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Pasta House
No longer in business
Opened: 2009-07 Closed: 2013-04

6546 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 845-5856

Reviews by the General Public

best spaghetti in iv, 2/14/2012
Reviewer: Sal from Goleta, CA
I tried their Spaghetti the other day and it was so good. The delivery guy arrived 10 mints later than they promised but the food was still hot. You should give it a try.

best pizza, 10/6/2009
Reviewer: jay from Santa Barbara, CA
i am really picky about my pizza..i usually buy my pizza by the slice... i stopped by the pasta house and couldnt resist the prices, so i ordered a large pizza with mushrooms.. and it was amazing.. the best i have ever had... u should def check it out.. i will be back to try the pastas very soon...

Chicken Alfredo = Win, 9/22/2009
Reviewer: Aaron Belsh from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not sure what happened with the last poster. I got a Chicken Alfredo with Fettuccini pasta last week. The cheesiness was consistent throughout the entire bowl. I used a coupon I found online, so the pasta was $5.99 instead of $7.49. For the price, it's really a lot of food and much tastier than the Domino's pastas. So.. I wonder if they've improved since August 15, or if that one was a fluke. Either way- I highly recommend the Chicken Alfredo, and Mike is a really nice guy. He'll take care of you.

this ain't the deli mart, 8/15/2009
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
I had high hopes/expectations for this place, since is it owned and run by the same guys across the street at IV Deli Mart. And everything about the Deli Mart is amazing, including great food quality at amazing prices. Unfortunately, that doesn't apply to Pasta House. First I tried the Chicken Alfredo, which is one of my favorite dishes ever. There was a tiny layer of sauce covering the top of the noodles, which made the first couple bites alright. But then I was out of sauce! There isn't even close to enough sauce for all the noodles, even if you mix the sauce all throughout the noodles from the start. I was left with 75% of the noodles left with literally no sauce on them. Huge disappointment. If you like chicken alfredo, go elsewhere. Even Dominos chicken alfredo was better than this, and it's cheaper. Seriously. Determined to give Pasta House another chance because of my love for Deli Mart, I tried out their lasagna. When I received it, before I even took a bite I was disappointed. It is TINY. I'm not sure why they pack it in the carton that they do, since it only fills up like half of it. It is way too overpriced for how small it is. If you want good lasagna, get it from Gios, since it is similarly priced but HUGE and delicious. Ive tried their pizza too. It is decent, but considering the competition in Isla Vista, their pizza needs to be amazing to have people choosing theirs over the other options. For 2 dollars a slice, I was expecting my 2 dollars worth, but the slices are tiny. Slices at Gios are twice as big. It sucks to be writing this bad review, since I truly love Deli Mart, which has great food for cheap. Pasta House, is the opposite. High priced sup-par food. The only positive, is the same nice guys at Deli Mart will greet you at Pasta House, who have always been friendly and provided good service. At my last visit to Pasta House, the owner confidently told me he'd be seeing me the next day, since he was that confident about the food. He was wrong. Pasta House, get your act together.

Fairly Good Food and Service, 8/10/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Slightly pricey but the quality is there. The pasta was better than the pizza though the pizza was not bad(available by the slice there if they have it out, they could have had more slice choices). Lasagna and salad great. Only some outdoor seating. Across from IV Deli Mart(I would park there) on the busy bicycle street. Various Beverage options. People nice but a tad slow.

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