were ordered medium, I was told mine was difficult to cook because it had a "bone in it". Once the steaks were recooked and we attempted to eat them they were too grissled and we ended up taking most of it home. If you are charging premium prices for your beef, you better serve premium quality cuts of meat. The rest of the wait staff were helpful especially the bus boy.

Good Food and Service + Nice ambiance = Pricey, 1/22/2010
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice ambiance here though a bit small and when crowded can be noisy. With the nice ambiance food and service the food is on the pricier side, even for lunch. But you should expect that going in. The Shrimp Salad was pretty good(coconut shrimp can't compare to Opal though) just pricey. A nice place to bring someone on a business lunch or date to impress.

The best lunch in Goleta!, 1/15/2010
Reviewer: Hugh from Santa Barbara, CA
It seems restaurants here have a hard time surviving being next door to Chilis. This place really deserves it. I've had lunch there now 5 times, always very very pleased. The lunch menu is quite reasonable and I've always gotten good service inside and outside. This is were I bring friends and relatives from out of town. Make sure to ask for bread while you are waiting, the dip is really fantastic as is the bread. Don't let the dinner menu scare you, lunch is a deal for the price. they are quick on the drink refills and I hear the mixed drinks are top notch

Beyond Expectations, 1/14/2010
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I am writing because I was pleasantly surprised with Holdren's Goleta tonight. Every aspect exceeded my expectations: quality wine by the glass, friendly and punctual servers, and generous portions that were wonderfully executed. I had a sirloin and bacon-wrapped shrimp entree special that included salad and side for only $20! My girlfriend's crab stuffed chicken was enormous and tasted brilliant. I have been to the Holdren's in Santa Barbara and this may have been better. Always recommended.

I hope the owners and managers read these reviews, 1/14/2010
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
We have always enjoyed the downtown location so we thought we would give the new Goleta one a try. We enjoyed the outdoor patio where we were seated without a reservation. My wife however mentioned that customers seated outdoors ALWAYS get ignored. It did take longer than it should have to get our menus, drinks and apps. And we waited over an hour for our food! Seriously, you've been in the restaurant business for as long as you have and you still can't get the service right?! I should also mention my steak was prepared without the sauces I ordered as well.

Nora from SB, 1/9/2010
Reviewer: Nora from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok I want to be completely honest. I really like what they have done to the place. The restaurants that were there before Holdren's cant compare in terms of set up and ambiance. But the food was not Satisfactory. We had the Kobe beef burger. Meat seemed mundane overcooked and lacked flavor. The side of garlic mashed potato was starchy dry and lacked flavor or smoothness. The French Fries need some seasoning. For all the effort you put into the atmosphere, service, renovation and work, it would be a crying shame that some of your food is bland and ill prepared. I really want to like your restaurant but you have to try harder with the food. Good Luck.

Horrible Steak & Horrible Service, 11/1/2009
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
Mediocre service, incorrect information about specials, slow service. Asked for medium rare Kobe steak, and recieved an overcooked, flavorless steak instead. Made a mistake and brought me mash potatoes when I requested vegetables, and then told me that I would have to pay for the side of vegetables if I wanted them. Took forever to get the bill, and when it finally the waitress continued to take orders at other tables instead of processing my credit card. The manager was offering free drinks to select tables, but never bothered saying hello or checking in with us or several other tables around our table. Don't waste your time and money at Holdren's; they don't deserve your business. A nightmare experience that reminds me of some of the tourist traps along the coast.

Compassionate failure, 9/17/2009
Reviewer: Julie Dratewka from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to in to have a glass of wine during Happy Hour. The restaurant was completely empty (5:15pm). We said we wanted to have a glass of wine and sit in a booth. The bartender informed us the happy hour prices did not apply in a booth - only at the bar or on the patio. My husband has a vestibular disorder and needs to feel the stability of a seat in a booth. The last time we were in this restaurant, we were allowed to sit in a booth have our wine at the reduced price - and had a pizza. We explained all of this to the bartender and hostess but to no avail. Not only were they insensitive to our situation, but my husband had already taken a seat and they didn't seem to care. Obviously, we will never set food in any of the Holden's restaurants again!

Excellent lunch and great service, 9/12/2009
Reviewer: Susie from Santa Barbara, CA
We celebrated a friend's birthday for lunch during the week and all of us were pleased with the great food and excellent service. I had the delicious coconut shrimp salad with a nice light dressing. It was a first time visit for all of us. We ate inside which was beautifully decorated including tablecloths and linen napkins, but next time might try the lovely outdoor patio. How nice to have such a great place to eat in Goleta with easy access and parking. We will definitely return and my husband and I are looking to enjoying one of their dinner meals soon.

Overcooked and Salty!, 9/10/2009
Reviewer: Charles from Santa Barbara, CA
Wife ordered the filet medium and got a piece of well-done steak that tasted like paste. I ordered the NY rare and got a medium. The steak and all the sides were super salty. The restaurant looked really nice and atmosphere was great for a quiet date but they need to work on the food. Need to back off on the salt and not over-cook everything if they expect me to go back and drop another 100 bucks.

Didn't have to fight State Street traffic for wonderful food, 8/19/2009
Reviewer: Sharon from Fullerton, California
Memorable for all the right reasons! The seafood was excellent served with great vegetables and wonderful sauce. They have provided great choices for side dishes, including mac and cheese! The service was outstanding, giving time for looking over the menu and visiting and yet still available when needed. The restaurant itself is beautiful and whether dining on the patio or inside you feel like you are eating at a very nice restaurant that is very personable and comfortable.

Excellent Brunch, 8/17/2009
Reviewer: Kristen from Goleta, CA
Our 1st visit for Brunch. The service was fantastic. Very attentive, well-informed, responded to our requests and questions. Continually asked if we were happy, if we needed anything. Food was v. good as well. The eggs benedict was delicious; the Turkey Melt was good but a little lacking in flavor. Very generous portions. They were also very accommodating with our toddler - and brought her a big plate of fruit to eat while we waited. Overall, a great brunch experience: very good food and excellent service. I'm sure it will continue to improve as it fully swings into action.

just another disappointing restaurant in Goleta! , 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Charlotte Klein from Goleta
Last night we ate at the new Holdren's in Goleta and I must say that the whole evening was a total waste of our time! The kitchen was painfully slow and the food really suffered as a result. It seemed the cooks took a lot of short cuts just to get the food out, for example, things like the sauteed mushrooms were not sauteed but merely steamed tasting, no color and the sauce needed to be reduced. The Halibut was very "fishy" and again the sauce was not reduced! The biggest disappointment was the steak! I had to take my N.Y. strip back twice! First it was well done and then the second attempt was practically raw! So finally when I got a med. rare steak, I really questioned the authenticity of the PRIME grade of this steak. It was tough and lacked sufficient marbling which gives a PRIME steak it's flavor AND it was swimming in a pool of a doctored up Knorr pre-fab sauce, shame on you! Needless to say, we were very disappointed. Please, never underestimate the palate of your clientele and if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

So Disappointing , 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all I was seated at a dirty table, and after 15 minutes it was finally cleaned. The service was very poor, including our table not receiving our food at the same time or even my whole meal at the same time. The club sandwich was the worst I have ever had but the BBQ beef was good. In addition other patrons were sat at dirty tables, there was no hostess, and servers kept bringing food out walking around the 10 tables and going back into the kitchen. With all of the high standards of the downtown Holdren's this one dropped the ball.

A most welcome addition to the Goleta scene!, 8/15/2009
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
We had our first dinner at Holdren's Goleta this week, but it certainly won't be our last! They have a great weekday dinner special - that night it was a combo of top sirloin and bacon-wrapped shrimp for a mouthwatering $20. It was a no-brainer! The only semi-weak spot was the Caesar salad - relatively tasteless (no anchovies) and watery dressing. Other than that, we both gave it an A+. Especially good was the service - Casey was professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant.

Great food and service!, 8/10/2009
Reviewer: Ed from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I have been there 3 times since its opened and have not been dissappointed yet. The Stuffed Bacon wrapped shrimp and the crab cake appetizers are amazing. The bacon wrapped scallops are also a must-try! The service(Chris)is also top-notch. Finally a fine dining establishment in Goleta!!

I'm Happy - It's almost as good as Jasper's!, 8/9/2009
Reviewer: Maureen from Goleta
Mom, son, a friend and I went on opening night. Service was excellent. Food perfect. Excellent steak. Great wine. Mom and I went back a week later. Food again was excellent (my sirloin, her prime rib). She was most disappointed that they did not fix a proper Bacardi Cocktail. Friend and I went for lunch another day. French dip sandwich is the best I've had in years and the french fries are to die for!! Not sure we need a bread basket when ordering sandwiches - we did not touch it. Server attentive but did not hover. Bonus - we were not referred to as "You guys". Almost like having Jasper's back. If only they had a salad bar.... We will definitely be back.

Fabulous Birthday Dinner!!, 8/7/2009
Reviewer: Malinda from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here for my birthday dinner. Had some trepidation, since it had only been open for a few days and it usually takes new restaurants awhile to "get the bugs out" (not literally!) and make sure things are running smoothly. We were extremely pleased. Everything was top notch! Food was fantastic (the bacon-wrapped scallops are phenomenal!) Drinks were excellent; service, attentive. The ambiance was warm and welcoming. This will be a favorite spot to bring friends for a long, long time!

Great Sevice & Big Portions, 8/5/2009
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Holdrens for lunch and were seated right away. Everyone was very friendly and very attentive. Had a good lunch. The sandwhiches were huge enough for 2 people to share. Overall a great experience and cant wait to go back for dinner!!

Simply Amazing , 8/3/2009
Reviewer: Nik from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the top sirloin with a Ceaser Salad and a double baked potato. Amazing I tell you. I also had a glass of the best wine ever. It was one of their special recommendation wines by the glass. I forget what it was. Not the Pinot Noir. But honestly the best steak dinner and wine I have had. The service was top notch. My waitress was very attentive. I very highly recommend this place

The TOP Steakhouse in SB/GOLETA, 8/2/2009
Reviewer: MikeB from Santa Barbara, CA
We are so sorry we missed the soft opening on Monday, but Saturday>>>Many, many steaks around SB, This filet was the best tasting, prepared and presented in a long long time. My wife had the special with prawns and they were prepared perfectly. The Ceasar salad was one of the best I've had. The wine list is extensive, could use more whites, and bottles are pricey. The service was outstanding, attentive but discrete, we were wanting for nothing. Overall I feel it is a VERY WELCOME addition to the local dining scene.

Finally, fine dining in Goleta..., 8/1/2009
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
We were seated right away in the red room and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Our waiter was a bit odd, but the service started out really good. Salads arrived quickly, a bread refill was offered. Once our food was delivered though we were a bit forgotten (maybe because we in the red room and out of sight?). Took a long time for out plates to be taken, desserts offered, then ordered, then pay. The food was great. I had the special, filet mignon and bacon-wrapped prawns. They were delicious, and the steak was seasoned very well. My partner also loved his sirloin. Potatoes were fine. We ordered the brownie sundae for dessert and the waiter charged us $2 for the ice cream, explaining that it didn't come with it. First sundae where the ice cream costs extra. If that was a mistake (which after checking, it was), it was a lazy one. Will be back because of food though, that's for sure.

Big Expectations, Little Payoff, 8/1/2009
Reviewer: Axel from Santa Barbara, CA
I had some high hopes for Holdren's, being one of the only places around to go for great (supposedly) steak. I won't lambaste the restaurant, because it wasn't awful, but I have to say the service was lackluster (inattentive server, EXTREMELY slow service out of the kitchen, not all of our food arrived at the same time--the table's or all of each individual's). The biggest let down was the steak, though. I'm not a connoisseur, but I've had my fair share of steak in my life and what I had at Holdren's was A) not the best cut I've ever had, it was fatty and fairly tough; B) not the best seasoned, it was bland and simply lacked any flavor, originality, or creativity; and C) not a very good portion for the exorbitant price. For charging an arm and a leg, you only get a few fingers of steak. On the plus side: the mashed potatoes were to die for and the wine was great. A fellow diner in my party got the seafood bowl (forget the actual name of the dish) and it A) looked marvellous, B) smelled marvelous, C) apparently tasted marvelous, and D) was humongous. In the middle: Cocktails were nothing to write home about, but a fair portion at good strength: doesn't wow you, but they don't disappoint. All in all: service might have been bad luck, everything was good, okay, or able to be overlooked; except the steak. I had a better cut at a better price that tasted better a different local establishment. Holdren's: come on, work on the steak, it can be so GOOD!

Great for lunch, 7/31/2009
Reviewer: Cris from Santa Barbara, CA
Went there for lunch today, great food and good service. I really like the redesign they did inside. It feels far more cozy and warm inside than the two previous restaurants established. It is a bit expensive for lunch, but it's a small price to pay for a good experience. I will be going back to this location soon.

MEAT!!!! MMMMM, 7/31/2009
Reviewer: Candy from Santa Barbara, CA
LOVE THE FOOD, SERVICE, ATMOSPHERE, EVERYTHING...I've haven't been to the one on State Street, so I decide to go here for the grand opening and it was a perfect date place and the steak melted in your mouth. the rice pilaf...yummy...the steak bites you have to try. I'm glad they have two in town, now!!! I hope they do good there. I'm going to try the Italian place next door too.

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