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No longer in business
Opened: 2009-08 Closed: 2013-08

6920 Marketplace Dr, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-7300

Reviews by the General Public

Not Italian!, 3/2/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Hands down, the worst "Italian" food I've ever had! The Veal Marsala was chewy, really sweet, Knorr gravy....gaag. The Fettucini Alfredo was broken and tasteless. The Chicken Piccata was again served with a doctored up Knorr sauce. How dare you insult Italian food like this? We couldn't even eat the bread served at the table...cafeteria garlic bread. The service was fabulous, very pleasant ambiance...never to return.

Third visit , 1/13/2013
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
Nine meals ALL good. Service is excelent and shrimp scampi, steak and salmon were perfect. Price is reasonable, however, I would like a larger salad. Cesar dressing is one of the best I have EVER eaten. Maybe that is why I wanted more salad.

Four * means good, 4/29/2012
Reviewer: Mike F from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food and some items were great. All in my party liked their meals. The fettuccinie with lemon cream sauce and capers was bland. The service was very good, I think his name was Tyler. This very young server could teach a course on how to get a Lg tip.

Nice overall!, 2/26/2012
Reviewer: Virginia Paxton from San Francisco, Ca.
Decent food, nice service.

Blackened Salmon was great!, 1/24/2012
Reviewer: Karen Bryson from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't know about the sanddabs, but the blackened salmon and pasta was delicious. My friend had the lasagna and said it was one of the best she's had. The staff was very friendly and we had a very nice server. We'll definitely go back.

Agree with David, 1/23/2012
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the same experience with the Sand Dabs...they were horrible. Tasted like burned pancake batter coating them. Will not return there. The service was good.

Shameful food, indifferent service., 1/19/2012
Reviewer: David Meldrum-Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
Possibly the worst restaurant food experience in recent memory. The sand dabs I ordered were (I am sure) frozen, not fresh, and were covered with an overly thick egg wash and flour coating - like paste. This coating was partially burned in places and soaked with oil in others. The fettucine it came with was cold and the caper sauce had way too much flour in it - more paste. The waitress seemed unconcerned by my complaints. The bar staff also managed to produce one of the strangest Manhattans I have ever tasted, using an overly herbacious vermouth (Cinzano?) which overwhemed the Maker's Mark bourbon. All in all a meal that any decent restaurant should be ashamed of serving.

Good enough, but not worth seeking out., 10/7/2011
Reviewer: Izzy from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was excellent. We were well attended-to. Our waitress was upbeat and friendly but not intrusive. The food: meh. It was fine, but not outstanding. In Santa Barbara, unfortunately, this means a one-time only visit....there are just too many places to enjoy here! There is nothing really "for" or "against" this place.

Great service, mediocre food, 7/7/2011
Reviewer: Dana from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a salad that sounded great (scallops & shrimp, arugula with roasted beets), but definitely wasn't: the shrimp was dry and lacking in flavor (and there were 2, small ones!), scallops (also 2, also small) had same "flavoring" that wasn't very good,and the dressing was weak. Would certainly never order this dish again, and since this is my second attempt with the fist one a disappointment, probably won't visit again either.

Lovely patio - great happy hour prices, 5/7/2011
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I went back to Pastavino yesterday (May 6) with my niece, who is from Spain. We sat on the patio - lovely - and had cocktails and an appetizer, then stayed for dinner. We had stuffed mushrooms, Caprese salad and chicken pesto pizza, all of which we enjoyed greatly. The waiter was attentive and friendly. All in all, a very nice dining experience, and I will return again. It is a casual, relaxed place, lots of families inside, outside is definitely more pleasant during good weather.

Nothing Fancy, but Enjoyable, 4/8/2011
Reviewer: Fay from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I enjoy happy hour here on a regular basis. Drinks are affordable and prices on food (happy hour or not) are affordable - oh, and we can actually get a seat at the bar most of the time, unlike a predominatley "beer" establishment nearby. I'll admit the food was a little hit-or-miss in the beginning, but they have made improvements and I have not had a unsatisfactory meal in some time here. It's a Goleta, family establishment, if you want a little more "high-end" go to Holdren's next door.

Best Happy Hour In The Area!, 3/18/2011
Reviewer: Jaimee from Goleta, CA
Came here last week for Pastavinio's happy hour. Good prices for drinks, and great deal on the food! Half off the appetizers, and $5 for a 1-topping pizza. My group sat at the bar and most of us each got pizzas, which were pretty big, freshly made, and surprisingly very good. One of my friends ordered the lobster and shrimp crepe appetizer, which was also very delicious and big enough to have as a meal. The bartender was very friendly, and chatted with us a bit. He would make some comments every so often during our, adding to our conversations or starting some up for us, but he was never too chatty like some bartenders can be. Overall, really great place! Good service, great food, good deals! Will try a sit-down dinner or lunch there soon.

Lunch Special?, 3/7/2011
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm confused. On the site it says lunch special is $6.50 on the Pastavino Menu it says 8.99 (which doesn't seem like a lunch special at all). Which is it?

Avoid at all costs, 3/5/2011
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
We were looking forward to dinner here. The menu looked interesting and full of variety. As soon as the appetizer arrived, we knew we'd made a mistake. It was cold & chewy, but the worst was yet to come. The lasagna tasted as if the sauce was just a can of tomato sauce thrown over lasagna noodles. Our party also ordered steak risotto. The steak was charred and tough, while the risotto was crunchy and undercooked. We were the only diners, so it wasn't that they were too busy. They had some very good ideas, but it was all very poorly executed.

Great Service, Average Food, 1/14/2011
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Dined with a friend this last week and I had the Chicken Picatta and my companion had the Ravioli. My Chicken plate had 2 Breasts and both were pretty dry, Roasted Veggies were great. Cheese raviolis were quite good, but only got 4, and they werent that big. Plate had lots of garnish on it. Waitstaff were friendly and better than average.Its also very dark inside. You can add a little more light without affecting the ambiance. All that being said I would go back.

I'd score it higher but it only goes to 5, 1/6/2011
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
We have eaten at Pastavino on several occassions and it never disappoints. If anything it gets better every time. The food is fresh and tastes great. We have brought out of town guest and they love it too! Their happy hour can't be beat- the $5 pizza is great!!! We celebrated a friends birthday last night and thought we were going to have more people then we first thought and the staff was MORE then happy to help us out by adding another table to the end of ours. Some people left and others came late, and we felt bad about adding the extra table to ours and then not needing it, but they were very friendly and accomodating about it! Everyone in our party had a great time and we will all be back again!!!!

Great Meals and Wonderful Server , 10/24/2010
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta, CA
The three of us enjoyed a great meal on the enclosed patio of the restaurant. Marcy, our server, was so charming and helpful. We had Blueberry Bellinis to start with along with the yummy complimentary garlic bread and dip. Then we had dinner entrees, chicken picatta, chicken parmesan, and a delicious fish special dish. After dinner we shared three amazing desserts: the mocha chocolate cake, the creme brulee, and the exciting s'mores, which reminded us of camping experiences of yesteryear. We will most definitely return.

Worst chicken parmigiana I have ever had! Lousy!!, 9/24/2010
Reviewer: Andre Neumann from Santa Barbara, CA
Walking by this place several times when we eat at Chilli's we decided to finally give it a try. The ambiance was nice, liked the paintings on the wall and the hostess greeted us nicely. Ordered 2 Chicken Parm and 2 kids pizza and 4 Sodas (over $2.75 ea) and waitress was pleasant. Chicken was about 1/8" thick, dry as a fart couldn't even cut it with my fork. Bland seasoning, noddles cooked nice just no flavor. Pizza, Costco pizza is better, sorry to say. Overall totally dissapointed! First time and definately the LAST!

Great Place for the Family! , 9/16/2010
Reviewer: Ellen from Santa Barbara, CA
We were at Kirsh park on Sunday for our son's soccer game. One of the team moms had mentioned that we head over to Pastavino after the game for a bite to eat. The decor was beautiful but still very kid friendly. We enjoyed a wonderful meal while the kids enjoyed their FREE meals! Our server told us that kids eat free evey Sunday! We officially found our Sunday post game spot!

Bland, but the service is good, 7/31/2010
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara, CA
The most flavorful part of the meal was the complimentary garlic bread with marinara sauce, but the two pasta dishes we ordered simply lacked flavor. My wife had the clams with fettucini in what should have been a wine-and-garlic sauce, but the sauce was without flavor (where was the garlic?)and rather watery. I had the penne pasta which was a dish with sausage, onions, peppers and red sauce. The server warned that it would be spicy, but it had an oddly bland flavor too. On the positive side, the portions were reasonable, the pasta was cooked al dente, and the service was attentive. It's too bad the food isn't better because the atmosphere is inviting and it would be nice to have a good Italian restaurant in Goleta, but Pastavino might be wise to rework its recipes. We'll probably give it another chance just in case it was an off day, but blandness seems to be a recurring theme.

A great place to get a good meal., 7/20/2010
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
We enjoyed our meal on the patio...great lasagna and chicken alfredo. Good drinks and good service.

Great food, great prices, 7/20/2010
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
We have had many dinners here. The lasagna is my favorite, a tasty treat with good sauce. The amount of food is more than one can eat and there is usually a to-go box needed. Also the drinks are excellent and the service is quite good. I have enjoyed my dining experiences here

Meatballs seemed raw, 6/20/2010
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to lunch with a friend today and though the decor was quite nice, the food was mediocre. I had spaghetti and meatballs, and the meatballs were barely edible. Seemed more raw than cooked. They were mushy and tasteless. The sauce was nothing special. The bread was like Pascucci's but cold and soggy. It's too bad the food is so awful because the place itself had a nice interior and could be a great place for a nice meal. California pasta is better.

Don't Punish your Tastebuds........, 6/17/2010
Reviewer: Marko from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I went here to grab a quick bite before watching a movie and we were both extremely dissapointed in the quality of food. The Margherita Pizza was edible but the Fillet Fettuccine was awful. The white sauce with a wine reduction was a brown mess and tasted like stroganoff and the Fettuccine looked more like spaghetti. The pieces of "Fillet" were overcooked chunks of low grade beef, all in all inedible. The ambiance and decor was fairly nice, but the waitress was unprofessional and the overall experience was disappointing.

Disappointing, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: Brendon from Santa Barbara, CA
Decided to try Pastavino figuring that if the Holdren's were involved it would be decent. However, very disappointing. Huge portions, but very bland food. Eggplant Parmigiana came with a massive portion of bland pasta, Veal Marsala was mediocre. Service was inexperienced & overly attentive. There are only so many times during one meal that you can be asked how everything is before it becomes annoying! Unfortunately, Pastavino is no better than 'Pascucci #2' or an 'Olive Garden'. At least they send their chefs to Italy!

Very disappointed!, 4/28/2010
Reviewer: Kay from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered veal marsala and literally could not eat it after about 4 bites as it was so sweet. So the upshot was I went home hungry. My husband had the shrimp and it was very salty. This was our first time here and I told the manager that we would not come back. He offered to do better next time but we figured that in order to do that he would have to get another chef! Why ruin another evening? There are better restaurants in S.B. The service, however, was excellent!

Americanized Itailan at it's best..., 4/24/2010
Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
All filler and no flavor. If you want to leave the table stuffed on overcooked, under flavored food then this is the place for you. If you value taste...go somewhere else. The best part of the meal was the garlic bread that was complimentary...the rest was disappointing. Nothing against the service or the atmosphere, it's just the kitchen...would have been better off at Olive Garden.

Definitely great service, good ambience and tasty food., 4/10/2010
Reviewer: Sheila from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all, the prices are very affordable so you can't compare this to a high-end, pricey Italian place. The food is plentiful and tasty. There were four of us on Easter and each had something different. I had a chicken sandwich (delish) with a green salad, and others had pizza, pasta with meatballs, etc. We all thought it was great value and the service was wonderful. It was raining, so we ate inside; however,the patio looks great. In addition, it's nice that it's in Goleta and there is ample parking. The smore dessert looked so fun, but we were all too full!

Great Dessert (S'mores)!, 3/26/2010
Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara, CA
I went with co-workers for lunch today and we were pleasantly surprised! I ordered the meat lasagna and loved the flavor. The service was excellent also. One thing I will recommend: Go for the S'mores Dessert! It was incredible - you get skewers with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, and a side of fruit with an open flame in the center, all for $7! I love the fact that we had a campfire experience roasting our own marshmallows at a restaurant. It easily satisfied us all at the table. Great value and very unique idea that I think will spread to other restaurants. While not Italian, this dessert was a great discovery. We will come again. We loved sitting on the patio enjoying the beautiful spring afternoon with some good food. A no brainier :)

Good service lousy food., 2/19/2010
Reviewer: William from Goleta, CA
The server was great, the restaurant was cozy, the food was lacking. My wife had the halibut and shrimp pasta special. The sauce was bland and the seafood was way over cooked. I'm positive that the fish served was not halibut, it was stringy like a cod (halibut flakes). Seems like the seafood was probably bought frozen and then cooked dry. I had a pizza, it was adequate.

Good, but didn't taste authentic., 2/19/2010
Reviewer: Lily from Goleta, CA
This was my family's first time eating at Pastavino, since we always would frequent California Pasta in Downtown. However, I remembered Pastavino opening a couple months ago, so I suggested we eat here for some italian food. The garlic bread tasted as if it was under a heating lamp for some time, it was really dry. Someone got the spaghetti, and thought it had a wierd taste to it, as if it was cooked in wine, and the meatball was too salty! The price was fairly high, but for the service and location, it's alright. Overall, we wouldn't frequent Pastavino, but their Cioppino was really good!

A great experience, 2/17/2010
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Had lunch w/friends last week. Great veal piccata: tender, not over-cooked, well-balanced sauce; fresh veggies well-seasoned but a little over-cooked for my taste. Others had eggplant parmesan and steak bites salad and give thumbs-up. Great garlic bread w/meal. If you're looking for a real restaurant in Goleta with proper plates, napkins & service this is a home run.

not even up to Presto Pasta standards, 1/31/2010
Reviewer: Greg from Goleta, CA
I can't tell you how much I would like to like this place. It has such a nice ambience, a good location, and a good Italian restaurant would be such a nice addition to Goleta. But the food was terrible tonight. I got eggplant parmegan (sp?). It should be a nice piece of eggplant with a thin, crispy breading, covered in some sauce. Instead, the breading was burnt, the eggplant was unrecognizable, and the whole thing was one big mushy mess. The accompanying pasta could have come from Presto Pasta. The garlic bread was cold and gummy with too much butter. The chocolate cake was dry, like it had sat in the fridge too many days. Such a shame.

Best risotto ever!, 1/26/2010
Reviewer: Kristen from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I tried this restaurant for the first time last night. We weren't expecting too much and boy did it exceed that expectation. My bf had the filet migon and blue cheese pizza and I had the best risotto I've ever had! The waitress was nice and attentative. We always had drink refills and she recommended the risotto to me when I could decide between that and another dish. Thank you Jennifer! The dessert menu looked great as well so we will be back to try that next time! Prices are very good and we had the discount card so they were even better. They have $10 all you can eat specials Mon-Wed which is a very good deal. We will definitley be back.

What happened to customer service?, 12/23/2009
Reviewer: Tina from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a salad "to go" and let the hostess know I would be there in 20 minutes to pick it up. I made the assumption that since I called in the order, my food would be ready in 20 minutes. I ended up arriving 10 minutes later and for sure thought my food would be ready. That was not the case, I had to wait 10 minutes for my salad. I know 10 minutes is not a long time, but what if I had an important business meeting? Apparently, the hostess never placed the order when I called...So, why did I call the order in again?? After 10 minutes of waiting a guy comes out with my salad in a to go container (no bag, bread, napkins or utensils). I asked for a bag and bread and he came back with both. Great! Anyway, I question why restaurants hire a good looking wait staff with terrible service oriented skills. Good luck, Pastavino!

uninspired, 12/14/2009
Reviewer: Chris C from Santa Barbara, CA
Good balsamic salad dressing on the sweet side. Pleasant digs with a good patio. Service was prompt and attentive. Too bad the front of the house is much superior to the kitchen. Comp'd garlic bread was dried out with little taste and burned. The app calamari was itself tender and nice, though too much bland and oily breading (left puddles on the plate - the Bloomin' Squid lives!) with a marinara-like sauce for dipping. Meatball sandwich was attractive to look at; the roll was good and a nice sauce with cheese. Alas, the 4 large meatballs inside were fine-ground and boring, so the overall impression was weak despite a tasty wrapper. Eggplant Parmesan was dull with the eggplant slightly burned. Julienned steamed veggies (in lieu of pasta) were a nice option, but also without character. They'd benefit from a trip down the Via Maestra.

not worth it, 12/2/2009
Reviewer: Nhung from Santa Barbara, CA
Higher end Olive Garden with cheaper prices (odd, I know). If you love food don't go here. Extremely bland overcooked pasta and overworked meats. I had one of their specials and decided to add shrimp to the dish. What they didn't tell me was that they charge $2 per shrimp so beware! I hope they improve with time.

food decent, kitchen in turmoil?, 12/1/2009
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
We've eaten here 3 times in the last 2 months. A plus for us is that it is a fairly kid-friendly spot. The food had been fine although not particularly distinctive. The wait staff has been very attentive and polite, but...our order has been screwed up each time! Initially we chalked it up to a new staff getting up to speed, and we cut them some slack. But now we're not so sure. Each time we've come as a group of 8 to 10 people. And in each case someone got the wrong meal, and the replacement dish was so late in coming that everyone else at the table had finished eating long ago and we ended up taking the meal to go. The last time we visited (same result for us - wrong dish delivered, and we were quite sure the waitress wrote it down correctly) we saw a friend at a neighboring table. Later she told us that she had ordered a salad that was supposed to have warm steak on it, but it came cold. Apparently a timing problem. The salad sat while the kitchen prepared the other meals on the order. And easily fixed. But, according to our friend, when she asked to have the steak warmed up the waitress came back and said the cook refused to warm the steak! Huh? So maybe it's the kitchen staff. Who knows but they've got some fundamental problems there that someone needs to straighten out, and quick. Restaurant honeymoons are short around this town. I mark down the service due to the kitchen, not the wait staff. There are several other places to eat nearby, so I don't know when we'll be back.

Won't be Returnig, 11/16/2009
Reviewer: Kazanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Pastivo has a really great atmosphere and a lot of potential. It was comfortable and well lit with beautiful decor. The server we had was clearly inexperienced, but we tried to be patient. It was the food that really disappointed us most. We ordered the Chicken Picatta and Penne Pasta. The Chicken Picatta was dry and the pasta seemed to have too much lemon. Neither of us finished half of our plate and did not care for the left overs. I'm sad to say I will not be returning, but I wish this restaurant the best of luck.

Great, 11/15/2009
Reviewer: Eliana Vergara from Carpinteria, CA
I went to pastavino with my family for the first time. Everything was great, food and service. The pizza my son ordered was good, the meat lasagna was super, and the tiramisu the best. This restaurant is better than Pascucci & California Pizza kitchen. Only they need to add in the menu Coffe expresso or Capuccino.

I'm Confused, 11/3/2009
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
We wanted to like this place as we are often in the area. First, the decor is great. We sat on the patio and it was a perfect night. The garlic bread was a nice touch and unexpected. It was good, not great. The service was good. But the food was just not good overall. What confuses me is how a nice restaurant like this can let the food be so well "so-so" and bland. Not everything was bad. My wife had a roast beef sandwich and soup. Sandwich was ok, soup was great. Since it was my first visit, I went with the basics and had a caesar salad and the chicken picatta. The caesar was perhaps one of the worst I have ever had. The dressing was bland and thin. I have honestly had better chicken picatta at one of those quick pasta to go places like Presto Pasta (and I typically do not eat there). It basically tasted like chicken (very thinly pounded) with butter and lemon and too heavy on the lemon. The pasta on the side was a capellini in olive oil I believe and that's what it tasted like...pasta in oil with no flavor. Italian food is one of my favorite foods and I was so sorely disappointed. Either they do not have a chef, or do not have a good chef, or they failed to taste the food when it went out. Maybe I am spoiled. I had just recently been treated to lunch at Trattoria Grappolo, which is my favorite. The food is so authentic and flavorful. Also, don't be fooled by the prices. Yes, $14.00 seems like a decent deal for an entree but add $4.00 to that for the skimpy bland ceasar salad which usually comes with the meal at other respectable restaurants. The sad part is Holdren's downtown is my favorite steak place. Bummer. Owners: We want to come back and love your restaurant so please try to improve the food.

Not bad, but will try again..., 11/2/2009
Reviewer: elle from goleta
Tried Pastavino for the first time on Halloween night. Shrimp & lobster crepes, Grilled Salmon Romantico, Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo, and Chicken Fettucine (kid size) made up our meal. Our meal was all right--not memorable, but will try again. Luckily, it was not salt-heavy, but the pasta was on the bland side. However, the salmon, shrimp, and crepes were cooked wonderfully. We also ordered the Shrimp Risotto to go--DELISH and a must try!

Good Food and Service, 10/29/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Nice place with some good ambiance and with not outrageous prices. They have bar seating with a TV. They have outdoor seating also available at night too with glass walls and I think heat lamps, a little better privacy as not a place with particularly a lot of intimate private type tables. Thin crust pizza was really good(pizza for one). Lasagna serving was small and not as good as the pizza. Parking a bit hard in the area, try behind Borders. Two for One with discount card!

new but not so good, 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
What is it about this location? I ordered the butter lettuce salad and they quite literally brought me butter lettuce - the entire head - including sand and grit and the roots. The Caesar dressing left a lot to be desired as well for my boyfriend's salad. The Lasagna was over seasoned and just not quite right in general and the "bruschetta" was atrocious - no flavor - but did leave a bad taste in my mouth - likely from the abundance of raw garlic. Service was fair - not great, not bad - but not memorable. We will not be back... until this turns in to the next quasi-Italian Goleta locale.

great, not so great, 10/11/2009
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
We have eaten here 4 times. 1st time great. 2nd salt overload, 3rd so so a little too bland. 4th both my husbands and my filet was way overcooked. The waitress was nice and did give us a discount, which I didn't expect. We so wanted to like this place. Too bad

Great service, good food, fair prices. , 10/4/2009
Reviewer: Kathy McClelland from Santa Barbara, CA
This is a nice new place with a great atmosphere and beautiful patio with heated lamps. My husband and I have been here twice and had the same waitress, Ti, both times. She was very pleasant and took her time describing the different dishes to us. The menu is large and there are a variety of dishes to choose from, their wine list was limited but offered a nice range. I had the salmon and my husband had the roasted chicken, both of which were delicious. The time before we both had pasta dishes that were larger in portion and made for great left overs. Overall great place with fair prices, my only critique would be that the soup, a bean and sausage soup, was a little on the salty end.

Heavy hand with the salt, 9/29/2009
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Pastavino five times in the last 3 weeks. I am very happy to have a nice restaurant like that in Goleta. I have tried many of the dishes, never ordering anything twice. The service is mostly good but my main gripe is with the food. The chef makes everything too salty. Whether it's the seafood crepes, the gnocchi with pesto, or the risotto, there is a heavy dose of salt in the dish. All my friends agree. The only way I am able to finish the food is by sipping a sweetened beverage between each bite. Also, I overheard a waiter try to upsell dishes, saying the lasagna is on the small side and the customer might want a second dish. After this happened, it turned out he was our waiter as well and tried the same speech. If your portions are really too small, do something about it.

Worst Italian food I've had...., 9/24/2009
Reviewer: Eric Branch from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined at Pastavino recently and the only positive of the experience was the beautiful new building. Too bad the food didn't look as good as the building, and the ownership didn't put as much into hiring attentive servers as he did into the structure. I was with a group and we all ordered different plates and taste tested each others meals. Our consensus was that each plate was lacking something and completely lacked Italian authenticity. The worst was the Gnocchi, as the menu stated it was home made, yet it was obvious it was a packaged frozen brand. We all wished we saved the money and ate at McDonalds next door, or to fill the Italian craving, just buy a jar of Prego and some noodles. I guess this establishment is perfect for the lower end Goleta, rather than downtown.

Great food...great service!, 9/18/2009
Reviewer: Gwen from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for dinner last night. The service was great, our waitress, was very attentive friendly. I ordered the Filet Fettucine which includes filet mignon and it was cooked to perfection! Delicious meal and enjoyed every minute of it. Strongly recommend. Nice atmosphere. Didn't sit at the patio but noticed it walking out and it looks relaxing I will need to try in my next visit. Least to say there was 2 of us and our bill was $40...cant get a nice meal at a nice restaurant for that price especially now in days!

Excellent food...., 9/9/2009
Reviewer: Martin from Goleta, CA
My family and I tried Pastavino for the first time about a month ago and have been there twice more since. The food is consistently good and in some cases, brilliant. Try the butter lettuce salad. It's a little awkward to eat but delicious! The eggplant parmesan is really good also. Buon apetito!

Better than expected, 9/4/2009
Reviewer: Rich from Goleta
I live in Goleta and I've seen restaurants come and go but I like to give them all a chance. I was presently surprised with this place after eating there shortly after they opened. I had the Osso Bucco and I highly recommend it. Service was good and the bill was actually less than I expected which is ALWAYS a plus. Give these guys a try.

Finally, A Good Italian Restaurant in Goleta, 8/29/2009
Reviewer: Lindsey Jacobsen from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I went there last week and were pleased with what we experienced. I'm quite happy that there is finally a good Italian restaurant in Goleta. It was wonderful to see reasonable prices for the quality of the food as well as excellent service. We were interested in the Grilled Veggie Salad to start and we decided to split it hearing that it was large enough to do so. It was delicious with a variety of vegetables and a tasty dressing - definitely large enough for two people. For our entrees we ordered the Fettucine with Filet Mignon (excellent choice as the red wine was a perfect additive to the Alfredo sauce) and the Chicken Panserotti. Both were quite good and while we would like to order them again, there are so many appealing items on the menu that we need to keep our options open! I thought it very nice that they had a Chardonnay by the glass that was $6 and was a good pour as well. Outside of the good food was the fact that we had an outstanding waiter (I think her name was Taylor) who was efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. At times it makes all the difference to have a waiter who is well-trained and has a smile on her face. We've had a run of marginal to poor waiters in other S.B. restaurants lately. The Pastavino experience was far superior on service not to mention the food. We'll be back!

Good start, could improve a bit, 8/28/2009
Reviewer: Tiffany from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my second try in 2 weeks. 1st was for lunch which was great, I had the cheese ravioli. I returned again last night with a group of 5 and the service was great. The food was so/so. My husband had the lobster ravioli which was just ok, the sauce seemed very ordinary. I had the butternut squash soup and an arugula salad which was very good. My Father had the filet which seemed a bit overdone, desserts were great,overall was a good experience, especially for the price, will return

not that good.., 8/26/2009
Reviewer: jen from Santa Barbara, CA
The first basket of bread we got was alittle hard but we still ate it, then we got are second basket of was rock hard! I ordered that linguini bongoli which is clams with a white wine garlic sauce.. the sauce didnt have any taste at all! kind of tasted like water. and the clams all had a VERY hard piece in the middle that was uncomfortable to chew. might try something else next time..

Good addition to Goleta, 8/24/2009
Reviewer: Sarah from Solvang, CA
I ate here with my mom on Saturday afternoon, and there was barely anyone there. Made me nervous, but we received great service and speedy food delivery, so it was nice! We split the butter leaf salad, which was literally a head of lettuce with lots of goat cheese, oven dried tomatoes and pine nuts. The was EXCELLENT! I had the pasta Amatriciana, and my mom had the filet mignon pasta. Mine was good, though the pancetta had an odd smell/flavor to it, but overall was really good and spicy. Mom's pasta was delicious, with the exception that the pieces of filet were mostly gristle and fat. The sauce was to die for, so it made up for the poor quality of the meat. Bread was decent. Service was great, had a really energetic college kid who was great! Will be back when we need some relief from Costco shopping!

Growing Pains, 8/24/2009
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
It was an okay experience. Our waitress was not very knowledgable or helpful and disappeared for extended periods of time, but luckily other staff seemed to jump in and help her out. First time waitress maybe--giving her the benefit of the doubt. Food was mediocre, not memorable, and not exactly as described on the menu for the two main dishes we ordered (some kind of filet pasta I can't remember the name of and a chicken dish). It wasn't bad tasting, it just wasn't great. The exception was an apple dessert that was absolutely delicious. Prices are reasonable. I may give it another try eventually after they settle in.

Great high end Italian, 8/23/2009
Reviewer: Mike Barnes from Santa Barbara, CA
I think the food and service were top notch. My Lasagna was the best tasting I've had in years, although a little on the skimpy side for $13. My wife had eggplant and we both considered it excellent. Fast and courteous bartenders, great martinis. This won't be our last time here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Needs a little work, 8/20/2009
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
I realize it's a new restaurant, but I hope they get their act together fast. The service was pretty slow, and the food we ordered was not as described on the menu. I had the risotto and it was pretty bad. My wife had to send back her dinner twice before they got it right. After all that, they agreed to comp us dessert we didn't want. The restaurant has potential, and I hope they get it right. But they're not there yet.

Growing pains..., 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried it out Friday night. Upon first impressions, garlic bread great! yumm.... wine and beer takes 20 minutes to arrive...Appetizers...Shrimp Crepes and Calamari, not bad. There were 7 of us. My Short Ribs were yummy, highly recommend. Two people got the Veal & Chicken Masala - way too sweet, not good. Meatball Sandwhich was cold when served. Risotto, was too watery and needs improvement. Salmon wasn't bad, but not impressive. Desert, Tiramasu was the worst I have ever had. Wayyy too much liqueor. Completely saturated, recipe needs revision! Creme Brulee, yumm and Neopolatin, also very good. Overall. I'd go back and get the short ribs again, but nobody else was happy with their dinner and preferred mine. Service also left a little to be desired, but I hope that will just change with time.

Great Addition to Goleta, 8/12/2009
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
Excellent marinara sauce; it was fresh & light with just the right flavors. No acidic aftertaste but a pleasant tang. Their cream sauce is also impressive. The pasta dishes were perfectly cooked-al dente. Good caesar salad but the croutons were slightly burnt. Had the chocolate cake which was okay however the frosting was good. Very good service. Attentive. We will be back for more pasta.

Best Veal Parmesan in Santa Barbara, 8/12/2009
Reviewer: Lenny from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate here with a group of friends during their opening week. We had a party of eight, which seemed like a tall order for the new kitchen staff. It took an hour to receive our main courses. My friends found their dishes to be ok, maybe a step above Pascucci and a step below Ca Dario. The cioppino went over very well at the table and was stuffed with fresh fish and seafood. The best meal of the night was the Veal Chop Pamesan. The cut of veal was probably the best I have had in SB and the price is almost $10 less than a Ca Dario veal chop. It was by far the best dish of the night and everyone who tried it enjoyed it. If you stick with the Cioppino and Veal Parm and don't stuff yourself on the free garlic bread, you will have a great meal.

Great food and awesome service!, 8/9/2009
Reviewer: Helly from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I had a date night here tonight, and were VERY impressed. When we walked in we were taken by the beautiful decor. The place looked very elegant and upscale, yet the menu prices were very pocketbook-friendly! We sat at the bar to have dinner and drinks, and found the bartender, Matt, very courteous, friendly and engaging. The food was terrific and reasonably priced, and the service was outstanding. We are definitely returning in the future, and bringing out friends!

Excellent, 8/8/2009
Reviewer: Cris from Santa Barbara, CA
I really enjoyed my first visit for dinner to Pastavino. The Pesto Chicken pizza and Filet Fettuccine were excellent. Price was reasonable and service was outstanding. They were probably overstaffed, but that just made the service that much better. I will be coming back to both restaurants.

Excellent food and great prices!, 8/8/2009
Reviewer: Gillian from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I tried Pastavino last night, which I think was there 2nd night open. The restaurant was full. We started with the bruschetta appetizer which was fantastic. They used a flatbread topped with grape tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and shaved parm that tasted great. I had the steak and arugula salad which was excellent (and only $10!). My husband had a pizza and chose his own toppings (pepperoni, olives and green peppers, however they brought out red and yellow). He didn't want to send the pizza back because of the wrong peppers because he didn't want to wait for a new one. He wasn't crazy about the pepperoni flavor, but liked the crust. We had chocolate gelato for dessert which was also great. The patio atmosphere was lovely. We'll be back for sure.

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